Trend Catcher is a SCAM!

Do not make the costly mistake of falling for the Trend Catcher scam. This a second rate service produced by experienced scam artists whom we’ve had the pleasure of exposing in the past and will gladly do so again. If you are considering this software as a viable means to help you profit in your trading endeavors, we suggest you read our candid Trend Catcher review to save yourself both time and money. Concrete evidence on scam will be provided below.

Upon visiting the rather bleak site, we are shown a short pitch video about the software, which is presented by an anonymous smooth talking presenter named Jim. It comes as no surprise that Jim is faceless. He also has no last name. He does however claim to be the creator and/or owner of Trend Catcher scam software. With no face and no last name, we cannot verify who he really is or if the man is trustworthy. In all likelihood, ‘Jim’ is just a cheaply hired voice over artist from the market place.

Trend Catcher is purported as an automated Forex trading software, with a smart algorithm designed to catch small trends using moving averages and other indicators. That is the only information provided on how Trend Catcher supposedly works. Additionally Trend Catcher claims to have a winning rate of 87.4%. Although this is only slightly higher than normal, we distrust their claim, as there is no proof provided to us in the form of credible trade histories for example. Potential customers are also told that Trend Catcher software can earn them $270 per day or $8000 monthly and that there is no risk involved. Apparently, the trading app will not place a trade unless it knows for certain that it cannot lose. Already this statement irritates us, as that is an outright lie. There is always risk involved in trading, no matter your experience level or what software you use. Risk associated with trading can be considered as an occupational hazard. Here is your first warning sign that you’re dealing with bogus software. Believing you cannot lose is a risk in itself.

Another point of concern noted on the Trend Catcher scam site is the obvious lack of information. No contact details such as a company address or telephone number are listed anywhere on the site. You are just expected to sign up by entering your email address and are immediately directed to one of their associated brokers. By the way, although Trend Catcher software is advertised as free, you still have to deposit a minimum of $250 with your assigned broker. If you already have an account with a broker and simply wish to acquire this ‘free’ software, you will soon find this is not possible. In terms of the lack of contact and identity related information, we also noted that their website was only registered on the 6th August 2017 making the site only around two months old plus it was registered privately. If you combine these factors together, you really have no clue who you are dealing with here. The person who designed the Trend Catcher scam could be sitting somewhere in his mother’s basement and running the whole stinking operation for all you know.

Perhaps the biggest piece of evidence we uncovered for our Trend Catcher review, is the fact that whoever is behind it, is responsible for another previously exposed scam known as Google Trader. Clearly, this scam producer is lacking in intelligence or they are just super lazy. The connection between Trend Catcher & Google Trader was not hard to form. Firstly, the layout of both sites are remarkably similar. In fact, they are almost identical. Secondly, the fake testimonials used for Trend Catcher are exactly the same as the ones used for Google Trader. The pictures and words have not changed. All they have done is replace the name of the scam. Look at the images below for undeniable proof.

Moreover, although the images of the people you see supposedly giving their testimonials appear as if they originate from Facebook, the more logical scenario is that these images have been stolen. In fact, we can prove it. The first picture you see is a woman named Tohloria Lewis. She is a real everyday woman with a legitimate Facebook profile. Unfortunately, her profile has been hacked and this fake profile with her stolen images is being used to promote all types of scams not just the Trend Catcher scam. From weight loss pills to beauty creams and now apparently Forex software. You can verify this for yourself by visiting this article or by checking out her real Facebook profile where she has to continuously tell people that it is not her that is endorsing all these fake products. If you reached this point, reading our Trend Catcher Review, you would have no doubt that signing up would be a detrimental financial mistake!

Review Verdict: Trend Trader is a Scam!
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The evidence we have provided in this Trend Catcher review goes to show that this trading app is not to be trusted. The simple fact that they have to go to such great lengths to fake testimonials of their product in addition to providing no information on who created or owns the supposed automated Forex software should be enough to deter you from signing up and depositing any money with them. We encourage day traders to avoid this fake app at all costs. Be sure to share your comment concerning Trend Catcher if you made a mistake and depositing money with any of their unregulated brokers and help us deter other potential users who might trust the email marketers and other scammers who chose to endorse this virtual, automated stealing machine.

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One comment on “Trend Catcher is a SCAM!
  1. Trisha Govender says:

    Thanks for this warning Watchdog! Can’t believe these scumbags are now stooping so low as to hack peoples Facebook profiles just to endorse their so called product. I have shared this review so that more people can see that Trend Catcher app is actually a scam!!

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