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29 comments on “Risk & Disclosure Policy
  1. craig says:

    Around a year ago or so, I’m not sure, I had I think over $800 in cedar finance. Then, I stopped the trading for so many months and when I came back to it, there was no website and I never knew what happened to it; and so did they go out of business or did someone steal all the money from the people who had money in it or what happened? Where did all the money go and did anyone get a refund of what they put in? (Also the same question in effect concerning Binary One).

  2. Dj says:

    I got scamed by 99bionary out 40k and no notice just closed their door unplugged website and no awsers calls.

  3. Lori VanDyke says:

    I have been scammed by CTOption. and i would like help getting my money back. I asked for my money back several times and put in 7 withdrawals which they refused to pay – every time i requested a withdrawal someone from CToptions would call me and tell me i needed to add more money! and then they kept handing my account to other traders – i went through 5 different traders in less then 1 year. the last 2 traded all my money- and still they asked me to add more money!
    Please help!!

  4. donna says:

    A scam to get me to fund theirs right? Everything I have checked so far nothing leads to 99 binary being out of business. So you mean the caller was trying to scam me right?

  5. donna says:

    I just received a call today from a binary company telling me that the money I had with 99Binary is gone. That the Govt (not usa) just shut them down. He said happened a week or so ago and they want me to give them money so they could make back my lost money. Well I havn’t been able to find out anything that supports their claim and I sill have access to my online account and looked at the trades I have going on. I figure if that was true the web site would have been taken down and some type of notification would have gone out. Or atlest I would see it here. Do you have any idea about this accusation?

  6. Leanne says:

    Does anyone have any latest feed back about option robot,are the you tube sites about how it works and how good it is really true ,also what binary trader should i sign up with? Is 24 option any good?

  7. Herbert Oropesa says:

    do not trust “DEMO’ they are fixed . i thought i would run a “DEMO” on sunday and it was rolling yet when i checked with the platform being used , they were closed , so i got on “CHAT” and the same girl that got in touch re one bot was responding re the other . She told me that they use “ETORO ” feed so i had the demo and etoro but they too were closed .
    my point is this ,if i get a demo on a car , I d not want to be riding an elephant. It would be good to get an actual feed demo not something out of STAR TREK

  8. Andre says:

    i started with $250 with what they said was al is needed . was given a broker who told me that he was one of the senior brokers and that hedoes not normally deal with small accounts as mine and that that the brokkers that should was on leaf.al when well and the profits came and i was emotionaly black mailed to deposit more money or stand a chance of losing mY investment . this kept on and i also wanted to know when i can make my 1st withdraw i was then told my account was stil to small. at $12000 . long story sort the account was at $27000 at one point and it was 3 months later . my broker then got hard to get hold of and at a point they told my that he was sick i was given another brokker and in a sort time of almost days i started lossing it al the new broker also started to black mail me and told me that my accont will close if i dont do a deposit. at this point ive already put in an investing amount of close to $12000 and did not have more funds. they let the account go down and closed it. about n week later my broker called who was now back very “angry” at he replacement that was givin to me . He called me a few times after that a week or so apart trying to get me to deposit more money again.

    really hope that other people would be spared this


  9. jose says:

    Very carefully – hyipfundrecover.com is a SCAM. They were $ 90 to recover my money from a Hyip and do not respond to my emails

    • WatchDog says:

      We don’t review HYIP systems in general, most of them are fake. Forex Paradise is one that we trust, having withdrawn a lot of money from their platform in the last months. We also obtained a higher agent status and get referral % as well so the profits are decent and solid.

  10. orphannomore says:

    My first experience ever was with United Options in New York City. in early 2014. I felt I started out with a good broker. Together we made $21,000 but then he left and someone put a robot on my account. It lost $6,000 before I found out; I asked for that to stop.I stopped trading but my money continued to disappear. At this time the site changed hands. The new people started out saying they would refund me all my money. They put 14,000 in Pending.

    The new head lady disagreed telling me because I had been given a bonus of $7,500 that I must pay that back to them. I objected explaining the site had lost me $6,000. Slowly whatever remained in my account disappeared. Then they no longer answered the phone when I called. I am not sure if the 14,000 is still in pending or not. I have tried to call but no one answers. I can find no way to check up on my money. They have probably simply taken it.

    I have a screen shot in 19/02/14 with $5,265 remaining in my account. Slowly it all vanished. But the $14,000 in pending was visible for all of 2015. A SAD story, but true.


  11. Dora says:

    They keep rolling out new ones.
    This is the latest, The Nesdek App
    Can you please check?

  12. Dora says:

    Here is another, Safe Guard Trader! Once they have you they must sell email lists.

  13. Dora White says:

    BOWD, you are a blessing. Thanks for your help. <3

  14. Dora says:

    Another inquiry, Greenwoodformula? I keep getting text messages with this presentation. I haven’t watched it, thought I would run it by you!

  15. Dora White says:

    Thank you for your response I wish I had contacted you sooner. I am currently waiting for them to return my deposit hopefully they will!

  16. Dora says:

    What about Lie Detector Millionaire?

  17. David L Mohn says:


  18. June Poole says:

    Thanks for the warnings!!!! Wells Investments and Amissio Formula are sending me CONSTANT invitations to join their scams, but, thanks to you, I keep telling them to get lost!! Thanks again. While I’m here, which trading platform works on a 24 hour basis, I live in Australia, and all the trading platforms seem to be in Europe or England, they work while I’m asleep and vice versa.

  19. David Greene says:

    BEWARE >>BEWARE Don’t Know regulator for Knight Capital… Knight Capital executes “after the fact” loosing trades for fund managers, Fortress Fund, on live accounts. After market movement, a loosing order is placed on live account with ,lot size tailored to wipe out accounts of unsuspecting investors in managed trade accounts. That trade only shows up in account trade history because it cannot be observed live.

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