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BinaryOptionsWatchDog.com has served as a pinnacle example of a blog committed towards protecting online traders from a multitude of investment scams.

Having exposed an innumerable volume of scams to date, one of our chief priorities would be educating day traders on how to avoid illicit investment opportunities while supplying them with legitimate alternatives to consider. While scams run rampant throughout various online investment industries under the cover of unlicensed brokerages, scam auto traders and poor signal service providers, you can rest assured knowing that WatchDog has your back!

We provide our readers with the knowledge, resources and tools required to make educated investment decisions that are rarely found elsewhere. Learn about the most accurate and consistent trading solutions available on the web while how to avoid and report deceptive trading solutions that are deemed trustworthy or are operating under the capacity as an explicit scam.

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We pride ourselves for providing a welcoming community for such a wide assortment of day traders. For those of you looking to reach out to us – whether to report a scam, share an experience, or request an inquiry – we encourage you to leave a comment below.

How to Report a Scam

Have you been deceived or mislead out of your hard-earned money and are uncertain about how to report your losses? We encourage you to reach out to WatchDog immediately while we guide you through this experience.

Trading Softwares & Services

FXMasterBot – Forex

Our most recommended automated forex trading software would be the FXMasterBot. Generating exceptional ROIs coupled with full user-control, the FXMasterBot is in a class entirely in its own. Learn more in our FXMasterBot Review.

The Ripple Code – Crypto

An intuitive and technical based trading software that delivers automated trading signals under the parameters set forth by the investor. Supplement your income through investing with the booming cryptocurrency industry and minimize your daily trading hours with the Ripple Code. Learn more in our in-depth Ripple Code Review.

The Ethereum Machine – CFD/Crypto

Reputable, consistent and user-friendly are the best adjectives to paint the average investor experience with The Ethereum Machine. Learn the ins-and-outs regarding this investment software and how you can generate an additional source of passive income in our Ethereum Machine Review.

Recommended Brokerages

FPMarkets – Forex

FPMarkets provides day traders with powerful investment tools, educational trading resources and high investment returns. For those of you seeking an intuitive, sleek and straight-forward investment platform, FPMarkets is for you. To learn more about the advantages that await you with FPMarkets, feel free to read our FPMarkets Review.

Share your investment-related insight, experiences or thoughts to our vast community of over 10,000 subscribers and become part of the family! 

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