Revenge Profits is a SCAM!

The Revenue Profits auto-trader is without question one of the most ill-founded and ridiculous binary option trading scams that we have come across in 2018.  In the world of digital options where binary option regulatory agencies and countries are stepping up against the fraudulent operations that are popping up on a daily basis we speculate that it won’t be long before the creators behind this moronic investment scam get put behind bars. Throughout the duration of this scam review we will not only debunk the idiocy that is the Revenge Profits money-making scheme but also provide you with a suitable outlet to not only consistent service providers but also ones that average a 70% success rate or higher.

As you will learn every element of the Revenge Profits auto trader is fabricated with the sole intention of deceiving inexperienced day-traders out of their hard-earned money.  Compared to most of the other pitiful scams that we end up blacklisting does not incorporate any paid actors to serve as their scapegoats or phony testimonials which are oftentimes the backbone to most ludicrous auto-trading scams.

They do however rely on the incorporation of a common scam marketing widget that is used to showcase the profits generated by all the members that are currently enrolled with this auto-trading scam.

However, just like with everyone of these widgets that we have seen implemented in the past all you have to do is refresh the page and you’ll notice how the values of the total members profits starts back at its originating value.  This is one of the easiest ways to identify and determine if a binary options software you are checking out is a scam or not.

So how does the Revenge Profits auto-trader generate investment signals you may ask?  Well this is a rather elaborate story to be honest but the short version of this story would be that the creators behind this system somehow got their filthy little hands on some personal files from a prestigious Wall Street trader and utilized the contents from within those files to create the “highly accurate” Revenge Profits system.

This system then we suppose incorporates 1 investment algorithm along with “four technical trading strategies” which is where we begin to pick apart the Revenge Profits scam.

You see throughout the promotional video they claim that the systems technical strategies that were incorporated into the system would be the MACD, Coppock Curve and SMI “strategies” but it is clear to us that the idiots behind this scam don’t know anything about investing because those technical components are not strategies but rather technical analysis indicators.

So to get this straight, these scammers went behind some Wall Street traders back, stole a file that allegedly was longer than 50 pages on an excel document then deciphered all of that content to create the “amazing” Revenge Profits software that generates a 79.993% success rate, or so they claim.

In all honesty we don’t really understand how these morons would think we could fall for such a far-fetched story.  Even if they had the technicality down that those technical indicators where indicators and not strategies who would want to put their faith in a system that allegedly stole a staggering 50 page excel document file that provided them with the only “risk-free” investment software?  Now we’ve been over this before, nothing and we mean nothing is risk-free in any investment industry, much less binary options.

A couple of other aspects that we couldn’t quite get over in regards to the Revenge Profits scam as well would be how they claim they only accept 100 new investors at a time.  As if we haven’t already heard that one before, like seriously, be a little bit more creative than that now!

Anyway, as most of you already know they only mention that they are accepting 100 new traders with the sole purpose to rush the viewers on the page into hurrying up and signing up to ensure they have a spot.  The other main element that we don’t particularly care about with this investment scam would be the absolutely crap binary option brokers they assign to you.

Now compared to most legit trading softwares like the proven OptionRobot Software you will be offered at the least a few regulated binary option brokers along with some other brokers that are decently reliable but with the Revenge Profits auto-trading scum this isn’t even an option.  You only have the ability to sign up and deposit with the worst of the worst brokers and that is putting it kindly!

Review Verdict:  Revenge Profits is a SCAM!

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