Trade Fusion is a SCAM!!! Objective Review!

This is a warning concerning Trade Fusion, a new viral SCAM we exposed in details. Read this review before you join the software, as we will be revealing their manipulative ways to scam each and every member. When you first come across the site, it is easy to see why so many day-traders have already fallen for their lies and deposited funds with this scam. The presentation is probably one of the “best we have seen” among bogus binary options automated systems, however luckily we do not just take anyone’s word on whether a system such as Trade Fusion can be trusted or not.

Review fraud and deception! Pure Evidence!

Now for some proof that the Trade Fusion enterprise is not all it’s set out to be. Having a quick look at Carol Landry the supposedly InnoTech System employee, her picture has been changed over the last couple of weeks. The previous picture used was of a different lady, which was proven on various other blogs to be fake, that they have now replaced. That is not all unfortunately, scrolling down the site, the supposedly “Team” pictures has also be changed, even Timothy Marcus has a new face now. Still think Trade Fusion can be trusted? The evidence regrettably is stacking up more and more against the Trade Fusion scam auto trader. During our review, we came across more damning facts that we cannot ignore.

We also dug a bit deeper into the big news sites said to back the Trade Fusion scam, and you will probably not be surprised to find that we were unable to link the software to CNBC, and Business Insider, or someone by the name of Timothy Marcus. Additionally we have also found the real host presenting CNBC Futures Now, and the person is Jackie DeAngelis and not Antony Gristani as claimed on the Trade Fusion website.


The site was only registered in Nov 2015 according to, far from the 2 years ago mentioned by Timothy. Which also puts the trading results of their beta tester to question, as the site will only be more than 3 months old in just over a week. Yet the claim is their current members have already been making about $35K in their three trading months. Furthermore we also found that has blacklisted the Trade Fusion fraud, and as some of you may already know, the BO Anonymous site takes a complete objective view to every system and neither endorses nor promotes any brokers or signals providers of any kind. Review – Exposed on YouTube!

Again it’s sad that we have to write review upon review on scam binary option auto traders such as Trade Fusion. The scam services are getting more and cleverer as time is passing, even reading some of the other reviews already done on Trade Fusion, and some other bloggers have fallen prey to this system and lost their initial deposit. If you haven’t deposited money yet, we highly recommend that you follow our example and not risk a penny on the site. Nothing brings us more joy than to expose these scam systems for what they are during the review, it is just unfortunate that sometimes people still deposit without doing their own research.

It’s really unfortunate to see so many lousy, money-making schemes that offer no hope to anyone who is seeking legitimate opportunities with binary options trading. They know how to grab your attention by using manipulative sales tactics and promises that most of us, even the most logical, have a hard time refusing. Trust your ‘gut feeling’ if things seem too good to be true and always do a Google research. In this particular case, the majority of the reviews point to the same conclusion, backed by many comments by disappointed newbies who thought they’ll have a chance to generate some profit with this system. BETTER ALTERNATIVES are out there and in some cases they don’t appear as convincing and might offer you a ‘less promising’ deal but at least you’ll be in safe hands.

Review Verdict: TradeFusion is a SCAM!

“Timothy Marcus” = Not a a Real Person.

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54 comments on “Trade Fusion is a SCAM!!! Objective Review!
  1. Juan says:

    First trade options. Have you heard anything about this company.

  2. paukl says:

    (Stay away from lan baker from titantrade)

    I was conned for $20000 from Titantrade I moved on but found I am really
    angry, I sent them an email expressing my disappointment and asked that
    my account be closed, they replied with a whole lot of speel, when I
    have finished unloading my frustration here I will reply with a huge
    broadside and finish on saying that I have been veiwing articles said
    about Titantrade on Binary option watchdog which I have added a few not
    so pleasent comments myself.

    They got my account up to $15000 and said we are going to make some big
    money now, promised to make $30000 from this trade made only $2000

    My account is now $17000 they made 4 trades $5000, $5000, $5000, and
    $2000 all on gold I was told money in the bank lost all, funny thing is
    when I placed the trades on there recommendation the payout came up as
    zero on all previous trades you can see the payout amount if the trade
    was successful I ask amount this and they told me not to worry this is
    normal I thought ok you trust them

    Titantrade scammed me and I wish I knew about you guys before joining

    Cheers guys keep up the good work

  3. shamiur says:

    Its a totally fake I have it it just bowed my account.I was open account with them because there was few guys marketing it on youtube.Those guys are cheater they make fake review to attract more people on the new scam world.We have to stay away from those review maker guys.If u want I can upload screenshot of my tradefusion result.

  4. Julian Onyea says:

    Thank you watchdog for a great job, you definitely have save me of great agony. I owe you on this. Because am just seconds away from depositing funds on their recommended broker account. But please what do you have to say professional binary robot of George S. Or please recommend any other auto-trader that accept Nigerians please if that is also a scam.

  5. Furqan says:

    Hi, i received a email message from tradefusion. Message was that you get $3300 dollars first payment . Any one can help me ? How i get money from tradefusion . I belong to pakistan

  6. Zethembe Shandu says:

    Thank you tfor this review and feedback of Trade Fusion. I had read another review earlier before this one, and they were endorsed as legit even though the newest in the market.
    Please advise: I have already signed up and given my details but yet to make a deposit for initial investment $1000.00 on Monday, 02 May ’16. Is there any way I can CANCEL or BLOCK this transaction going through my bank account.

  7. Victim of Trade Fusion says:

    Don’t believe any word, just move on and save your money.

  8. gmariotti says:

    yes trade fusion is a scam

  9. Jim Frixen says:

    Yes, I signed up for Trade Fusion-my broker was Trades Capital. My deposit of 250 USD was gone in three days. Trades were being placed even though I had the auto trader turned off. Thanks for turning me on to Copy Buffet. I may give it a try.

  10. Steve Fox says:

    I lost my entire deposit with Trade Fusion. No support and they gave me an unregulated scam broker, now I had to cancel my credit cards. Don’t make the same mistake and signup with this crappy software!!!!

    • WatchDog says:

      We agree Steve. This entire offer is a fraud but unfortunately many people don’t get to read this review before they fund an account. Whoever is behind this is going to pay for their crimes sooner or later.

  11. John Smith says:

    I started using Trade Fusion about 6 days ago. I’ve used two brokers and I’ve had a win average of about 45%. To date I’ve lost about $250.00 from the trades which Trade Fusion has made. I have a higher win average when I place the trades manually. This morning the software placed 6 “turbo trades” (under 3 minutes) and lost 5 of them ($225.00) I’ve analysed the losing trades and they have a win probability of 50%, they defy logic and I doubt they are backed by a complex algorithm. I’ve contacted Trade Fusion and explained the above situation but as of yet I have not received a response. I’m sticking to manually trading using market analytics from now on.

  12. Hubbell says:

    I’ve been using Trade Fusion for the past week with two brokers. The win average has been 45% and then at times I’ve watched the software place a succession of “turbo” 1min trades on currency which is basically as good as 50/50. A lot of the auto trades lack logic and I struggle to believe there is a complex algorithm behind them. I’ve lost $650.00 dollars and I’ve won more trades in the past two days by placing them manually. I’ve contacted trade fusion but as of yet I’ve had no response.

    • WatchDog says:

      Unfortunately there are so many fake reviews that not many people manage to see this warning in time! File a dispute with your credit card company Hubbell, especially if they they fail to response. Once a company stops responding you have a good case with a dispute and a great chance to win your money back.

  13. kevin ashby says:

    I have signed up but have cancelled my payment as all I get is the message addfailed errorcore 13204, Trade fusion did not help at all telling me to contact my broker? They are my broker…

  14. Rolando delao says:

    I was scammed with my hard earned money $250 to be exact by THEAMISSIOFORMULA,The software just went crazy taking trades after trades despite the fact that i had set for 1low risk auto trade ,,,,please stay away from those suckers !!!!

  15. Carlos Andres says:

    This was the biggest mistake of my life! Don’t trust all the fake “Watchdog” sites, I was fooled into believing that you guys recommend Tradefusion, I should’ve double checked 🙁

  16. simon says:

    You’re right!. i saw it on binarywatchdog.
    My apologies.

  17. simon says:

    Hi Watchdog, You have tradefusion as your #1 current top autotrader..maybe you should delete it? just an opinion

    • WatchDog says:

      What are you talking about Simon? We never had Trade Fusion listed as our top autotrader, maybe you’re confusing us with one of the fake Watchdog sites. It’s a new strategy to get people to trust new services, we noticed a few but if you navigate to our top signals list you won’t find this one.

  18. THOMAS says:

    thank you so much Watchdog i almost carried away with this fake tradefusion you really helped us by all your kindly loyalty am very indebted to you watchdog honestly you are god sent may god spirit strenghten,comfort you always now and then once again thank you watchdog

  19. Elliott Thompson says:

    I didn’t see your review Watchdog because of all the fake reviews for Trade Fusion on Google. Why is Google doing it? It should rank the reliable sites at the top of the top. I shared your post to help it because I want people to know the truth. I already lost $1000, do you also want it? Probably not! Avoid this scam!! Elliott

  20. Barry Mount says:

    I have tried both TradeFusion and Social Trader Tech I have been trading with Forex systems for years and thought i was past being scammed! Well trade fusion $500 & Social trader $300 dollars later i found i had been ripped off.

  21. Bob Hammett says:

    Yes I can vouch for Trade fusion as a SCAM I joined it because it was and still is the Top Pick of Roy’s I let it run for some 20 hours it made 41 trades 21 in the money 20 out of the money. I have sent 3 or 4 messages to Roy with no response I guess I am one of the many taken in by this scam. Thought it would be safe as Roy’s BinaryWatch

  22. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    I’m quite surprised many people almost getting trapped into this trade fusion software..please be more careful guys..even though these scammer trying to be clever but still no doubt they’re totally fake and liar!..too many red flags warning..thanks once again watchdog for this crucial could save a lot people money..really appreciate!

  23. Siddharth says:

    i thank you WatchDog for running this site. This is trully awesome. I almost got carried away by Trade Fusion scum-bag`s.

  24. Ronnie says:

    Trade Fusion is owned by smart liars! Performance less than 50% you will be lucky if you don’t lose your money in 2 hours..

  25. Emma Black says:

    Glad I found you WD!! two hours ago, I was almost convinced to join Trade Fusion with $500 by a very convincing “gentleman”…

  26. Alberto says:

    Who is behind this CRAP!?!? If I found them I’d beat them up severely!! I swear on my life!! Trade Fusion will manipulate you and steal everything you have! The people behind this are sick minded, crooks, low-life sub-humans and don’t deserve to breath any oxygen!

  27. Anel says:

    HI Watchdog

    I’m new to this trading system and i really want to join an automatic system please advise which is the best to generate profits?? I only have $250 to start with and would die if i must loose it to a scam

  28. Janie says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I signed up but thought I would take a look at reviews before I deposited anything. Glad I did. Though any info and legitimate brokers and apps would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  29. Graham Hogg says:

    Seriously this Trade Fusion almost got me!! Thank you Watchdog! I just subscribed to your blog.

  30. Orlando says:

    Wau man..u guys just saved my A** from tradefusion….those bastards!! THANK YOU!!!

  31. agus hendrawan says:

    thanks watchdog for the review…you save us once again…i nearly wanna try this scam…keep the good job…

  32. Mohammed Ali says:

    but kieth from option expert says it’s good

  33. Garretsen says:

    It is true that there are so many red flags, this service can’t be legit. So don’t even try to deposit as you are going to lose your money as somoene else in the comments lost 2.000 british pounds!

  34. Bob Hammett says:

    Tested Trade Fusion on auto trade for 20 some hours it made 41 trades 21winners 20 losers. I also used the recommended broker Citrade and after making my deposit can not get them to respond at all on Chat or email. Not once in some 30 tries. I think I got the welcome how can we help a couple times but then it would drop off and say all customer support personnel were busy leave a message. Working on getting a refund. Turned Binaring broker over to my Credit card company as a fraud supposedly fronting Social Trader.

  35. Bill Fermano says:

    TY for this guess i’ll tuff it out on my own i only need 25 people to come in and basically do nothing really all YOU need is to make videos on you tube account I make the blogs for you on our publisher revenue hits BOOM YOU start making money instantly 100% cash driven by my own resources YOU just sit back and watch the cash come in. NO COST to YOU no cash out of pocket .

  36. Kris says:

    I lost 250 on trade fusion. Don’t fall for it people! Total scam.

  37. Harley Martin says:

    Yes, tell Keith Wareing that. OptionXpert CEO endorses the Bot. ???

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Harley, As for Keith Wareing we have no doubt that he is a sincere guy with good intentions. He is 2nd biggest on YouTube in terms of subscribers, second only to Michael Freeman. We can’t agree with everything and definitely not when it comes to Trade Fusion. Last time we checked he didn’t seem to be endorsing Trade Fusion so much, rather than just test it and share feedback.

      It could be that he is getting some kind of a VIP treatment, we have no idea but we know that Trade Fusion is a scam and if anyone thinks we may be wrong, go ahead and test it and please return with some feedback.

  38. Benza says:

    Hi, do you know anything about ‘Trade Assistance Caclulator’ TAC? Some guy calling himself Devan Mcarthur tried to sell it to me for $599 via moneygram and use his secretary’s detail viz. Wendy Snow from Chiefland Florida. Alarm bells rang and ditched him

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Benza, The MoneyGram and Western Union payments in exchange for calculators are usually traced back to Nigerian scammers, you should avoid these offers and especially if it’s by email or comment solicitors.

  39. Lynn Austin says:

    This Trade Fusion is BS I tried it for a few days and lost my account balance. Don’t believe the fake reviews everywhere. I’ll subscribe to your blog you’re doing a great job.

  40. Robert Hammettz says:

    I Signed up with Social Trader through Binaring and with Trade Fusion mainly because they were the top picks and recommended by Roy’s Binary. The first was such a scam all they did was try to get me to deposit more money. The second who claimed over 80% gave me 21 wins and 20 losses.
    Bob H

  41. Greg says:

    The tradefusion software has scam written all over it! I also performed a simple google search and found no connection between tradefusion, Timothy Marcus or CNBC. These guys are low life scum!
    Thank you watchdog, whenever I need more info about any software or broker I know exactly who to turn too!

  42. Tim Day says:

    Thank you for the review on Trade Fusion, I had half signed up but then slicked off.
    I went to your web site did a quick search and nothing came up. Sure glade to see it in this mornings emails…
    Thanks again..
    T Day

  43. Sharpjag says:

    Ok thanks for the response!

  44. Sharpjag says:

    Can you please review social tech trader? I know many reviewers including Option xpert and trusted binary options think this is a legitimate software. Thanks

  45. Arif says:

    Trade Fusion made me lose £2000 🙁

  46. Dilon says:

    Thank you Watch dog I was literally seconds away from depositing and decided to read a review before. These guys have no nerve! I appreciate you bringing this to our attention

    • WatchDog says:

      Great timing! We noticed that Trade Fusion is becoming really popular (in a terrible way) and after more than a few complaints, we decided that it’s necessary to post this review and warn all potential members.

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