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The Secret To Success is a SCAM! In the context of this review, we’re not referring to the ‘Secret’ by Oprah Winfrey or Rhonda Byrne, but to the new fraud system! This website surfaced recently and many day-traders are wondering if this new Secret To Success is a scam or if it is legitimate opportunity? After conducting a careful review of the website in question with consideration to facts vs fiction and promises, we reached a solid conclusion and determined that it’s a scam and not a real money-making system.

Timothy Galvaki, the alleged founder of the Secret To Success System and a “self-made Billionaire”, is ironically the same type of fake guru he warns you to avoid in the video presentation. What makes different from all the failed methods and apps for binary options the voice narrator warns you to avoid?

The answer is nothing! The absence of any way for members to confirm the existence Timothy Galvaki is troubling and makes you wonder if anything else is real. If he truly managed to find the Secret to Success with Binary Options as he claims, why use the same over-used promises and sales tactics to get you to register with his miraculous system? but it’s not all as we consider lies a serious red flag and so should you! Unfortunately the developers of this scheme failed the most basic honesty test. The guy who they want you to believe is a ‘Trading Tycoon’, is no other but a stock photo actor by as we uncovered, check out the following link:


Using images for testimonials or a fake software CEO is very common with scam offers we expose, and as you can clearly see, you’re dealing with the same type of deception with the new Secret To Success System. The creators of should be proud of their system if it’s so profitable as they claim, but much to everyone’s disappointment, they faild to deliver with the most basic aspects of business practices and ethics and we’re certainly not going to test it or recommend it to anyone via this review.

Ironically this fake Timothy Galvaki brags about “11.5 million dollars” in his alleged PayPal account but anyone who trades binary options should know that PayPal is not one of the available depositing/withdrawal options, busted on yet another lie. We can go on forever, but what’s the point? If you are seriously considering to try this bogus software after reading this warning, you are taking a major risk and will most likely lose your entire investment.

Verdict: Secret To Success is a SCAM!

Watchdog’s Recommended Signals

Finding a reliable broker or a signals provider for Forex or Binary Options trading is not easy. Many offers are highly misleading or completely fake and after reviewing so many systems, we have no doubt that by “Timothy Galvaki” is not reliable. Research is always important and if you ever decide to trade with a broker directly or with a software, make sure to do a background check and evaluate the reliability of the binary options broker you plan to invest your money with. No service is free and often the minimum deposit requirement is around $200-$250.

Other failed Automated Systems for Binary Options that we exposed can be found on our list of scams via the site menu. The conclusion should be very clear, we encourage all day-traders to avoid the Secret To Success! If you have any experiences or questions, feel free to share any feedback below this review.

8 comments on “Secret To Success Review
  1. RR says:

    wooooow! thank you for this info..i was about to join,but suddenly I hesitate..I was already a victim by scam..which is PAYINIGHT site..and I feel really bad..

  2. Long Teng Wah says:

    Is Simple profits a scam. It said everything on autopilot and we will not lose even a single trade , all winners. Hard to believe

  3. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    never doubt,this service is completely fake and fraud!..besides,so far as i know,its no way to use Paypal in,this scammer not smart enough anyway..great job once again watchdog for this review!

  4. John McLellan says:

    The opening words from this con should be enough to tell all and sundry he’s a fraud. Ask yourself this….how many times do you see real Billionaires touting their wealth on the internet…?? They don’t…!! Truly wealthy people always remain tight-lipped about what they have…..for obvious reasons.
    You only have to stop and think about it…..and if you’re not convinced then follow what the Watch-Dog recommends and do some DD….ask questions….don’t just jump in at the deep end….there may be unseen snags under the water
    Making money is difficult enough as it is….don’t throw it away on thieves
    My 2 cents worth

  5. Geraldo Mora says:

    Thank you watchdog for exposing another scam

  6. Brian Williams says:

    Thank you binaryoptionswatchdog for exposing yet another scam. I was taken in quite a few times by scam sites I had emails from. I googled the sites to see if they were legitimate and I discovered binaryoptionswatchdog. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and Michael Freeman Signals Group on Facebook. I would urge anyone who is contemplating getting involved in Binary Options to do as I did. My thanks again in exposing these unscrupulous people who are damaging the industry.

  7. Garretsen says:

    Hahahaha, It is so clear that Mr “man-portrait-unshaven” is a scam! It is indeed impossible to use paypal with BO and thus his 11.5 million is also fake without any doubt.

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