Stabilis Lucra is a SCAM!! Shocking Review! :(

We have written an extensive review on the Stabilis Lucra scam with the intention of illuminating Forex traders to the dire situation concerning the alleged “award winning” Forex robot. Due to the glamorous presentation of this imperfect software, the perceived fail safe EA, could potentially go viral thus causing a multitude of traders to suffer serious losses. Ensure you read this review carefully and arm yourself with the facts concerning the Stabilis Lucra scam & realize that not all that glitters is gold.

Stabilis Lucra, meaning ‘steady gains’ in Latin, is a new Forex trading app crated by David Jukl and officially released to the public on the 16th October 2017. On their website, they proclaim the product to be a quadruple awarded Forex robot, with a verified, real money six figure performance. In addition, Andrew Nathan, the narrator of the pitch video, proudly states that the bot has not lost in the past 3 years. WE will not be going into detail about what this Forex software offers it’s clients or even how it supposedly works. That is not the reason for this review. Our objective is to highlight all the reasons you should be wary of David Jukl’s scam software.

First & foremost, any Expert Adviser or software, which claims not to have lost in the past 3 years, should be heeded as a severe warning. This is known as providing misleading information. No fail-safe, or guaranteed software exists nor will it ever exist. The markets do not allow for it. For the creators of Stabilis Lucra to promote this as a risk free investment product is insidious. There is no such thing as risk free investment.

One thing we did ascertain is that David Jukl, a Czechoslovakian man, is in fact a real person. He is known on a small scale for programming trading software. He has a Facebook account, although it is surprisingly bare and a LinkedIn page. This is definitely a new angle as generally scammers always try to conceal their identity or create fictitious characters when creating and marketing their various scams. This is done for many reasons with the main one being escaping the wrath of authorities and avoiding consequences such as fines or prison sentences. We simply could not fathom why David Jukl would now want to throw his name away promoting Stabilis Lucra scam software and risk possible sentencing. Especially considering that he has a wife and kids. Whatever reputation he previously held is now destroyed. Alternatively, he simply values money over his name & reputation.

Furthermore, do not be fooled by the supposedly prestigious awards displayed on their website. Forex Expos are by no means considered a measuring tool for the credibility of products or brokers. Anyone can enter and participate in these expos for the right price. They are merely a meeting place for services to showcase themselves and acquire new partnerships as well as gain exposure. Scam brokers as well as other players in the industry such as app developers sponsor the majority of these events, including their meaningless prizes. A perfect example of this would be Sakura FX Trading. They were present at the same 2016 China Forex Expo in Shenzhen as David Jukl’s Stabillis Lucra scam and were awarded best Forex Broker 2016. In January 2017 Sakura FX Trading, a well-known scam broker – shut down their website and disappeared with over several million dollars of investors’ funds. Awards handed out at these expos would be better named the 2016 Forex Fraud Awards. These events are filled to the brim with scam brokers and software’s. Let this serve as another red flag concerning Stabilis Lucra robot, they are relying on those awards to convince you of the legitimacy of their software.

While conducting research for our Stabilis Lucra review, we noted a few other serious concerns regarding the scam app. For starters, one of their recommended brokers is InstaForex. This broker possesses an exceedingly horrible reputation and is known for defrauding its clients. Both the Ontario Securities Commission and the The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) have issued official investors warning against this broker. InstaForex used to be licensed by Belize IFSC, however as of October 2013, they no longer held a license with them. Although they tried to claim that it was a voluntary resignation, the majority of the industry believed they were thrown out. Moreover, even though Stabilis Lucra has supposedly been around since early 2016, testing their software and receiving scam awards for it, we find it strange that the domain was only registered on the 27th March 2017 and as is common with scam sites it was registered privately.

Review Verdict: Stabilis Lucra is a dangerous Scam!
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We sincerely hope that our detailed Stabilis Lucra review is read and shared by as many traders as possible before they are caught up in the misleading glitz and glam of this dangerous Forex software. Forewarned is forearmed in this case and you can rest assured that any dealings with the fake app will be detrimental to the financial health of anyone unaware of the truth we exposed here today. Share your feedback and questions below this review or contact us directly via and we will be glad to assist you with any inquiries.

Bitcoin Loophole is a SCAM; Indisputable Review!

Make no mistake, the Bitcoin Loophole is a relatively new scam entered into the Cryptocurrency market by highly trained con artists! In some cases, Crypto based trading software’s have already been established as legitimate and profitable however, this is definitely not one of them. Our assessment shows there is more than enough evidence to debunk anything you may see or hear on From unregulated brokers to stock images and faked reviews it is crucial for all traders to read this Bitcoin Loophole review in order to avoid becoming the next victim of this unscrupulous scam production.

Bitcoin Loophole by the alleged Steve Mckay promises unsuspecting visitors a guaranteed sum of $13,000 in just 24 hours. They advertise the software as an automated solution for trading Cryptocurrencies which is still in it’s Beta Testing stage. The newly created app supposedly takes advantage of huge returns offered by minimal Bitcoin investments. Although the entire production comes across as a lucrative opportunity, allowing investors to lead a life of luxury after just a few days of trading with the dubious Crypto software, this Bitcoin Loophole review will expose the indisputable truth that will deter you from the guaranteed financial lost.

All traders need to be aware that should you mistakenly become involved with this fly-by-night programme you will also be exposing yourself to unregulated brokers. We began our assessment of Bitcoin Loophole by entering a fake email address on their home page with the intention of seeing which broker we would be assigned. We were immediately directed to Broker Official. This particular broker, located in Dominica, is not regulated and has acquired an exceedingly awful reputation since its inception in 2015. Additionally, some of our subscribers alerted us to the fact that Bitcoin Loophole makes use of unethical marketing such as aggressive email spamming. Should you receive any such emails, do not click on any of their links. Rather unsubscribe immediately and then delete.

A rather common ploy used in get rich quick schemes is the use of fake reviews. This tactic is present on the site. For instance, we see a testimonial by a man named Leo C. His review of the product states that after using the free software for a period of three months, he has managed to pay off his student loan and is currently in the early stages of buying a new house. We checked Google for any information related to his picture and discovered the man is actually not associated to the software by any means. This is clearly a stock photo as we found the same image on another site. On that site, the image is used as a means of displaying how a particular website plugin works. This serves to confirm that he is actually not a member of Bitcoin Loophole scam, only a fraud would use fake marketing tactics.

From the outset of our investigation, it was apparent that Bitcoin Loophole software is linked to another scam we previously exposed called the Bitcoin Code. These two fraudulent systems are almost carbon copies of each other. All one has to do is view each app side by side to notice the uncanny similarities. For example, Steve Mckay is presented as being the creator of the Bitcoin Loophole scam. However, when you visit Bitcoin Code website, you will find the same name displayed as the genius behind that system too. While we would love to consider this as mere coincidence, we know from experience that many scammers aim to target as many victims as possible, by releasing the same software under different names and a few slight changes.

The name of this software alone should deter any trader. To date there is no known loophole in Bitcoin. When Satoshi Nakamoto posted the whitepaper on bitcoin, he/she also uploaded the source code for the first implementation. The code and protocols have been public ever since bitcoin’s inception and have been reviewed by many different people hundreds of times. That is the advantage of open source software. Bitcoin has been going strong since 2009, so if there were any ‘backdoor’ vulnerabilities it would have been discovered by now and fixed. Furthermore, it is estimated that Satoshi currently holds the largest amount of bitcoins, and stands to become possibly the richest person in the world upon its success. There is no way he or she would have allowed for any sort of loophole, even in the original code, to compromise this. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that these mediocre scammers have discovered some sort of vulnerability to exploit in the popular digital currency.

Review Verdict: bitcoin Loophole is a scam!
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We hope that this Bitcoin Loophole review has enlightened you to the many shameful tricks and schemes utilized by scammers, which can be seen in this fake investment service. Watchdog has exposed many similar scams and will likely expose many more in the future. This so-called trading software serves no purpose other than to pilfer from opportunists looking to profit from the latest Cryptocurrency investment trend. Interested in real FX, Binary, Cypto and CFD brokers? Visit Watchdog’s Trusted Brokers with full regulations to offer service around the world. Share your feedback below this review or any questions if you have any experiences or questions related to the questionable software.

Liberty BTC System is a SCAM; Unbiased Review!

Make no mistake, the Liberty BTC System by Kyle Stanford is a scam! We have been receiving many enquiries into the supposed cryptocurrency auto-trader and our research shows this is not a legitimate trading system. Bitcoin and other digital currencies have become very popular over the last few years, with everyone racing to acquire or invest in them. This in turn has created a new market for the scammers too. Our honest Liberty BTC System review shows exactly why you should avoid this latest crypto bot scam.

Liberty BTC System aka Liberty System, found at, claims to be an automated cryptocurrency trading program which promises traders a guaranteed profit of $5000 per day on complete autopilot. Kyle Stanford states that his proprietary software is designed to help people escape the everyday rat race and start enjoying unlimited time and freedom. In terms of how the crypto bot works, Kyle claims that the new crypto bot has combined proprietary equations & robust algorithms to achieve perfect results. That is the only information provided & already this is a problem because no trading system or software is perfect. Upon hearing the words ‘can never lose’, we know we are dealing with a scam. Even the most successful traders occasionally lose a trade, 100% success rate is simply impossible.

Let us get straight to the facts about Liberty BTC System scam and why you should avoid it. First of all, on their website, Kyle Stanford claims to be the head of operations. We are also going to assume that they want us to believe that he is the voice on their low budget video presentation. It turns out however, that the alleged Kyle Stanford is a fabricated identity. The image you are seeing is actually a stock photo from ShutterStock. Consider this a major warning sign. There can be no good reason for a company or service to conceal their real identity.

There are many other factors about Liberty BTC System that can be considered as red flags. Such as the fake countdown timer in the top right corner of the page. This is used as a pressure tactic in order to convince visitors that if they don’t act fast they will lose out on this amazing offer. The scammers do not want to give you time to think about the offer as they will most likely realize that it is not something worthwhile investing in. At the end of the day, it doesn’t mean a thing because each time you refresh the page the timer starts all over again. Two of our readers who emailed us also stated that their computers were infected with Malware upon downloading Liberty BTC System. We happened to find a warning related to this on Terms & Conditions page. There is a disclaimer stating they will not be responsible for viruses or worms that occur as a result of downloading anything from their site. The website is not SSL protected so we would advise you against having too much interaction with it or downloading Liberty System software. Yet another red flag has to do with the fact that there is absolutely no contact or company information on their website other than a support email. This is typical of a scam. You should never invest in a company or service when you have no idea who legally owns or runs the service as a golden rule, legitimate services do not operate in this manner.

Further proof relating to the Liberty system scam can be found in the form of their address. The address they provide at the bottom of their terms and conditions is listed as 1000 5th St., Suite 200 Miami Beach, FL 33139. While gathering information for our Liberty BTC System review, we realized that this is actually just a virtual office which anyone can rent for as little as $50 a month. Other known scams have utilized this same address in the past. You might think that by now there is nothing more we can say about the scam tactics used by this fake app. Unfortunately, there is still more evidence to be added to the pile. The testimonials you see on their home page are all fake. A simple Google image search proves that these people have nothing to do with Liberty System, as matching images can be found online in connection with other sites that are not associated with this fake cryptocurrency trading bot. See image below for proof of this.

Additionally, we discovered through our Liberty BTC System scam investigation that the person who registered the website Is called Anton Kovalev from Vison Corp. The contact address listed is Koroleva str. 19-2, Kiev Ukraine. Phone +380.380936584638 & email: Even though the domain reads on the page, we noticed that during the video it is displayed in the background as which is the same as the information returned on WhoIs. The site was registered in the 22nd July 2017 with Public Domain Registry (PDR LTD).

Review Verdict: Liberty BTC system is a Scam!
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If you consider the mountain of evidence provided in this review there can be no doubt out our conclusion regarding the Liberty BTC System. Do not risk deposing any money with this scam as it will surely lead to guaranteed loss of all your investment. Be sure to do your research before deciding on a software or alternatively send us an email to and make an enquiry. For safer alternatives in online trading, be sure to view WatchDog’s Recommended Signals services. Share your feedback below if you have any related questions or feedback on this service or similar scam sites.

Cash 365 is a SCAM; Evidence based Review!

The Cash 365 scam is one of the latest attempt to steal money from unsuspecting day-traders. Pay close attention as we detail all the reasons why you should avoid this fake app in our factual review. This supposed software is not licensed or regulated and the claim of making you $1,857, 93 per day is beyond ludicrous. Investing in this automated fraud will not earn you any of the profits promised to you.

Yet again, we are faced with a phony binary options software the likes of which we have seen and exposed plenty of times before over the last couple of years. However, it is still of the utmost importance that we continue to try and raise awareness of each and every single scam to hit the market in order to help the trading community. The Cash 365 software money making scheme and similar services are designed purely to take your money without any returns. Do not fall for the dream of earning boatloads of cash for free.

It was abundantly clear right from the start of our investigation that the Cash 365 scam is targeted at newbie traders. By now most experienced traders would be able to pick up on some of the scammers tactics. Cash 365 is supposedly an automated binary options robot which will literally make you rich overnight by earning millions of dollars while you sleep. The voice narrator in the pitch video that can be found at claims that this is a bullet proof system and was developed by mathematical mastermind and master Wall Street trader. What they don’t tell us is who these masters are. He also states that Cash 365 was kept under lock and key for 10 years, after which, on the 15th March 2015 it was put in the hands of normal everyday people turning them into millionaires. We wonder how this was possible though because according to the information on WhoIs, the website was only registered on the 2nd February 2016. Something clearly does not add up here. We also saw on the WhoIs results that the site was registered by David Signori, who listed his contact information as Ricardo Aranda 165, Surco, Lima, Peru. His phone number and email address can also be seen on the image below. Maybe David Signori needs to explain himself to a few people.

We began the research for our Cash 365 review by examining the pitch video on the produced website, which starts off with a man saying that the software has pulled in over 9 million dollars for him so far and that he paid absolutely nothing for it. We can assure you this man has never traded with the fishy website or even seen the platform. He is just a hired actor. Additionally, we are told to listen to other success stories of people who have traded with Cash 365 app. Make no mistake, all these wonderful so called success stories you are hearing are fake. None of the people you see in the video have ever executed one single trade with the lousy excuse for a day trading app. Everything you hear they have been told to say and are paid for it. These are actors from We could easily end this Cash 365 review here but there is more that potential victims need to be made aware of.

In addition to the fake members of Cash 365 software, there are also false testimonials on the domain This is all proven by conducting a quick Google image search. Just look at the image below for evidence of this. Now lets look at the cash 365 scam from a logical standpoint. If this software was really making 475 people $1,857,93 per day, 365 days a year, don’t you think it would of made news headlines by now? Moreover, why would a powerful software, made by Wall Street master traders and mathematicians, which is proven as functional and consistently profitable, be given away for free? None of it makes sense does it? That is simply because cash 365 is a scam. This is without mentioning the fact that aside from the name of the person who registered the site, there is no information on the founders, developers or employees found on the site. They do not even list an office address. No legitimate investment based company would present any of these kind of tactics. Do not fll for the fake badges displayed at the bottom of their home page either, these are not clickable and don’t exist. They are put there to instil a false sense of security. Even the Social Media buttons are fake. You can click on them but nothing happens.

Review Verdict: Cash 365 is a Scam!
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Binbotpro, Trend Catcher, Ethereum Code

We would honestly love to know how they achieve this considering that the markets are closed over weekends. This combined with the rest of the evidence presented in our Cash 365 analysis leaves us with no choice but to blacklist this software as a dangerous scam. We urge all traders to avoid this app and its dreadful website. Please share your feedback or questions below if you have any experience with any of the above scams, or with one of the brokers involved. For those who lost money, we highly encourage you to visit our My Charge Back Review and learn how you can recover your funds!

BinaryMate is a SCAM!

This conclusive BinaryMate review is the third and final part of our recent in-depth investigation into the menacing syndicate operating a network of binary options scam brokers. We have gathered a large amount of damming evidence against the BinaryMate scam, which will be laid out in the review below. We sincerely implore the trading community to read this review and be sure to obviate from any contact with Investing with this broker or any brands within their network, will only lead to serious financial loss,

BinaryMate is an online binary options and CFD broker, who opened their doors on the 11th August 2015. They offer much the same as their sinister sister brokers Binary Cent & Finrally. They utilize a customary in house proprietary web-trading platform and require a minimum deposit of $250, with guaranteed 1-hour withdrawals. What they offer their traders is not conducive to this review, as we certainly do not wish to promote them in any form. We are here solely with the purpose of deterring traders from engaging with BinaryMate. During our investigation into the corrupt company known as Finance Corp Group (FCG), which is located at 2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu, we discovered that they own the brokers mentioned above, including the BinaryMate scam. FCG has been clever in distancing themselves from these online scam brokers by hiring different firms to operate and manage the various brokers. In the case of, a company called Affort Projects S.A operates them. This company lists their address as 306 Premier Building, Albert Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. It may be of interest to you to know the same company operates Finrally broker. Just look at the screen shots below taken from the user agreement of each site.

If you missed the first two parts of our investigation, you can catch up by reading first BinaryCent and then Finrally. Additionally, the BinBotPro scam software was also found to be involved. As this BinaryMate review is the conclusion, we have further proof that these three brokers are one in the same. All of them promote having the feature of a live video chat that is available 24/7 for support. What may come as a surprise is that while conducting research into the scam, we noticed that the exact same women were online at the same time on all three sites. This proves beyond question that all three scams brokers are actually the same, and are not independent of each other at all. It’s like one big scam family. The screen shots comparison below will prove this. Furthermore, as if this discovery isn’t bad enough, Binary Mate offers weekend trading just like the other two. Yes, you heard right, weekend trading. As the stock market is closed over the weekend and trading is not possible, at least not legitimate trading, we were left wondering how it is possible that the BinaryMate scam can offer this. We decided to ask this question while we had the various chat screens open. In all honesty, the reply we received from all 3 brokers, which was exactly the same and from the same woman, was as much a joke as the weekend trading itself.

BinaryMate is an unregulated broker. They do not hold the necessary licenses to operate as broker from either the SEC, CYSEC or ASIC regulatory bodies. You may come across certain promoters of this scam claiming that the Parent company of BinaryMate, Finance Corp Group, are registered in Vanuatu. Do not let this offer you a false sense of security. Vanuatu regulation requirements are not as strict as other countries and are known for harbouring many offshore companies due to its reputation as a tax haven. Additionally the cost of a license in Vanuatu is just $2000, which is the minimum capital requirement for brokerage firms set by the VSFC. The cost of a CYSEC license for example is upwards of €730,000; this number alone serves to deter any scam brokers who’s in it to steal money and re-brand.

Since Watchdog began posting the first reviews concerning this criminal network of scam brokers, Our email inbox has become inundated with stories from traders all over the world on how they were scammed by at least one of these brokers and asking us for advice on what to do about it. In relation to BinaryMate, the number of complaints is now well into the hundreds. While each person’s story is just as important as the next, we simply cannot mention each and every one in our BinaryMate review. What we can do is summarize though, as a lot of them are similar in nature. The most common complaint and tactic we noted they use to steal money was price changes during placement delays. In fact, BinaryMate scam platform has become quite famous at delaying acceptance of trades which ultimately cause the traders to lose as they were unable to hit their required strike rate. Another common complaint traders mentioned is that the platform would suddenly ‘update’ during the middle of placing a trade. This results in being logged out of the account. By the time customers are able to log back in, the trade has gone the wrong way.

Review Verdict: BinaryMate is a Scam!
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We hope that this BinaryMate review has been able to put together all the pieces of the puzzle for you, so you can clearly see how getting involved with them is damaging to your financial health. The people behind BinaryMate scam as well as their sister brokers have created a sophisticated and complex operation whose sole purpose is to steal from innocent and unsuspecting traders. For the sake of our community we urge anyone who has had any issues with or been scammed by the network of scammers , to openly share their experiences in the comment section below. The more people who read this review and share, the less can continue to harm investors. Visit Watchdog’s Trusted Brokers for regulated and reliable alternatives.

Finrally is a SCAM!! Investigative Review!

After a complete review of all the evidence and honest testimonials, we decided to fully expose the Finrally Scam operation! and We at Watchdog are currently in the middle of an investigation into an offshore company running a network of seriously damaging scams. On Tuesday, we released the first part pertaining to the Binary Cent scam. This Finrally review is the second chapter in the ongoing saga. We implore all active day traders around the globe to abnegate from any form of financial undertakings with

Finrally scam broker appeared online in the binary options industry in early March of 2017. They offer binary options and CFD trading. The minimum deposit is $250 and they offer bonuses up to 100%. Out of all the broker related parties involved in our investigation, the Finrally scam is the only one who offers Fixed Income Accounts. Another feature we noted which was first implemented by sister broker BinaryMate & obviously due to popularity, was then quickly adopted by Finrally, is the Live Video Chat with Real Girls feature. This naturally peaked our interest and out of curiosity, we opened a chat screen. We were a given a choice between three ‘girls’ and decided upon Vanessa. Now, even though ‘Vanessa’ responded promptly and as attractive as she may be, the question here is; Is this really the type of feature you want to look for in a broker? Now let’s get to the sinister facts!

Finrally is Actually Finpari Undercover!

The website was registered on the 9th February 2017, and as we see in most scam cases it was registered anonymously. However, we did manage to find out that Finance Corp Group (FCG), which is based in Vanuata, owns it. This same company owns Binary Cent, for more information on them, read our Binary Cent review. Although Finance Corp Group own these companies, they do not operate them. Instead, they employ external companies to manage them. The difference in the Finrally scam is that we came across four different firms found to be in connection with them. They are; 1) Lerona Impex S.A, located at 306 Premier Building, Albert Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles, with company registration number 114612, 2) Norske Inter LP, located at Suite 1, 39 Dee Street, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB11 6DY, with company registration number SLO20287 3) Affort Projects S.A, located at 306 Premier Building,, Albert Street, Victoria, ,Mahé, Seychelles, no available company registration number. 4) Suomen Kerran LP, located at Centre Office, 58A Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3SA, Scotland, company registration number SLO25219. We are not sure how exactly each one is connected but if you search out any of these addresses, Finrally broker dominates the results. We do know that the company Suomen Kerran LP, operates Binary Cent. As it stands, if you look at the address of all these firms you can already pick up uncomfortable similarities.

For those of you who have been around for a while you may remember the broker Finpari. Some of the addresses mentioned above were found to be in connection with Finpari too. This brokerage became famous for being a scam by running Ponzi Schemes, having unethical business practices and illegally soliciting USA traders. In fact, in 2016 was involved in a court case with The Enforcement Section of the Missouri Securities Division of the Office of Secretary of State. On the 29th April 2016, the Enforcement Section opened an investigation into Finpari. They created a ‘Decoy Identity’ and managed to open a trading account even though they were based in Missouri, USA. They were subsequently served legal documents to appear in court on charges of violating Sections 409.3-301 and 409.6-604. Of the Missouri Securities Act of 2003. The respondent in this case, on behalf of was Lerona Impex S.A (same company found to have connections with Finrally listed above). The respondent chose to not only waiver their rights to a hearing, but also to neither admit nor deny the allegations and instead chose to consent to the Commissioner’s findings. The final verdict by the commissioner was this; Lerona Impex S.A d/b/a Finpari and is permanently enjoined and restrained from offering and selling unregistered, non-exempt securities in violation of 409.3-301. In addition to this ruling, they also received a fine. Both The Autorité des marchés financiers AMF – Blacklist which is the stock market regulator in France and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) released announcements warning investors with a list of websites that were unregulated and not authorized to offer investment services, CYSEC – Warning. is present on both those lists. It was after the court case that Finpari closed down and a few months later Finrally was born.

The fraudsters have obviously not learnt their lesson though as it is abundantly clear that Finrally scam is identical to its predecessor. They have the same home page, the same guaranteed ‘1 hour withdrawals’ the same weekly trading contest. We even found Finpari’s logo on the FAQ page of The two brokers are identical. The only thing that is different is the name and the logo. At the time of writing this review, Finrally have listed Affort Projects S.A as their parent company under the Finrally user agreement. Obviously, they cannot list Lerona Impex S.A after the court case, as that would be the height of stupidity. What is interesting though is that if you go back to earlier in our Finrally review, you will see that both companies are located at the same address. Finrally is also an unregulated broker. They do not hold licences with either the SEC, CFTC, CYSEC or ASIC.

Furthermore, we recently uncovered that the Finrally scam broker is also accepting traders from within the United States. Even though they claim on their website that they do not accept traders from the USA, we found this to be a false statement. Finrally has in fact been accepting USA traders through the BinBotPro scam software. You can read about it in our BinBotPro review in details. It was actually this discovery that started our investigation into the syndicate we now know to be operating Binary Cent, Binary Mate & Finrally. All 3 fraudulent, unregulated brokers are associated with the BinBotPro app.

Review Verdict: Finrally is a Scam!
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After carefully considering all the facts presented here in our Finrally review, there can be no doubt that the Finrally scam broker is actually just Finpari undercover. The syndicate involved in running this criminal network, has gone to great lengths weaving intricate spider webs in an attempt to cover their tracks. However, the truth always comes out eventually and Watchdog is doing whatever we can to see that it does. You can do your part too by helping us in sharing this Finrally review online and spreading the word about this massive scam. If you have had any experiences with or been scammed by Finrally, please feel free to share your story in the comments below. Be sure to Visit Watchdog’s Trusted Brokers for regulated Forex, CFD, Binary and Crypto alternatives!

Maximus Edge Autobot; Live Trades and Winning Tips!

Let’s get right to it and do an update on the awesome Maximus Edge AutoBot. We were not kidding when we said that this is a great trading service for binary options. Yeah, trading in the world of BO can be really tricky and complicated. However, a good service like the Max Edge EA can go a long way in making life a whole lot easier. We want to give you a little recap and an update in regards to what this cool new binary options trading service is all about.

On side note, we are featuring some helpful trading videos from Andrew, the owner and operator of Binary Options Army, a reputable BO blog site. Andrew has been working with us and has been helping us take down scams on a daily basis for a very long time. We would recommend watching his videos for the AutoBot as they are very informative.

What Is The Maximus Edge AutoBot?

In case you missed it, the Maximus Edge AutoBot is a manual trading platform for binary options. It is not one of those fully automated programs which we usually talk about. In reality, there is no good option for fully automatic trading when it comes to binary options. That is ok though, because at least we know that it is not just some kind of scam. To repeat, the Maximus Edge EA is definitely not a scam of any kind. On the other hand, it is one of the most effective BO trading platforms we have seen to date. If you like to engage in manual binary options trading, this service is a great one to consider no doubt. Take a look at the video below courtesy of Andrew, which will give you a good first look at this system.


Maximus Edge AutoBot – Good ITM Rate

Of course, the key aspect of any BO trading program is how accurate it is in terms of executing trades. We have found the Maximus Edge app to be very reliable, which is honestly quite surprising, but in a good way. Now, you need to be aware that the ITM rate, which is the percentage of trades won, does highly depend on market volatility as well as fundamental news and the time you trade too. That being said, the ITM rate for this particular system has been outstanding for the most part. We have seen people achieve rates as high as between 82% and 87%, with 90% being achieved on rare occasions. Check out the trading video below for the full scoop on Maximus Edge ITM rates.

Somehow, Andrew was able to engage in one trading session where all of his trades were winners. Now, this is usually not possible in any way, but we suppose that luck had a big part to play in it. However, as you can see from the video below, achieving a 100% win rate is technically possible with the Maximus Edge AutoBot especially if you use the right settings. In other words, you can definitely make a good ROI off of any investment when using this new trading service.


Best Settings & Trading Time

Like we said, how much money you can generate and how good your trades are do depend on a variety of things. We have found that using certain settings and trading during a certain time period helps to provide the best results. This is also true for the way in which we trade and which indicators we use. We have been following some outside advice on this one, and the recommended settings we have been using are now our gold standard.

When it comes down to it, you should leave on all indicators as shown on the platform. RSI and MACD are big factors here and you need to pay attention to them. They can be monitored using Maximus Edge charts. Now, we have found that the best results are achieved when we do 25-45 minute trades, nothing else. We would not recommend doing shorter or longer trades.

Moreover, you should probably not invest more than the minimum amount for each trade. We find that 30 minute trades with minimal investment tend to yield the best results. In terms of the trading time, you should aim to trade between 9am and 7pm GMT because that is when the most action is going on.

As you can see from the trading video below, using the Bollinger Bands indicator seems to work very well in order to produce highly accurate trades. It’s an easy indicator to get the hang of and it is usually fairly accurate. On that same note, using support and resistance levels tends to be quite reliable as well, as is shown in the video below from our friend Andrew.

If you would like some more info on what the best settings are to be as profitable as possible with this trading app, just take a look at the video featured below which Binary Options Army was kind enough to supply us with. – The Brokers

Something else which needs to be mentioned has to do with the awesome choice of brokers. Usually, these programs only allow you to use one broker, which is obviously no good. If they do allow for more than one broker, you can usually only sign up for one of them. Moreover, if you want to change brokers, you usually have to sign up with a different email address. This is not the case with the Maximus Edge AutoBot.

You can actually connect your account to more than one broker at a time, up to 4 or 5 at once in fact. This is great. We love choice and any good trader knows why that is. In terms of withdrawal times, each broker is a little different. Andrew shows you how he has made a successful withdrawal, which proves that this service is definitely not a scam. It can take anywhere from 2 to 4 days for a withdrawal to happen, as can be seen in the below video.


What Else We Like About The Maximus Edge AutoBot

  • Our friend Andrew from Binary Options Army has done several trading videos for this service to date, and every time he makes a new video, his balance has gone up. In other words, Andrew has not lost any money using this system, just generated it. Being profitable is obviously a big bonus.

  • With Maximus Edge EA, you get a full charting solution. The reason why this app is so easy to use is because it provides you with a charting solution like no other program ever seen. You get access to literally hundreds of fundamental and technical analysis tools. If you like indicators, this is the program for you.
  • Having access to lots of relevant market news is always a big deal when it comes to binary options trading. Well, access to that important news is exactly what you get with the Maximus Edge AutoBot app.
  • Using Maximus Edge EA is about as easy as it gets. If you need good tools for binary options trading, you can rest assured that they are available on this platform.

Maximus Edge AutoBot Review – Follow-up Conclusion

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There is no doubt about the fact that the Max Edge (EA-Expert Advisor) is one of the most reliable and effective trading solutions on the market today. That being said, there have been some minor glitches and problems, both with trading and registration. If you are having any problems, maybe the below videos from Binary Options Army can help solve them for you and you can always leave a comment below this follow-up Maximus Edge Review and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please share your feedback related to the software, brokers or anything else related. Thank you for taking the time to read and watch Andrew’s live action, tutorials and tips and we sincerely hope it will help you make this experience as profitable as possible.

Trend Catcher is a SCAM!

Do not make the costly mistake of falling for the Trend Catcher scam. This a second rate service produced by experienced scam artists whom we’ve had the pleasure of exposing in the past and will gladly do so again. If you are considering this software as a viable means to help you profit in your trading endeavors, we suggest you read our candid Trend Catcher review to save yourself both time and money. Concrete evidence on scam will be provided below.

Upon visiting the rather bleak site, we are shown a short pitch video about the software, which is presented by an anonymous smooth talking presenter named Jim. It comes as no surprise that Jim is faceless. He also has no last name. He does however claim to be the creator and/or owner of Trend Catcher scam software. With no face and no last name, we cannot verify who he really is or if the man is trustworthy. In all likelihood, ‘Jim’ is just a cheaply hired voice over artist from the market place.

Trend Catcher is purported as an automated Forex trading software, with a smart algorithm designed to catch small trends using moving averages and other indicators. That is the only information provided on how Trend Catcher supposedly works. Additionally Trend Catcher claims to have a winning rate of 87.4%. Although this is only slightly higher than normal, we distrust their claim, as there is no proof provided to us in the form of credible trade histories for example. Potential customers are also told that Trend Catcher software can earn them $270 per day or $8000 monthly and that there is no risk involved. Apparently, the trading app will not place a trade unless it knows for certain that it cannot lose. Already this statement irritates us, as that is an outright lie. There is always risk involved in trading, no matter your experience level or what software you use. Risk associated with trading can be considered as an occupational hazard. Here is your first warning sign that you’re dealing with bogus software. Believing you cannot lose is a risk in itself.

Another point of concern noted on the Trend Catcher scam site is the obvious lack of information. No contact details such as a company address or telephone number are listed anywhere on the site. You are just expected to sign up by entering your email address and are immediately directed to one of their associated brokers. By the way, although Trend Catcher software is advertised as free, you still have to deposit a minimum of $250 with your assigned broker. If you already have an account with a broker and simply wish to acquire this ‘free’ software, you will soon find this is not possible. In terms of the lack of contact and identity related information, we also noted that their website was only registered on the 6th August 2017 making the site only around two months old plus it was registered privately. If you combine these factors together, you really have no clue who you are dealing with here. The person who designed the Trend Catcher scam could be sitting somewhere in his mother’s basement and running the whole stinking operation for all you know.

Perhaps the biggest piece of evidence we uncovered for our Trend Catcher review, is the fact that whoever is behind it, is responsible for another previously exposed scam known as Google Trader. Clearly, this scam producer is lacking in intelligence or they are just super lazy. The connection between Trend Catcher & Google Trader was not hard to form. Firstly, the layout of both sites are remarkably similar. In fact, they are almost identical. Secondly, the fake testimonials used for Trend Catcher are exactly the same as the ones used for Google Trader. The pictures and words have not changed. All they have done is replace the name of the scam. Look at the images below for undeniable proof.

Moreover, although the images of the people you see supposedly giving their testimonials appear as if they originate from Facebook, the more logical scenario is that these images have been stolen. In fact, we can prove it. The first picture you see is a woman named Tohloria Lewis. She is a real everyday woman with a legitimate Facebook profile. Unfortunately, her profile has been hacked and this fake profile with her stolen images is being used to promote all types of scams not just the Trend Catcher scam. From weight loss pills to beauty creams and now apparently Forex software. You can verify this for yourself by visiting this article or by checking out her real Facebook profile where she has to continuously tell people that it is not her that is endorsing all these fake products. If you reached this point, reading our Trend Catcher Review, you would have no doubt that signing up would be a detrimental financial mistake!

Review Verdict: Trend Trader is a Scam!
Blacklisted Site:

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Victim of a scam? Get a refund by the Charge back Team

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The evidence we have provided in this Trend Catcher review goes to show that this trading app is not to be trusted. The simple fact that they have to go to such great lengths to fake testimonials of their product in addition to providing no information on who created or owns the supposed automated Forex software should be enough to deter you from signing up and depositing any money with them. We encourage day traders to avoid this fake app at all costs. Be sure to share your comment concerning Trend Catcher if you made a mistake and depositing money with any of their unregulated brokers and help us deter other potential users who might trust the email marketers and other scammers who chose to endorse this virtual, automated stealing machine.

BinaryCent is a SCAM! Review based on Facts!

The following review is meant to serve as a warning to all binary options traders to refrain from having any dealings with the Binarycent scam. In light of certain revelations, we find it imperative that all traders be made aware of the certain danger they face in terms of entrusting their money with this unregulated broker. This factual and honest review will clear any doubt you may have on whether you can trust this brokerage firm and if they are a legitimate service.

Binarycent is a relatively new binary options broker that appeared online in the second half of 2016. The obvious attraction to traders is the minimum deposit of $10 and the ability to place trades with such a low minimum trading amount as Binary Cent offers trade sizes starting at $0.10. The platform may look fancy and fresh in comparison to what we are used to seeing, however there is nothing exceptional about it. Especially considering the fact that it is strikingly similar to BinaryMate & Finrally all of whom are owned by the same group. The Binary Cent platform appears as a custom, propriety web-trader type. Again, there is nothing remarkable about Binary Cent broker as they offer pretty much the same as other brokers such as Forex, Commodity & Cryptocurrency trading instruments with trade expiries of Turbo, Intraday and Long-term. Max pay-outs of 80% and 100% bonuses. We will not go into detail of what they offer though, as that is not the purpose of this Binary Cent review. We are here to warn you against this broker, not promote it.

The website was registered anonymously although we know for a fact that it is owned by Finance Corp Group (FCG) who are based and registered in Vanuatu. The registered address they provide is 2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu. As a point of interest, Vanuatu is known as a popular tax heaven whose regulations are not as tight as other countries, and have many offshore companies registered there. FCG has several other holdings that are associated with Binary Options trading and other financial services, these include but are not limited to other scam brokers Binary Mate and Finrally. Although Binary Cent is owned by FCG, it is actually operated by Suomen Kerran LP. Their listed address is Centre Office, 58A Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3SA, Scotland. We also discovered that Maxym Morozov, who is from the Ukraine, holds 75% control over the company. Although Suomen Kerran LP are registered as a Limited Partnership in the UK whose company registration number is SLO25219, they in fact have not been awarded any of the required regulatory licenses from the FCA in the UK, nor from any other regulatory organizations in the EU or anywhere for that matter. Operating without the necessary licenses is considered illegal.

Furthermore, Binary Cent broker itself is not regulated by the SEC, CFTC, CYSEC or ASIC. They hold no licence to operate as a brokerage firm anywhere. Maybe Maxym Morozov prefers to keep his operations under the radar especially as we recently discovered that Binary Cent along with their compatriot Finrally, have been illegally soliciting and accepting funds from traders within the United States through the BinbotPro Scam Software, which we recently exposed in a detailed review. Binary Options Watchdog has alerted the CFTC to this criminal operation and asked them to add Binary Cent and others involved to their official Registration Deficient List (RED). In the meantime, we are forced to publish a warning based Binary Cent review, in order to raise awareness of their fraudulent operations and to caution all traders from having any relations with this scam broker.

Aside from the fact that Binary Cent is unregulated, we at Watchdog have had the utterly unpleasant and extremely sad experience of having to read email after email of traders being horrendously scammed out of their money. There are far too many to mention all of them but some traders have cited that, Binary Cent added bonus to their account without the trader asking for or accepting the bonus. Upon realizing this, the clients noted there was also no options available or any way in which they could deselect receiving this bonus. These customers were subsequently denied being able to withdraw any funds due to the bonus added to their account because he had not met the terms and conditions of the bonus. Others claim that once they earned a certain amount of profit they were denied withdrawing their funds and upon enquiry as to why, Binary Cent simply had their account blocked. There are many cases of clients being denied their rightful funds, some for no reason at all.

Review Verdict: Binary Cent is a Scam!!
Blacklisted Site: by scammer Maxym Morozov

Our Binary Cent review conclusion was obvious from the beginning. This is a treacherous, nasty and unregulated binary options broker whose reputation for stealing customer funds precedes them. We urge all day traders to avoid this brokerage at all costs. Association by any means or any financial dealings with the fraudulent mobsters will only lead to serious damage to your financial situation.

Read our Review to learn how to easily recover your money back from scams such as and other unregulated brokers that are out there to steal your money. If you are serious about online trading and would like to find decent, regulated brokers to work with both in the US and worldwide, visit Watchdog’s Trusted Brokers for more info. Feel free to leave your feedback and questions below this review if you have any experience to share.

Binbot Pro is a Criminal SCAM!! Real Review!

Binabotpro is a scam beyond any reasonable doubt and we have all the evidence you need! It is of critical importance that you read this BinBot Pro review carefully. We have come across some disturbing information about this extremely dangerous binary options scam and if you are associated with you could potentially find yourself in a lot of trouble. We urge all traders to consider the facts provided in our review below for their own safety and peace of mind.

Binbot Pro is an automated software for trading binary options that allegedly uses up to 20 different robots, each with their own supposed unique combinations of indicators and success rates. The software scam has been around for many months now as we discovered the site was first registered on the 7th July 2016. How they have managed to stick around for so long with their sickening scam Is beyond our comprehension. Additionally, as we find with most scams, the site was registered anonymously. By now you should know that this is highly concerning, especially when it comes to investments. Right off the bat we are left with questions as we have no idea who actually owns and created the nauseating scam site. Furthermore, upon visiting the site we noted that BinBot Pro does not provide their potential customers with any information about who is actually behind the robot or who created it. There is no presentation video showing the CEO or founder of the software, there is no contact page detailing support information, telephone number or email address. There is literally no information available at all. For a site pertaining to investments, this is quite disconcerting to say the least. Do you truly know with whom you are making a deposit to here?

Instead of the usual pitch video, we are presented with a video demonstrating user’s experience with the robot. I suppose it should come as no surprise that once again we have no idea who is presenting the video. All we see is a screen recording of an unknown man allegedly trading with the BinBot Pro scam software and of course making profits. Unfortunately, what you are being shown is not a live account. It is a demo. As in most scam cases the demo being used to trade with is rigged to show consistent profitable results. When you finally trade with a live account things go horribly wrong. While on the topic of demo trading accounts, it is important to mention another tactic in which the BinBot Pro scam entices traders into depositing money with them. As has been seen before in other previously exposed scams such as Automated Binary Systems and Option Robot, which by the way is almost identical too. After registering on their site, they offer you a trial version of the software so traders may test the auto-trader before depositing any funds with one of their associated brokers. This is nothing but a demo account set up exclusively to show only winning trades. Once the trader sees the fake profit accumulating, they feel confident enough to make a deposit and start trading live. However, as many users have reported, the live version is the complete opposite of the trial and most traders are left with an account balance of zero within days.

Although the above matters are concerning we have uncovered even more alarming information. The main purpose of this urgent BinBot Pro review is to protect traders. While conducting extensive research on this scam software we noted that the fraud website is marketed as being available in all countries including the USA. In fact, the most common marketing ine we see everywhere is ‘BinBotPro Software Available in USA & Canada’ this is in fact 100% illegal. The reason for stating that Bin Bot Pro is operating illegally is as only regulated binary exchanges such as are legal in the United States. The brokers found to be in association with are not licensed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commissions (CFTC) or the Securities & Exchange Commissions (SEC). The brokers we found to be currently accepting US residents who signup with BinBot Pro scam are Binary Cent, BinaryMate and Finrally. Both of these binary options brokers are unregulated. In fact, most brokers who operate outside the US are registered with either the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC), or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Binary Cent, BinaryMate & Finrally who are known scam brokers don’t hold any of those licenses. Therefore, they are illegally soliciting and accepting funds from United States citizens.

BinBotPro Review Verdict: BinBotPro is a Scam!
Blacklisted site:
Blacklisted Brokers: Binary Cent, BinaryMate & Finrally

Report BinBot Pro and the illegal brokers to IC3.GOV

Internet Crime Complaint Center for US citizens!

If you take the time to consider all the facts and information we have laid out in this BinBotPro review, you will understand why we are listing this binary options robot as one of the most dangerous scams we have come across to date. It is no wonder whoever is behind this fraudulent software is overly secretive of their identity. Anyone involved in an illegal operation on such a high level would also be hiding. Furthermore, any persons found to be promoting this fraudulent service should also be concerned as they too can face legal ramifications for soliciting US citizens to unregulated brokers and trading with BinBotPro scam software.

Don’t let scammers get away with your money. will help you get a refund! will do our part in raising the alarm and notifying the relevant authority organizations such as the CFTC, SEC, IC3 and maybe even the FBI in order to try and bring this entire criminal operation to a grinding halt. However, we need the help of the trading community as well. You can do your part by also reporting this to the relevant authorities as well as sharing this review everywhere so as to prevent any further traders falling victim to such a disgusting scam! We encourage you to share your feedback related to this software and brokers, as well as any related services.

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