Tratika Auto-Trader Scam Exposed!

Another rip off of the United Trading Network social trader has made an appearance in the binary options industry.  Found at, this scam system looks quite familiar with the United Trading Network however the feedback that we have received from our subscribers who have been scammed by the Tratika auto-trader is evidence enough to conclude we are dealing with yet again another scam.  During this scam review we will expose the Tratika auto trader, share our victimized subscribers feedback and provide you with a means that will allow you to report scams and check out legit online trading services.

To be honest, it is exceptionally annoying learning that the Tratika software was ripped off the first reliable social trader for binary options.  Many of you have read our United Trading Network Review and due to our review we have received positive feedback of winning percentages over 67% from over 3 dozen subscribers while only a few did not experience success.  However the feedback received about the Tratika system is a whole different story!

Out of all the feedback that we have received the best reported success rate was 63% with the lowest winning percentage resulting in every investment loss!  It is quite clear we are dealing with another get-rich-quick scheme which is why we urge traders to avoid this software!

So how does this system work exactly?  Well since the scammers behind this system literally just copied the same website theme as the United Trading Network it is quite evident that the functioning of this system is probably some algorithm that is meant to swindle you out of your money between a 24 to 72 hour period.  At the scammers behind this system are trying to make a claim that this system also runs off “3 proven algorithms” which we know certainly isn’t the case.  Just look at the image provided to you above and below, it is quite clear that we are dealing with another scam.

The requirements to get started with this semi-automated software is just about the same as every other system that we have come across.  In order to create a “Free Account” you have to provide your first and last name, email along with your telephone number then click on “Open Free Account.”

Then you will automatically be redirected to the members page where you will be asked to sign up and make a deposit with one of their “recommended” brokers.  Here are where things get questionable though, all of the brokers recommended are NOT regulated and most of them have horrifying reviews.  Why put your faith with a system that requires you to get started with scam brokers that won’t honor your withdrawal requests?

Now as mentioned above the system claims to have three different investment algorithms that are used which are dictated by the option of trading you decide to invest with.  If you prefer short-term options for example you will activate and use the “Rush Options algorithm.”

The medium term option which ranges between 15 minutes to 4 hours uses the “Basers algorithm.”  While the “Investo algorithm” is activated when doing long-term options between 1 to 3 days.  Now this is all great and all but all three of these varying options have proven to generate a success rate no higher than 63% on average which is why we are blacklisting the Tratika scam!

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The Tratika auto-trader for binary options is the evil step-brother of the United Trading Network software.  Don’t be fooled by the rip-off theme of the Tratika software and the false testimonials that you will come across on the Internet, they are all FAKE!  Do yourself a favor and avoid this fraudulent and corrupt trading operation!  We can assure you the only result that you will achieve would be the loss of your hard-earned money!

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Review Verdict:  Tratika Software is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

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