The Star Wars Binary Bot is a Funny SCAM! Honest Review!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Star Wars Binary Bot is the funniest SCAM site we ever landed on. This review is objective and important for those who may consider to join It should be obvious to most visitors who stumble upon this “opportunity”, that we’re dealing with a lunatic fraud and this “Allen Vader” is not a legitimate binary options trader, in possession of a software that can generate you millions.

Before we get to the facts, we wonder how being a Star Wars fan for your entire life, qualifies you to advertise that you can help investors generate so much money, we just don’t see the connection. Another problematic issue with the Star Wars Binary Bot domain is the freshness of it, based on Who.IS  and Google Trends it was created towards the end of November of 2015 which is about a month ago. Allen Vader seriously expects binary options traders to believe that in one month, his creepy looking software generated members over $120,000,000?! We’re dealing with a literally insane scam and if you are new to online trading, we surely hope you won’t fall for it.

Allen Vader, the founder of claimed to have worked for Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and CitiGroup in the past and even if it was true, which is not and you can look it up, it still doesn’t qualify this guy or the mentally unstable developer who is behind the software to know anything about BO day-trading, as long as no sufficient and empirical evidence can be provided to potential members. If this guy was a former employee of some of the biggest investment banks in the world, the Star Wars Binary Bot support should be able to send you a link to his LinkedIn page or a resume which you can verify, we tried and received no response.

Let’s forget about the many typos all over this fake website, including the “99% of successful forecasts” (with an extra L) which means that you are being promised 99 winning trades out of a total of 100, does it make sense to you? In reality binary options involves high risk and even the best traders in the industry can’t generate an ITM success rate of over 80-85% over time, you will certainly not get a flawless win rate with one of the strangest offers we’ve seen this year, Star Wars Binary Bot, you won! What is “Private Club of Dark Traders”? This is just crazy!


If you decided to join this automated scam machine, we invite you to share your feedback below this review and let us and other readers know as much as you can tell us about the true ITM, your experience and the impression you have regarding We found plenty of deception and lies in the narrative but decided that it’s probably not even necessary to elaborate too much, we do encourage you to visit the site for a good laugh.

Review Verdict: Star Wars Binary Bot is a SCAM!

Our team will not be testing this new service and encourage others to avoid doing so as well. It’s not really free and no binary options auto, semi-auto or manual service is actually free as you will need to deposit money with a broker. You can deposit as low as $20 and execute $1 trades. For beginners it may be a great way to give it time and see if online trading is for you. For alternatives to the Star Wars Binary Bot we encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Approved Signals for Binary Options, FX including other alternatives. Thank you for taking a few moments to read this review and we hope you make the right decision.

5 comments on “The Star Wars Binary Bot is a Funny SCAM! Honest Review!
  1. Dave says:

    Yes, an eight years old .. Come up with this isn’t it.. Funnies beyond words.. But thanks to watch dog we all can stand clear from jerk like these that make other legitimate business binary option looks really bad..

    Keep up the good work

  2. Dave says:

    Thank you watch dog..

    I wondering where does people come up with sort of name “star war” they somehow think they never going to be on a watchful like the “the watch dog” they must think people are stupid…

    But anyhow thank you keeping us all from these sort of scam and your update is much appreciated…

  3. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    Star Wars??LOL..yes agreed,this is really the funniest scammer ever!..simply to say,please avoid this software..U won’t ever “successfull” (with an extra L)..thanks once again watchdog for this review!..

  4. Tayo Papahiu says:

    Are you serious? Star Wars? This people have no dignity. Lol

  5. Garretsen says:

    Seriously? Did some kind of 8-years old idiot make this scam? I’m really astonished when I take a look at this pile of rubbish! I mean do they really think that people will fall for this, also after reading that “earned” 120 million in only one month..

    Let’s not hope so..

    Thanks a lot for exposing this childish scam!

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