The Quantum Code is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

Read this very important review regarding the Quantum Code SCAM, before you throw your money away! We are expecting this system to go viral due the amount of enquiries we have already received, and to make matter worse it has not yet been released to our knowledge. Michael Crawford claims to be some or other very well-known multi-millionaire that goes by one of the nicknames of “nicest rich guy in the world”. During our Quantum code software review we will be looking at how exactly this auto trader is supposed to work, and most importantly who the true face is behind the name.

Once you get over the very annoying pop-up that almost screams at you every time you move your cursor whilst you are on the website, you can start to piece the pieces together from everything you have seen and heard. Michael introduces himself as a supposed well known person from financial magazines and the Forbes website. He also claims to have a few nicknames, from which we have mentioned one already. Now he is claiming to be giving the Quantum Code scam away to 20 people who are looking become millionaires within a month. Disturbing facts in this review are a few sentences away, continue and you’ll understand.


The Quantum Code software is said to work by analyzing the market and scraping other people’s trades and beats them by buying or selling before them, leveraging the advantage of making the required calculations faster than them. Basically what this all comes down to is that the Quantum Code scam is a copy system that places trades based on other traders predictions. Truth be told, this is just some lame excuse to fool you into thinking that this is an actual trusting system. There are two very curtail issues with this explanation of how the auto trader operates, and they are , 1) For a system to copy another traders trades, would require that trader to actually place a trade in order to either beat them or get the exact same strike rate. 2) How can it be guaranteed that whoever it is that they are copying actually knows what they are doing? For example, if the system is just following any random person placing trades, and they are placing a losing trade, then the sure the Quantum Code auto trader would be placing a losing trade as well. Not at any time during presentation did they mention who or what they are actually analyzing and following, meaning your guess is as good as ours.

Let’s have a look at the few other claims made by Michael regarding himself and the Quantum Code Scam, and why exactly we are calling this auto trader a scam and nothing more than that. As previous mentioned Michael claimed to be some or other well-known person. We had a little look on the Forbes website he claims to be featured in, and the only thing we could find was a an article by Michael B. Crawford, and editor at the New York Times, which is obviously not the same person, because the Michael we are being shown clearly does not work. Additionally there is not mention of him in any financial magazines whatsoever, we were unable to find anything written and posted by him at all. This is not even to mention the so called Quantum Code Software Company he claims exists with the building address where the filming is taking place. We were unable to find any registration number for any company by that name, and nor were we able to find a building registered to that company. Making all of this one massive lie and again proving to us that this yet another scam.

We can’t seem to recognize you Michael Crawford, we have a feeling you’re a lousy actor…


If that is not enough to prove to you that the Quantum Code scam is nothing but a bogus system being advertised as a trusted trading system, here are a few more things to make you think twice. When you have a look at the widget in the bottom right corner on fraud site, notice how it counts down to one, and then jumps up again to a higher number. Surely if this was trusted those spots would have actually gone, and there wouldn’t be extra spots that miraculously appear again. Note how Michael mentions that there is no investment of any sort needed to start trading with the Quantum Code System aka Software, wrong again….In order to activate the auto trader requires a $250 minimum deposit, and to some that is not considered as a “no investment”. Thirdly he also claims that you will be making between $10k to $100k per day using the system, and for those of you who have been trading binary options even for a couple of weeks will know that is completely and utterly unrealistic. Even if you invested your whole account balance starting from $250 into each trade, you will still not even get close to the $10k per day. Good luck trying though, if you feel brave enough to give it a go. If this Quantum Code Review is not enough, use your common sense.

When you are considering to register with a system such as the Quantum Code Scam, you have to take one thing into account, and that is that 95% of the systems that get released are a scam and cannot be trusted as we expose review after another review. It is therefore in your own interest to ensure you do your research and know exactly what you are registering for. In the event that you come across a system and are unsure as to whether it can be trusted or not, you are most welcome to send us a quick email, and we will assess the system for you.

Review Verdict: Quantum Code is a SCAM! 

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Other vial scams promoted by email spammers and shady advertisers:

At we don’t just post warnings and reviews, our goal is also to help those who’ve been victimized  by the money making schemes and false promises advertised by shady email marketers and fancy producers.

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244 comments on “The Quantum Code is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!
  1. Edward says:

    Totally busted, image search Jason Glick. This is so fake. Tell everyone to avoid like the plague. All these Binary Options programs are scams. There are very few who make real money on Forex, etc, and you can easily find out their history as they are real published authors. Stick with them and you’ll do alright.

  2. Damon says:

    Hi I just register this morning and gave the broker the account number of an account that I don’t use regulary.I don’t have any funds in it and the broker is going to phone me back at 16h00 this afternoon. What do i tell them now that I know it’s a scam.

  3. frank says:

    poor me a man from south africa..l was going to dig a 6ft hole for myself and my family thinking that am gonna make millions OMG thanks for all this advice…nowonder this so called guy over calling me and pushing me to go to my laptop so that he can take me thru the softwear he called me 20 times and l just told him am driving and my laptop battery is low thats not how you talk or push a client….true lf you become desperate they knock you on the head….quantum code my ass

    • jack says:

      We’ll I’m just wasting their phone minutes and driving them around and around, over and over again just so they could waste some minutes of their bullshit time lol. In fact, I’m driving them nuts by letting them call me when ever I need to entertain my self by fucking with their scam ass heads lol

  4. Jo says:

    That “Australian” in the video has the worst accent ever! Nobody on earth sounds like that do they “mate.” Plus their office has a felt tip pen pie chart in the background.

  5. thor says:

    Are there any legit systems out there?

  6. Jacqueline Welsh says:

    Theres people starving on our own streets so why dont you all use yur heads and pay into that instead of a scram ,,, the only place yur money will go is in their atomaches ,,that you will see ,, instead of yur own greed trying to make a quick buck that you wont see look after your own instead of that pathetic lying scamming quantum code is everyone that ifnorant towards are own people that need yur time ??? Love doesnt cost a penny

  7. Jacqueline Welsh says:

    Omg people wake up ,,, were supposed to be in a resession for god sake ,,so why would u think tou can get money for free ?? They only way you make money is sither if ur vorn with a silver spoon in your mouth and with the generocity of mummy and daddy ??or ,, like me , hayd work and blood and sweat !!!thats it too many greedy people in this world trying to scam and make a quick buck !!!!! My mum always said to me always appreciate the smaller things in life ,, and never take whats not urs ,,

  8. Harry says:

    To ALL readers here… Please publish such SCAMer on your own media sites like I have done it on my facebook-timeline with this Text and links.
    “WARNING … If you ever has think about to go in Binary Option Business, then YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS WEBSITE who warning about such SCAM’ER like this one. … Therefore in your own interest …read this Report to THE END.
    Have a nice Sunday and God bless you and your beloved one
    And as first comment under my post I wrote:
    “Here is the Agency where this actor work for. Write them to STOP supporting with their models such (and other) SCAM’s.”
    And I wrote this agency to STOP supporting SCAM’s with their actors.
    WHAT WILL YOU DO ? ? ? ! ! !

  9. Jessy York says:

    I did the 1st part with my email and phone # but didn’t fill out my visa can they still take money? Because before i even hit the next step button they called me!!!

  10. Ray Riches says:

    Have listened to and watched video as an English person one mistake stood out and actually made me chuckle, the English person? in the video was a terrible impersonation as usual Americans find it very difficult to do an English accent and as usual it ended up sounding like an American doing a well spoken English man doing a poor impersonation of an Australian who had spent too long in the South African sun and as a result suffers from an incurable case called ( CELTIC ) Continental English Tone Language Identity Crisis, dead giveaway, error big time.
    DO NOT BE TAKEN IN !!!!!

  11. Costa Blanca says:

    If it sounds too good to be true, it is 99% of the time too good to be true! Just think very carefully about this.

  12. indlovubill says:

    The jet which hasn’t flown since 2013 was never registered in Michael Crawford’s name

  13. jose pinheiro says:

    watchdog,why don’t they arrest jason glick [actor de merda]

  14. Jiswant says:

    I have just given them my email but not my account particulars. Will they be able to make any withdrawal through their system. They called me but I refuse to give them my account numbers.

  15. Jason says:

    Heard from another broker that if you get scammed you can email cysec and complain they have become strict and hard on companies trying to scam people is this true? We have to stop these people somehow ,dont know how they sleep at night , I am the only breadwinner in my family and because of financial struggles thought I was going to make extra money to help with my bills and when I pray I ask god something bad happens to these peoples family members so they know pain. I know this may sound bad to some people but I work hard for my money sometimes doing 12 hours of labour to provide food on the table how can someone come and take my money and promise me bullshit .If these people were in my country I would personally injure them myself. We all need to stand up and fight thes scammers or many more will lose their hard earned money

  16. Paul says:

    Signed up, but didn’t want to use my credit card to fund the account, so set email asking what to do. The next day I got tree calls from 3 different agencies saying they were my broker. I believe that the scam is to get you to put your money with an broker and they pay the internet scammer (we know who) for the lead.

  17. George says:

    The person claiming to be Michael is actor Jason Glick.

    • Bill W says:

      The only way they make their money is by conning you into sending them money. If it was as good as they claim, why do they need to tell everyone, and not keep it to themselves.

  18. island girl says:

    I have no knowledge of trade. While I was listening to the video this Michael guy said he was not asking for nothing. I was feeling this is my lucky day. So when some guy calls me on the phone from +4420-8068-1945 and +14420-80681946 number and ask me for my credit card number for $250.00 I did not feel comfortable giving it to him so I didn’t. I work too hard for my money to give someone I don’t know my personal bank information. He also said we are more trusted than Amazon. Don’t allow these frauds to rob us. I hope they will stop this stealing game they are playing.

  19. Caroline Flaherty says:

    I’ve just read a review from Binaryoptions watchdog & they were saying how good Quantum code is!! After reading this, where people have been ripped off, I feel more confused than ever!!
    I really wanted to try this but I don’t know who to trust now!!
    What are Fintech & Stern Options like??
    Am I wasting my time trying to better my income & get out of this minimum wage job by investing this way??
    Please please advise. Xx

    • WatchDog says:

      This must have been a fake Watchdog pretending to be us, nonetheless we will be happy to help you with complaints and disputes at absolutely no charge. Please email us at Caroline and we’ll do our best to help you.

    • bill W says:

      You are not going to earn money as easy as that, if it was as good as they say, why is the quantum team working at all, they all must multi billionairs, its’s your money they are after, as tempting as it may look, stick with what you have got, at least it is still yours.

  20. Mieta says:


  21. Kgomotso says:

    It is good to have websites like yours that reveals such scams. Thank you so much. I nearly fell into the trap

  22. Steve says:

    In the film he refers to a guy in England who’s making a tonn of money who appears to have a dodgy Australian accent but the bank account is shown in dollars but surely should be pounds ! I believe the Americans call it phoney or is that fony ?

  23. Jeff says:

    I just loss 250.00 today on this site

    • D.M. says:

      What I found amusing and immediately l=flagged was to see Michael on Skype live with another guy from Australia; he failed to realize on his scam the fact that while in the USA is day time, Australia is night; and both videos show the same daylight time… I’m sure his Australian friend was actually on the adjacent office!

  24. marco gonzalez says:

    Quantum code biggest bullshit on earth and liars they are

  25. Daniel Ruiz says:

    I Was lucky and did Check Before proving the credit card, I was thinking on providing $1000 to star.

  26. ionut says:

    am bagat si eu 250 $ si era sai pierd pe toti …… ma agresau in telefoane ma sunau de 20 ori in 4-5 ore…. iam amenintat si eu cu mail-uri si cu mesaje ca daca nu imi dau banii inapoi o sa trimit interpolul dupa ei si banca mea o sa le blocheze conturile pentru frauda………dupa 2 zile au trimis inapoi din alt cont fantoma…. deci grija mare!!!! este frauda….va ia banii doar…

  27. evamo says:

    is there any trusted ones ? if yes help me with one not these fucked ones

  28. Mundo says:

    Muchas gracias por toda la información

  29. Terry stokes says:

    I was thinking about investing alot of money in this. So I done a tester £250 as the man said. So 82% B/S within 7 days it done 22 trades and lost the lot. So happy I didn’t invest…… It should be band all those poor people who have nothing but find the money to invest, so sorry for them…..biggest B/S site ever

  30. Heinz Mayr says:

    Quantum Code is literally the worst scam in the entire world of investment!

  31. Engr H A Bello says:

    I singn up but I don’t deposited any amount, not even account creation thank you watchdogs

  32. kate oshaughnessy says:

    Any way of gettin money back from quantum code scam,stupidly used my mortgage money

  33. rabbitnexus says:

    Just looking at this thing and what got me was the fake accents from his supposed recent success stories. That was a fake British accent and a fake Aussie one as well. Nuff said.

  34. Daz says:

    I am from Australia. The lying hound pretending to be an Australian user had such a fake accent, like an American trying to put it on. Such BS and dishonesty. Probably a rent-a-jet.

  35. Michael says:

    I got involved in other Trading scams like Titan Trade, Option Stars, and Quantum Code. All are nothing but money hungry fake investors who promised big and in turn it became not what they had claimed that you get #30,000 in 30 days or $1500 in a day, blah blah blah, all lies and lies. I placed $250 deposit with Titan Trade and then the nightmare started, They rang non stop day and night even during sleep, demanding that I place a bigger amount of money, until I pulled out after they sweet talked me into giving them $AU3000 with the promise that I would make $20,000 by the end of the week. At the end of the week I never saw that $20,000 which infuriated me at the lies of that manager. I was with Option Stars after Pulling out of Titan Trade. And after 4 weeks of waiting for the deposited $250 to grow, I never saw a cent. Another month and numerous complaints on the fake promised that they said that I just have to deposit $250 and to sit down and enjoy a drink while money grows, I ended up calling them a bunch of liars, transferred my deposit back in my bank account and bailed out. Now, since I bailed out 3 months ago, they keep SMS me with offers, despite telling them that I wanted all my details deleted from their list, name, address, credit card details and phone number, the idiots are still SMS me, which prompt me to go back on their website and chat with someone and demand why the account wasn’t cancelled yet and why are they still SMS me on my mobile, why they still have my mobile number when I had made it clear 4 months earlier that I wanted out and all my details removed from their list. and the chatting person said to me that I have to discuss this with my manager, and I said what manager was he talking about when I had already pulled out? Why wasn’t my account there cancelled? He kept telling me that a manager will contact me. For Christ’s sake I was already angry. I wanted nothing more than the removal of my private detail from their lists and to stop texting me, and he’s telling me that a manager is to contact me. I finished telling him that if this scamming company doesn’t delete all my details and phone number from their list within 2 weeks from this time, I will slap a writ on them, as serious as I could get. They have no right to keep personal information after one of their clients had left the trading company.

    This is a lesson for myself and for anyone who thinks of getting rich by these liars who prey of weaklings and victims of fraud. They should be investigated by police to make sure they don’t post fake advertisement on the web to fool innocent people who are trying to make a honest and decent quid legally. Avoid these sweet talking smiling assassins who are promising you big when in fact they’re eating you out of house and home. Look at how rich they are simple by fooling sheep live me. And this all started by that other Aussie Method conman, Jake Pertu. The scammer the police cannot touch because the laws in Australia well and truly stink.

  36. Kate O'Shaughnessy says:

    I was a fool to believe I could make extra money,how can they sleep at night knowing I stupidly lost my mortgage money to a scam

  37. moe says:

    I signed with 250 euro and the robot made 41 trades for me 22 lost 19 win. and I lost all of my money but 19 euro. . and nobody get responsibility for this lost.

  38. Gopinathan C Menon says:

    I lost $250 after depositing to Quantum code. The brokers all calling continuously from different countries. I told one broker that I had already deposited money but he is insisting me to make one more account and deposit $250 again and in that account he also would put same amount as bonus and promised me $1000 profit on end of this month.I told him don’t cheat me again.anyway i lost money.Now also i am getting calls from so many places. To avoid these phone calls I am keeping my phone in mute mode.

  39. naz says:

    already i lost 600 dollar in other trading platform (bforex) please dont believe this mother fuckers……

    • Andy says:

      I know …I have been there I lost £500 on trade with quantum code and CFDstock is waste of Money fucker never again all trade full of bullshit …..
      I use game Casino is better for nothing

  40. sharon elwell says:

    I just deposited and its searching for markets, I just want to get my money back. Its not doing anything. The account isn’t even activated yet but I’m really worried now because its took my money before account activated. Any advice how to get money out please?

  41. cuty says:

    thank you so much watchdog, i almost had a hart attack for not investing thinking i have lost a very good opportunity of becoming rich not knowing that i was doing myself a great favour

  42. myart767 says:

    Does anyone know of any legit sites for trading on?

  43. Jeremy says:

    Sorry to say i signed up and deposited with them after reading a number of “good” reviews. Had i known about this site would have saved so much time.
    What happens when they have asked you for compliance ID which i now understand is a requirement?? Not being called or hassled by them, but plan to register a fraud case with bank.
    Upon sign up the company name of STERN OPTIONS is broker. Notice this isn’t in your listing so may be one to check out.
    Any other advice would be welcome.

  44. martha says:

    So totally right. Quatum code is dodggie thanks guys relating quatum code. My brother inlaw is with south African police. And he is busy with an investigation reagding this matter

  45. Emme says:

    I was foolish and sign up without googling if they a scam.
    Luckily my bank blocked it. within seconds they call me and want my card number which I refuse to give. Strange they sound not American at all . More Russian or Eastern sound in background which made me suspicious. I just said I need to check if money in accounting.h
    Will they continue calling me now.

  46. Mike says:

    You have just saved me from registering. Thanks

  47. Jeff says:

    Many years ago a wonderful comedy actor called Michael Crawford starred in a comedy series called ……. wait for it !!!!!
    Sounds about right for todays Michael Crawford !!!
    Somebody somewhere must know who he is ?????
    come on people EXPOSE HIM FOR WHAT HE IS !!!!!

  48. Charles Bosler says:

    MICHAEL CRAWFORD is actually the devil himself showing Americans how easy it is to get their money. I lost $400 to him in just one week of trading, when it would have taken at least 16 trades to lose that much given my $50 a trade limit. He is a con who shows you first hand how a smooth talker can easily talk you out of a few hundred. Do it with an internet system and you can do it thousands of times a day.

  49. Rahim says:

    Hi, first thanks a lot to watchdog for this site.since two days I was trying to find some info about this quantum code or platform gemini2,copybuffetsoftware,britishmethod and many of this.someone told me that he read in online news people making money from quantum code and when I started to watch it and sign up,immediately got phone call and giving me offer if I deposite 250 usd he will make it double,like for 1000 depossite it will be 2000.then I decided to deposite 250 and get bonus 250,after I withdraw my 250.but now from all these comments I understand that its not so easy to withdraw.thank you very much every one for all the comments and May you live long Watchdog.

  50. Paul says:

    Paul tank for the advise. I lake to no about Fm if it a scam to.

  51. swagger says:

    thanks to all for comments. Just another parasite money blood sucking site.Karma comes around , hopefully sooner than later.

  52. Yaghoob says:

    After I register in few min they called and ask for my bank detail when I said I don’t have money he said no problem give us ur bank detail and then we can start from there.. I said I don’t have bank detail he said I’ll call u back on Monday for 250£ deposit ..6/10/2016

  53. sam says:

    Hi! How can I stop receiving their emails? They still keep emailing me even though I have clicked the unsubscribed button a couple of times already. Please help me. Thank you!

  54. hyun ie kim says:

    The guy explains how to deposit money into his account, but no explanation about how to withdraw money into my account. It looks a scam!

  55. david says:

    The sign-up link connects you to a broker: using Google Chrome, it was Bank of Options; under Firefox, it was CTOptions claiming to be in UK, but the chat support guy I asked my questions wrote Chinese style English. When I commented that, he closed the chat. I wonder about identity theft through these so-called brokers…

  56. Laura Helm says:

    I just spoke to one of their representatives. She said my no investment required investment is $500 us. I’m Canadian. Not stupid.

  57. Tayo Papahiu says:

    Whoa man! Just finished reading almost every comment, Watchdog you are a truly freaking LEGEND! Helping out all this people expecting anything in return, thanks man!

    Guys If it’s to good to be true, please don’t fall for this disgusting scammers, read a little, make some research, inform yourselves, everything you need to know is here.

    Thanks again Watchdog, keep it up!

  58. Annie Delores Miller says:

    Thank you for stopping me from making a huge mistake….I really don’t have $250.00 to loose, after reading the SCAM post from your site, my credit card went back into my wallet


    Just in the nick of time!

  59. Annie Delores Miller says:

    OMG! here i was @ 5:30 in the morning, checking my emails and found this crap….well at first i didn’t know for sure that it was crap and as much as i could use the money tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, i was almost sold. As a matter of fact after viewing the video, i found myself reaching into my wallet for a credit card but started to feel uneasy about the whole thing. I set myself on pause. While pausing i got a phone call from an “Unknown Source” no mssg was left, because I tried to answer the call, my video disappears (i was using my cell phone) then i thought…”what tha” so i go back in trying to retrieve the video and continue where i had left off (credit card info). Well i had to start all over with the email, and it let me. Then i started thinking….hmmmm, doesn’t make sense, and i’m still in line for one of the 20 that they supposedly have chosen…..naw….that’s ridiculous right! because after all the time that i took on pause and having to go back into the email those 20 spots would have been gone….So i decided to go online on my computer while still accessing the video on my cell…..I pulled up dudes name, the picture is not the same as the one showing on the video…then i found the “SCAM” message thru Binary Watchdog…..OMG! that’s all i can say……then i started feeling completely like a fool…couldn’t believe i had actually taken my credit card out of my wallet…

    Thank God for giving us intuition (using your first mind) but it only works if we use it:-)


    Thank God for Binary WatchDog “Good Looking Out!”

  60. Midge Aldam says:

    Join-up site said my email address already exists on their membership list! On-line identity theft getting out of hand.

  61. Greg B Phelps says:

    thank you watch dog..I lost 300 dollars..I know better and still took the leap. I sure hope this guy Micheal gets whats coming to him.

  62. B says:

    You seem to be as ignorant and foolish as makers of this scam software, this website is set up to make unbiased review of scam software such as quantum code, not to insult other countries, omo ale.

  63. James says:

    I put in $250 and have lost $ 152 dollars. I am trying to get what is left out! These guys are total pricks.

  64. Troika says:

    Fortunately I couldn’t deposit as I was on an iPad and only have $3 until payday and told the guy to stop ringing me who rang ten times and I kept blocking his call at MiDNIGHTFrom the number +611283181633, literally every 30 seconds. talk about desperate for money -that’s what these scammers are . I was skeptical although and laughed all the way through ” Michael crwfords ” video at how bad it was , how poor the acting and how shit the script with several errors in the script . I used a seperate and new email account to sign up in case it was a scam .

  65. Shuja Hussain says:




    • WatchDog says:

      It’s pretty messed up how big media companies and Google allow them to be promoted but at some point they will shut them down. Those things take time unfortunately but we are with you, the best way is to shut down to credit card processing companies who work with the scums and this will destroy them.

  66. V says:

    Woe to those who use scams and deceit to innocent people..deeply hide their plans from the LORD, And whose deeds are done in a dark place, And they say, “Who sees us?” or “Who knows us?” Warning!! God sees ALL things and KNOWS all things nothing is hidden from Him..

  67. V says:

    for people who scam and deceive others…

    1. Someone claims your transaction is guaranteed, that a buyer/seller is officially certified, OR that a third party of any kind will handle or provide protection for a payment:

    These claims are fraudulent, as transactions are between users only.
    The scammer will often send an official looking (but fake) email that appears to come from craigslist or another third party, offering a guarantee, certifying a seller, or pretending to handle payments.

    2. Distant person offers a genuine-looking (but fake) cashier’s check:

    You receive an email or text (examples below) offering to buy your item, pay for your services in advance, or rent your apartment, sight unseen and without meeting you in person.
    A cashier’s check is offered for your sale item as a deposit for an apartment or for your services.
    Value of cashier’s check often far exceeds your item—scammer offers to “trust” you, and asks you to wire the balance via money transfer service.
    Banks will cash fake checks AND THEN HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE WHEN THE CHECK FAILS TO CLEAR, sometimes including criminal prosecution.
    Scams often pretend to involve a 3rd party (shipping agent, business associate, etc.).

    3. Someone requests wire service payment via Western Union or MoneyGram:

    Deal often seems too good to be true, price is too low, or rent is below market, etc.
    Scam “bait” items include apartments, laptops, TVs, cell phones, tickets, other high value items.
    Scammer may (falsely) claim a confirmation code from you is needed before he can withdraw your money.
    Common countries currently include: Nigeria, Romania, UK, Netherlands—but could be anywhere.
    Rental may be local, but owner is “travelling” or “relocating” and needs you to wire money abroad.
    Scammer may pretend to be unable to speak by phone (scammers prefer to operate by text/email).

    4. Distant person offers to send you a cashier’s check or money order and then have you wire money:

    This is ALWAYS a scam in our experience—the cashier’s check is FAKE.
    Sometimes accompanies an offer of merchandise, sometimes not.
    Scammer often asks for your name, address, etc. for printing on the fake check.
    Deal often seems too good to be true.

    5. Distant seller suggests use of an online escrow service:

    Most online escrow sites are FRAUDULENT and operated by scammers.
    For more info, do a google search on “fake escrow” or “escrow fraud.”

    6. Distant seller asks for a partial payment upfront, after which they will ship goods:

    He says he trusts you with the partial payment.
    He may say he has already shipped the goods.
    Deal often sounds too good to be true.

    7. Foreign company offers you a job receiving payments from customers, then wiring funds:

    Foreign company may claim it is unable to receive payments from its customers directly.
    You are typically offered a percentage of payments received.
    This kind of “position” may be posted as a job, or offered to you via email.

  68. winny says:

    Thanks guys, luckily I’m trying to look into how is working it,otherwise i will register .

  69. Jeff says:

    After reading what other people have written here …I cant but think of my Fathers advice to me over 50 years ago …
    My Father is dead since 1982 and his advice stopped me from sending on my $250 without having a Google around and finding this site !!!!!
    Thanks Da !!!!
    Thank You to all who have posted here and saved me and others from OURSELVES and thinking we could get untold riches for nothing !!!!
    May Michael and his band of scammers roast in HELL !!!!!!!

  70. Jeff says:

    IF I WIN >>
    WHO LOSES ????
    if people make big profits …
    somebody else must lose ????
    Please somebody explain it to me !

  71. andy says:

    right i got what you say !!

    i went in quantum code same join with cfdstock withdrawn account so i tired to get deposit 250 into cfdstock but the bank is block that it is cant through my bank transfer to deposit
    i was give up !!! but then i got idea i transfer other bank i got 2 banks i tired deposit 250 and got through 250 in and then i try trade it is won from the start to 1 week later i got 600 pound but after that i trade this call or put …..just what …..

    lost ,lost ,lost and won few time but most it of lost keep my deposit down and down and down i say wtf ….i was check my trasaction account and hey i saw my other bank i got 2 bank has been accpet it payment 250 i spend 500 pound oh fuck !!!
    i ask them i have money there 250 in trasaction account they say nope gone !! spend it i say what !!! i see 250 not yet other 250 i just first time to get in …. they say gone spend it i doubt it them stole my 250 pound from deposit mean i lost 500 pound one go !!!!!

    is really upsetting me fuck bastard …
    i never go there never again

    aviod this but they say atuo bot watch it make grow but bullshit it wont work i try this keep me lost they doing a fake want the money keep loss on me this trade …ok thanks

  72. Bob Larson says:

    Question: The display of their information lists themselves as the broker. No such listing from therefore they don’t exist!
    What a scam!

  73. Yung says:

    What would happened if I told them my email my phone number and my real name?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Yung, They will simply bug you until you unsubscribe from their email list and ask them to quit calling you 5 times a day.

  74. Jean Paul Guillemard says:

    I was scammed on a dating site. I am French and my name is Justine Guichie. I have two children that being a widow I decided to signed up for a dating site because I wanted to make a new life and be happy. After a week spent on the site I met a very charming woman, who also wants a love relationship. We exchanged and I fell under his spell. He told me he loved me and was ready to do anything to make me happy. I fell in love with him until he told me he would go to Africa for its heritage. When he arrived in Africa he had problems and I was sending money but it ended had sent nearly $ 100,000. I doubted now so I explained my problem to a friend and she put me in contact with a criminal police Captain Abidjan. As the days passed I was becoming worse because lifelong crook always ask me for money is beyond I surpassed this fear and I entrusted to it there happily for me by easiest method I have laid hands on really bandits. The police arrested and is serving a sentence for having drawn me all this money. Here is the email address of the Interpol agent:

  75. abdul razaq says:

    Is trade fusion a scam?

    • WatchDog says:

      Yes Abdul, Please refer to our blacklist page. We posted a review on Trade Fusion debunking the scam and also received many horrible comments by members who tried using it.

  76. Alan Chambers says:

    Hi, I have just been tempted by Quantum Code until……………the video shows MC supposedly contacting a guy in England and that’s when bells started ringing so I started an in-depth research as no English guy talks like that, thinking this guy is not real and possibly an American actor trying to be English. Your reviews are the final answer to my next move. The “Broker” is constantly ringing as I can see he wants my card details, not now owd lad but, I will see how far he wants to go on tempting me as my calls are recorded. I will let you know how he goes on.

  77. angelita says:

    THey took off my money on my account $840 but I tried to register before few times bcoz they said unsuccessful registration they don’t accept my card I can’t understand why so I press few times and now I found out they took money already and different traders calling me and saying I didn’t completed my registration,,fuck them!!how can I get my money back?

  78. azanro says:

    Where can i report this Quantum code system and will i be able to get my deposit back. Iam from Namibia and tried the quantum code system, within the the first 2 days I actually made some profit, but after that i lost every last dollar. First the auto trade activation button did not work, then i could not get the traders to answer my questions on why the button does not want to activate….after several days of trying and a decline in my US$250.00 deposite plus the few profit i made i got an email that a broker will contact me. Now that the money is finish and only a US$4.03 of all the money are left a broker call me with a suggestion on a free trail for a week plus I must deposite another US$250.00 for the trail period to start….its only when i realize this in not going to work.

    NB: I researched this system before I started and found good review on this, now it turned out to be another scam.

  79. Raja says:

    I need to make some money

  80. Osam says:

    Watchdog bedankt voor jouw verhalen. Ik ben nu echt wakker geworden!!

  81. Ryan says:

    OK…looked at the video better…look at 6:47 and u can see the tail # of the plain…then go to and put the tail # in and u find that he DOSE NOT OWN the plain…lol

  82. Peludo says:

    They called me and I the guy was promising I will only make myself a rich person, I told them to put that in writing and send it to my home address and I will then consider the offer.. they hanged up

  83. Marc Alex Desjardins says:

    Je me suis inscris, puis une prenomé Stacy m’a appelé du numéro 1-917 775-0325, en me demandant si j’étais belle et bien ****-****. Je lu ai dit que l’appel était enregistré, ce qui n’était pas vrai puis elle a raccroché.

    • Col says:

      Be vary careful of Titan Trading Platform and its brokers of ill repute. Also another to be careful of is Options Ridge,as they both want all your personal details under their compliance dept’.then they have a hold over you and harass you on the phone.

  84. angelaharris1977 says:

    I have never heard of the Quantum Code system before and couldn’t tell the difference between Binary code or a Groupon code, yet somehow I still found myself in a position whereby, even if I had £250, I may of been conned into ‘investing’ it.

    Via my Facebook feed a I clicked on a story which directed me to another site. Here i clicked on a second story which shown a screenshot of an apparent Fox News story depicting a young “poorest single mom” crying as her web cam records her viewing her bank statement.

    Despite reading this young Moms story and all of it’s success, it’s limited availability and how it is so good that it’s was deemed to be a threat to the fat cats themselves. Even all the satisfied Facebookers who commented on it and the inviting CAPITAL BOLD lettering of its link, I thankfully was not tempted to visit site. Although due seemingly to a faulty Facebook plug-in my comment was never posted, what I would of posted explains why.

    “If the “authorities and Wall Street tycoons, who are going to shut it down soon” really are as Cooper Wilson comments “really furious because this system has gone public..”. Why would it ‘appear’ to be the Wall Street Journal promoting this post. If this contradiction isn’t enough to set alarm bells off, trying visiting the homepage of the news feed we are apparently viewing this from,,or try viewing any one of the Facebook pages of those in the comments.
    If anything comes from this scam let it at least be that you’ll learn just how good the threat detection capabilities of your current anti-virus program really are.”

    Thankfully alarm bells went off for me but I’m sure the initial copycat domain names that went undetected by my anti-virus will have succeeded in getting a lot of people to visit site and some maybe to fall victim to the scam.

    I realised that clicking any part of that page i was on, even the fake FTSE 100 Index in the corner, would never take me to the homepage of the Wall Street Journal site that i was supposed to believe I was reading this from, and clicking any one of the many comments would never take me to a single Facebook profile. Instead i’d be directed to various sites, all similar in nature to and including and
    Also, clicking on either of the above original links a second time and i’m no longer taken to the original Quantum Code story, instead they too direct me to different spam-like sites.

    In reality i’m sure there are far too many unknowns, but listing known associated ‘sites’ could be a useful addition to these already helpful reviews. As, unfortunately, even having prior knowledge of this scam, and actively avoiding any article that mentions it, by unwittingly opening articles with copy/fake domain names deliberately created to hide any association to Quantum Code, and similar scams, I still could of found myself in a position where I could of been conned into parting with money, or could of end up dealing with a whole new set of problems that are synonymous with click bait.

  85. gwenray says:

    That so called Aussie Guy on their video really sounded like he was going overboard with that aussie accent thats when I thought it was suss.

  86. Suraj says:

    I sign up to that shit and didn’t complete it when it’s asking for billing details. Now I’m receiving miss calls from some weird broker for attracting me to call back. I’m also getting miss call from some other stupid person which I’ve already spoken and mentioned to remove my phone number from their system. Getting calls every day now GRrrrrrr. I’ve emailed them to their support email address from their website which was bouncing back and finally try to reply to the different email address from the welcome email but haven’t heard back from them yet.

    How do I get them to stop calling me?

  87. cassharrelloutlookcom says:

    Hey guys, I’ve seen yours and other favorable reviews of the author binary system by Roger Pierce. Is this the same group as automated Wondering if someone could help clear that up. Thanks so much for all you do.

  88. Jay Man says:

    I had a feeling it was a scam when he received the text message whilst in his private jet and apparently knew who and what it was pertaining to, prior to opening the text message. Also, the white Merc that he drove off the apron had no license plate. His ‘so called’ employee at his ‘so called’ office needs to take some acting lessons. His performance was abysmal to say the least. Nothing is free in the world except Jesus.

  89. Dooley says:

    Thanks guys. Really appreciate your work. Another hint that his is a scam are the names “Michael” shows on his laptop and how much money the’ve made. The last names are all Smith, Johnson, Sanchez,……only the most common names you can think of. LOL

  90. Aaron McG says:

    As soon as I sent my email they called me and said that I needed $6500 to start with to get the maximum returns. The video I watched was trying to convince me that I could make $3000 or so in an hour with a $250 investment. I asked the guy on the phone if he trades with the software and he said that he did not because he understands the market and this software was for beginners.

  91. Dean says:

    Within 60 seconds of pushing the button and filling out my name, email and phone # I was contacted by phone by some guy who admitted being located in Europe(I asked because of his heavy accent) and he was all over me putting in my money to start trading. I told him I was still looking at it and was not ready to move that fast. It felt like scam right then and there. That led me here, thanks WatchDog.

    • Mary says:

      I did the same,
      Never put any bank details.
      I was woken at 5 in the morning,a man with a bad American accent
      Trying to get me to sign,
      Then I was plagued all day with phone calls from London America Canada
      Some better than others at it,
      To pushy sends alarm bells
      Pretend accent

  92. Duka says:

    Why the authorities in US don’t lock up these scum bags, it is obvious what they are doing is scam, what they are doing must be a criminal act.

  93. Marie Fti says:


  94. colrd8888 says:

    there are a number of Binary Options Trading under different names with all much with the same intent, to suck you in and then skim you of all they can get out of you. They work it beautifully and you then think this is the bees knees to wealth. Until you have a fall out with them absolutely demanding of you to put in more credit, and that is then there ploy to scam you and you find your left with a credit bill to jump over.

  95. richie rich says:

    Look at this Millionaire, Who cant by a jet that he himself cant sit in it without is head touching the roof. He looks sooo uncomfortable in his own jet.

  96. Cherry Symanzik says:

    Is Ivory Option a Scam? I have invested $105,000 and lost all investment during BREXIT.Was informed that I had $883. 75 profit . I requested to withdraw the profit was told that I can only withdraw ones

  97. The Watcher says:

    I was watching a video on Facebook then I scrolled down and came upon the lovely Mr Crawford. I let the nobhead ramble on for a few minutes before I paused it and googled ‘quantum code’

    Thanks for the heads up

  98. nneka says:

    Great eye opener. The man Michael Crawford looks so real. To bad it is a scam

  99. Lee says:

    I signed and let them know my bank details but I shows them empty account. If income to my account any money, it will be gone or not? Please any ideas !!! Thank you

  100. JayH says:

    Okay, I watched the Facebook presentation and looked at their website and curiousity also took me to their signup page, and THAT location is what perked my ears with this being a scam. First the language changed and he indicated, “only our trusted brokers will work” and then having an unsecured site wanting me to supply a password for them and the world to manage my account. Account registration should never be on an open site nor should any one just ask for your password. That’s what brought me to this site for verification. Thank you for confirming my itching ears.

  101. Poe says:

    Report them

  102. Martha Moreno says:

    Is MOBE a Scam

  103. Susan Field says:

    I emailed Qantum Code with a few questions, however the Email was returned by the Postmaster General as undeliverable – you can’t even contact them. Be careful everyone. They want $250 upfront by credit card. Susan, Sydney, Australia.

  104. Oscar says:

    Apenas he empezado con ellos ya invertí $ 450 y bueno pues veremos que pasa.

  105. Fred says:

    Ca parais tout suite en regardent la video que s’est une grosse arnaque. Il précise a plusieurs reprise qu’il n’est pas nécessaire de connaître le trade. Ses sur il cherche les gens qui n’y connaissent rien ses plus facile a arnaqué. La plupart de monde ne penseront pas a vérifier si la compagnies et ce Michael Crowford existe vraiment. Ses les pire (trou de cul qui existe). Merci de nous informer des arnaque pareille

  106. Hila Yosef says:

    Hello Watchdog and others, My name is Hila and I am an ex-employee of one of the brokers that is synced with Quantum Code and a few other scams. I couldn’t take it anymore and quit last night. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I feel so terrible for what we are doing to people. I personally cheated people after going through a manipulative sales course and the money was tempting but I didn’t know it would go so far. I rather not have money than continue to destroy lives. There’s nothing I can say to make it up but I hope and pray that god will forgive me for what I’ve done.

    • WatchDog says:

      Good for you Hila! It’s never too late to change and we understand what they put you through, you are another victim in the equation. Next time you better think twice before you accept a job position. Don’t ever work with people who might get you in legal trouble just for commissions. Now you can’t sleep at night, was it worth it? We really hope that you learnt your lesson Hila and we sincerely wish you a brighter future in which you can make money without having to destroy people and prey on people who need money the most! Thank you for coming clean and again, we really do wish you the best with whichever path you choose next.

    • africanprincess1 says:

      Thanks for having the guts to be honest, but why would you involved yourself with a thieving dishonest person like this, you say that you can’t take it anymore you shouldn’t have lied, deceived, cheated and stole from anyone in the first place? you say that you can’t sleep or eat well you should be arrested just like the deceitful thieving bastards that you worked for-While you were scamming poor innocent people you didn’t feel bad so now that you finally admitted to your wicked ways, you think that you deserve sympathy! Bullshit!!! what about the poor people that have lost their money because they trusted you and those other fake crooked bastards that you helped steal their hard earned money and put in an even worst financial hardship, there is a place for people like yourself, it’s called HELL! You should feel worst then just terrible, you committed several fraudulent acts against unsuspected innocent people who were trying to earn a little extra money to supplement their income- you fuckin thief, admitting to what you have done or still doing does not excuse your treachery all of you should be LOCKED UP!!!! You say that you didn’t know it would go so far, well NEWS FLASH you shouldn’t have went there in the first place. If you want to try to ease your guilty conscious rectify the situation and pay back the people that you stole from-they deserve to get their money back, all of it!

  107. Nick England says:

    I consider myself lucky, I deposited £250 and only lost £25 before I pulled the plug, this deserves headline banner NEWS in National Newspapers around the World, Michael Crawford is one cheating Bastard who deserves to be exposed! Internationally…

  108. BOLA says:

    Thank you WatchDog for this information. But I thought they said that they have changed to better. And that made me to decide to make deposit TODAY, 28TH JULY 2016. into their ……
    Pls. I need your advice if I can proceed on this, or any better one which can be recommended, that I can sign up with is available.

  109. is scam says:

    I wish i could read this article earlier ! I have already deposited 335 USD into the account, nothing happened except losing half of my money now. I asked to withdraw all the fund and they would make so many excuses to stop me not to withdraw money and I am still in big struggle!

  110. tareq says:

    Please .. how put deposit in his account.. and see it really or what .
    Send me feedback plz who use this program

  111. Dennis Zaba says:

    Such a flash of bugs in seconds without whom to get in touch. No registration of those entities in the USA co directories. Scaming who?

  112. michael kelly says:

    MMM, Check out the bogus Skype calls.The fellow in England sounds like some thing out of Oliver Twist (shocking made up accent),the fellow is is supposed to be an Australian sounds like a South African putting on a bad accent, both these things rang alarm bells for me.

  113. David says:

    At first this looked legit. Even though I had my doubts this Crawford guy seemed authentic. But when he skyped that guy in England I realised then that this is a scam. They attempted English accent is the worst I’ve heard. It’s an awful impersonation. I’m English and I’ve never heard anyone talk like that. If Crawford wanted to make this scam seem real he should have at least found a genuine Englishman. What a joke. It did make me laugh though ????

  114. Joy says:

    Their server has been down now for over two weeks…no one will respond to my emails yet they. Continue to send me emails?? At this point I am guessing no full refund of the min $250.00 required….

  115. Smadar Bunzl says:

    Thank you for your quick summary.
    When you go on ‘Scam” for the QuantumCode you get a few sites above you that swear it is not a scam. So they have put false scam reviews on google too.

    S Bunzl

  116. qouantum code says:

    is there anyone who has made profit from quantum code? how safe it is because im skeptic to take my last $250 and put it to activate the account and at the end you find out its not legit.

  117. Herman Wolff says:

    If it seems to good to be true it ALWAYS is. This particular scam is one of the most outrageous lies I have ever seen. They are so cheap they got a grade “B” or “C” actor that rates a ZERO in believability! He is not at all convincing and is not a very good liar. This presentation is so bad I doubt many will be taken in by this. Obviously this guy could not afford the fuel for that little jet. He ought to throw away that cheap jacket that doesn’t fit and put on a decent suit. Those jeans are terrible and they don’t even fit and white socks? What poor taste. Also, that looks like a real bad $7.00 haircut. This whole info-mercial is the worst I’ve ever seen. I wish we could force him to pay up on that $1,000 bet.

  118. richardo walters says:

    please refund my money back to my card credit thank you.

  119. Jenni says:

    Please advise on a system which is not a scam…

  120. Phil S. says:

    I just signed up and in a matter of minutes they called me and it wasn’t even Quantum Code it was the Forex company and they said they e-mailed me how to sign up for an account. I read the email and it didn’t mention anything about any software that makes all the trades for you 24-7. This company is a kickoff from the Drexel Code and it’s fake owner Corey Drexel with all the actors that called themselves the mod squad and they were working non stop to make 100% winning trades with the software. My question is how do you get the software once you are ready to trade and know nothing about binary trading. Can you guys inform me of a legitimate company that doesn’t guarantee 100%. Winning trades which is impossible even for the best billionaire traders in the world.

  121. Cristinel Gheorghiu says:

    Thank you for revealing this scam Watchdog, you guys just saved me $250 which i was about to deposit in couple of days ! I will unsubscribe from this Quantum Code, which was so unreal anyway !…too good to be true…Please let us know if is a Binary system which really works on autopilot (coz i know nothing about trading).

  122. Geoffrey Ekpebu says:

    I already have filled out my bank details and sent but because there was no fund deductions could not be made.How do i stop them from deducting my money when i fund my account? Please help

  123. clifton gilzene says:

    love this Quantum Code but it is so good to be true

  124. ak47queen says:

    Exactly what i was thinking.. the tall and fat guy who pretends to be a “someone” is too bloody fat to buy an airplane thats too small for his bulkie ass. Too late for me though, had a feeling that quantum code is another scam but they still tricked me. Hope they burn in hell.. the maker will take care of them.

  125. dwayne jackson says:

    hey i’m from south america guyana. which binary trade system do u recommend

  126. greg says:

    Hell I can’t even sign up I’m wondering if they already got arrested. I tried to do that 24 hour check but I can’t even get that to work so if that doesn’t work hell what kind of company is it. I decided not to go with this idea. My reason is when he was sitting in the plane his head was bunched up against the top of the plane. If he was that rich you should have got a bigger place so his head would have a little head room don’t you think. My feeling is I think he rented that plane who the hell would buy a plane where your head squished up against the top that’s crazy. You only get one shot with me my friend first impressions are the biggest thing and you did not impress me at all. Sorry dude have a nice day. Like my boy Trump would say, your fired.

  127. სანდრო ნორაკიძე says:

    Please update your info
    Hey , I’ve already registered and put 250 $ on the account , but when making a logion a program says your email is not registered

    Daniel joined the chat

    This is very strange. Please contact our technical team at so they can look into this.
    You — Please update your info
    ok , I’ve already written to them

    You — Please update your info
    Thank you hope they will help , and its not a scam 🙂

    You are welcome
    You — Please update your info
    Hey , Daniel no feedback from support team ,

    They will get back to you shortly
    You — Please update your info
    hey Daniel , Just say directly is it a scam ?

    Hey , Daniel

    Fuck your mother , sister, daughter and you

    give me an answer motherfucker

    motherfucker give me an asnswwer

  128. Kurt Fadrny says:

    I started an account on Quantum code just to look around and my phone immediately rang with a New York area code and I was greeted by an east Indian guy whom I could barely understand trying to get 250 dollars US out of me. I hate to come off sounding racist but it’s because of him I decided to do more research. I’m so glad I did. Thanks Watchdog for the review. And thanks commenters for confirming my suspicions.

  129. Dwayne says:

    Thank you guys I almost fell for it!

  130. Koko says:

    they were all actors people, had to laugh at the fake Australian accent..not bad though

  131. DC says:

    Hey thanks for the review…I am finding a way to deposit the money but then I realize there were two of them who called me. First is a guy who claimed to be the broker of stoxmarket who will help me earn profits of my investment but when I told him I don’t have those cards they needed he just said “oh” and immediately cancel the call. The next day, a girl who says a broker from Titan and she said if I don’t have the said cards all I have to do is buy a prepaid card in a bank worth of $250. Then I ask her how can a prepaid card be deposited as a funding amount to the account. Well I don’t receive a clear answer.

    Guess we should listen on our economics class attentively… if investing in IMU in the bank will u gain only 6% in a year, how can something gives u millions in a year without any effort?

  132. Felipe Wise says:

    Thanks,, I was about to deposit… good save guys!!

  133. Theresa says:

    How do I get them to stop calling.?

  134. wangarsh says:

    @Bob Clato , i would like to get into trade with a regulated binary trade system, kindly share if you got clue.

  135. Sandy says:

    I open account with AA Option and deposit $250. In 3 days,7 trades taken and 5 loss trades. I email the support desk of Quantum Code, till now no reply. I only got calls from AA Option asking me to deposit my $$$. this is total SCAMMMMMMM.

  136. Paul says:

    I just opened account inspired by Mike but I didn’t filled step 2 credit account.very quickly Banco capital perhaps London based brokers called me to welcome & requested deposited $250 but I trusted him wavely called me two days and I given my master card prepaid details fortunately there is no balance.after reviewed here I’m lucky to didn’t jump in scam.have you any opinion Banco capital? Please is there any trusted website in Europe!any one please.

  137. Zvero says:

    IF someone want telephone number for these people, i have one they called me when i wont to sign in, but i wasn’t . It is: +442036958674

    • Hedwig van der Heiden says:

      What do you think of: The Cobalt Code?

      I hope to hear from you.
      Nice regards, Hedwig

      • willie lewis says:

        Don’t waste your money on the cobalt code ,because they don’t activate the software and then they tell you ,you must trade with the broker who lost my whole deposit with 2 trades,after that you won’t hear of them again .(Big scam)

  138. Padureanu says:

    Varog spunetimi cu scap de telefoane? Mi-am făcut în cont și deatunci mă tot suna încontinuu. Varog ajutatima!!!!!

  139. Charlli says:

    Quantum code is scam! I deposited $500 now it’s gone. Call becomes Put and Put becomes Call.

  140. greatsam says:

    Thank you so much, Watchdog. I near fall for this quantum code trap. He (Michael) said that the software is free, just need to register with their recommended brokers and deposit into my account in the broker’s website. But, to my greatest surprise i was asked to use a new email to continue my registration and also enter my Visa or Master card digits for $250 withdraw into their own account. At this point, i have to stop registration immediately and google this quantum code to know about them. From my findings, no doubt is a SCAM!

  141. Josh says:

    I possibly May have made a booboo… I fell into the trap. I every time i tried to withdraw the money that i’d put in, which they said you can do at any time. it comes up with a popup that directs to another page, it doesnt have a cancel button, but it pretends to. by having it written there. Dont fall for it, it looks like i’m going to have to fight to get my money back… What a mistake to make ey!?


  142. Vix says:

    I was about to spend $250…whuuu! glad I googled it first! Thanks!

  143. Sathish Kumar Ullal says:

    Thank you BinaryoptionsWatchdog,

    i have just forwarded all mails from Quantum code & GTOptions, please help me


    Sathish Kumar Ullal

  144. Sathish Kumar Ullal says:

    Thank you Watchdog for the Guidance,

    This is Sathish Again( comment dated July 09, 2016 ) i have deposited through Visa credit card and the Broker is GToptions, a kind request if you could help me with filing dispute & get back my amount from Quantum code broker

    please provide your email ID to communicate further and also to follow further your Guidance

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Satish, Please contact us directly at and we’ll guide you at no cost as it related to a dispute against the broker in question. Please send us all the information you received, including confirmation emails from Quantum Code and, we’ll get on it right away.

  145. Mathias Crespi says:

    I from Argentina, and to be honest because of devaluation and stuff, making even a 50 dollar profit a day would help me a lot. Making 1k profit a month would be an extremely good extra. So my question is, with this scam site, or any other of your knowledge, could I get that? Even 1 or 2k profit a month? Thx

  146. zeban khan says:

    i don”t have any experience but am sure that this is a scam.. they showing us green gardens but fake.. be careful everyone ..

  147. Ömer says:

    thanks watch dog

  148. Conrad October says:

    What about Millionaire Blueprint? Aren’t they the same?

    • WatchDog says:

      Same deal, promoted by the scammers who are spamming tens of thousands of day traders with the Quantum Code invites.

  149. Gail Mclean says:

    Gail says: Quantum code seems inextricably linked with a site, are they a scam too coz I just got my $250 payment out after I read yr blog without a problem? Are they both scammers and how r they linked!? I’m confused!!

  150. Sathish Kumar Ullal says:

    I just deposited amount, how can i take back my funds, please can you help me out from this scam

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Sathish, Did you deposit with a credit card? If so, with which binary options broker? You will need to locate this transaction and file a dispute with your CC company. If you wired money it’s a bit of a challenge. In case you need help with disputing and charging back your deposit amount from the Quantum Code broker you can email us, and we’ll gladly assist you at no cost. In most cases when disputes are filed properly, the credit card companies are on the victim’s side. The website is clearly a fraud.

      This response applies to everyone who deposited money with Quantum Code.

  151. Michael says:

    Wish I had read this before paying my £250 I should have known so looks like I have lost my money


    I, as an 83 year old state pensioner was hoping to supplement my meager income by doing some trading, but I seem to have fallen for this scammer lock, stock and barrel, having lost a lot of the little that I have, and it seems there’s no way I’m going to get this back, but I’ll be speaking to my bank manager on Monday and HOPE I can reclaim back a bit of my investment.. I wish I could get an address for him to let him know personally how he has virtually impoverished this old lady – it’s going to be hard going for the rest of the month now – not that he cares a damn, but I damn him and his thieving scam and hope that he will be caught out by the authorities.

  153. Sonja Peterson says:

    I feel sick to my stomache right now, I have fallen victom to this scam, what do I do now? My money is locked in and cant find a way to get it back

  154. Shirley says:

    Glad I read this before I paid my money thanks watchdog

  155. Andy says:

    Thank God for Watchdog ?

  156. Caer says:

    Anyone got his phone number? ?

  157. Frank says:

    As an ex London Police Officer and thirty seven years as a very successful private investigator, now retired, do you think that I may be a bit cynical about most things and a skeptic about easy money scams. My query was, how could this person get people to work for him if they all should be on his system earning thousands of dollars a day. Like his pilot, Flight Attendant and office staff. Of course it’s a scam. I believe that you have to use his broker and they take a commission on ALL transactions

  158. Joe says:

    As soon as I heard the so called Aussie I just laughed and stopped the video
    If ur going to scam people at least get real actors
    What a joke these people are.
    Thanks watch dog
    Thanks for your info on all these scammers

  159. Newman says:

    Could You do a review about the ” Amissio Formula” on Facebook please it has gained a lot o attention. Thanks

  160. Sonia says:

    Uau!! Eu sabia, q era bom demais p ser verdade… SCAM!!

  161. nice man says:

    Lorenzo you are a big fool to have bring Nigerian into this matter, does him like like an African?

  162. David Badger says:

    I knew this was a scam watching the video as the English man was not English, we do not talk like that or dress, the only people that talk this way are people putting on accents! I laugh watching it… Hope you guys don’t fall for this scam!

  163. Julia says:

    I just registered on Quantum Code website. Bedore depositing i searched on the web about them and saw what you all huys saying. I will not deposit, as Michal said its all at cost! Somebody calling me from England, but im not picking up! Should i tell them just f….. Offf???

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Julia, Scammers don’t deserve respect. Consider that once you’re on their phone and email lists, they’ll continue to bug you until you either deposit money or unsubscribe from their email list. If they call you, tell them that you’re not interested and don’t let them brainwash you. The customer service representatives that work from the scams are highly trained, we’ve seen people lose tens of thousands of dollars unfortunately.

      • Kerry Wingate says:

        Hi Watchdog
        I wasn’t as clued up as many here seem to be.
        I went through all the processes gave my credit card details but didn’t finish last
        submit. No money’s have been taken out of my a/c as yet but while trying to get out of their system and cancel every thing I seem to have applied again for another account. My money is in pending because of insufficient funds.
        How do I opt out of this scam.
        Or do I need to take the hit and move on?


  164. Tonychai says:

    Thanks wacth dog if I’m didn’t see this web site I think I’m bean trick my quantum code people there keep calling me all days long asking me for my bank card details I’m lucky I’m didn’t bring my bank card out with me and I’m do some research on the ways back home I saw this web site how lucky I’m am

  165. annita says:

    when the deal is too good, think twice

  166. chmidtd25453440 says:

    I always look at the presenters and the clues that they leave. Three little things are on view with this scam:
    1. The rented Mercedes has no number plate
    2. Michael’s watch is some cheap tat
    3. When he goes into the show house and picks up the bottle of “fizz” the label is hidden but you can clearly see that it says “Cava” . If he was a millionair there is no way he would have that in his house.
    I hate these cheapskate scammers.

  167. Sam says:

    Being a British person in Australia. The accents of the British and Australian ‘actors’ are shockingly bad and do not remain consistent. That along with the low budget video production and bad office lighting were enough to trigger alarm bells

  168. Johanna says:

    Thanks, i was thinking to make deposit tomorrow but now that i gave them my particulars won’t they make withdrawal?

  169. African Scammers! says:

    Email IP (51.50853, -0.12574) South African High Commission Trafalgar Square London working it with Nigerians!

  170. venita Mc Farlane says:

    was told it’s for free and when i sign up they call and said i have to pay to get started for 250usd = 27500JMD and the person on the other end told me is 35000JMD had calculated it to the exchange rate

  171. njue says:

    I filled in my phone number and they called bur I didn’t pick so.. he sent a text on my email that…I SEE YOU ONLINE PLEASE PICK MY CALL.. later I sent an email that my phone is in the office and requested them since they are rich they loan me the deposit and I’ll pay as soon as I get my first 1000$ ..

    Guess what a bitch by name Alyssa Davis said? You forget your phone in the office, this means you have a job, and also this means you do get a salary. You are not that broke, don’t give me excuses.

    Shame on you to ask woman for money. Help yourself and God will help you.

  172. Ike says:

    Lorenzo must it be a Nigerian looking scam? That Michael guy is American and has nothing to do with Nigeria. I am Nigerian and i am legit and i know millions of other Nigerians are too. And please don’t tell me you don’t have drug barons, criminals and scammers from wherever it is you come from. Talk about this Quantum code guys not Nigerians…

  173. KENN OI says:

    Thanks for the sharing guys.

  174. Andrew Moore says:

    Is the Patriot Funnel System a scam as usual?

  175. Marianna says:

    Es cierto te envían miles de correo incluso diciendo que tienes una notificación de facebock, instagran paypal google se hacen pasar y cuando tu abres el enlace es quantum code te sale por todos lados lo reporte como abuso y como quiera me siguen enviando correos, ya no se que hacer con eso

  176. Mohd AlJanahi says:

    I’m almost gonna deposit, lolzzz
    Any suggestions with verified websites?

  177. Lorenzo says:

    This Puerto Rican sounding bastard was calling me out of some penitentiary in Mexico, I suppose, and asking me for my credit account, without stop, although I told him that I only wanted to file to expose this Nigerian looking scam, and now he is calling and will be calling for ages. Watch out World. No get rich quick system works. HELLLOOOO?

  178. Miimetua Mariri says:

    Thank you Watch Dog for letting me know and other traders about the Quantum Code Scam.

  179. Yil says:

    They called me after I just made an account and the guy over the phone was telling me to deposited, I said I have not got any money, guess what he said , ??? cancellation fee is 250 pounds, I said cancellation fee my ass, he said I am gonna keep calling u back , they r not stopping now, any ideas??

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Yil, If they even dare charging you a cancellation fee, we’ll immediately help you at no charge with filing a dispute. Feel free to let the Quantum Code trolls know and they should back off. Also be sure to unsubscribe from their mailing list or you’ll get spam emails forever.

    • Earthel L Smith says:

      Thank you. I am so glad I read all of the testimonies. Its good to look before you leap.

  180. Ramiro Palacios says:

    Desde que lo comencé a escuchar me di cuenta que era una estafa. Seguro, no necesita mi dinero, pero al final pide $250 dolares, ahi salio la verdad. Por eso me metí a que a investigar. Gracias perro guardian

  181. Chuck says:

    Quantum Code are a bunch of scum bags dirty human trashes how the hell can they sleep at night. There is no support no return emails or you can not call no body. Thief bastards!!

  182. Susantha Fernando says:

    So this is a scam at last ?

  183. Augustina says:

    Thanks watchdog.

  184. bob Clato says:

    outch.. $1000,!!!!
    do Nadex, or FOREX… start with $100, no more..
    test practice account first till the system is figured out.

    It is like LAS Vegas, Only risk what you can afford to loose.
    look this up on CFTC.

  185. bob Clato says:

    Hmmmmmmm… looks like they think we are all born last week.

    I found out that there is ONLY ONE Officially u.s govt. regulated binary trade system, and that is the one I will stick with for now.
    There is also .. maybe two trusted ones in Europe, located in London.
    Research them deeply as well.

    Awesone exposee n this her Mike Crawford.

    • Caroline Flaherty says:

      Hi Bob, can you tell me which ones are trusted that are based in the U.K.? I nearly went with Quantum Code, blindsided by the “genuine” Mike Crawford.
      Thankfully I didn’t but I’m still interested in doing this.
      I’ve looked at Fintech as well as SternOptions. Stern are looking more likely as they have replied to my emails & have not put pressure on me. I’ve also been guaranteed to win & I can get a refund if not satisfied.
      Have you looked into these?

      • WatchDog says:

        SternOptions may be a legit broker, however Fintech is a SCAM!

      • Jennifer says:

        They take your money change your account number then say you have not put any money into your account,they took money out of my bank account and changed the account number three times Benjamin Giuliani is supposed to be my account manager have e- mailed him many times got no reply he persuaded me to leave my £255 in for one month he would trade for me then transfer what money made into my bank account still nothing.

    • temple mene says:

      can I have the trusted system so I can put in my money right away

  186. c.lee says:

    Unfortunately I deposited $1,000 with Quantum Code and lost half of it. Now I am waiting for the withdrawal but I saw they have many complaints. It’s a tough wake up call for me.

  187. WatchDog says:

    Whatever comes out of this, we can only hope that people will be wise enough to research this first and listen to their gut feeling. Just because the website offers a fancy production, doesn’t mean it’s real. In this case we provided readers with enough facts to make a rational decision.

  188. Sarah says:

    I always trust Watchdog reviews the most reliable on the internet! After reading scam reviews here for so long I can recognise myself which service is a scam and which is not! Thank you Watchdog!

  189. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    well,of course this BS scammer always trying to trap and steal people with sweet talking such as get thousands even millions in short’s doesn’t make sense at all!..if we in BO world,we must use our sense wisely,always doing research..for me,without any doubt this The Quantum Code is just another crap scammer in this industry,please stay away!!

    • willie lewis says:

      Hi my name is Willie,i subscribed to the quantum code system and you have to trade by signals,with seven trades I had I winning trade and six loosing trades I have lost half of my deposit in 15 min.(in my eyes a very big scam.)

      • Kerry Wingate says:

        Have you been able to cancel your account and if so how did you do it?

        • David says:

          the issue isn’t just with the money, they also have your details too, so scammers can steal your identity…

        • Larry Norkas says:

          You cant they wont let you basically they steal your money from you. The first deposit is usually small and they show you how fast they can make it grow. Next they tell you to make a larger deposit and they guarantee you will be able to withdraw a couple weeks later. The later never comes and you end up loosing all you deposited. They will keep telling you the more you deposit the more you will make but its all bull shit. They never allow you to get a cent out of your account.

    • Beverly Edwards says:

      His name isn’t even Michael Crawford. He is an actor, Jason Glick. What a jerk!!!

    • Sean Richards says:

      Here you can contact the actors agency in Portland that Michael Crawford AKA Jason Glick works for ?!..

      Say no more !!

    • Steve says:

      Ok I’m English and I get fed up of shitty stereotypical English accents in the movies. The first guy he “interviews” on Skype is an American actor with actually THE worst attempt at an English accent I have EVER heard. If this is NOT a scam then WHY use an actor? Why not simply use a real account of success? SCAM FOR SURE. ARSEHOLES!!

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