Pump Trades is a SCAM!

The auto-trading software known as PumpTrades is the newest get rich quick money-making scheme to enter the binary options industry.  Alex Stewart, the alleged CEO of PumpTrades, is nothing more than an alias to serve as the scapegoat for this absolutely pitiful and obvious auto-trading scam.  Everything about the PumpTrades auto-trader screams scam and we can assure you that throughout the duration of this scam review we will debunk all the manipulative and deceptive characteristics that compose this fraudulent binary options operation!

So what is the real danger with PumpTrades?  The real danger without question in regards to the PumpTrades software would be through the promotional video that contains an overwhelming number of fabricated software results, paid testimonials and too good to be true guarantees.

Within the first two minutes of their pitch video, Alex Stewart the so-called creator of Pump Trades, graciously shows us his amazing investment results with the system and let’s us just say, they are quite staggering.  Claiming that he has accumulated a profit over $155,000 within 2 months time along with showcasing out of 7,289 total investments that 6,872 of them landed in-the-money allowing him to generate a 94.28% success rate.  All of this as you know is without a shred of doubt fabricated and too good to be true.

The amount of fabricated screenshots in this investment scam is absolutely ludicrous if we are going to be completely honest here.  What is even more absurd would be how the three testimonials provided throughout the duration of this scam each showcase profits of over $60,000 within a two months span.

Now if that wasn’t enough already to further add to the lunacy of PumpTrades all of the brokers assigned by the PumpTrades auto-trading scam are notorious scam brokers that have some of the most despicable and shady reputations in the binary options industry.  So you can almost guarantee yourself that if you ever did deposit with them that more likely than not you will never see your hard-earned money again.

So how does the PumpTrades software work?  Well according to the man pretending to be Alex Stewart in the paid voiceover PumpTrades works with super computers which allows their system to have an advantage over other competing systems.

Furthermore, PumpTrades implements some sort of FGTX FX algorithm that enables their system to invest both currency pairs and stocks to generate an average success rate of 92.50%.  What we can’t seem to understand though would be how a forex (fx) algorithm is able to execute stock options when they are only associated with currency pairs.  Perhaps this can be best answered by exposing the obvious and saying that it is not possible to begin with.

Not fully convinced yet?  Okay well as you can see in the image provided to you above PumpTrades claims to have publications on Forbes, CNBC News, New York Times, Business Inside, Yahoo and Bloomberg Business but if you take the time to conduct a quick search query on each of these websites you will notice how zero search results are the only results that will appear.  What does this mean you may be wondering?  Well it is quite simple, it means that PumpTrades and every component of this scam is fictitious!

We have seen countless times the extreme lengths scam marketers are willing to go to deceive innocent day-traders out of their hard-earned money and PumpTrades is without a doubt a shining example of these measures.

How far this team of scam marketers were willing to go in order to make their software appear legitimate throughout their pitch video was in all honesty quite scary, especially if this team of con-artists stay together and work on future scam launches as we have seen witnessed countless times these past few months.  Do yourself a favor and avoid the PumpTrades auto-trading scam for binary options, we can assure you the only result that will occur is the lose of your hard-earned money along with a great deal of regret.

Review Verdict:  PumpTrades is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: pumptrades.com

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