Wealth Crew is a Rip-Off!

Nathan Schmidt from wealthcrew.co is just as fake as the WealthCrew trading app for binary options!  Everything about this new software scam screams SCAM and we are going to provide you with all the facts needed to prove that this system is a scam!  Created by the same scammers who brought us the CogniTrade App, Leaked Profits App and Bahama Banker scam there is no telling when these con-artists will stop flooding the industry with BS trading softwares!  Read our complete wealthcrew.co scam review to learn how these scams are linked, the illicit marketing tactics practiced and how to report scams to our blacklist compiled with over 400 scams to date!

Also referred to as the Robinhood trading app, the Weath Crew trading software is nothing more than another scam system that we come across on a day-to-day basis.  Nathan Schmidt, the so-called creator of this ridiculous online investment scam, does not exist and is nothing more than the paid spokesperson providing the voiceover for this video.

Claiming that investors can generate profits up to $4,511 per week with a success rate of 91.2% are just among a couple of the falsehoods present with this ridiculous investment scam.

One of the more amusing and deceptive characteristics about the WealthCrew website would be how the system claims to be endorsed by John Thain (the CEO of Meryll Lynch), Lloyd Blankfein (the CEO of Goldman Sachs) along with George Soros who is a billionaire well-known for his investing accomplishments.  Now don’t be fooled for a second, all of these fake endorsements are fictitious just like with every characteristic about this website!

Moving forward now, if you manage to get past the first couple minutes of the pitch video you will notice how Nathan Schmidt claims that the WealthCrew trading app was also featured on CNN, CNBC News and the WallStreet Journal.  Time-and-time again we have seen this phony and falsified claim asserted and each time we have debunked those claims.

Well the exact same is true about the WealthCrew scam, all of these claims to be sponsored and endorsed by those websites are FAKE!  If you would like to see for yourself go ahead and visit those websites, search “WealthCrew,” and notice how no results pop-up!  Yes, it is truly that simple.

So how is the WealthCrew marketed?  Well compared to traditional fraudulent trading operations that typically follow the embodiment of being an auto-trader the WealthCrew trading app takes the form of a trade copier.  It seems to use that the new trend of scams that are going to be released are going to be trade copying scams which is sad to say but will probably pan out as true.

At the moment we only know of a couple legitimate services that are successful trade copiers so for those of you still reading this review if you come across any other service like this one please report it to us as quickly as possible!  Chances are that the system is a scam and the sooner we can warn thousands of day-traders the less likely people are going to fall victim!

Now if you haven’t been fully deterred away from the WealthCrew scam then perhaps the image provided to you above will serve as evidence enough that we are dealing with another linked binary options scam.  Sharing the same Registrar IANA ID and Name Servers as the CogniTrade App, Leaked Profits App and the Bahama Banker this is indisputable evidence we are dealing with the same network of con-artists!

Review Verdict:  WealthCrew is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: wealthcrew.co

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