Regal Wealth is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

Avoid the Regal wealth SCAM that has been recently released by the alleged Michael King, this review is purely based on facts and common sense and will save you money if you’re thinking to join It has come to our attention whilst gathering evidence for our review that the software presentation has really confused most traders with regards to the system being legit or a scam. In all essence we see why the bewilderment as things are not all clear when first landing on the website. Everything looks the way it should, and sounds the way it should, so why doubt it right,? Well this is where we step in, due to our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, if anything has even one ounce of being a scam, be sure that we will find it and point it out in our review in order to avoid as many people as possible losing their hard earned cash.

Michael King claims to be the Founder and CEO of the Regal Wealth Software that he is generously giving away to fifty lucky people today. First of all, the Regal Wealth Company that he claims to own does not exist. We could not find any registration details, or any reference to his company anywhere. The only evidence we are able to find for our review is that there are two true companies that goes by the same name, however one specializes in Financial Investment into Real Estate, and the other one is a Pension Fund. Secondly, if you do a little search on google, you will notice a few other reviews already posted on the Regal Wealth Scam, which brings to light, if there truly were only 50 spaces available, they would have been gone by now.


Furthermore, whilst listening to the lovely previous beta testers testimonials regarding their experience with the Regal Wealth software, there is one very worrying piece of evidence that unfortunately proves these as being untrustworthy. When having a look on for details on the website, we noticed that it was only registered on the 11th May 2016, meaning there is no way the previous group of fifty traders has been trading for over one year, one month maybe, but definitely not one year. The only thing we can give them credit for is originality, it is clear that they are actors, but at least they did not use actors, meaning they at least had some pride in their scam.

Whilst watching the pitch video we noticed the newly added live results underneath the video that the Regal Wealth scam is apparently generating. This really amused us this morning, and we couldn’t hold back our sarcastic laugh. When having a close look at the trades, notice how they all seem to be winning. Now have an even closer more careful look, and notice how even in if some of the trades is losing it is indicated as a win, and rest of them have a sudden spike to a ridiculous level which automatically makes it a win. There is no way that there are such big jumps in a matter of 2 seconds, like the Regal Wealth software is indicating.

Michael King makes a very serious allegation during his presentation on the Regal Wealth software, and that is that after the big market crash of 2008, he decided to go at it alone and started his own company, taking some very high paying investors with him. We can assure you without a shadow of a doubt that no matter when Michael left his supposed high paying bank job, he will never have been allowed to take clients with him. Everyone working for any bank, has to sign a contract stating that they will not take any business away, it is just common sense, and if he did, we are certain that the said bank would have sued him for everything he owns.

As we conclude in every review and warning we post on, services such as the Regal Wealth Scam cannot make $4k to $10k per day based on a two hundred and fifty deposit as it goes against logic and is simply too good to be true. We tried and tested plenty of systems and software’s and we are yet to find one that comes close. Those figures are impossible to reach unless you place your full balance on each trade, and going on the fact that the Regal Wealth system trades 60 second trades, as indicated in their live results, this would be suicide. Most trusted binary options auto traders when trading the way they should be traded can at the most make you between $800 and $1k per day, which isn’t exactly pocket change. When looking at a binary options auto trader website and presentation, the amount they go for is generally the first indication that you just landed on a scam website such as The type that has no authority, lot’s of dream selling and psychological tricks.

Review Verdict: Regal Wealth is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

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While doing some additional research prior to the release of this Regal Wealth Review, we found some disturbing testimonials on various forums associated with online trading and warnings by traders who received spam emails from the marketers who are behind this. If you research for info regarding this software in the search engines, you’ll find some positive reviews but if you dig deep enough, some blogs are honest and are not part of this elaborate money-making scheme. This is certainly not a credible Auto-Trader, System or Software.. There’s only one name suitable for the Regal Wealth and it’s ‘FRAUD’. Please share your feedback if you decided to invest your money with the “Michael Kings” imaginary trading system.

Remember to share your feedback below this review and please share it if you know of other day-traders who might be targeted by the misleading services we listed above. Thank you for taking a few moment to read this important warning. If you are completely new to day-trading, consider starting with a free demo account before you invest with real money, and no matter which software you decide to register with, always make sure the broker you are assigned to trade with has a good reputation. Subscribe to receive all the latest reviews and warnings directly to your email.

13 comments on “Regal Wealth is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!
  1. Andrew Higgins says:

    What I find is one of the biggest tell tails on all of these scam video presentations is the third party cutaway angle on the camera. It has become a signature on all of these scam sites as through the videographer and editor is the same person on each site. What is with the whole “watch me from my ugly side angle while I BS you” deal?

  2. Marv says:

    Just got a mail from these idiots so I decided to do a research about themoney,lo and behold here I am. THANKS SO MUCH,MORE GREASE TO YOUR ELBOWS

  3. Alex says:

    I received an email from Regal Admin, to join Michael Kings private club! I watched the video as well… and because I´m looking a way to make more money I was going to make my deposit. But then I googled this site to see if this was a Scam, and I found all these comments. I will appreciate if someone could tell me where should I have to invest to make money on the internet.

  4. K says:

    It’s a shame that people are still out here scamming like this! When you really pay attention to everything you can see that this is CLEARLY a SCAM! Thank goodness for this site keeping these scammers exposed. Another great one watchdog!

  5. MICHAEL says:

    it does not make sense for me where t5he money comes from after depositing $25. secondly I wonder how they get people’s emails since I have not played anything to win. Michael King stop stupidity. Am also called Michael and people with this name tag are straight forward and hardworking people.

  6. dave says:

    thanks WatchDog for the update

  7. jim liston says:

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype and jump into something that, if looked at clearly, can’t be anything but a scam. Thanks to your research and honest reporting I’m sure you’ve saved many people’s savings. Keep up the good work!

  8. Simon says:

    Hi, Anybody knows about CTOption Binary.It sound so good. You deposit 250 and you shall get bonus 1000. It help to built up your capital. Profit you can withdrawl.
    Any comment.You can see result after 1 day.

  9. E.Burgher says:

    you have said it all, commonsense is against such quick and positive returns of investment when it comes to trading. i sincerely find it baffling that these Regal Wealth scammers can set up their plan and or trap perfectly well and fail on the smallest of details. i assume their target is the inexperienced, novice or guys who aren’t even into trading. i say this because i think anyone with the a minute clue on trading knows that there is profit and loss in it. so i find it preposterous that they are very sharp in talking about how much profit you’ll make in a day. this dishonesty raises a red flag. so they succeeded in making everything look believable i have to commend them for that but failed at the level of their story. this clearly shows us how greedy and deceitful they are, because they are controlled by these two vices they cannot hide their true nature of being a FRAUD!!!

    My second point is on the fact that if we familiar with trading software we must have noticed that the scams in the industry always use this cloak of being of being easy to use and guarantee high or even unbelievable amount of returns with little investment. so what i have noticed is they are really not in target of traders but people ignorant of trading and have the desperation of making more money, so i propose that we spread this as far as we can and to anyone we think can be vulnerable to this type of software and stories. i think it is our responsibility not only to read and comment but to tell a friend, share it on social media and if it persist go on radio or TV or something. this might not seem that serious to most of us now because we are aware, we should think of the millions of people who are not and do something to stop this FRAUD.

    once again i commend the efforts of watchdog. They shine the light on dark spots of the web and carve the path for a safe use of good software and the web.

  10. Kevin says:

    Thank Watchdog I was nearly sucker in !

  11. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    Scammers always thinking easy ways to steal people money, so pathetic!! Great job once again watchdog! Stay away from Regal Wealth!

  12. WatchDog says:

    It seems as if they’re duplicating the same concepts, re-branding the same ole scam and narrative over and over.

  13. Sarah says:

    It’s always good to be informed before invest your money. These scam sites have to be exposed! I appreciate all the help, it seems like you guys are always on it when it comes to the newest frauds.

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