WealthFund.io is a SCAM! Watch Out!!

WealthFund, hosted at WealthFunds.io, is the latest cryptocurrency scam to manifest within the Bitcoin arena.

Promoting unbelievable highly returns within record time, every component integrated into this seeping falsehood of a cryptocurrency scam is fabricated to embody the structure of a get-rich-quick scheme.

Gather the facts oozing out of the WealthFund’s operation and why you should avoid this preposterous investment scam by reading our honest review!


WealthFund.io Review

WealthFund is among the latest cryptocurrency scam to promote their platform as a swift investment endeavor that can yield substantial returns.

Immediately when you visit their site you are encountered with what is projected to be your earning potential with their platform.

As you can see in the image above, WealthFund.io asserts that investors who utilize their platform can generate a return between 150% to 250% within a 50 hour time frame.

As with most of these quick-hitting scams, WealthFund does not provide a transparent payment history to verify that they are indeed generating lucrative returns.

Furthermore, WealthFund does not disclose any information pertaining to the functionality of their platform or how they generate profits on your behalf.

Sure they go on to say that they have a team of investors that will “professionally” manage your funds, however, what are their qualifications and are they indeed licensed to be rendering such investment services and advice?

Given the lack of operational information disclosed to site viewers we find it highly unlikely that WealthFund employs any investors, let alone licensed investors.

Who is Behind WealthFund.io?

WealthFund.io claims to be an investment company yet their fail to disclose a corporate entity.

Even when we searched through their About Us, Contact Us and Terms of Use pages we found no reference to an overseeing entity, likely meaning that WealthFund is acting as their sole entity.

Allegedly they reflect a physical office address of 79A Florence Road, London, SE14 6QL, Great Britain.

However, when you search their asserted office address in Google you encounter a virtual office address.

Now this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve encountered these virtual addresses, in fact, they are becoming more and more common.

Oftentimes we encounter the employment of these virtual addresses by shady investment services as a ploy to appear more credible than they truly are but the sad reality of the matter is that it is nothing more than an illusion.

Furthermore, WealthFunds alleged physical address is the only contact information disclosed on their site.

Coincidence you may ask?

We think not.

Investment Plans

3% – 50 Hours

Profit: ~150%

Minimum Investment: $5

Maximum Investment: $50,000

4% – 50 Hours

Profit: ~200%

Minimum Investment: $5,000

Maximum Investment: $100,000

5% – 50 Hours

Profit: ~250%

Minimum Investment: $10,000

Maximum Investment: $150,000


Payment Methods & Affiliates

It is important to remember that WealthFund is operating as an anonymous entity.

With this information in mind it is imperative that you do not send this investment platform any money!

As expected, WealthFund only offers irreversible payment methods for day traders who are looking to invest into their platform.

Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin are the only accepted payment methods.

WealthFund allegedly offers an affiliate program where they are offering a 7% referral commission for each successful referral. However, there is no evidence to suggest that WealthFund is paying their affiliates let alone their investors who deposit into their platform.

Domain Insight

WealthFund.io was a privately acquired domain that was registered on September 10th, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar. According to market intelligence reports, WealthFund is not a popular investment platform and receives little to no visitor traffic.

Is WealthFund.io a Scam?

WealthFund.io is without a doubt a cryptocurrency scam.

Soliciting novice Bitcoin investors to deposit into their investment trap while only offering irreversible payment methods such as Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money just goes to show how untrustworthy and illegitimate of an investment opportunity WealthFund.io truly is.

WealthFund.io Conclusion – The Verdict

WealthFund is an anonymously operated investment platform that masquerades their platform as an amazing investment opportunity.

Incorporating deceptive elements such as a virtual address to serve as their “physical” address just goes to show that WealthFund has much to hide and is not a legitimate investment platform.

Ask yourself this, if WealthFund is willing to lie regarding their physical location, what else could these scammers be trying to hide?

Do yourself and others a courtesy by sharing this review and evading this moronic investment scam. It is evident that the creators behind this shady investment scheme are only out to fleece unsuspected day traders out of their hard-earned money.

Verdict: WealthFund.io is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: WealthFund.io


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