Wall Street Focus Group is a SCAM!! Real Review!

The Wall Street Focus Group is a scam, along with the imaginary Cobra 5 and hopefully this fact-based review will prevent you from falling into this trap. WallstreetFocusGroup.com website is two months old and represents an obvious evolution in binary option auto trading scams. These guys have dropped the sensationalism of their peers, which has gotten extremely old by now, and they’ve adopted a radically different approach. Their motto is moderation: they do not focus on enticing people with imagery depicting lavish real estate and luxury vehicles. Instead, they try to make their offer sound as credible and as plausible as possible. That makes them all the more dangerous, because at the end of the day, a scam they too are indeed.

Despite the obvious focus on keeping things as straight as possible and trying to seemingly focus on the technology behind the auto-trader they’re “selling”, the Wall Street Focus Group guys slip up here and there. Some of the mistakes they make are downright hilarious too.


The video, which is meant to be a professional-looking presentation, scoring points in the credibility department, ends up talking a whole lot, but not really telling us anything. The technology behind the auto-trader is not revealed for some reason…Why that’s the case should be obvious, and it will be even more obvious once one takes a look inside and recognizes things from other auto-trading scams.

Who are the people pushing the Wall Street Focus Group scam though? On one hand, we have David Lombardi, who is the focus group guy, and the alleged puppet-master behind the whole scheme. While there’s absolutely nothing online that would confirm the actual existence of this person, we shouldn’t be surprised. He’s a step ahead of the game and he cautions that we will probably not “recognize” his face or name…as if that actually gave him credibility. Anyway, the bottom line about this character is that he’s a fictitious one. He’s not more familiar with the brands he lists as his credentials than anyone down the street. That’s the sort of baloney only the most gullible will ever eat up. Good thing he didn’t also say he was in some way connected with NASA’s Mars rover program too. That’s the first red flag in regards to the true nature of this highly misleading scam operation.

The second one is David’s “partner in crime”, Jimmy Russo, allegedly from Nasdaq, who – unlike the lead he’s supporting – is not a good actor at all. He’s clearly just reciting lines he was taught. After this performance, it’s safe to assume that no other scammer will ever be eager to secure his “talents” for promotional purposes. Also, in case you were wondering, that there is THE reason why he never got the lead role in this one either

So what is supposed to make the Wall Street Focus Group tick, and how is the scam supposed to work? The Focus Group is allegedly a way for Nasdaq to test out a software its engineers have spent 10 years developing. The software is called Cobra 5, and it can apparently trade in one’s stead, profitably. The claims regarding the capabilities of the software have been dialed down significantly. According to the two “specialists”, the winning rates of the software were at one point slightly above 50% – an impressive feat in and of itself, they claim. It may indeed be impressive, but winning a little over half of one’s trades will hardly be enough to make up for the payout rates of about 70% featured by most brokers. Anyway, the software has allegedly been improved and it now wins an astonishing 84% of its trades. It has been turned from zero to hero, by geniuses of Lombardi’s ilk.

According to David Lombardi, focus group testing of the software has been going on for some time now, and the current one is – you’ve guessed it – the last such focus group before the launch of the product. This is a classic scam bit indeed. There are but 75 spots left on the focus group, and after the Cobra 5 is launched, it will cost around $1,000 to secure a license. Till then of course, everything is free. Furthermore based on David Lombardi’s narrative, the role of the focus group is to provide feedback on a daily basis – another little artifice meant to divert attention from the real nature of the deal. All this is obviously baloney. The real role of the focus group is to provide deposits to unregulated binary option brokers, but more on that in a jiffy.

In regards to the actual technology behind Cobra 5, we’re not really told anything. Russo mentions something about the tweaking of algorithms, so it’s safe to assume that – according to their narrative – the scammers are pushing some sort of expert algorithm-based nonsense. In reality, Cobra 5 isn’t the polished trading engine it’s made out to be. It has actually done a couple of laps around the scam-trading block already. For people who have seen the software used for the Midas Method, the Midnight Money Machine and Methodox, it will present a familiar sight, because it indeed is the same software. It will trade alright, but it will trade the victim’s funds away and that’s about all it is capable of.

The layout of the website tries to go for moderation too. It has fewer of the usual bells and whistles such websites usually sport, but the overall setup is indeed the same, as is the registration process. The bottom line is that despite the best efforts of the actors hired to push the scam, the Wall Street Focus Group falls woefully short. Its software a dead giveaway, its promotional video full of inconsistencies and poor acting, it is but a slightly more chiseled scheme devised to part you from you money.

Review Verdict: Wall Street Focus Group aka Cobra 5 is a SCAM!  

Blacklisted website – WallstreetFocusGroup.com

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4 comments on “Wall Street Focus Group is a SCAM!! Real Review!
  1. John Ehmer says:

    Thank you for exposing the scammers! I was about to job Wall Street Focus Group, glad I did some research first.

  2. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    dirty trick!!..please be smart guys,please don’t fall into this Wall Street Focus Group!..it’s obviously scam!..thanks again watchdog for this important review..really appreciate!

  3. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the warning. I also got email invitation to sign up with this, am glad I found this review. Thanks Watchdog.

  4. Alina says:

    This is not even a new scam. It is a repeat offender. Watchdog thanks again

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