The Profit Hack is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

It is with the utmost importance that you read our full review on the Profit Hack Scam if you have also been on the receiving end of their emails and marketing people. It has come to our attention that they have been blasting since this morning, and as a result we are having to try and help as many victims as we can to get back some of the money they have deposited. If the Profit Hack software has been one you were considering, or even worse have found yourself registering an account on it is within your best interest to read this review first before taking any further steps.

Jake Saunders is the alleged twenty eight year old owner and developer of the Profit Hack scam system currently claiming victim after victim. Why do we say the alleged, well it is simple really, all he is a voice narrator during the whole of the video / webinar, not at any time were we given trusted and proven evidence regarding his identity. We therefore cannot confirm either where the Profit Hack software truly comes from as every check we have so far done, and every inquiry we have so far made has come back completely empty. This is actually a very worrying fact for us, especially since we are finding that more and more traders are falling for this scam by the minute. Read this review until the end and there’s no way you’ll fall for it.


The even sadder thing is that even though we listed to the whole of that damn video presentation to find out exactly how the Profit Hack scam works, we are still unclear on how exactly it decides and places it trades. The closets that we are able to come that we realised is that the software somehow works on an arbitrage system therefore guaranteeing that it wins all the trades. For traders who have been trading Binary Options or Forex for a little while now will know that relying on a thing such as arbitrage is never going to work, as brokers will either fix the issue when they discover it, which they will, and hold full right to deduct any profits that you made as a result of platform malfunction.

Let’s go over a few points that will without a doubt prove to you that he Profit Hack software is truly nothing but another scam system making its rounds. First of all this so called live webinar is not even close to being a live webinar. It is just a plain video and nothing more, you can test this by refreshing your page, and you will notice the “webinar” starting from the beginning again. Additionally look at the message box to the right, which is there for traders to communicate with the developer and other traders. However when you try to write a message, you get a very convenient message popping up saying “Thank you for the message! We will get back to you and maybe even publish your question”. What do they have to hide if they are a legit system, why does our message have to be approved first.

Another point we have been able to discover during our review of the Profit Hack scam is that Jake Saunders claims to have already made over $6 million with the exact same software he is offering you today. Well we had a little look on the most well-known domain name checker, only to discover that domain was only registered on the 4th July 2016 making it just about a week old. Therefore proving that Jake did not make his six million or anything close to that since 2013 with the exact software he is offering us today. Furthermore, this also proves that the testimonials are fake and cannot be trusted.

TPH Trading aka Profit Hack alleged payments to “Jake” since 2013 in the image below. It makes no sense as money is withdrawn from broker accounts  and not by trading systems.


Lastly but not least of all we are getting some very conflicting screenshots and claims from the Profit Hack software. When you have a closer look at the email that you get sent if you do decide to register your name and email address with the auto trader, notice how the system is all of the sudden called TPH Trading. Which makes us question for which software we are truly registering for, as during the presentation it is called the Profit Hack, but in all the email correspondents it is called TPH Trading. It’s an abbreviation but in the world of deceptive marketing, we assume it’s a way to trick new members into searching for reviews on TPH instead of the full name which is clearly exposed now on and other review sites, forums and blogs as well.

Systems such as the Profit Hack Scam seems to be on the rise, particularly this time of year before we hit Christmas and all the big holidays where people look to either go on holiday or spend big over the holiday season. Therefore staying vigilant and doing your research has never been as important as it is today. We have already proven to you without a doubt that the Profit Hack Software is nothing but scam, but some traders do still get caught on other scam systems before we had the chance to warn them against it. One point that we can give you when you are considering an auto trader, is that when there are big claims of thousands within minutes, or broker bonuses to stop think twice and possibly run, and chances are you are about to sign up with a scam auto trader. The facts are obvious at this point leading us to a clear and indisputable conclusion.

Review Verdict: Profit Hack is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

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Please share your experience below this important review if you decided to give the software a try. your feedback is important and hopefully will deter others from making the same mistake.  Sharing this warning via your social networks is another way to help, especially if you are familiar with other day-traders who might be targeted by Profit Hack email spammers and promoters. The number one question we always get is “how can I get them to stop emailing me?”, the answer is simple, in most cases there is an ‘unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of the emails if they are sending you emails legally through and similar sites used by email marketers. In case they are sending you emails in other ways, check if your email provider offers a spam filter and mark them as spam.

For better alternatives we invite you to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. We only work with signals providers that generate a consistent winning rate over time, sufficient to generate an income. We also rely on user feedback and testimonials and do our best to weed out the bad guys.

Binary options is a great way to make money but before you register with any broker or signals service you must always do research, in order to make sure they are not a deceptive scam like The Profit Hack aka TPH Trading.  Thank you for taking the time to read this warning and be sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s blog for all the latest industry updates.

3 comments on “The Profit Hack is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!
  1. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    do not getting trapped by this The Profit Hack software guys,please extra careful!..this scammer trying to be smart to convince people especially on their live chat’s completely fake!!..please save your money!..thanks watchdog for another important review..

  2. John says:

    I keep getting emails from world trader and social trader…! Are they just another scam…? If so warn everybody.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi John those are 2 scams that we have on our list, but unfortunately there is a much bigger fraud that we need to review tomorrow. We will keep Social and World Trader on our TO-DO list. Thank you for the heads up!

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