Is Safe Income a SCAM? Honest Software Review!

Albert J. Henderson was wise to approach us regarding his Safe Income auto-trader, because we normally don’t give the benefit of the doubt to any software or binary options service we review. Considering the number of scam services we expose routinely, we are exhausted and desperate! Our team is always looking for reliable and legitimate brokers and services to introduce to our 7000+ blog subscribers.

New Update as of May, 2016: Safe Income App is not Reliable!!!

Unfortunately after testing the Safe Income App for a few months we realized that the performance decreased to a level in which we started taking some heavy losses. This was accompanied by many complaints which you can verify based on other review sites. The testimonials by real members are horrible and we have a reason to believe that they either changed the software to work against the software traders or no longer have any real way to sustain a high ITM performance. We had faith in but unfortunately they let us down. Is Albert just a SCAM artist? We can’t say exactly but we know that the software at this point is useless. Furthermore we received many complaints regarding the unregulated brokers that are synced with the website.

In reality we didn’t get 9 out of 10 winning trades with the Safe Income Software, it’s pointless to promise a very high win rate, thinking that it’s the only way to hurt trust. If anyone promises you a 100% win rate, you know they are lying and we’ve been doing a great job exposing them one by one. The performance is at best 78% ITM on good days and we’ve seen days with a as little as 40% ITM with Safe Income, so over all it doesn’t make sense to continue and trade with the software after losing so much money most of the time.

Let’s face it, real services can’t be free forever and when you join, there’s a free trial involved and then you will need to pay some of the profits back to Albert J. Henderson. The software is free to join, but there’s absolutely no business model out there, that will simply hand you over money without expecting anything in return. Take into consideration that some of the brokers are not regulated and have scam reports so you must verify the brokers and do some research before you register. Over all we can’t recommend it and we know of much better alternatives.

The demonstration and the software setting is pretty straight forward on the Safe Income Inc. video so you can get an idea of how easy it is, very accurate and to the point. Unfortunately we won’t post further updates as we have enough evidence to conclude that Safe Icome Inc doesn’t work and uses false advertising.

Review Verdict: Safe Income Inc. is NOT Safe, Potentially A SCAM!!!

Blacklisted website:

Please share your feedback, experiences and and thoughts with us if you are a member of the Safe Income App and we encourage you to give it a try if you’re searching for an accurate, 100% Automated software for binary options. This is a unique alternative to the great majority of scam offers we stumble upon, review and expose. If you are interested to trade with brokers directly, visit Watchdog’s Top Brokers for binary options. Completely new to online trading? Consider first trading with a Free Demo Account before investing money into a live trading account.

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39 comments on “Is Safe Income a SCAM? Honest Software Review!
  1. robert says:

    safe income bad news cant even contact them there support e mail does not work stay away from this scam

  2. Omar Mattar says:

    How safe is Startoptions which is supposed to be Sharia compliant?

  3. Maina says:

    When i got ready to start i never been authorized to

  4. Gary says:

    Don’t use trading robots. You WILL lose your money. They are ALL fake. The brokers and reviewers are the only ones that make the money. Learn to trade on your own. It,s the only way to make any money in binary options. There are no short cuts.

  5. William Hamstrs says:

    Hello..In three weeks Safe Income app set very conservatory made 21 trades 9 ITM 12 O T M long ways off 85% they predicted also with Option888

  6. Jerry Bengtsson says:

    No negative reviews?

  7. Sherry Parker says:

    This is a bad first impression and I won’t be using Safe Income Inc.
    I received a call from a so called “Broker” who is 4yrs older than me or so he says. I’m a professional in the IT field and customer service field. So when I’m handling customer’s money, I’m expected to have professional & direct answers; without saying UUUHHH…(long pause)… and this went on for several minutes without a clear explanation until he stated that he was going to put me on hold to go talk to his “SCO” about putting me on some kind of offer.
    AND DID I HEAR A TOILET FLUSH IN THE BACKGROUND DURING HIS UUUUHHH AND PAUSE?!? Is that not straight out of the Wolf of Wall Street movie, or what?

    Basically this guy knows nothing about what he’s doing hence the UUUUHHH (long pause) and several minutes of whatever it was he doing. When you have $300 of someone’s money sitting in limbo, the last thing that person wants to hear is UUUHHH (long pause) while you try to figure out what the heck you’re doing.
    Needless to say, I told him “Cancel my account, refund my money, and I’m going with someone else.” There are plenty of autotrader software platforms out there and their support staff will be professional when handling calls.

  8. candid says:

    Is still paying?

  9. keimoquincykeimo says:

    Me, i can’t register, it keeps telling me try another émail adress, ans it Still won’t register, when i try ôthér email adress

  10. philip says:

    hi,i just opened account wth safe income inc and activated my account.The robot is not working and its not adjusting setting since yesterday my bal is same.what should I do

  11. Jin says:

    I have deposit $250 to the safe income app account linking it to secured options. so far its been a week and it have traded 15 times. out of this 15 times only 6 trades are winning trade. right now my account only left with $145. is this normal?

  12. tirc ioan viorel says:

    hi.if i make some money with safe income,can withdraw the money or not?

  13. Maryam Goodman says:

    I tried to sign up with safe income but it kept asking me to use another e-mail which I did but is not accepting any of my e-mail (Yahoo & gmail) am in North Cyprus, pls can you advice.

  14. William (Bill) Hamstra says:

    Hi …I joined Safe Income due to the positive reviews on sites like this and others ,however my experience has not been all that positive ,set at 85% plus with risk factor at 2 ,in four days trading I’ve had 19 trades 11 ITM ,8 OTM not exactly a money making proposition ,anyone else having the same luck ?? Broker is Option888.

  15. Amanda Castle says:

    Markets are closed but I just wanted to thank you again for recommending Safe Income, I’ve been desperately searching for an automated software that works and glad I found one!

  16. Vivian says:

    Do you know if its available to guam? Pls email me

  17. Balaji says:

    I am not able to sign up. This is giving me error as “emails address already exists”

  18. tiêu says: problems! do not invest!

  19. Maria says:

    After 6 working days on auto trader in Safe Income Software I have 93,75USD from initial sum 250USd. Let’s see tomorrow!

  20. Daniel says:

    Hiran and watchdog, this has been reviewed here . It says crazy atm or binary options atm.

  21. peter K says:

    How do I contact their customer service?

  22. Utt Deel says:

    Hi WD even in my country Mauuritius i can’t access Safe income ,can you please advise.thanks.

  23. albert g. kolk says:

    I used most of all wellknown and tested app’s by binary experts. Are they paid? to test? the last now is Binary but almost zero. Is there a real app what is working in Holland??

  24. JE says:

    Hi Watchdog, I’ll give Safe Income a try with the minimum.

  25. Hiran Serasinghe says:

    Anyone heard of binary ATM?

  26. Demelzza says:

    I started with Safe Income today. 3ITM’s – 4OTM’s Ouch!
    Let’s hope for better things Monday.

  27. Maria says:

    Today on 01-04-2016 auto trader had three trades and two losses. So my first two days with SafeIncome Software finished balance 143,75USD from start balance 250USD.I will sent you info every day.By!

  28. Daniel says:

    Last thing that I saw about Drexel code was that I would become a millionaire almost overnight and they have NEVER lost a trade in three years. That was a bit tough to believe so I passed it up

  29. Maria says:

    Hi, today was my first day on auto trader in SafeIncome with minimum amount: three trades and three losses.Let’s see tomorrow.I’ll be keep up to date.

  30. wapen says:

    Hi, They assign Tradorax as broker! I have read a lot of negative reviews about them!
    Don’t know if safe-income use other brokers?

  31. Anthony Montone says:

    Lost all my money with the crooks!!! I’m thinking to quit Binary options!

  32. Arlene Smith says:

    Thank you for your service. You are saving us a lot of money and headache! i am interested in the Drexel Code ?????Can you advise me please. AfS

  33. Abdul says:

    Another great opportunity, is it available worldwide?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Abdul, Fortunately in most countries the Safe Income App is available but if you run into any issues with the registration keep us informed.

  34. Jackson says:

    After filling in my details for a free trial, i got ‘COUNTRY NOT SUPPORTED’ is that it

  35. Dennis Wolf says:

    Thank you very much Watchdog! I like the presentation on Safe Income, no Fiverr actors or annoying pop-ups but it’s definitely suspicious and I won’t be going forward with this one.

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