Trade Tracker Pro is a SCAM!! Real Review!

Today we received a complaint concerning the Trade Tracker Pro SCAM and in this review we decided to expose the software before other day-traders lose money. It’s possible that you received a “Private Invite Confirmed” email, inviting you to join by an alleged Derek Stone. Let’s ignore how this page looks exactly like the Millionaire’s Blue-Print scam and focus on why this is not a real way to make money with binary options.

Don’t be fooled by some of the fake review sites that gave the Trade Tracker Pro Software a ridiculous 5 stars rating, these websites are highly misleading and offer no evidence to back the “$80,000 Per Month” or even a dollar a month, and you will not find any documented proof by real members anywhere.

This fake bearded actor, Derek Stone, is a cheap liar and you can tell by how he proudly displays his trading account, and his “profits from January..” however the bogus website was created a few days ago based on Whois Lookup, in March of 2016! Shame on this actor who is clearly collaborating with this despicable fraud site. It’s not a cheap production so they must be paying him more than they pay actors, but either way you should know that everything that came out of his mouth is a complete lie.


It’s really pathetic to read the positive Trade Tracker Pro reviews, they simply repeat the same BS that’s written or stated on the pitch page of the scam so it’s clearly a way for them to hide the truth on Google, and they will also never approve your comments and real testimonials. At we review and expose many similar scams and encourage readers to share their real results and feedback, furthermore we will happily and without any cost, help you fight the Trade Tracker Pro scam or any similar site, as well as the collaborating brokers who are synced with the website. A reliable broker would never work with such a website, designed to steal your money! Be confident that it’s not free at all, in fact no binary options offer is 100% free. Any broker or signals service registration requires you to deposit money into a live account unless it’s a demo.


“Extremely Time Limited Offer”, no thank you!

Based on the complaint we received today, we know that those who still plan to register with this ‘Pressure Fraud Pro Software’ by the imaginary CEO Derek Stone, can expect to receive many spam emails and phone calls. If you stay long enough on and don’t exit right away, you’ll notice a “1 spot left”, it will never drop to zero until they manage to scam as many potential victims as they can, and we are expecting this fraud to go viral based on all the fake positive reviews on websites that have zero credibility in the industry.

In case you made a mistake and invested money with the Trade Tracker Pro Software, it’s never too late and we encourage you to contact us if you need help and also share your feedback and help us warn others who might fall into this trap. Binary options trading can be rewarding and fascinating, but you must always do careful research and never rely on empty promises that are not backed by solid evidence, especially since we’re dealing with money here.

Review Verdict: Trade Tracker Pro is a SCAM!

For better alternatives, we encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals, we test many services carefully and rely on authentic user feedback. Thank you for taking a moment to read our Trade Tracker Pro review and please share on your social medias if you know other binary options traders we can help deter from joining the scam.

40 comments on “Trade Tracker Pro is a SCAM!! Real Review!
  1. RAYMOND says:

    Total scam they call 4 times a day to push their favorite stock but will never e-mail you because that leaves an audit trail. lost 90% of my investments with them in 6 months. The only good news is I was not in too deep, because of all the phone calls and no e-mails I was suspicious.Sergio (Sergiu new spelling) works for Trade Masters Pro call and find out!!!!

  2. Adrian says:

    Where can I trade binary options and make real money? I want to invest no more than $250. Advice please. Thank you. And also, thank you for saving me $250!!! =))) God bless.

  3. Anywar Collins Ochora says:

    thnks all team, i was about to start hw fast i can get dat money and put in, i wonder hw i was gng to loss mi little savings but thnk God u people ve rescued me, could it be true anywere coz am seeing also the millionaries blue print, or is there such binary trading that gives people free money after putting in ur required money any were ?

  4. Ahmed says:

    Yes 100 % It’s scam I try it already

  5. Antoinette says:

    Thanks watch dog for saving me from this disaster an thanks for saving other innocent people

  6. Lora says:

    Thanks for this. I started to sign up for it and i was lucky i hadnt given them any bank account fone started ringing. The guy on the phone kept asking me about all my personal details and bank account details. My hubbie told me that it was a scam and even after i hung up, they kept on calling. so glad i didnt give away too much.

  7. Queen T says:

    How can I deactivate the account ?

  8. Queen T says:

    Woow thank you so much for saving me. I signed up but didn’t strt anything

  9. abdullah says:

    Oh my God this is lair see I also join but I well cancel that way I tinking it be not true frud

  10. Joseph says:

    I wish I found you before I joined Trade Tracker Pro, I lost nearly $500 within 2 days. It’s the biggest scam that ever got me.

  11. Ramoliko says:

    Hey this are real scamers be careful pls

  12. INNOCENT says:

    i have signed up with these guys but havent given them any money, i want to deactivate the account, how can i do it

  13. William Pedroza says:

    Thanks for the info I was about to loose 250 Buckaroos!

  14. Kashif Ali says:

    How we can stop this scam, it is still on Web working globally around the clock.

    • WatchDog says:

      It’s really difficult Kashif but it’s a good question. The problem is that they keep changing domains, names and narratives and by the time we post a review.. there’s already a new Trade Tracker Pro or another fake scam! Hopefully the regulators and authorities will move in on this and start changing things, possibly even busting the fraudsters and lock them up to serve as a warning for others!

  15. Babyface says:

    Wow I almost fell for it thanks for this review. People like such who scam other people should be put behind bar.

  16. Miguel feliciano ortiz says:

    saludos señores, estoy queriendo invertir en estos dias que me recomiendan para no ser estafado

    Translation: Greetings gentlemen, I am wanting to invest in these days that you recommend for not being scammed

  17. kathy palmer says:

    Yep once you sign the first step they call you up straight away to rope you in..thanks for this guys, thought it was too, too good to be true, I mean who gives you thousands for only 250

  18. Garretsen says:

    Well, we arrived at the “only 1 place left!” scam – It is a big scam. Other unlucky people already fell for this scam as seen above. It is clear that this is a scam, so do not sign up with them!

    Thanks a lot for exposing this trade tracker pro scam!

  19. anonimous says:

    And after you get your money back tell the bank you have lost your card and you can block your card and get a new card

  20. anonimous says:


    If any of have joined these people will not give you your money back call your bank and just tell them you have been robbed you dont know any thing who stole your money you could claime your money back and if thosed scammers call you back dont talk to them anymore

  21. naj says:

    i signed into the trade tracker pro for trading and gave them my bank details but thr were no enough funds was asking will they attempt to remove money from my bank acct plis

  22. naj says:

    stil waiting for help

  23. naj says:

    hi i signed with trade tracker pro today but thr were no funds in my account wil they attempt to remove money again pliz

  24. Ash says:

    Is there any other better options to trade ?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Ash, We encourage you to visit our Trusted Brokers and Signals pages for better alternatives. If you have any question don’t hesitate to send us an email.

  25. Roland says:

    Trade Tracker PRO is by FAR the worst scam I’ve seen!

  26. a says:

    Thanks watch dog you just saved me from 250 slackers

  27. Frances Velasquez says:

    After I read this last night I went back to the website and the whole system had crashed. That’s what it said on the website. I went back to the website this morning and they’re back up again like nothing. I tried to get on the binary website and I pulled up.My file and it says I have zero money in it.

  28. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    please don’t tolerate with this Trade Tracker pro,obviously full of liar!..and of course “only 1 spot left” right?haha..thanks watchdog for another important review..please keep revealing scammers!

  29. Joe says:

    Hi I’ve just ordered the Trader TrakerPro and I’m getting the no response act in all the same way you’ve said. They said $250.00 but when I signed up they said a limmit of $300.00 so I’m $300.00 in a hole.

  30. Frances Velasquez says:

    I just registered a week ago. What can I do to help to prove this guy is a fraud. I just deposited $250 today 🙁 what can I do to get my money back?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Frances, You must contact the broker you were assigned to and ask to deactivate the software and withdraw your funds, if they refuse or avoid communication, you need to immediately contact your credit card fraud department (the number is at the back of the CC used to deposit) and notify them that you’ve been scammed for $250 and you are interested to dispute this transaction immediately. In many cases they will help, it might take a couple of days or a few weeks but if you fight back you will win your money. If you need help contact us via email and good luck!

  31. Ian Morrison says:

    Well said about trade tracker pro , Derick Stone in way he advertises it screams at you he is an actor, what ordinary guy would go to the length make such a professional video ??? , guys like him should be caught and jailed also for fraud regardless that he is paid as a actor , he knows will be used to gain money from people , so he is just as much liable for any criminal action that should come his way ,and I hope it does , law enforcement should be also chasing these guys ? why they not doing it ?

  32. Darrel Bacon says:

    We should as a group figure out by sharing cost and getting these guys responsible for this behind bars. Imagine how much money they would have in there fictitious accounts OMG

  33. WatchDog says:

    They spammed the Internet with so make fake reviews, it’s really disturbing!! We’re hoping to see more people land on this page in time, because they invested a lot of money on this scam, but we’re going to do our best to put them out of business.

  34. Sergiu says:

    What a video full of BS,OMG. Many red flags like his account that can be faked. Trade Tracker Pro a scam from start to finish.Stay away people and thanks WatchDog for the honest review.

  35. Donald P. says:

    Was just about to sign up for this, but you saved my bacon Watchdog!!! Thank you so much for exposing this Trade Tracker pro scam system!

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