Zeus 2 is a Dirty SCAM!!

This important warning concerning the Zeus 2 scam might save you money, Don’t fall for all the dirty lies. The bare metal server scam strikes again! If you thought the bare metal server angle, coupled with fiber optic data transmission has run its race, think again: someone’s apparently thought it worthy of dragging back into the lime-light. This time though, the whole effort behind the scam – called Zeus 2 – is much paltrier. They no longer have a good actor and their script is second-rate at best… The Zeus2.co SCAM fails on every level, both as the legit Auto-Trader it’s trying to masquerade as, and the scam that it really is.

So what exactly is Zeus 2 supposed to be? A legitimate Auto-Trader of course, which is capable of generating more than $5,000 every day, in full auto mode. It is also one of the newest such scams to hit the World Wide Web: the videos used on the site are hosted at YouTube and they were uploaded on October 31st, 2016!


In the promotional video at the Zeus2.co website, the “head honcho” of the operation, Matthew Harrison, is trying to convince us that he is indeed a famous businessman who’s taken his legitimate company from zero to being worth several hundred million dollars. He also provides tons of information regarding the technology behind Zeus 2, or rather: he speaks a lot about it, without really saying anything. From the video, we learn that some $50 million went into the development of the software, more precisely into the fully proprietary infrastructure on which the software runs. Harrison is apparently the owner of a bunch of bare metal servers and fiber optics, and he’s bringing the trading industry to its knees with it.

What’s all this technology he’s talking about? Some rather run-of-the-mill stuff really…Bare metal servers are servers that have programs installed directly on their hardware, without an operating system running in-between. Fiber optics are just fiber optics…almost everyone connects to the internet through such technology these days, in one way or another. What exactly could a system such as the one cited by Harrison accomplish? Some good data-transfer rates and possibly excellent speed in whatever it’s tasked with. Would that make any sort of difference in trading? Nope.

Who is this Matthew Harrison person anyway? He claims to be worth tens of millions of dollars and to prove his point, he even shows us the photo-shopped bank-accounts of his wife and son! Anyone with the most basic set of photo-editing skills can produce such “evidence” within half an hour at most.

Having run a search on him, we found absolutely no evidence of his existence, on social media or anywhere else. The guy must be a new actor, brought in by the scammers after they blew through their previous crop of CEOs, owners, finance magnates and garden-variety millionaires. While we absolutely cannot tell who or what Matthew Harrison is, we can tell what he definitely isn’t. He is not a binary options trader and he isn’t an actor either. Not only does he have no idea what he’s talking about 90% of the time, he’s clearly reading the script off a prompter. Sometimes he finishes a thought too quickly and he actually has to wait a little for the prompter to catch up.


Those who fill in their names and email addresses in the form on the Zeus2.co homepage are taken to a secondary page, which also features a video. In this one, Harrison offers a peek into the actual trading interface of the software, as he executes – and of course wins – a trade. There’s not much to be said about this…it all looks fairly generic. One thing that stands out like a sore thumb, is the broker with whom the scheme is linked up. Tradorax is an unlicensed and unregulated operator, who has a downright toxic online reputation. This foul presence alone should be enough proof that we are indeed dealing with a scam.

With a second-rate actor comes a second-rate script. It is long, repetitive and mostly fluff meant to elicit some sort of emotional reaction on the part of the viewer. The greed factor is thrown in too, together with the urgency-inducing “limited number of available spots” angle. Together, they make a classic cocktail of scam-blurb, everyone with any kind of experience in day-trading will recognize a mile away. As pathetic as the presentation is, it wouldn’t be truly terrible without some outrageous claims and contradictions.

The alleged Matthew Harrison claims that his Zeus 2 software “has never lost a trade”. Then, he goes on to say that it boasts a 98% success rate. To explain the incredible 100% success rate (or is that 98% after all?), he resorts to a familiar story. His software comes equipped with a system that detects trades that are likely to turn sour, and it quickly counteracts them by placing a trade in the opposite direction. That’s not how the real world works though. Looking past the physical impossibility of pulling off such a deed, that would only work if Tradorax (the broker) gave them 100% return rates on every one of the trades, which is clearly not the case.

According to Harrison, Tradorax have paid him and his merry gang of market-wreckers some $24 million to date. Tradorax probably couldn’t pay that much money if they sold all their non-existing assets, and even if they could in theory, they never actually would. In the main promotional video, Harrison says that he isn’t looking for any money from his victims traders. It later turns out though that there is a small deposit to be made…a $250 one. It makes no difference though, since depositing money with Tradorax is the same as depositing with one’s bank. One can’t help but wonder what the throngs scammed by this broker would say to that.

Harrison even has the audacity to claim that he would make that deposit for his traders, but for whatever legal reasons, he can’t. To make a long story short: Zeus 2 is a pathetic scam. Hardly original in any respect, it is but a long insult to the intelligence of those unfortunate enough to stumble onto their website.

Review Verdict: Zeus 2 is a SCAM!

Blacklisted site: Zeus2.co

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5 comments on “Zeus 2 is a Dirty SCAM!!
  1. Sergiu says:

    Thanks for the review watchdog and be careful people the scammers from Zeus 2 and others are sending tons of spam emails with different titles and content,so be careful what you access and where you sign-up. Bookmark this website Binary Option Watch Dog and come here to find about safe offers. I am glad that another scam was been exposed!

  2. Freeman Ativor says:

    There goes another pure scam again…lol. It just amazes me that these people just do fake videos to dupe people.C’mon am i seeing over 300$ Billion is his account ….hahahaha.Dont fall for this cheap scam.And the annoying part is that the website tract your location and put a $10,000 guaranteed for you in your country.This absolutely crazy and just to lure innocent people to scam.
    Run away from them =D

  3. Nyok Dudy says:

    Is really funny how these scam companies like Zeus 2 keep Jumping up from time to time and every time this type of services appear on my timeline and it leave smiling telling myself if I wasn’t in Michael Freeman Binary signals group I would’ve been a victim of all these scammers long time ago!

  4. Garretsen says:

    It is totally true, nothing of the zeus-2 trader adds up! It’s all so shady, he claims to make millions with his fake 100 (whatever, or 98)% succes rate yet he needs you to deposit 250$ with a shady and unregulated broker. Stay away from zeus 2, it will save you a lot of money and frustration!

    Thanks a lot watchdog for busting another pathetic scam!

  5. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    another epic failure from dirty scammer!..u can’t expect anything from this liar and fraud service!..my advice,simply stay away from this Zeus 2 software,it’s completely 100% scam!!..thanks once again watchdog for this review!

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