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Just a quick disclaimer before I start bashing Vault Options with no mercy! Watchdog is not a Vault Options Trader and will never do business with this company. Did you just Google the keywords “Vault Options Scam” and found this review? Chances are you did. The question is if you Google’d this company before or after depositing your money, because if you already established an account with them, you are not going to like what you read. If you happen to be standing on your feet, I think it’s a good time to find a sofa and a glass of water before continuing with this review.

Vault Options Review by Watchdog  

The job of any Watchdog is to properly review an industry in an unbiased way with an emphasis on scams. As it appears, with the Online Trading Industry there are many scams out there to our great misfortune! It’s a rule with any industry, “where there is money, there are scams!” It can be a fake retail website, fake seller on Ebay, fake Forex site and of course a fake Binary Options Site. It’s YOUR responsibility to figure out who you’re doing business with before spending your money. For all you know, anyone can create a website and say whatever they want to say on it, post fake positive testimonials and do whatever they got to  do in order to get you to spend your money on their products or services. It’s much easier to walk into a store or to a bank and know who you’re dealing with from the ‘get-go’.

Many traders ended up registering with Vault Options after seeing them on Google Ads, but again, just because they paid someone to create a few nice looking banners, doesn’t mean they are a legitimate website. Google is obviously in it for their own cut when allowing these scam artists to advertise freely on their search engines, “food for thought” for future law makers! This is Internet 101 stuff my friends!  So let’s ‘cut to the chase’ and move on to ‘bad mouthing’.

Is Vault Options a Scam?

In one word, YES! At least based on 100’s of negative testimonials posted on Forex Peace Army, ScamAdviser, BinaryoptionsThatSuck, BinaryoptionsChannel and many other industry websites! This is basically just from the 1st page in the Google search results for the keyword “Vault Options Scam”. Any other keyword associated with Vault Options will reveal the same sad news.

How seriously Bad are the Vault Options Reviews? 

The reviews are pretty bad!! Below you can find 3 testimonials from 2 different sites:

Leonard A on BinaryoptionsThatSuck said: “they are bullshit, I got approval for withdraw but no money!

Victor G  on BinaryoptionsThatSuck said:” Beware buyer this Broker is very slick & sick. Do not trade with them or you may kiss our money Good Bye!

Carin from Canada on ForexPeaceArmy said: “I made a mistake for joinging Vault Options. I am trading from South Africa and my husband is in Canada right now. I tried calling my so-called binary optionsbroker, Adam but apparently he was in a meeting. Im sure if I call again he will be out of town or there will be some sort of excuse why i cannot talk to him…. I already requested to withdraw my $240 several times.. I already know I most probably wont get my money back.”


Okay so  the conclusion is that you should definitely stay away from this website. If you are interested in Binary Options be sure to signup with a regulated broker! Now that you know what Watchdog thinks about Vault Options, feel free to share your own thoughts in the comment below! If you’ve been scammed by this company, you have a duty to help deter other potential victims from this fraud. Please Share your experience!

7 comments on “Vault Options Scam
  1. ian higgins says:

    Can anyone tell me what”s going on with VAULTOPTION,the last twelve trades was done on my account without my permission all lost virtually wipeing out my account.
    I too is the same as FRANK HENDRICKS above receiving various insurance letters to get back all my funds,but need to pay a percent up front.
    Now i am unable to get back on the website,(closed for improvement).
    can anyone tell me whats the best way to have this sorted.


  2. Frank Hendriks says:

    Thank you very much for your fast answer. I hope l can still expect further news from your service.

  3. Frank Hendriks says:

    Hello there.
    I have been scammed by VaultOptions last year.After being abroad for several months, l tried many times to login on my account, without result.After some months again, l got last week a mail from the support-team in which they declares that VaultOptions did not exist any longer and that the Insurance Company “Trust International” on Cyprus will refund my inital capital. But to obtain this amount – which would be more than 2OO% of the amount on my previous account (!!!!) – l first have to pay 10,71% of the total amount as FEE. After my payment, the Insurance Company would send the refund to my bankaccount in Belgium. I really do not dare to do anything, because maybe this is A NEW SCAM????? Can anybody give me some good advice in this matter? You can ask my email by Binary Options Watch Dog or put your answer on this site.
    Thanks in advance.

    • WatchDog says:

      We will help you fight against VaultOptions, they are not so active anymore but they are one of the worst scammers we encountered up until now.

  4. Peter Jones - Ex Binary Options Broker says:

    There are a lot of chances to get you money back from the jews that are doing this scam. “Yes thats correct jews are the headmaster planners in the scheme”we can you get you money back especially if the transaction was made via bank wire our trough credit card.


  5. JD Meyer says:

    I watched a few videos that seem to agree with your warnings here. While there’s not a lot of definitive evidence outside of customer horror-stories you just get a bad feeling about them. They lure you in with a nice minimum deposit promises but the site is unprofessional, very abrasive to work with and customer support is non-existent. I’d be surprised if anyone making a healthy profit is getting their money.

  6. Sandra Craig says:

    i think it is important to trade with a regulated brokers…
    i am using signals from signals binary to help me trade with regulated brokers

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