TitanTrade is a SCAM!!

Based on feedback, provided by too many day-traders / victims and terrible testimonials all over the Internet we concluded that TitanTrade is a SCAM! Avoid doing any business with this company! If you deposited money with this unregulated crappy site, you must contact your credit card company and ask to file a dispute. TitanTrade.com is a known fraud and you will win your money back! Don’t let them get away with your money! For more information on Binary options Scams visit our complete Blacklist! If you have any questions or an experience to share, please comment below. let’s put the crooks out of business!

Watchdog’s list of Binary Options Scams!

Again, do not do any business with the Israeli-based company TitanTrade aka NRGBinary.co!

They are manipulative, unregulated and dangerous! Everywhere you will read about them, you will find the same conclusions!

144 comments on “TitanTrade is a SCAM!!
  1. Asley Grow says:

    All my life I worked hard and never stopped, the aim at the end was to retire and rest during my old age. A family friend of mine introduced me to GT0ptions was so glad thinking that this way I could at least have my money work for me, the broker sounded so nice and helpful , on the other hand I was so gullible and kept investing more and more into Gt0ptions before I would know it my investment would total 410,000Gbp and then on my trading platform could visibly see that I had made an extreme profit of almost 390,000GBP, it was a thing of joy soon turned out to be my worst nightmare as I couldn’t withdraw any part of this funds. I tried to speak to the broker who helped me but at this point he was nowhere to be found, even tried the police but was told they could be of no help, even tried to get a lawyer but was told my chances were slim to none of recovering my funds back it was the worst time of my life mostly in my old age. sorry to bore you with my experience but I came across Geminihacks (dot) (com) they claimed to be able to help me recover all of my funds back , was so sceptical having experienced the heartlessness of mankind by Gt0ptionsbut decided to give it a try and whoever is reading this I got my funds plus profits made back from GT0ptions. If you’re out there and have lost money to any of this scam binary options investment brokers do contact Geminihacks (dot) (com) they will help you get your money back Good luck and thanks for letting me share my experience..

  2. Mirko says:

    15:57 26/04/17 $501.25 Withdrawal approved InactivityFee 15:57 26/04/17
    They appropriated all the money from my account because off my inactivity

    • Michael says:

      I too am a victim of Titan Trade and this inactivity fee has appeared on my account. Invested $100K been through 6 different brokers each one promising great returns. I have been trading now for nearly 2 years. No returns and my account balance right now is $8.24. You can never get anyone on the phone and they don’t return contact using their contact us email.

  3. Armando Santos says:

    Hello anyone
    I have invested more than €40.000 in Titantrade. I have requested to withdrawa weeks ago when they told me that it would take about 3/4 days.
    I believe now after read all this comments that this is all a big scam!
    Could you guys help me with some info about how can i do it to get my money back?
    Any chance that with VISA they will help me?
    I thank you guys for any information you can help me with.

    • WatchDog says:

      Ask your credit card company for help. If they can’t help you, email me. I may be able to help.

      • Armando Santos says:

        Many thanks. I will ask credit card company for help. If they don’t I will get back to you.
        Again, many thanks

        • Armando Santos says:

          Hi WatchDog!
          I’m hopeless..€48.000 and I can’t get them back!! Please tell me how you can help me with this situation…I would be grateful to you.

          • Sandra Robinson says:

            I found birman law from Israel. I don’t know if they are Legit, but they told me that they help with getting your money back.

          • WatchDog says:

            I heard a lot about them and I believe they are legit, but not 100% sure. Please keep me updated if you decide to use their services.

          • Sandra Robinson says:

            Will do, thank you

          • Armando Santos says:

            How do I get in touch with them?

          • Peter says:

            Hello to everyone!
            It is a Scam broker. 100%
            I have invested 81,500 USD. My manager was Bradley Jones. Every time when he called me he asked to invest more and more. When i told him hat I have no money to pay and I need the withdrawal for 25,000 USD. He told me that I need to pay for insurance which cost 10% from the amount. On that moment I had 192,680 USD on my account. I told him few times that I have no money to pay. But he asked me for several times.
            As a result on that moment I didn’t believe them at all. Thats why I used to ask the bank to refund my money. But it was unsuccesful cause i made it by myself. After tha I asked lawyer to help me. All procedure of arbitration take about 3 month. And as a result I got my money back but only my investments.
            DON’T believe this scammers.

  4. isabel says:

    Señores creo que somos muchos los estafados en varios países, pero creo que lo mejor en todo es unirnos. Si me admitís una sugerencia creo que lo mejor es contratar un abogado especializado es estos temas y negociar ir comisión en función de lo que nos devuelvan, seria una demanda conjunta como los de las acciones de caja Madrid, en su defecto no conseguiremos nada con mucho que expongamos nuestros casos en Internet, siempre hay personas como nosotros que pica.
    Saludos a todos.

    • javier says:

      hola isabel también soy otro mas de los afectados por estos chorizos ladrones de titantrader. yo fui a la CNMV de Barcelona y me dijeron que ponga una denuncia a la policía y que coja un abogado esto es un delito penal que ellos solo llevan casos de brokers regulados. pero mi pregunta era si no estan regulados por que dejan operar por la web a estos ladrones . pues tendríamos que manifestarnos y contactar con todos los afectados en España y el mundo yo primer dejo mi mail javier_tito_77@hotmail.com mi telefono 603365970 por que quejándonos no resolvemos nada actuemos señores y tomaremos entre todos acciones legales urgentes. y mi pregunta alguien tiene algun resultado

  5. isabel says:

    Es totalmente una estafa, invertí una 1ª vez y me lo hicieron a largo plazo , con vencimiento el 30/12/2016. posteriormente en Enero me llamaron y me dijeron que lo había perdido . Le comente que tenia 250€ ingresados pero que no me figuraba en cuenta y por lo tanto no podía negociar.
    Durante la conversación me dice que es interesante hacer una inversión de 1000€ por el tema TRAMP. Indico que no puedo porque el dinero en cuenta es necesario para pagar otra cosa, indica que no importa que me da una bonificación pero que espere al teléfono que va a comprobar el porque de los 250€ perdidos.
    Mi sorpresa es que cuando vuelve al teléfono había realizado un cargo de 1000€ en mi tarjeta,reitero que no que me lo devuelva, y me dice que ha hecho una inversión en la que esta garantizado el capital total , los 1250€. Y que ademas el dinero puedo retirarlo a las 23.00 , para tener el dinero en cuenta para el pago a realizar, Mi sorpresa es que la inversión que me hace, perdió y el capital no estaba.
    he mandado correos, también en el chat , teléfono que nunca atienden , y no hay respuesta. Propongo nos unamos todos para interponer demanda en el organismo que regula estas empresas en España, ya que perece ser que no hacen caso omiso y resuelven un% bastante alto.
    No tiene nombre como se aprovechan de todo el mundo y provocan perjuicios que no afecta solo al estafado sino a la familia en general.
    Espero nos unamos todos para recuperara nuestro dinero.

    • Sandra says:

      I got ripped of big time, including my sons money that he loaned me on their assurance. Titan trade even gave us an email insuring the trades but will not give it back. I took it to my bank and disputted it, but nothing has been done. St. George bank also are scamming me, as they won’t fight for me to get my money back. Their comments to me are:- people don’t normally win, so we don’t think you will, therefore, we aren’t going to do anymore.

    • Sandra says:

      don’t do it, they tell you anything to get your money, do trades with you and when you lose, tough. Literally, DON’T.

    • alfonso says:

      Hola Isabel, yo tambien soy afectado de Titan trade con 10000€. Me gustaría también unirme a la plataforma para poder ir contra estos estafadores.
      Cuantos mas seamos mas fuerte seremos para ir contra ellos

  6. Francisco Lozano Roca says:

    me pidiero en principio 400 euros, despes 800, Mas adelante 4500, y después otros 4500 euros.He intentado ponerme en contacto co TITANTRADE y con mi broker varias veces , sin éxito

  7. TBG says:

    Still fighting for my money.

  8. T says:

    Absolutely 100% fraudulent company. I am still trying to get my money from Titan Trade back through Visa. Stressful process and Titan Trade are so ruthless and told pure lies in their response to VISA. Keep at it. Now they want to return one of my deposit but not the others. I am still fighting!!

  9. Grace Kelly says:

    How can they get away with all this?? Where is the world looking? How can they have no accountability at all?? Can one recover money from debit cards or wire transfers too??

    • Vladimir says:

      Please read about Titan Trade and NRGbinary. All truth.. who is who..reuters.com/investigates/special-report/israel-investing-binary/

  10. Suresh says:

    It is quite easy to make a deposit in Titantrade but their account managers are big scam artists. They will keep rejecting your withdrawal requests and blackmail you into their other sites to deposit more money. They will even say they will block your money in Titantrade if you do not make deposit of $1000-$2000 at BinaryTradeCenter.com, etc. PURE SCAM. Avoid at all cost. Unfortunately they are not regulated, so who you can complain to?

  11. Vincent Phang says:

    On 28/08/16 after reading a FB post I ended up seeing a video promising a Fast cash biz which later lead me to Titan Trade. After signing up on their webpage online, a person by the name of Jake called me up and sweet talk me to open up a trading account of USD350 with them. On that very night, when I google Titan Trade, I knew I was being scam. I contacted my bank to terminate my card and till now was trying to recover my deposit with them. One Titan Trade’s rep by the name of Mark called me several times to press me for a reason why I cancel my account. I refused to tell him the reason, after which he insulted me with words and sounded like a hooligan. Please avoid this company at all cost.

  12. TBG says:

    Hi Viktor,

    I would like to get your help as I have just filed dispute with my credit card in UK and I am worried as I cannot afford not to get my money back. I am in pieces.

    Can you help?

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Victor,
      Have you kept all your correspondence with them on writing, such as facebook, emails and text messages? If you have, then you have proof, Also, did Titan Trade give you any documents guaranteeing your amounts? such as, insurance?

      If you have, then you have proof, give it all to your bank. You can dispute it under the heading of service not given.

      yes you brought their product, but they didn’t give you the service, such as, profit that they guaranteed. weather verbally or in writing.

      I hope this helps.

  13. javi says:

    Yo trabajo con plus 500.y IQ y son los mejores.no os dejeis engañar por expeculadores hijosdeputas mentirosos.

  14. Wayne says:

    I traded with Titan. They pushed the acceptance of their Bonuses. That is the trap. To withdraw one cent you must turnover the deposit you make plus the bonus all multiplied by 20!!!
    For me this was $600,000. My deposit of $37,000US is now dead money.

    I cannot recommend staying away from them enough!!

  15. ulemu says:

    Hi yooo I was about to put my $250 into this Titan trading as they promise all good profits and bonuses noo I won’t .Thanks to you you guys for Binary watch dogs site.

  16. Soniq says:

    Is this true tat titantrade is a scam.???

    • Pricy says:

      Titan Trade is a full blown scam. Do not go near them. They are based in Israel and not London and the money they steal from you will be going to support many illegal activities world wide. I believe including terrorism.

  17. Viktor Abt says:

    Titan Trade ist ein Betrüger!!! Ich kann schon seit über zwei Monate mein Geld nicht zurück bekommen. Es wird immer wieder, egal, wie oft schon, die ganzen Unterlagen beigefügt wurden, nach diesen wieder verlang. Es wird immer wieder ohne jedem Grund ein Auszahlungsantrag abgebrochen. Ich habe es gar nicht vor, mein Geld an sie zu verschenken. Ich gehe zur Polizei und zeige sie als Betrüger an. Ganzen Schriftverkehr habe ich ja komplett und werde ich die Betrüger dann auf ganz andere Art und Weise mit Hilfe von der Polizei dazu bewegen, einen Restbetrag mir zurück zu erstatten. Die Betrüger müssen endlich für Ihre betrügerischen Taten Konsequenzen ziehen. FAZIT: FINGER WEG VON TITAN TRADE !!!!!!!!! ES IST EINE BETRÜGEREI PUR !!!!!!!

  18. Louise says:

    I just got ripped off for 40 grand by this weasel of a company. They kept on pressuring me to put money in other wise they couldn’t help me make money. They put me in losing trades and told me to deposit more money so we could win it back. They eventually put me in 5 losing trades to lose all my money because I told them I want my money out. Can you help me?

  19. Saloshini says:

    Hi. I just had a phone call from Titan trade in London. I sounded interested so I got the call. I asked for email with all details and I received the email requesting my banking details, including the 3 digit code in end etc. I replied asking for his banking details as it is me who needs to make the first start off payment. I got a call again this evening requesting my banking details and tot do the transaction online while on the phone. I was asked if I have a mastercard or visa, which is the only way to continue. I said no, so I was told goodbye as it is the only way to go ahead.

  20. David says:

    A further installment on the terrible scam platform Titan Trade, I was co-erced to participate in a recovery account to recover my lost $17000 usd. I refused to deposit further funds so they ( Erica Foster ) put in $2000 usd and traded this up to a balance of $16000 usd and then insisted I deposit another $5000 usd. Why would I deposit another $5000 usd with a account balance of $16000 usd? Because the $16000 usd balance is not real, their trading platform is not real but just a facade the only real thing about this is your money is gone and never to be seen again. Following my refusal to deposit more funds this Erica Foster has now frozen my account of the imaginary $16000 usd so I can not trade if I wanted to, I can not withdraw due to their so called bonus trap, the only consolation is they have stopped calling me several times every evening. Titan Trades theiving tactics are unbelievable, and don’t their brokers get vindictive, when you refuse to deposit further funds. These so called brokers have suicided ( given the kiss of death ) to my account twice when my account reaches the equivalent or close to my funds deposited of $17000 usd so you will never get your money back bonus conditions or not. These Binary Options and Forex traders are all scams, or I have not discovered a legitimate one and I have been scammed by all I have tried and I have tried a few. These traders are trading unlicenced and unregulated world wide they are based mostly in Tel Aviv, Israel, Anguilla, Isle Of Mann, Seychells, Marshall Islands and other tax havens. Their London adresses are fake. I believe that our invested funds in these bogus Trading Platforms are going straight to support the likes of ISLAMIC STATE, Child pornography and slavery rings, drug cartels and the like, and your invested monies once received by them will never be seen again. Your only chance of getting your money back is to file a dispute with your credit card issuer but you must do this within 60 days but preferably 30 days. Usually these brokers will keep your account in profit for about 60 days ( if it is an account of $1000 usd or more ) in order to prevent a chargeback. Always check any trader before investing your hard earned money, search via Google the trader and also check Binary Options Watchdog and Forex Peace Army. DO NOT accept cold calls from any trader. You should also report any bad experiences in Australia to ACORN and ACCC scam watch and ATSIC surely if enough people report these thieves there may be actions taken to shut them down. Giambrone Law is preparing a class action against Titan Trade however they require $1000 usd up front plus 25% if they are successful I can not get a timeframe on how long it would take.

  21. Brya says:

    These guys have called me over 20 times in over a week nearly with different people who talk to you about how there trades go they get really noisy about your personal life and always ask so much questions about how much experience they have in being a broker.has anyone noticed that when u have deposited money to your account when your on the phone with them you can hear a whole heap of people in the background yelling Yaya. It’s like they love it when the dollars show up on there screens.such a let down
    Do not deposit in to titan trade as u do not get your money back. They just want more money from you

  22. Ron Nielsen says:

    TitanTrade tried to scam me quick, and down and dirty. Asked me for credit card details, passwords and pins. Had to cancel the card.
    MasterCard Canada says the company is operating outside of Canadian laws.
    Dispute resolution was not possible to recover my funds.
    A month later and 2 dozen emails to recover my initial deposit less what was lost.
    3 months later still being called to deposit money again to recover my loss.
    Deal with reputable brokers in your own country where you may have possible recourse. There is no way other than luck to ever make money in troubled waters.

  23. James says:

    Please try to find a news agency to tell these stories. John J, I am sorry to here that you have suffered that amount of damages and cannot recover. I wish these scammers to be globally exposed and locked up for life. Please tell your story and mention the many testimonies on this website to whatever news agency you can think of.

  24. John J Glavas says:

    I deposited USD$22,500 which supposedly grew to USD$56,000 into Optionfm and never received a cent after several withdrawl requests, then Andrew Jackson cleaned me out completely after promising I was in safe hands. The following day was cleaned out of Titantrade of USD$65,000 after being promised by Dave Garcia to be in safest hands. Both claimed I could retire for good because this is sound. They suggest to borrow against my home when it was paid for before. Now I am a 50yr old and have to work for the next 20 years plan to pay it back. Bank says cannot recover lost funds as money went overseas. I am seriously desperate.

  25. Michael says:

    VDK I would have to agree. I have tried 2 BO and one wont give me my money which I have it in that is in large credit and the other got upset because I wouldn’t put more money in due to not seeing any good results with what the broker was doing with my money. You need to know what you are doing before investing in any of them because they big talk is only talk and make it sound good but they don’t make money unless you put a large amount in and it doesn’t matter to them if you lose big because it not out of they pocket.

  26. c kkloip says:

    i traded with titan and now cant withdraw .is there anyway you can help?.

  27. karen says:

    I really want to know how to get my husbands money back he fell for the scam and now we are out 500.00 and now we are behind in mortgage what can we do?


  28. VDK says:

    Brian. They will give you excuses when you try to withdraw. Get your deposit out and stay far away from BOs. They are all crooks.

  29. Anthony says:

    Which company is the suitable to trade with and your money will be in safe hand?

  30. laze says:

    i tried to contact them and now we reach the vocal approval, when she phone me she try to reduce my withdrawal and denied the withdraw, im like many people depo $250, how can i get my $$ back beside convince them

  31. Michael says:

    Yes, I have $903 and trying to get that out is like trying to milk a fish. A broker keep ringing up and asking me to put more in and become a vip member. I just want my money back. It’s seem all these binary fund seem to be scams wanting more money.
    I got trap in onetwotrade and lost $950 but it was my fault because I wouldn’t put more money in, the broken told me what to do because she was upset I wouldn’t put more money in and in 2 minute I lost the lot. So unless you know what you are doing I would stay away for all of them.

  32. Brian Dartley says:

    VDK, I’ve seen your comment too late, I’ve already started trading. Yes, they called me, wanted to make me deposit more and promised me good profits but I didn’t put more money.

  33. laze says:

    how do i withdraw my bnd$250 from them? how do my company dispute them? i ask three person from titan trade on how to withdraw money and there is no answer

  34. VDK says:

    I’m surprised and disgusted that Visa and Mastercard still processes transactions for them. Shame on them and those payment processors providing Credit card payments to these scams.

    • WatchDog says:

      The Payment processors are in trouble, in Australia and Canada they are starting to crack down on the shady brands by shutting down their processors or declining transactions so customers can’t deposit even if they foolishly want too. TitanTrade AKA NRG Binary will probably go down first due to their horrible track record. We will post an update in a couple of months when hopefully they close down or optimally thrown in prison.

      • Joan says:

        VDK, thanks for your updates, they give hope that the pre-arbitration process that I’m currently going through (Visa) is worth the wait. Especially for US$17,500. Counting one week for the result now, this has been going since November last year.
        Where did you get the source when you made this comment:
        “The Payment processors are in trouble, in Australia and Canada they are starting to crack down on the shady brands by shutting down their processors or declining transactions so customers can’t deposit even if they foolishly want too. TitanTrade AKA NRG Binary will probably go down first due to their horrible track record. We will post an update in a couple of months when hopefully they close down or optimally thrown in prison.”

        I’d like to forward the source to Visa through my bank issuer in Australia as this would be a strong evident for them to blacklist and put those scumbags behind bars.

        Thanks again!

  35. salieg says:

    I have deposit $2250 in titan trader. We open up 5 trade in 1 trade i won. Now there don’t want to pay my $686 back to me. I will highly appreciate if i can get my moneyback. I will never ever trade again!!!

  36. David says:

    Please people do not go near Titan Trade or any of their aliases being Alfa Trade and Trade Financials. You will never get your money back. I lost $17000usd to these theives. I did manage over four months to be making some profit on my investment so applied to withdraw some of MY money which was not subject to any bonus agreement. My account manager (Matthew Davis) denied my withdrawal and immediately and deliberately placed all of my account in losing trades and demolished my account over night. Trading with these theives has been possibly the worst experience of my life their only objective is to extract as much money as possible with no intention of ever paying. Surely there is somewhere to go to have these theives shut down.

  37. Dyma says:

    Hi! if i gave them the 16 digits of my visa card and the other 3 digits from the back of my card what can it happen? can they withdraw money from my credit card without my permision? its about Titan Trade, i did not make any transaction with them by the way because i didnt have money available o my card right now.

  38. tgeoles says:

    Oh goodness me,

    I have read enough as it is already and trust me, as much as I have read, I continue to find out that I actually have not read them all. What surprises me is that in all comments, No representative of titan trade comments or responds to the concerns raised here along with other countless pages and that says a lot about the experience one can expect, besides being concerned about your money – responding to concerns is another great form to build reputation / better the working relationships , Conclusion ? : seems like they hiding from the world they exposed themselves to…

    Thank you all

    • WatchDog says:

      At this point TitanTrade aka NRG Binary has nowhere to hide or nothing to say in their defense, it would be pathetic of them to even try to explain their conduct at this point in time. They should close their offshoring accounts, make an exit and disappear. They ruined enough lives and whoever owns this scam has enough money for 2000 years, which he/she and any extended family don’t really need. Unfortunately we do believe that at the end of this, they will get away with everything, and possibly pay a small fine of a few million dollars like this other company we won’t mention. This was spare change for them and the Feds are probably happy to settle for a few million dollars, instead of dealing with the public and finding a way to put an end to this, which will cost them money.. Fining the scams is more cost efficient for those who have the power to bring change, and money is what they chose at this point in time.

  39. Norman Peter Hibbert says:

    Unfortunately I Too got scammed by Titan Trade,”luckily” it was only for the initial US$250,which my broker lost in just 2 trades.After 2 weeks of hassling me to deposit “at least another US$1000” and getting no response he finally got the message,and I’ve heard nothing from him since.Currently I’m getting daily offers etc from CLOUD TRADER, anybody know anything about them?

    • James says:

      Has anyone actually gone to the police about these scams? I’d like to see whoever’s behind Titan Trade behind bars for 20+ years for large scale global fraud!!

      • Yoke says:

        I reported to my local scam government agents and to Action Fraud UK as Titan Trade is using UK address although they’re really in Seychelles (?). The UK gave follow up letter with case number. Apart from dealing with your credit card provider (bank) which still in pre-arbitration stage for my case, I don’t think there is much we can do. Unless we all put our cases together and sue Titan Trade through international ombudsman…is there such a thing?

  40. VDK says:

    Get your money out Brian. They will keep calling you and getting you to put more money with promises of making $2000-$10000. They will also promise safe trading and stuff like that.

  41. Brian Dartley says:

    I’ve just deposited, I haven’t traded yet but I find so many complains here… c c , have you managed to withdraw?

  42. alex says:

    hola yo también he sido engañado he visto la pagina por facebook y solicite, supuestamente era gratis los primero 90 días bueno me llamaron y me convencieron y le deposite 250e yo nunca había hecho esto pero me gustaria aprender pero para mi mala suerte veo estos comentarios y me he quedado de piedra le he mandado un correo diciéndole que ya no quería proceder con la operación antes de esto no había habilitado la cuenta por que no me dejaban según mi correo era erróneo y cuando mande solicitando mi reembolso me mandan un correo con el número para actualizar mi plataforma ahora que ya he visto esta opiniones no quiero proceder quiero que me reembolsen mi 250e y no se como hacer eso no he hecho ningún movimiento aun por que en mi aplicación de titan veo mis 250e pero no se como puedo depositar en mi cuenta de nuevo por que solo te dicen que lo deposite pero en la aplicación no viene como transferir a mi cuenta alguien sabe como puedo hacerlo

  43. Lucky says:

    Thank you everyone for all the comments I nearly opened my the account only to find that my account is locked on international transactions the guy Daniel Ledford asked me to go to my nearest branch to let them activate it and will call within 24 hours and i wasn’t aware till i get this info on them truly i won’t activate international transactions, but i am afraid that i gave them my card details as I am afraid if they can have access to my account

    Thank you for the comments

  44. waheed chohan says:

    one word of advice do your research thoroughly then commit to something knowing that you will benefit

  45. waheed chohan says:

    thank god i was not a fool enough to be talked into these scams i did my research and found out after reading reviews that titan trade is nothing more than a scam ripping off hardworking peoples hard earned money

  46. stop it says:

    I almost fell in a trap thanx for your experience and warnings. I will not do it.

  47. c c says:

    is there nothing that can be done about this scammers because it seem that they are getting away with peoples money and they are still in operation i cant believe this.please advise because i need to get my money back ,are we consumers not protected by any means .cant the government do something, i dont mind going to the mps or to the queen to report i need my money

  48. loide says:

    I introduce a friend to this because it sounded so good. After numerous attempst to get my money back and telling them that I am in trouble because my friend also wanted her money back ok do that’s and do that to retrieve your money so you can pay your friend. I was even polite and said forget about me just pay her so I followed their link just to be told in one minute you lost. I was of course angry and they told me you can recover your money I said I am not sending you any more money they told me no you don’t have to send any money but click on this and do that so what do you see. Making a long story short they did at the end ask for money. They called several times and I did not answer. Couple of days ago I did got a call from this nr 00442033180874 asking me if I wanted to trade. I became very angry and asked them where they got my number from. Its a random thing he said I said YEAH RIGHT a TITANTRADE random thing he hang up and never called me back. I lost and I also have to pay my friend back. SCAMM SCAMM SCAMM




  49. c c says:

    thank so much for your advise. can i ever get my money. the money is not on trade it is a huge money i dont even know how i made such a large deposit. i have tried to make withdrawal and they keep telling me to trade with it and then withdraw the gain which i have refused, i reported to action fraud but i havent heard from them . this is my savings for ten years .now i need money for my morgage deposit but they have refused to process my request .please what should i do as i deposited using wire transfer and debit card .please help, i cant afford to loose such money just like that.please i need help.

  50. VDK says:

    Hi c c. Inform your bank that you wish to do a chargeback for ‘credit not processed’. This means that Titantrade has failed to process your request for a refund within a timely manner. You must also show your bank that you have in good faith already tried to request a refund through phone calls and emails but you were ignored. Most banks require you to do this with any merchant before you initiate a chargeback.

    What you can do now is email to Titantrade and wait at least 3-5 days for a response, if Titantrade does not respond, or if they call back, insist that you cannot talk on the phone now and can only chat on Skype. Save the chat log and take screenshots of your account balance on Titantrade.

    Once that is done, go to the bank and request for a credit card dispute form. They are obligated to help you. If you have signed a deposit authorization form from Titantrade, then you cannot file the chargeback as a fraud. ‘credit not processed’ has the highest chance of winning.

    Unfortunately the bank is right about the wire transfer, they cannot help you with that.

    Below is the credit my bank sent to my Visa after winning the chargeback on it. I’m sharing to give you guys some hope.

    23 Feb 2016
    S$3,967.84 cr

    23 Feb 2016
    S$437.31 cr

    23 Feb 2016
    S$712.25 cr

    23 Feb 2016
    S$2,849.01 cr

    23 Feb 2016
    S$355.08 cr

    23 Feb 2016
    S$2,141.99 cr

  51. c c says:

    i went to my bank today for a charge back against titan trade and they told me because it is an investment company that i should contact fca and that they cannot help me. how do i get my money back .i deposited using my debit card and wire transfer .i have also reported to action fraud and ic3.gov. please help .

    • LOIDE says:


      • WatchDog says:

        Checkout the last post, it’s pretty detailed. You must show that you tried to request the money via emails and phone calls, TitanTrade won’t even respond to the chargebac, knowing that they are a filthy scam, so within a matter of a few weeks at the most you should win back your money with a CC dispute.

  52. VDK says:

    Yes if you use Credit Card. If you have submitted the authorization charge form, make sure to file it as a “Services not delivered” or “Credit not processed”. Explain to the Credit Card issuer that you have repeatedly requested to withdraw your money but Titantrade is purposefully delaying your request. Send them screenshots of Skypechat and your emails to Titantrade.

    You must prove to the issuer that you have tried to get back your money through normal channels and that you wish to begin a chargeback.

    • WatchDog says:

      Just avoid using CapsLock with the comments folks, we can relate to your anger but ‘CapsLock’ on the keyboard won’t help us fight against TitanTrade.. Thank you for your continued assistance VDK.

  53. LOIDE says:


  54. LOIDE says:






  55. Lawrence Burrows says:

    I signed up with Titan trade earlier in March, paid them via visa $1000 usd They added $1000 so called bonus. I traded a number of times over a two day period and they were contacting me by phone trying to get more money out of me. I lost $95 in trade’s and I felt that this type of trading was not for me it was a bit like playing the casino. So I tried to get my money back but they keep fobbing me off with emails and phone calls. The so called trading expert rang me again after i had told him I did not want to trade with them anymore so I hung up on him. I then contacted my bank and put a dispute in I will let you all know what happens.

  56. Michael Kenn says:

    Thank WhatchDog!

    Actually I tried Binary for one time with NRGBinary and it was really bad, They were good until i asked for a withdrawal, I was very lucky i didn’t deposit more than 500$.
    And until now, I trade in Forex companies only, Like OasisTrader.com.
    And i am very happy!

    Good Luck to everyone!

  57. Randy McIsaac says:

    Now I’m more scared than I was before. Paul Duncan wanted another 5000USD to make me a good profit, on top of the 250USD I already deposited. I said that won’t happen, and he didn’t have time for me any more so I could have my money back. He said he would talk to his accounting department and my money would be back in my bank. I finally found the part to withdraw, and 3 days later, I get a phone call from the withdrawal department that it will take 14 working days to get my refund. 14 days is fucking near a month. It took less than 2 minutes to get it from my bank. After bullshit like this, I’m down to 30cents in my bank account. I’m a pensioner and I have to wait half a month more to get my meager pension check. There goes groceries, smokes and beer for a while. What now? I can’t even afford a bullet to end it all.

  58. Tony says:

    I was conned for $10000 from Titantrade I moved on but found I am really angry, I sent them an email expressing my disappointment and asked that my account be closed, they replied with a whole lot of speel, when I have finished unloading my frustration here I will reply with a huge broadside and finish on saying that I have been veiwing articles said about Titantrade on Binary option watchdog which I have added a few not so pleasent comments myself.
    They got my account up to $15000 and said we are going to make some big money now, promised to make $30000 from this trade made only $2000
    My account is now $17000 they made 4 trades $5000, $5000, $5000, and $2000 all on gold I was told money in the bank lost all, funny thing is when I placed the trades on there recommendation the payout came up as zero on all previous trades you can see the payout amount if the trade was successful I ask amount this and they told me not to worry this is normal I thought ok you trust them
    Titantrade scammed me and I wish I knew about you guys before joining
    Cheers guys keep up the good work

  59. David Adams says:

    Hi Dave here (Australian) I started with Titan trade I put 250 us in then I get a call Fron Anna Patrick my so called account mgr she talked me into putting in another 9000 us $ I thought this doesn’t feel good to me so I try to withdraw my money no can do even though I have emails from this Anna telling me yes I will make sure you get your money but can you just put in a further 5000 is as I have some guarented trades I’m like no way I want my money now anyway I call my bank and the transactions were still pending I cancel credit card I’m waiting now for the money to come back it’s only been 1 day the bank tells me it will take a few days I lost the first 250 but saved the rest I hope Titantrade is a 100% scam but remember you have consumer rights if you use a credit card use the bank to help get your money my other advice is to use a local broker that is regulated with a real office and real address once
    Bitten twice shy

  60. Charles A says:

    I can’t believe I invested $100,000 with them.. It’s all gone! Nothing left.

    • Roger Benscoter says:

      Like to have some back if not all call me or email me rogbens@gmail

    • Roger Benscoter says:

      Contact me at rogbens@gmail. Com need several people to fight yours and others alike case with the UK government and my lawyer or money that they will not release.

    • Roger Benscoter says:

      How can it be possible to be gone if this is a fraudulent company join me and get others to join and all vet are money back

  61. Michael says:

    O’ dear, I just started today with Titantrade, haven’t made a trade as yet. But,, as soon as I put 3000 in my account she said she will call me in 30mins. its been 90 now and i am starting to feel scared,, ,

  62. VDK says:

    Hi Paul. I think you misunderstood. I’ve gotten my money back from my Visa card so I consider it a success. The bank department handling my Mastercard chargeback says they have already submitted the chargeback to Titantrade’s merchant bank, they have until April 2nd to respond. At this stage, my bank has recognized my dispute and not rejected it. Now it is up to the Titantrade’s merchant bank to decide if the chargeback is valid. I have no doubt they will reverse the charges because they have already reversed the charges to my Visa card.

    Anyway just FYI, VISA and Mastercard are not involved the disputes. Only the banks and card issuers are. Only in an arbitration process will Visa and Mastercard step in after the chargeback fails and only if you choose to.

  63. Rosie says:

    I to made a huge mistake by depositing money with Titan trade $250 then $3000 ..I’ve never traded on the 3k and told my “account manager ” that I’d changed my mind (which he told me wouldn’t be a problem) but he keeps calling me and trying to get me to trade …I don’t want to and I want my money back …my god these people are relentlessly obnoxious ;rude and think it’s all a joke …I made the biggest mistake ,that I realise but I just want what is mine back and to stop being harassed by these people …any ideas or words of wisdom as to how I can do this?

  64. VDK says:

    Hi Paul. I just submitted a dispute form and supporting documents, skype chat and police report. The supporting documents are websites like this and the testimonials. The bank rejected my dispute after 3 weeks at first but asked if I wanted to go ahead and risk losing the dispute. I said Yes and they went ahead.

  65. Bishal says:

    It sucks

  66. VDK says:

    Hi Paul. I don’t know about that. But I have given to my bank printed copies of this website and testimonials. There is also another Canadian government website that blacklisted TitanTrade. You can try to respectfully request your CC company to look at these instead. Any trading company will tell you their competitor is a scam just to win your business so it is not in your best interest or the CC company to get a letter anyway. You can also direct them to http://www.titantradefraud.com.

  67. VoodooKing says:

    Shazia, do not give them any details. And do not sign the deposit document. You can then report to your CC company that it was a fraudulent transaction. If you have sent the deposit document and if you authorized the transaction using a code sent to your phone. Then you need to report it as a “refund not processed “or ” service not rendered” case. Remember, these scum prey on the uninformed.

  68. VDK says:

    Hi all! Just an update on my chargeback progress. My bank has successfully managed to win the chargeback on my VISA card and my statement has showed the charges credited back. I am now waiting on my Mastercard and will update again soon.

  69. David Roy Price says:

    Thanks Paul re Titan Trade I have filed C Card dispute and still waiting. Just a note to anyone reading these comments. Most of my correspondence re my matter was conducted on SKYPE and the conversation is now printed in order to confirm their theft and will be provided to my Credit Card company if my original filed dispute is un-successful. I have already been threatened by Titan Trade for disputing and they say all is recorded but I bet they won’t provide the recording.There could be a lesson here– Use Skype so you have a record of your conversation.
    David P

  70. Shazia says:

    Hi watch dog .plz tell me how to get my money back???titan trad is a scam and I lost £125 .they call me to need my passport .utilitybill .and bank card details.i can’t give any details.so what I can do.

    • WatchDog says:

      Credit card dispute is the main option here if your main concern is to get your money back Shazia, call the number behind your credit card and report them to the CC fraud department. In some case you might see the money quickly, but it may also take a few weeks for them to investigate this case.

  71. VDK says:

    Hi Paul, so I understand that you got the initial deposit back which is great news!! Hi Viktor thanks for the post! From what I understand that most credit cards are covered by the MasterCard Code and Verified by Visa, Titantrade also expects you to sign a deposit verification paper for each deposit. This will protect them from any fraud chargeback claim.

    But they are not protected against “Services not delivered” claims. I used this and had all the Skype proof. Bruno tried to get me to do a bank transfer of the entire amount but I was lucky I used credit card instead.

    Basically I was told that all trades would be 1% of my deposit would be traded but Bruno Gold decided on $5000 trades after that. I’ve lost US$25,000 because I trusted him. He told me “Oh, the price of oil is low, it will rise. Putin is going to push oil up”.
    After the OPEC meeting, it dropped like a rock.

    Anyone who is reading this. Learn from my mistakes. Do not trust anyone who keeps asking to look at your bank account, liquidate your investments and put into Titantrade. And the worst thing is, I let him do it. I was stupid and I trusted him.

    I made a police report, took the chat transcript and found all the complaints on the internet and sent it all to my bank on 4th Dec 2015. My bank took 3 weeks (29th Dec) to investigate and told me my chargeback failed because BinaryOptions was a risk that I took. I fought back and said I understood but the understanding between me and Bruno Gold of TitanTrade was that ONLY 1% of the account would be traded so its a “Services not delivered” claim. The bank asked if I would like to continue pursuing the chargeback even though I might lose and I said YES! It has now been a 1 month 2 weeks and I’ve no response from the bank yet even when I asked for an update.

    • WatchDog says:

      WOW it looks like they messed with the wrong people, keep lynching them in every legal way you can and get your money! Great work!

  72. Viktor says:

    Hi Paul and VDK! You should not stop to fight for your money! Do you know that after Chardgeback you have another option Pre-arbitration and Arbitration..? I also received initially negative respond from the bank. I won case then and return all my money back to my credit card. My bank also received documents from the service provider of Titan Trade , but if you will read than you will see they just ignore the subject of dispute in this documents. Operators in the bank , they actually do not compare what complain did you write and what Titan Trade respond. It is easy for them just give you negative respond without even your concern to see this papers. You must get this documents from the bank , read , confront, and let them again load your case to Visa On Line international. Read in Google about Pre- Arbitration for Visa and MasterCard. Remember Titan Trade is bunch of scammers and they do their activity without any license, they banned in few countries, it is fake address on the website and they will never go for Arbitration because they know they will loose case.
    If you could find me I could help you to fight for Chardgeback and Arbitaration case. It works for me and for another people too. Don’t give up! Good luck!:)

  73. VDK says:

    Hi Paul, you mentioned that you managed to get your money back. Did the credit card company lose the dispute against them? I am in the same boat and trying to get my money back from them.

  74. lb says:

    I did also scam by them today and took 5k in my account with their persuation to make big money. I tried to asked them to return my money back from my master card but they said they will double my money and give me ridiculous bonus and now I wan to completely cancel them since the money still in their account but will not give me back. the broker told me that he will call me tomorrow so I can do trading through the Skype with him. I got scam just the beginning of trade for not sure what he instruct me to click put on us/euro dollar and another one for 25 dollars and 50 dollars and then another more 25 dollars until we lost 225 of my money. he did not even told me we lost except he convinced me to deposit 5k to make lot of money and I did gave my m/c for 5k and I try today to check if I can dispute this transaction since they are scam so we will see since its in the pending through the credit card company yet the withdrawal today. I hope I will be able to stop of getting it through before its too late to recover this 5k that I authorize and the first 250 is not even authorized to them they did took this money in my account without my authorization.

    • Paul says:

      Whatever you do dont sign the bonus they will give you.This is how trap you.You will never get out of this.They are crooks and will bribe and pressure you into giving more money.
      Im afraid you wont get your money back even after talking to credit card company.I talked to mine and filed a dispute but titantrade said its doing business properly and now they have frozen my account.
      They are nothing but ruthless cheats and crooks.I honestly dont know how these brokers sleep at night.They are ruining hard working peoples lives and pray on your trust.
      I would longer talk to them they will drag you further into debt you will never get of.
      Just accept your money lost .They stole from me too but i have to move on from this horrible expereince

  75. David Price says:

    I too have been scammed by Titan Trade, firstly I was looking on the web at a completely different site when my phone rang and they did not mention Titan Trade, I was told to close the current page and open their link.( Believing it was the same site). I deposited $500.00us and then another phone call for another $500.00us with a supposed $1000.00us bonus all on the 18/12/15. Then on 21/12/15 they( Ben Collins ) want another $2000.00us.This Ben Collins, I do not know how he did it but managed to embezzle, wait for it, $9000.00us from my account. I almost immediately woke up and protested to no avail.He insists I authorised it,he is a very despicable person.He immediately placed all my money in the market, all on losing trades so I have no way of withdrawing my money and then the following night has the hide to phone me wanting another $10000.00us to trade.After 35minutes of his insistent crap I could not shut him up leaving me the only alternative being to hang up the phone, to which he called again the following night saying I was rude to hang up,but he still wanted the $10000.00us to trade. Never have i talked to such a persistent person and as for being rude. It is somewhat of a releif that I am not the only person to get caught,the internet can be a very useful tool however it is high time,with all the resources available that the ordinary citizen was protected from these criminals. I am only a self funded retiree worked hard all my life to get this way to have these theives take my savings.

  76. stef says:

    As far as I am concerned, TitanTrade is a brilliantly thought through fraud system. Period.

    1) Everything from me to them has to be done in writing, i.e., they have all the proof that I am responsible for all my actions. From their end, everything (with only one exception so far) is done on the phone only.

    2) I had opened an account with the minimum $250, and they gave me an additional $150 bonus money – THAT’S THE TRICK. That bonus money comes with a bonus agreement, which locks me into trading at least 20 times the bonus money before I can withdraw ANY money. DO NOT SIGN THAT BONUS AGREEMENT!

    3) The broker suggests I go higher ($5,000) and offers a fully insured trade, no risk whatsoever on my end. That’s even done in writing (I have the email confirming the insurance with “no strings attached”). What he does NOT say though is, that the insurance money only goes back into my trading account and only comes in form of bonus money – which means, that the bonus agreement kicks in, so they now tell me I need to trade 20 x $5,150 = $103,000 before I can withdraw a single dollar.

    They claim that they kept their agreement by putting that bonus money back into my trading account. But that was not the condition under which I had agreed to invest.

    4) They now keep calling, wondering why I am so upset, and that they are on my side wanting to help me get my money back … but keep declining to refund the $5,000.

  77. colinbell1 says:

    Like all the rest of the posts.
    Titan Trade are bad bad news. You won’t get your money back.
    They are just scammers after your $$$
    Please do not open an account,or deposit any $$$ with them

  78. Andre says:

    after I open my account I read all the bad reviews, oh my god I put $1500 but thanks god I make profits and I withdraw my money perfect, just a little calls to try to convince me to trade more but no problem I got my money and I’m very satisfied!

  79. edwin t says:

    Titan Trade with Mxxx Brxxks is a mean scammer and fraud! And the meanest way to do that is to put a child’s picture playing with a toy plane! It looked honest but that is the worst one! STAY AWAY FROM THESE BAD PERSONS!

  80. Yoke says:

    Christine, have you made an effort on your credit card dispute? Please update us. Hopefully you can get your money back! Thanks again Watchdog for your respond, helped to see clearly. What I understood chargeback is the benefit of credit card for “undelivered” products/services. In this TitanTrade case, people registered in the beginning to do trading (including authorising which card to fund / receive money) because of the promise of ‘protected trade’ that they will reimburse if you lose a trade (which turn out to be untrue). When customers file dispute / chargeback against Titan, the credit card issuer will see not only the authorization part but also the fact that customers have become victims of online scammer? Is it like that? Because if it’s the authorisation part that’s considered, then how can customers (TitanTrade victims) will be helped?

  81. Yoke says:

    Hi Florencia and Watchdog. I tried filing dispute through my bank but my bank (I used debit card & international money transfer) didn’t want to process as it is my liability from their point of view (I gave my card number and personal detail). The bank knew already about this company and said they’ve warned the customers, but I never received warnings from my bank. I also used some funding from different bank using credit card and it is still being investigated while I’m given temporary credit. How can we go from here? Watchdog, can you help having contact with my bank? I’ve reported as well to Australian Cybercrime acorn.gov.au but then how can I have my money back please? TitanTrade customer service (who had similar voice with my broker Bruno Gold & Leo Dawson) called my fixed line and offered one-third of what I invested there, persuaded me to continue doing trading with them without any future investment, didn’t allow me to close my account and threatened to do lawsuit if I continue the dispute through my bank. Of course I didn’t accept the offer, then how should I get my money back? There was someone who succeeded to file chargeback against this scammer but I don’t from which country s/he was from : Forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/filed-a-credit-card-chargeback-against-Titantrade-brag-nrgbinary-and-won.37933/

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Yoke, We actually contacted an international cyber lawyer, one of the best in this niche off lawyers. There’s not much that can be done besides filing a dispute. Titan is protected by a shield of accountants and lawyers, as well as offshore companies and a very compex business model that protects them from any serious lawsuits or criminal consequences. Forex Peace Army is misleading many online traders by giving them false hope that something can be done about it. Trust that after years in this business, we know how to fight scams! The only available option is a credit card dispute, if you deposited via bank wire you can FOGET ABOUT YOUR MONEY! Too late and you wiil neve see it again.

  82. Florencia Cabantac says:

    Hi I was also being fooled by titan trade. I invested $250 last July 27,2015 and my broker teach me how to trade with the oil.He said its a sure win but I lost. Then he ask me to add $1,000 so that I can surely win if I will put abigger amount so that I can join VIP trader and they gave me $1000 bonus but unfortunately we lost again. He said I still have my $1225 in my account.I lost the bonuses they gave me.Then my broker called me again last sept.27 to put additional $1000 but I refuses to put money. Now I want my money back. Can you please help me?
    Best regards,

  83. Emily says:

    Pfffffffff, so much bad stuff from Titan Trade. I recently signed up there and a financial analyst is calling every day talking me into joining Trade Follow. Has anybody ever tried Trade Follow with Titan Trade??? I can’t find any reviews.

  84. Christine says:

    i too was manipulated & conned by Patrick Green by 20,000$ aus dollars. With his assurance & persistent word that I would not loose my savings I naively trusted him. We lost the lot in 30 mins with 5000 $ trades & a wk later another guy contacted me saying that Patrick was a junior broker & didnt trade safely so he got fired. Ok TitanTrade where is my refund? Im a single mum with 4 kids & trusted his manipulation. As far as Im concerned if the broker wasnt trading safely then the company owes it to clients a refund!!!
    My new broker assured me of a refund in the recovery program but I am required to borrow 2000 to start that recovery. I told him if he was so concerned for me like he said that he would lend me the 2000 & I would gladly double it when I recovered my 20thous.
    You can guess his reply to my heartbreak. Ive filed a dispute with my NAB bank but they wouldnt guarantee a dispute refund. Im emotionally & financially devastated as my children are highly affected by my ridiculous experience.
    I really need that money refunded. Any words of wisdom? Kindly
    Christine ?

    • WatchDog says:

      This is a lot of money, those guys are ruthless. If the deposits were all made via bank wire, you are out of luck unless you have the time/money for a lawsuit. If you funded your account using credit cards, even if it’s only part of it, file disputes with the fraud department. Evidence is available all over the internet, furthermore you have your own experience Christine, so you will win a chargeback claim against them. Bank wires are dangerous.. most people cannot afford an international lawsuit but with higher amounts over $50,000 we recommend this direction. It’s your money people, you can’t let them get away with this. If our advice is not enough, look into it, do the research that you failed to do before you signed-up with TitanTrade.com, it’s never too late to find solutions and to get off the clowds. Take this as a lesson for life, ALWAYS do a lot of reserach before you invest a dollar with anyone, some people in the US will not even go to a restaurant unless it has 5 stars on Yelp.com, you can’t be reckless with your money, however TitanTrade is highly manipulative so they are able to find ways to convince intelligent people to invest a lot of money, it’s really sad.

  85. Juha says:

    Thank you all for warnings.I deposit 250 to my account,and i lost half of it ,(not titantrade).
    Then my account manager called me and wanted me to let them trade for me, I make 200 000 minimun per year they said.I reply by email,that i will add 10000 more for every 5000 they can make me,but they have to start with my 125.No trades so far made by them!.

    Today i had call number 30 or something,i have to scan my drivers licence or passport for them to receive my bonus.And then they can help me.I did that loooong time ago!
    They promised to me that i dont have to pay any taxes for profits etc….

    I think i will leave my 125 to account and keep on listening more stories.I asked them a question:if you can make such huge profits in short time,why dont you give up your jobs
    and start to trade with your own money?. Answer:because its illegal! lol!

    Tomorrow i will receive another call for them,i think its the last one.

  86. Sanath says:

    I opened an account because I were forced showing profit making. Then I were told to deposit more money and by forcibly scratched my card and took all the available balance. Then they told me you going to win today double my account and give me three trades which is exactly the my account balance USD 10000 after half an hour money gone. When I talk to them they told that is how trading. What can I do now I just open the account to sort out my debts. I clearly told them by knowing that they put me in trouble.

  87. Joan says:

    I have a 20K credit card debt believing in the pushy convincing talk of the broker from Titan Trade. I’m a mom of a toddler from Australia wanting to pay my house and landed to quickcashsystem website with a $250 first investment that led me to Titan Trade. In the first day they talked me through instead of putting $250 becoming $350, then another person Bruno Gold called convincing to add 5K but I only had $3,500 of savings so I sent that one because I was told that they’d give 150% bonus in order for me to make money quicker. The reason why they were so “generous” choosing my profile with the bonus is because of my status(wife of a working husband). Then the next week on the first 30minutes of trading all trades won becoming $6,800 with a more senior broker called Leo Dawson. This is when they pushed me again to Deluxe account as Leo would assist me. They kept on going with “when you make money, we make money”. So now already 2 different brokers contacted me. The next day, the first broker (Bruno) was calling me frantically to check the platform as the oil price was good. This was when I was talked to using my only credit card for 16K but he took 20K instead. Then frantically he told me to do put on all same commodity $7,500 each for 30minutes, I was going to change to “call” in last minutes but was unsure too as he was with a client on skype so didnt attend my trading. Then there it went, lost all trades at once! Including the previous $6,800 that I got before. Anyone knows and succeeded a way to recover credit card loss from this company if it’s a scam? I found binaryoptionswatchdog website after everything happened, so I followed your suggestion to file a dispute with my bank, and it will take 21 days to 8 weeks to process. I’m anxious with this process now, hoping my bank will be able to get my money back to pay the credit card bills. Never ever believe any ad saying you’re going to make money out of hundreds dollars to thousands in seconds.

    • Elmira says:

      Titan option is a bad risk. I joined their VIP scheme with Alex Cross. Titan promote a personal expert advisor, to assist you as a novice trader, and be sure step by step they will force you to invest more and more and to loose all at some certain point. I was persuaded to invest 33,000 Euro in five month.Was offered the possibility to deposit more funds in order to make more money, with guaranteed 35% profits per month. I took a loan and deposited additional 18000 Eur. They convinced me that risk was minimal and easy to withdraw. The expert gives you instructions, which I followed and it all lost in one months. According to what i found on forums there are couple companies that specialized in reclaims from binary option market. I will be very thankful if somebody will recommend established one that i can trust.

  88. Lawrence Mb says:

    I opened account with Titan Trade through this stupid software. Titan Trade called me and told me they will help me make profit with my money and asked me not to use the signal service.

    After I verified my account with my initial deposit of £250, my account manager Mike Tompson called me and asked me to deposit more money as my account is not big enough for them to help me. I said to leave it as it is and he said he will see what he can do to help and next thing I know he funded my account with additional £3000 from my card. When I queried it he told me not to worry that I will get the money back in no time. I said I did not authorise the deposit but he asked me to give him one week to prove himself which I did.

    In one sitting trade section, we ended up depositing additional £5,200 as he kept asking me to enter trades with very large amount and they keep going OTM and we keep depositing and he kept promising that he knows what he was doing. At the end of the trading session he lost £4,500 of my money. I did not know how he does his analysis as we will enter 3 trades at the same time 2 will OTM 1 ITM then again and again.

    The next time (after 5 days) he said we will do a trade recovery session and he passed me to another person who he said is a senior analyst better than him. The Analyst gave asked me to enter two trades of 2000 each and they both lost, he wanted me to deposit more money I said no. He then gave me another trade to enter the remaining balance on the account of £553 which won and I had £940 Balance from £8,450.

    Next day I was given a bonus of £4000 as I have not taken any bonus before, I had no choice but to accept it. So my balance went up to just under £5,000. Then another Analyst Patrick Green came and gave me another 2 trades of £2000 each and they both lost. He said he will raise my equity back but I need to deposit some money, I said that I have no other money, he said he will try and get decline so he can be allowed to help. I said no. When he pushed me more I gave him a MasterCard which I have no money in it to try and get decline as he said, which he tried and told me he got £2,000, and then he credited me with another £4000 bonus as you know he just lost £4000 in 2 trades. I asked him how he managed to get £2000 as I know there is no money in the card he said not to worry.

    When I checked I found out he actually took the money from my Visa card which is the card I used to fund the account. This was not what we agreed, I told him that I did not authorise it then he asked me not to worry. He was still asking me to deposit more money to raise the equity.
    When I called my Bank and cancelled the last £2000 and got it back. My account was disabled and I could not access it anymore. When I asked they said I must wire the £2000 back for my account to be reactivated.
    This is a big Scam to me. In the first place no Broker should be telling customer to enter trade by telling them amount to invest which direction and expiry time. They can advise on signal or possible direction which is the trader’s discretion to follow.

    The manner they took my money without authorisation is wrong, They have made me lose £8450 in just few trade sessions. I found out this is there style as I found other people in similar situation.

  89. Isabel Serrano Gomez says:

    Hi, I’m new at Titan trade and wish to withdraw my funds back to my visa credit card, I have not received any response from my financial advisors and have problems with the page can not find the whitdrawal option.

  90. Banksteen says:

    Titan trade will suck you dry, always want more money say they are profesional senior broker, but the tips they give do not meterialise , beware avoid these money sucking senior brokers and there boss. I you ask me they just want your money and you will lose it. Avoid them at all cost. You have been warned.

  91. Александр says:

    I lost all my investment with the crooks! $2500!! I should have done a better research before, if I saw this review or somme of the other stuff that’s written on them online, I would have been saved. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  92. Matin says:

    Hello all of the readers:

    I, because of the most famous scam Binary Boom, register with Titan Trade, I never use the Binary Boom software, and instead of that, I start learning in order to have a better perspective in the binary options world, I had register with 250, and start trading with a very little knowledge, after a couple of wins an losses an was ITM in 40%, so I continue my learning curve and start trade with the 60 seconds, and that was pretty well almost 75% with the 4 one minute candlestick strategy.

    Later an the first week, I receive a phone call from a guy that let me know that he is my account manager, so I talk with him almost 30 minutes, and he said I’m going to prove you that you can meake money with my advise, so I took the chance and after 5 trades I had earn more than 80 dlls, he call me back the day after and told me to make another 6 trades, so I do that and I lost every one, 150 less, that hurt, the next morning he told me that that was a bad day, but if I place 3,000 dlls in my account, I have an special advise, and that I double my money in a couple of weeks, so I told him that I don’t agree with him, and I continue trading by my own.

    After have win an loses I made a mistake with this Greek Bonanza Eur/Usd, and place a call instead of a put, in the same moment that I have a call from one of my partners and can not see that I was in the wrong path, so I lose that.

    After that I saw that my balance was in 117.1 and I stop all my trades and I request for a withdraw of the 117 in july 14 2015, today after almost 20 days I go to my account and saw that my withdraw request was cancel, I talk by the chat room with the guy that was in that shift, I told me that that was cancel for various reasons, the most important was that I have to speak with my account manager and the other was that the people of the finical department has to talk with me and my account manager.

    Two very good reason for they and keep my money with them, for me, after follow all the procedures that they ask for, they are not honest with their philosophy, and I just want to advice all of you, that are working with Titan Trade, I can’t say that they are scammers but they do not like (in my case) to bring back the money that we earn or invest with them.

    Imagine this is for a hundred dollars how could be with a thousands.

    Trade safe


  93. GEORGE says:

    Titan, came with my China Millionaire registration.
    After reading that china Millionaire is a scam yet their broker TITAN is not im a bit confused, Titan did call me 4 times within minutes of registering but i didn’t speak with them until i did some homework.

  94. Patrick says:

    My experience with Titan Trade was not positive. I opened an account which by the way I could never get to work, and they never bothered to answer any of my queries. Anyway, after that failure, I requested to withdraw the $250 US I had put into Titan Trade. They took 15 Business days just to authorize the actual transfer and I am still waiting for my money and am told it will take another 10 business days to have the money actually sent to my Master-card. Very unprofessional, they would take days just to answer my e mails and then I was called by at least three different levels of salesman trying to pressure me to use their brokers and being very aggressive to the point of harassment. Not a pleasant experience.


  95. Hariharan says:

    Is Titan Trade a regulated broker?

    • isabel says:

      espero nos demuestre a todos los estafados que e un intermediario regulado.Por la información recopilada no están autorizados para operar en España.

  96. Milan says:

    I’ve deposited 300 euros and on sunday evening somebody listed two options from my account which off course is lost and today another two options for lost. I’ve contacted them after first two bogus positions and they say robot was on my account. I asked to deactivate and they confirmed but then another position opened. Avoid. Scam.

  97. Richy says:

    Hi Watcdog,
    Let me first thank you for this wonderful site of yours where people like me are often taken advantaged of by scammers and schemers, take plenty of comfort when we read your reviews and assurances that brokers such as Titan Trade can NEVER be trusted based upon your honest opinion.

    After having read your review I have finally decided not to register with TitanTrade!

    Thanks a million times for your assistance and keep up the good work.

  98. Павел says:

    TitanTrade is Bad Broker! Why? Becose I can’t out my money for a Month!

  99. Jake says:

    hi watchdog, TitanTrade totally destroyed my account with this account manager who forced me to deposit more money each time he called me up. I will dispute the transactions right now! I can’t believe they cheated me like this!

  100. Blaine Harris says:

    I have an account with titian trade and opened the account on Nov 11th 2014, I had access with my account for about one week, now the say my password or my E-mail is not found. I requested a withdrawal of my opening deposit for $500.00 and sent the information required information to them regarding my visa card information along with my utility bill and Drivers license. Also a request to change my password and can get no reply from them, Your help to resolve this matter would be welcomed.

  101. roberto says:

    Topoption is my favorite broker! I tested them when I started and withdrew half the amount, took less than 3 business days for the money to show in my account, since then I’ve been with them for over 4 months. I am not the best trader but I managed to pull some decent profit.

  102. Chester says:

    I tried a few brands, I’ve been with Banc De Binary before they got kicked out of the US and they totally messed with my money now I am with CherryTrade and they are the best! Thank you for the warning, I’ve seen a review by this one guy who lost $100,000 with them and they blocked him account. This is insane!!!!

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