Sapphire M is a SCAM! Unbiased Review!!

Sapphire M, created by Lisa and Jason Stephens, is a SCAM! Completely fabricated and targeted toward the newbie day-trader demographic makes Sapphire M a dangerous binary options scam. Built exclusively for crude oil option trading, Sapphire M claims to be generating success rates ranging between 84 to 90% on a cumulative basis, when in reality their average success rate is well below 60%. Furthermore, Lisa and Jason Stephens don’t actually exist and we’ll share more about that in a few moments. To save a minimum of $250 and to learn more about legitimate binary option trading opportunities, we encourage you to read our unbiased scam review.

Sapphire M

The promotional video for Sapphire M is short, sweet and to-the-point. Breaking down the pitch video will basically render down to a pitch about how online traders who invest with binary options aren’t investing crude oil as much as they are talking about it. So due to this “issue,” the scam marketers behind this system decided to create Sapphire M, which is a binary options software that is exclusively made for investing crude oil. No empty promises or guarantees of earning a fat sum of money within a short amount of time are alleged by this system which has allowed Sapphire M to fly under the radar for the past couple of months.

One the main red flags that came up when investigating Sapphire M would be when we were digging into the legitimacy of the entities known as Lisa and Jason Stephens. Claiming to be brother and sister, this dynamic duo has a seemingly believable background story but our research yields different results. According to, Lisa trades crude oil futures while Jason just happens to be a software developer. Quite the coincidence, don’t you think? Yeah, we thought so too. Which is why we dug further into “Lisa and Jason Stephens” and learned that the so-called creators of Sapphire M was founded by fake entities.

Sapphire M is a SCAM!

As you can see for yourself, Lisa and Jason Stephens are nothing more than a stolen stock image from online. This dynamic duo shares no sibling connection and are nothing more than stock images taken from varying online dating websites and cheap online marketplaces. Which brings us to ask the question why would you want to put your faith with a system that was created by people who don’t actually exist? Great question! The answer is obviously that you don’t want to unless of course you would prefer to treat your investing more as gambling rather than a business.

One of the main attractions for Sapphire M would be that they offer a free $500 demo account. Now, don’t get all excited. Unfortunately, this demo account is rigged to automatically generate consistent winning rates so don’t get your hopes up and expect to win as much as the demo account is generating. The best success rate we have heard about from traders would be a low 60% which is below the winning percentage needed to accrue a profit. Not to mention that the rates provided with the demo account reflect much different values than what other brokers and charting solutions are reflecting.

Review Verdict: Sapphire M is a SCAM!

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Every element of Sapphire M is fabricated and made with the sole intention of deceiving day-traders out of their hard-earned money. Are you tired of losing money to ridiculous scams? Stop messing around and only invest with accurate and consistent signal services and trading software that are proven to help generate substantial profits. By visiting WatchDog’s Tested Binary Option Service Providers, not only will you learn about the best and most effective software and services, but also expect to accrue profits between 3 to 5 figures per month!

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One comment on “Sapphire M is a SCAM! Unbiased Review!!
  1. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    High risk!! alert on this..for me,crude oil is not an easy instrument and i’m really doubt about this Sapphire M credibility..they have nothing to prove yet..pls think wisely guys..

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