The Money Glitch is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

Read this very important review regarding the Money Glitch SCAM, currently promoted by shady email marketers. David Matthews is the supposedly founder and owner of, and he got Selena Fairbrother to do the presentation on the offer. During our review we will be exposing the names and facts behind the software, and why you should unsubscribe from the email list if you are indeed one of those that received a marketing email.

Note that this website is “Available only in your country”, we surfed from various IPs and found that each time you visit this scam from another country, it changes so don’t believe that this offer is exclusive in the US, Canada or anywhere else.  Have you ever seen a binary options auto trader scam system being copy and pasted? Well you are in for a treat today, as that is exactly what The Money Glitch is. Most of our subscribers will instantly notice the similarities on the website, and we would not blame you if you are sitting and laughing about the same scam software going around for the third time. That is correct, not only has the idiots behind this system tried this once, they are now going at it for the 3rd time. Therefore please do not confuse The Money Glitch Scam with the Mockingbird Method or the Zulander Hack, as you will notice everything is the same, from the website to the script, to the testimonials. The only thing they actually bothered to update was the presentation video.

David Matthews the owner of the Money Glitch scam is just a stock photo, not a real guy. We do not get introduced or even told much detail, it therefore actually means nothing to us that he is the alleged founder. Selena Fairbrother however on the other hand is presenting us with the software and reasons why we should join. Regrettably we are also unsure of her involvement in this, and why she has the authority to give us this opportunity. Also, you might have noticed her ease with the camera, it could be that she is just a natural, however due to the other evidence we were able to locate for our review, we will put money on the fact that she is an actor!

The image of the alleged “Creator” of can be found on many websites!

Here is an example:


Furthermore, the Money Glitch scam software has apparently been trading and winning consistently for the last 78 weeks, making Selena and other traders thousands of dollars per day. However doing a quick, simple, easy search on, which some of you might have made yourself already, you will notice that website was registered on the 6th March 2016, making the domain just 9 weeks old. What happened to the remainder 69 weeks?

Don’t you just love it when there are so much inconsistencies with what is being offered, and what is being stated? There is nothing so great that makes your decision on whether to invest or not to invest so much more difficult, like the money glitch scam system has done today. Selena makes a big deal about everyone being able to make a whopping $2k in 4 minutes, yes when you have a look at the top of the website, it clearly states in bright red that you will be able to make $2,000 every 3 hours. She also made sure to state that each trader would be able to setup a bank transfer on the exact same day as making the two thousand dollars. This nonetheless is one big lie. We challenge each trader interested in registering with the auto trader to talk to your broker beforehand in order to confirm if that is indeed the case, as we can say with one hundred percent certainty that no binary options broker will ever agree to such a deal. Most of them have terms and conditions set in such a way that you the earliest that you will be able to withdraw your profits would be four to five days since submitting the request.

We couldn’t trace Selena Fairbrother on Instagram, Facebook or anywhere!

Unfortunately due to all the reasons mentioned above, with the fact that this is a copy scam, we have no inkling of a doubt that The Money Glitch is a fraudulent software. It actually pained us to do this review, as we really felt like all we did was repeating ourselves. The thing about systems such as these are the fact that ten to one, they come around more than once, therefore it is important to know who and what you can trust, in order to not fall a bogus system coming around for its second / third / fourth time.

Review Verdict: Money Glitch is a SCAM!

No real Reviews were found in association with this offer!

Fortunately there are much better alternatives if you’re seeking to trade automatically or directly with a regulated broker. At we carefully test signals services and rely on user feedback, before we endorse any type of binary options offer.

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Please share your thoughts, questions and reviews in case you decided to trade with The Money Glitch. Your feedback is highly important to us and to other potential victims who may stumble upon this warning. Make sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s Blog for all the latest industry updates.

40 comments on “The Money Glitch is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!
  1. Cecily Eather says:

    Money Glitch is referring people over to MBC BinaryCode/MobileBinaryCode,
    What is the say on this ?? is it a scam .

    • WatchDog says:

      After collecting all the emails from one product they promote via their email ‘spam lists’, it’s more than likely that they’ll use the email list to promote other products. The best course of action against the email spammers aka marketers, is to unsubscribe from their mailing list. Keep in mind that after using the emails over and over, they might sell your information to other promoters.

  2. Cynthia Ant says:

    What about Fidelity Esgrow Mr Donald Ray or Ray Donald? They cheat our $$$ so how to report them . I need to report them

  3. Joseph Leonhart says:

    Too late I got scam by this website and I still couldn’t get my money back

  4. James says:

    Hi, can you suggest on what to do if I had already fallen into this scam? I called my bank and they said they cant do anything about it.

    • WatchDog says:

      They took the website down and disappeared completely without any traces, unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about it James.

  5. sadia says:

    Hi watchdog
    Where is tauribot? I want to know about tauribot

    • WatchDog says:

      We recommended Tauribot in the past but it’s a losing system at this point. We will post an update to warn traders against it.

  6. Matthew says:

    I can’t believe they are so lazy that they would just use a stock image for their founder! This is so funny it hurts :))! I would so like to see these kinds of people behind bars for trying and sometimes succeeding in scamming people. I’m glad to see there are honest sites like yours, which investigate these outrageous claims and probably help many keep their money safe. I would also like to know the real name of Selena Fairbrother so she can have a chat with the Police.

  7. Ester says:

    I am in the US and the guy from Washington that presents this program has been seen in quite a few other programs where he states that he is a newbie. As soon as I saw him start the presentation I knew this was another scam.
    Thank you for helping us avoid mistakes in finding a good program.

  8. Boris Dvoršak says:

    I appreciate the warning but I already lost my investment so what ever. F**k the agent who posted a comment here!! You knew exactly what your testimonial actress said and you should be ashamed of yourself! Watchdog please expose these people all the way, I want to see justice! Are you happy now? This Selena really convinced me to trade with the Money Glitch and I was a fool to believe her but she was a liar to do this and trick me and probably other people with her charming eyes and beautiful smile!

  9. Steven says:

    Oops! My email account can be at risk.

  10. Michael says:

    Life saver,was about to put in my £200 last night.good enough didn’t have my bank details. This morning decided to look it up before then I got this info

    • WatchDog says:

      If anyone has information concerning the real identity of Selena Fairbrother from The Money Glitch, please notify us immediately. We decided that she should be held accountable for participating in the scam after going over the narrative.

      As soon as we trace her, we will publicly expose her for as long as this website is viral and traders are at risk of losing their money.

  11. Lalamani says:

    Please fellow south Africans, this GLITCH is actively trying to rip our fellows. i also nearly give-away $250

  12. Stevie Ocean says:

    Thanks keeping your eye on the ball in in Jersey GB when I attempted to register it stated invalid country & that video was specifically for Jersey residents I contact their 24/7 support nothing So don’t even think about it Selena Fairbrother is in fact a actor spotted her in Chan 4 I.T Crowd Stevie Ocean

  13. Andrea A. Richmond says:

    If You can say the word “sucker” after reading an offer + it just hangs with the rest of the BS don’t do it.

  14. Rafael D says:

    thanks to unmask these scams i see more and more of this every day


    This is a disaster, you can’t make a dollar with this system!! I lost most of my investment within a few hours, WTH?!? Don’t even think of touching this one with a stick.

  16. Terra Z says:

    The money glitch. Of course this is your own money glitch! 🙂

  17. Liesel Robson says:

    Thank you for keeping Watch

    How do I raise a query to see if a trading group that I have had contact with is a scam or not please

  18. GH says:

    PLEASE READ: I am the agent of the girl in this video (who is 100% an ACTOR). Both ourselves and our client are mortified as no information with regards to what this product is was actually given prior to the the casting shoot. We are seeking to have this taken down as its a complete misrepresentation of sale.

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear GH, It’s perfectly understandable and we’ve seen great actors and actresses get trapped into these scams before. We trust that you were seeking a side gig / infomercial for your client and in good faith, however the Money Glitch is now extremely viral and people are losing money. You can try it yourself and see if the lies she’s been instructed to say, are in fact real. Clearly now after witnessing the production and nature of this offer, you should definitely take action against those who hired you. From experience we know that this can be very damaging, especially if her real name is leaked to the public. Contacting the hosting, your lawyer and IC3.GOV are steps you can take. Thank you for posting a comment and we don’t have anything against the actress but next time you should vet the people you do business with better. This type of scam is borderline criminal as all members are going to lose the $250 minimum deposit.

      Again we encourage you to activate the software and see for yourself. Everyone is losing their money, this is really terrible and should be taken down immediately.

  19. Genevive says:

    Thank you for the warning … here in HK …and I receiving a Hughes of emails from Drexel code and money glitch …..that I need to claim my gift …..13,56432,987….USD but if I click the link onothe money glitch registration form comes out…..thank u again

  20. zeeraak says:

    Thank you watchdog! i nearly handed over my £250.00 and i realised the
    Broker i was spoke to was an african trying to put a cockney Accent as soon as i said
    i’ve found out that this was a scam he was god smacked and didn’t know what to say
    and hung up on me didn’t even try to convince me to sign up stay well away

  21. Mahdini Wahab says:

    I noticed a small cut in the video (bikini intro) when selena began explaining the software at 13.52s of the video. Stating “it exploits a glitch in a secret market” sends red signals for analysts already. We need to realise that we earn what we worked for, and we shouldn’t even think of exploiting anything. You might get into legal troubles for doing that. Opportunists take calculated risks… and this video itself is purely a marketing effort and nothing in it that can help us weigh the risks.

  22. Barry Rayner says:

    I have been getting emails from Drexel Code and signed Corey Drexel but when I activate it comes up with Money Glitch and their speil so have not gone any farther ,Now I won’t so thank you for enlightening me

  23. JN says:

    Wow, all is wonderful with Selena Fairbrother, in her video she shared this money making engine with strangers, but what about her driver?? Poor guy, will he remain a driver all his life? Will Selena let him the opportunity to have his own money and a house a big as her’s?? No… bloody joke!!!!

  24. Jamie says:

    Wow. It was no trouble at all for you to find so many inconsistencies with the site, revealing it as a scam. Its just another one of those “too good to be true” things that is definitely too good to be true. Looks like they hired and actor and bought some stock images and just ran with it.

  25. Anthony Nardo says:

    They say it’s only available in the US but yet they arent in the US and the money is in pounds not dollars! “SCAM!”

  26. Brock says:

    It is SO easy to tell this one is a scam. I live in NZ, and the guy, Craig said that he is from Wellington, but the problem is his accent is like a South African trying to put on an accent.

  27. Joanka Ramirez says:

    Whats the deal with all this scams? Who is taking care of these frauds in a legal way?

    • WatchDog says:

      CySEC controls and regulates the binary options brokers, they are the ones who charge your credit card when you fund money with a software. In response to the previous question, if you gave them your credit card information you should contact the broker asap and inform them that you do not wish to participate in this offer or have your card charged. If they already took money from your account, and especially if it was without your consent, file a dispute with your credit card fraud department. If you need help, you can email us and we’ll guide you through this process.

      Online Scams can be reported on IC3.GOV as well, but it’s not a practical way to get your money back unfortunately.

  28. Sher says:

    Hi there is it ok that they know youre credit account?

  29. Joanne Edmondson says:

    This is definitely a scam. They say it is free many times over and over again but at the very end of the video that you have just a small amount to deposit which I found that out when they called and said I had to deposit $250.00 before they would let me start. Don’t waste your time on the The Money Glitch software.

  30. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    Good job once again watchdog! This money glitch is just another rubbish scammer for sure..and the best part, when I open into their website.. They claimed “sorry, you’re too late”the money glitch is already sold out!!” LOL.. so don’t ever getting trapped by this scammer guys! Please always careful!

  31. toddpalmeriii says:

    Wow it looks like with some geo tagging and some variable emails this company has found its winning formula for online marketing. The main focus I want people to get from my comment is monitor your email sign-ups. If your on a list that only sends you “questionable” content regarding investment software or companies then simply remove yourself from that list. Seems like The Money Glitch might find itself in some legal trouble when it comes to scripts and testimonials based off what was found on the Mockingbird Method or the Zulander Hack. “Modeling” is one thing when it comes to building a website, but to flat out copy the script and overall set up of a successful website is punishable in a court of law in the United States of America. As I said in my previous comments on this site “be careful when purchasing software that claims to give you and insane ROI (Return on Investment) because it can also cost you a ton of money.” Again, in order to live the life you want and truly gain financial independence you are going to have to take risk, but be sure you are taking smart risk!

  32. Martina says:

    Thank you Watchdog for revealing The Money Glitch scam. The Internet nowadays sure is deceitful, it’s so easy and cheap for make a scam. Honestly, it’s unbelieveable to me that people actually believe sites like The Money Glitch. If making money was that easy, everyone would already be a billionaire.
    You’re doing lots of good by revealing the truth behind scam sites. Keep that up!

  33. Rune says:

    Thanks. for excellent feedback on scam sites THE MONEY GLITCH

  34. Janice says:

    Thank you so much for the warning Watchdog
    Good job….

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