Safe24Options Scam

For a while I was debating if Safe24Options is worth reviewing, after all it appears that with the way they are scamming people they won’t make it for very long. So let’s be very clear, is a scam! When it comes to withdrawals, it doesn’t make much different if you decide to start with $200 or if you choose to start with $5,000 since you are not going to see any of it back. In fact, you might actually be luckier gambling your money in a casino instead, at least you’ll have some fun without expectations of generating an income. Safe24Options is not really worth anyone’s time, but if this review can safe a few traders, it’s worth every minute and plus, this is the reason why the WatchDog was created, to put these scams out of business!

The website Safe24Options is blacklisted on several websites including:


Safe24Options, are they affiliated with 24Option?

NO. Safe24Options has nothing to do with the 24Option company. It makes you wonder if their choice of name was purely to target 24Option who might mistakenly get the impression that it’s the same company. If you compare the two companies on you will find that “Safe 24” scams is not nearly as popular and almost non existent in comparison with the original company.

Very similar in practice to Global Trader 365, as soon as you request your withdrawal from Safe24Options they will be be gone with the wind. Attempting to contact them via Toll Free will prove itself as hopeless, on the other hand if you register a new user and request information on how to join they will be 20 times faster than a Pizza delivery!

How did you hear about Safe24Options? 

Please share your experience with this company and try to also recall where you first learned about them to help other users who might potentially fall victim to this company. Sharing your experience can help make  the trading community a safer place and will help the WatchDog put Safe24Options out of business!

How can I fight 

If you already deposited your money with Safe24Options forget about trying to reach this company and resolve this matter peacefully. Negotiating with scam-artists can only get you deeper into trouble. Seeking legal advice is costly and many times inefficient when dealing with international scams. It would be much easier for you to fight this company if you had an idea regarding their physical address, but their headquarters are hidden so don’t waste your time searching for them.

Is there a solution? YES! You can still get your money back and the WatchDog will be glad to point you in the right direction, absolutely FREE. Please remember to comment below and share your experience, let’s not allow this company to get away with theft. The Binary Options WatchDog is sincerely hoping that the follow up review for Safe24Options will be about their “take down”! Until next time, thank you for taking the time to read this review. Visit the complete list of Binary Options Scams by WatchDog! Looking for reliable brokers? Visit WatchDog approved brokers.

25 comments on “Safe24Options Scam
  1. browneisaac says:

    i will like to know about 24options please are they a scam?

  2. Lyn diaz says:

    I was scam also my vxmarkets.. They remove my money from my back account without my consent and confirmation. They first try 2000 euro but was denied because I have no such amount. Then they try 200 euros, €2250, amd another €150. I have the record because the bank notify me for the decline’s true like other comments above. If you register and inquire that you are a new, they are faster than a lightning ⚡ and even call you at the same time together.. But after they get the money thru ignore your calls and emails..

  3. Bus says:

    They are thieves deposit your money and that’s the end.

  4. Sergii says:

    Please help me withdraw my deposit with safe24options. I will pay money for person or company who will help

    Regards Sergii

  5. roger says:

    This is a scam..please do not deposit any funds you will never ever see your money not trust these bucket shops,get an actual broker like Interactive Brokers,else you will get endless procrastination when you try to withdraw,because your money simply does not exist but on paper on the site..

    *Licenced CF30

  6. Janel Devlin says: is a scam! please clear it.

  7. popeye says:

    this is how i got my money back from safe24options 1 email wasnt working so i kept resending the same message somewhere between 10 and 20 emails a day the same message i just kept resending in the end they probaly thought just give this guy hes money back so he stops harrassing us with emails hahaha the email i wrote said ” i made a withdrawl my id has been verified why havnt i received my money yet if you dnt give me my money back i will take it further you have my info now approve my withdrawl thank you” thats the message i sent and i just kept resending 10 to 20 times a day untill i got it back and i did so try that smash there inbox with the same email every day all day untill you get it

  8. N says:

    You got your money back? Well that is fantastic news! Maybe some of us can get ours back too. What did you do exactly to get it back?

  9. popeye says:

    i was with safe24options signal service via skype the signal service was shit i lost money i invested $5000 so i could get the signal service package i only had $1300 left of the $5000 i deposited i tryed to withdraw the $1300 it took me 2 months of me harrassing them via email i got the $1300 back 2 months later there excuse was i gave them the wrong account information i sent the info 6 times they kept saying it was wrong but hey i got my money back well what was left of it anyway and i joined 24option awesome company i have been with 24option for 2 years now and i never had any problems with deposits or withdrawls i make a withdrawl and its in my account 3 to 5 days later i highly recommend 24option but safe24options total bullshit scam scam scam

    • WatchDog says:

      We consider Safe24option to be nothing less but organized crime.. leaching of 24option’s visitors, stealing money from retired, elderly victims and unsuspecting traders, unfortunately based on so many complaints. They’ve been around for so long yet no one is willing to lock them up and throw away the key! The level of corruption, including the corrupt credit card processing companies, is just unrealistic. In the US, on one hand we lock teenagers for life for gas station robberies yet we let scam operations get a way with millions of dollars. Where are the Feds? we need extraditions, judgment and a resolution. Last week we received another suacide letter from one of our visitors via WatchDog complaint center. Wake up SCAMS, you are murdering people. Money = Time = Life…

  10. E.N says:

    I was scammed 12k on the ATS ( Auto Trading System ) and over 7k on their VIP packages for manual trading with Skype signals, started out with my friend whom was scammed 35k. im desperate, i know its not as much as you guys but it meant a lot to me. These people can be considered murderers, coz if you are in my situation, and you dont have much choice you can consider putting an end to your life over that. Im glad i have my friend helping me cope with this, i couldn’t take it alone.

    I dont know how can they be around for so long being such a huge scam, they dont scam only a few hundreds, they start from $35000-$500000.

    Now BOLS ( binary option live signals ) is working with Option Orbit and Zenith Option, maybe you should stay away from these brokers too.

    I didn’t want to believe, but the scam is real, everybody disappeared, and no response from BOLS, Safe24options nor my own account manager.
    And it seems like there is nothing we can do about it. ;(

  11. Bill says:

    I too have been unable to withdraw any money from Safe24Options/Binary Options Live Signals (B.O.L.S.). I selected the ATS system (automated trading system) and accumulated a significant amount of “paper profits” to the point where I reached their minimum trading volume and requested a withdrawal. At this point in time I can get no one to respond to me nor can I find any correspondence method or phone number to contact anyone as they seem to have blocked anything coming from my email address or Skype account.

    I have sent repeated messages to both organizations without any success. While I would like to withdraw money from my account that I have supposedly earned I would be satisfied with getting my money back if at all possible.

    Has anyone had any success in getting money via a withdrawal or a refund?

  12. sujith says:

    Safe24options and Optimarkets are the biggest scammers on internet. Binary options live signals,The signal providers of Safe24options has tricked me to deposit 5k. They offered managed account for 5k in the mid of Nov:2013. My account reached 40k within One Month.( I have all the proof), Then they asked me to deposit further 15K more to continue trading on my managed account that was not told by my account manager prior to my initial deposit.Luckily, I did not have that much money at the time and suspicious too on their activities.I failed to deposit 15k. So they took off all the profit generated from 1 month trading and then added 75% bonus on my initial 5k deposit without my consent and locked my deposit for 3*x.

    Learning from the mistake, I decided to test another broker(Optimarkets) and started with only $400. After 2 months of trading, I made $26 profit on optimarkets platform. I put the withdrawal request on 16th of Feb 2014 and it was approved on 20th of Feb 2014. BUT, MY MONEY HAS NOT BEEN TRANSFERRED TILL DATE.. 12/08/2014. I contacted them several times and I was told that they are migrating their bank a/c to another bank and be patient….
    NOW THEY STOPPED REPLYING TO MY EMAILS… ( I have all the proof).

    You might be able to beat the market but THE BROKERS?

    So guys…. if you want to trade binary DO NOT GO WITH SAFE24OPTIONS AND OPTIMARKETS. Don’t take me granted… just try with minimum deposit requirement and see how it goes with these brokers…

    please don’t invest big money, You will never see your money again…

    Please contact me if you need any evidence of what I mentioned above..

  13. Russell Eaton says:

    Dear Sirs
    How can I get my money back from safe24options?
    Any comments much appreciated.
    Russell Eaton

    • WatchDog says:

      If you signed up with a bonus than they can restrict your ability to withdraw your fund until you meet the trade volume requirement. If they’re simply just ignoring a legitimate withdrawal request you should contact your credit card fraud department and file a dispute. If you made a deposit via bank wire it will be nearly impossible to get your money back.

  14. P says:

    for trading the little time i traded i want to say that safe24options for the most part is OK.
    i invested there $ 10000 and i should admit that at first i lost $ 1000 by my own mistake,but now due to some experience I receive an additional $ 5,000 of income through them every month.
    it takes form 3 to 5 days from the date of withdrawal that the money comes to my bank account.
    And I am pleased at their work, though there are some problems with their website, luckily not often.

  15. FrankBlack says:

    Nonsense! Never ever had problems in getting my profit with safe24options. All the above mentioned looks like a discrediting of a competitor.
    I don’t pursue aim of advertising any platform ( broker) it’s not my cup of tea… still I was indignant reading this article!

  16. Bob11 says:

    YES!! Good job watchdog!)))))
    but it only shows what good moderator you are, not that a post is fake)))
    f.ex. as a safe24options client my opinion about this company is that I am giving it five stars for trustworthy.
    I came on this broker’s site by mistake ( looked for 24option, but i never regret trading with safe24options. Fantastic company! recommend!

  17. N says:

    Hahahah good job watchdog.

  18. Natali Stukina says:

    I am also a trader for a year. I’m trading with safe24Options broker. I like that they are giving me all needed supports without any problem. I never face any kind of problem with safe24Options yet. That’s why I don’t believe safe24Options is a scam or fraud. it’s a good company

    • WatchDog says:

      Strangely your computer IP is the same IP that showed the last time one of safe24Options employees tried to post a fake comment here.

  19. Peter Sin says:

    I’ve been trading with Safe24Options for about a year, quite profitable i should say. Safe24Options never fails to disappoint me. its solid reputation is %100 approved by my own experience. Like this company. It’s a safe choice for those who trade online.

  20. N says:

    This broker still owes me. I deposited money, a total of 3500, to get the gold account and I was told I also get the signals of all 4 sessions, from my manager Rikki Chen. I did make the mistake of not checking how my deposit was listed, unfortunately it was listed as a bonus, however, credit card statements don’t lie and I have that to show it was a deposit I in fact made not a bonus. My withdrawal request is still pending, and I want my money back or to be given the lifetime signals I was offered. Truth be told, the signals were had to use as they always came late, however, it should be my decision to use them or not not theirs, as I had already paid. Of course i have been ignored on skype, live chat etc etc and my manager claims to have resigned to i’m stuck. In the event that I can’t get my money back, a bad reputation for them will do, to save someone else some money.

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