UnderDog Millionaire Pro is a Scam!! Honest Review!

We really hope you’re not planning to waste your money with the Underdog Millionaire Pro SCAM, this review is honest and will most likely change your mind. If you are under the impression that UnderdogMillionairePro.com is a legitimate software by a “Very Talented German Mathematician”, the alleged Albert Friedemann, unfortunately you’re making a mistake and we’ll gladly prove it  to you with the use of simple, undeniable facts.


Any reasonable person would expect the narrator or creator of the UnderdogMillionairePro.com software to come up with hard-facts and evidence to back their statements, something that was terribly lacking in the presentation, in the story and practically anywhere on this fraudulent money-making scheme. Let’s debunk some Underdog Millionaire Pro Scam statements:

  1. We tried to find information related to Albert Friedemann and apparently he doesn’t exist. No information related to his Math credentials… You can use a search engine and try looking for his name and anything that relates to Math, Algorithms and Binary Options and you’ll find nothing.
  2. The Underdog Millionaire Pro is a brand new website, based on Who.Is it’s been around since the end of March, 2016! In other words, 3 weeks from the ‘posting date’ of this review. This discovery contradicts the narrative in which Albert Friedemann made over $1,000,000 in the last year using the Underdog Millionaire Pro software.
  3. Since we know that this website is entirely new and has no authority anywhere on planet earth, certainly not on any financial or binary options forums you can trust, you can be sure that Mr. Friedemann didn’t help many people around the world become millionaires.
  4. The creators of the Underdog Millionaire Pro want you to believe that it’s possible to generate a win rate of over 95% ITM with binary options, they go as far as guaranteeing it. They expect reasonable people to believe that out of 100 trades, only 5 are bound to land ‘OTM’ = losing trade?! Try selling this joke to anyone who has some experience with online trading and we wish you good luck! Promising crazy unrealistic returns, is the most common denominator of all the money-making scam sites we expose at BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com.
  5. No credible reviews, testimonials and feedback related to UnderdogMillionairePro.com is available to justify testing it and funding a live trading account with your money, which is a requirement with any system, software or auto-trader associated with binary options. This requirement is nothing new and money doesn’t come out of thin air, irregardless it’s legitimate or not, a deposit with a broker is mandatory.


Imaginary performance exposed!

Furthermore, we found that the pitch-page video on the Underdog Millionaire Pro fraud site is actually hosted on YouTube and right now has nearly close to zero engagement, in terms of likes and views. Let’s make a long story short, you’d be a fool to trust this scam. You are welcome to share your feedback, review and overall impression in regards to the shady UnderdogMillionairePro.com website.

Review Verdict: Underdog Millionaire Pro is a SCAM! 

Albert Friedemann is fictional and unconfirmable.

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Note that we also exposed other versions of the Aussie, such as the Brit Method and Malay Method which are both going viral unfortunately. You can find detailed information related to all the binary options scams on our Blacklist page. For alternatives to the Underdog Millionaire and other fake services associated with day-trading, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options.

Please help us warn other binary options traders to avoid the Underdog Millionaire scam by sharing this review on your Social Networks. We welcome all feedback, questions and responses so be sure to comment below this warning. To remind our readers, if you need help with disputes and complaints against scams, we’re here to help and at no cost. Those who are absolutely new, should first trade with a Free Demo Account, and get to know this form of trading before risking any money with brokers and signals providers.

4 comments on “UnderDog Millionaire Pro is a Scam!! Honest Review!
  1. Kim says:

    Scams should always be exposed! Underdog Millionaire Pro is such a scam! You really have to appreciate this post for exposing this software… thank you so much for helping me avoid this hoax!

  2. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    Thanks watchdog with this details review about this crap scammer!..all about this Underdog Millionaire Pro of course full of fake and liar!..no doubt..from their website itself,i do believe,their existence only to swallow people money easily..i hope people out there always be careful and doing some research and don’t simply getting trapped into this!..

  3. Eugene says:

    Hi just be careful of Underdog Millionaire Pro! I have lost all 3 a few times It doesn’t make you the kind of money they promise you.

  4. Sergiu says:

    It’s a clear scam.Very bad website with almost no info,just some text which was no importance at all. In the video it’s clear that he wanted to make people believe that he was a connection with the genius of Albert Einstein and the hole video in general is a big scam trap with unrealistic claims. Underdog Millionaire Pro is a big scam. AVOID.

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