Safe Guard Trader is a SCAM!! Honest Review!

This important review is concerning the newly released Safe Guard Trader SCAM, we gathered concerning facts we encourage you to read before you waste time and money. Once you have seen the presentation done by David Hefner on the website, you will most probably be thinking, like we are now, why is the Safe Guard Trader software still up and available for registration. It is with the utmost importance that you read our full and unbiased Safe Guard Trader Review as chances are, believe it or not, that you have been scammed by the same scam before.

David Hefner the so called CEO and Founder of is offering you the opportunity to make no less than $33k per day trading with this system. The auto trader is only available to 10 people looking to be millionaires by the end of the month. First of all, Mr Hefner is not the owner, CEO or whatever he would like to call himself. He is the presenter of this scam, and another scam that we exposed not too long ago called GPS Trader, note how his name in GPS Trader is Richard Hefner. We therefore have no doubt that we are dealing with the same scammer and marketers behind the Safe Guard Trader scam. Visit our GPS Trader Review, for more information about the twin fraud site.


Another point that will prove to you that the Safe Guard Trader Software is nothing but a scam, is the fact that they are only offering this system to ten people looking to register. To our knowledge the auto trader has now been on the market for about 3 days, and we have already received about 13 complaints from traders who have lost their deposits, yet the system is still up and running and being offered to more victims who are unaware that this is a scam.

David also offers anyone who registers with the Scam, the chance of withdrawing their funds today, and it will be in their account by tomorrow at the latest. Apparently this is possible due to his EHPT (Express High Value Transfer) system. Allegedly every trader that earns their $33k a day can have it cleared in their accounts tomorrow. Before you even come as close to believing the story behind how transfers work ect, be sure to double check this with your broker, as no doubt they will first of all have no idea what you are talking about, and secondly their terms and conditions will clearly state that transfers can take up 10 working days to be cleared in your bank account.

Another clear fact that secured the proper title for the Safe Guard Trader Software to be labelled as a clear fraud, is obviously since it was created and put together by the same people behind GPS Trader which again proves that both these systems are bogus. Have a look at the screenshot where David Hefner kindly shows you his bank account, showing that he has a hundred and fifty two million dollars in the account. When you have a little look to the left of his account note that his name is not David, but actually Richard. Which means that this is the same screenshot used in both scam systems. It not the only mistake they have made with regards to the name and the Safe Guard Trader Scam. When you continue to watch the video and take note on the part where he shows you his trading account, again miraculously his he had a name change to Richard. O yea, and this not even to mention the fact that he shows you twice what the current balance is in his bank account, but notice how there is a discrepancy of over $200k.

We can go into how the Safe Guard Trader Software is supposed to work, but there is no point, since it doesn’t and everything you heard during the presentation on the website is nothing more than a lie and a sales tactic to get you to register with their fraudulent system. The fact that we have already received more complaints than the spaces available on their site is one big reason for us to not trust this auto trader, and to make matters worse, the complaints are still pilling in even as we are trying this review.

Systems such as Safe Guard Trader Software and GPS Trader come around again and again, this is why it with the utmost importance that you stay vigilant and know who or what you are dealing with. Additionally if something looks really good and you are unsure if the auto trader is trusted or not, you are most welcome to get in touch for us to check out. We have been dealing with a lot of scam systems in our years of trying and testing auto traders, yet we are still surprised by the systems that get released to steal people’s money. If you are new to binary options trading all we can advise at this time is that you ensure you do your research and ask questions if you are unsure, it is better to be safe than sorry, and lose your money to the wrong system. We can only hope that this review and other honest reviews will change your mind!

Review Verdict: Safe Guard Trader is a SCAM!

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2 comments on “Safe Guard Trader is a SCAM!! Honest Review!
  1. Noah Edwin L. Ragub says:

    Thanks watchdog for being a protector of the hard earned money of the people from scammers.

  2. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    this guy did it’re think they’re smart,but still not enough yet..this Safe Guard Trader is definitely scam 100%..please stay away from this service..otherwise,your money will simple gone!..good job once again watchdog!

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