Rio Profits Software is a SCAM!

Looking to earn up to $237 per hour with the Rio Profits software? Well, think again! The Rio Profits auto trader, found at, is a binary options trading scam! Do yourself and countless others a genuine courtesy by sharing and avoiding this ridiculous auto trading scam.  Guaranteeing that if you sign up with their system today that each user is guaranteed to generate over $5,000 per day. Sound a little too good to be true? Yeah, we thought so too. Now, for those of you who want to learn how to save money while generating a substantial income through binary options, make sure you read our brief review in its entirety!

Andrew Reynolds is the alleged creator behind Rio Profits. Presenting himself as Andrew Reynolds, the owner of Rio Holdings, everything coming out of this paid actors mouth is scripted. The entity pretending to serve as the scapegoat for this scam is nothing more than a paid actor from some online marketplace. Furthermore, after further investigation, we found that the company known as “Rio Holdings” actually doesn’t exist! Go ahead and search the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or Division of Corporations and see for yourself!

Perhaps the biggest mystery that we solved when reviewing the legitimacy of Rio Profits would be how this scam was actually created by the same con-artists who brought you the Tesler App, which we exposed as a scam here not too long ago. In fact, the scammers behind the Rio Profits auto trader were so lazy that they didn’t even make their launch unique. Using testimonial images from their other scam launches just goes to show these scammers are dimwitted yet relentless. Just like at this Tesler App Review for example, it is the same stock image used in the Rio Profits scam and the alleged profit that he made is the exact same with both scams.

Rio Profits

Now that you know a little bit more about the Rio Profits and Tesler App scam let us ask you question… Why would you want to invest with an auto-trader that is completely fabricated and lies about their true origins? The answer is simple, you obviously wouldn’t! Just to show you how lazy these scammers were we will share another common characteristic between the two scams. For those of you who have read our Tesler App Review, you may notice how the functionality of both systems supposedly run off of “Lead Patterns” algorithm that generates success rates over 97%.

To avoid becoming a victim to mediocre investment scams like Rio Profits, make sure you subscribe to our blog. We are the largest and most reputable binary options review site having exposed over half a thousand binary options and Forex scams and settling over 1,500 trading disputes. It is clear that every element of Rio Profits is fabricated with the sole intention of deceiving innocent day-traders out of their hard-earned money. Don’t waste your time with petty scams that promise you unrealistic guarantees within a minimum amount of time. A good rule of thumb to invest by would be that if it sounds too good to true then it probably is!

Review Verdict: Rio Profits is a SCAM!

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2 comments on “Rio Profits Software is a SCAM!
  1. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    we don’t need to listen with this liar and fraudster guys,it’s simple to say that.. their existence only to cheat & swallow people money esp newbie in,please be careful..thanks again watchdog for this review..

  2. turnerbinary says:

    What A Joke! How lazy are these scum bags!?

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