Swiss Bot Scam Revealed!

If you are considering signing up with the Swiss Bot brought to you by Anne “Forex” Monti then think again! The Swiss Forex Bot, found at, is nothing more than an outdated yet contagious forex trading scam! Not only have we received reports of extreme loss of trading funds but we also have learned that malicious spam emails along with the exposure of your personal and financial information are among the hardships you will face if you sign up with this scam. Make sure you read our Swiss Bot scam review to learn just how dangerous this scam is and what to do if you have been cheated by similar scams!

So who is Anne Monti? Anne “Forex” Monti is the alleged creator behind the “free” forex Swiss Bot. Varying slightly from other forex trading scams that we have exposed in the past, the Swiss Bot scam operates in the form of an EA (Expert Advisor) that you will need to incorporate into a charting solution like MetaTrader4. Founded back in 2014, the Swiss Forex is nothing but an outdated scam that has resurfaced through backchannels and phony review sites that operate solely out of the interest of deceiving newbie traders out of their money for a handsome commission.

One of the biggest misconceptions found at would be how the website claims a 100% money back guarantee. Well let’s clear the air here, you are NOT guaranteed by Anne’s Swiss Bot and we can assure you that if you did lose money with their system that you would more likely than not never get those funds back. The disclaimer found at the bottom of makes it abundantly clear that they accept zero responsibility for your actions, trades and losses. The only reliable binary options service to offer a 100% money back guarantee at the moment would be the highly rated and tested Binary Option Trading Signals.

Now to further expose the Swiss Bot scam with concrete evidence feel free to refer to the images provided to you above and below. As you can see, Anne “Forex” Monti, the so-called creator behind the Swiss Bot doesn’t actually exist! She is nothing more than a fictitious entity created by some low-life scam marketer to serve as the scapegoat of this scam. Now this isn’t an uncommon practice, in fact we see this same characteristic with just about every scam we expose. Now why do scam marketers do this you may be wondering?

Well to answer that question, essentially these ghost entities are created with the sole purpose for scam marketers to relay the blame upon in the occasion that things turn to bad for them. Now to show you how the Swiss Bot forex scam has resurfaced all you need to do is refer to the image below. As we mentioned earlier this forex trading scam has reappeared through many notorious review sites and phony YouTube channels. Take for instance “Gregory Rice” who plays the role of a trader who claims to be generating good income with the Swiss Bot.

As you can see for yourself “Gregory Rice” is nothing more than a paid actor from So not only does the alleged creator behind this scam not exist but all the positive reviews and testimonials endorsing Anne’s Swiss Bot are fake! Now let us ask you question, why would you want to trust your money with a system that relies on paid actors and purchased stock images to gain your trust? The answer to that is obvious, you wouldn’t unless you are looking to lose a minimum of $250 along with some of your personal and financial information.

Review Verdict: Swiss Bot is a SCAM!

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