AVOID the Public Millionaire App SCAM!

This is an unbiased review concerning the Public Millionaire App by Pat Bruce, which we found to be a SCAM based upon credible evidence! Throughout the past few days we have received many complaints from day-traders who claim that they have been scammed by PublicMillionaire.com. The Public Millionaire App, by the fictitious “Pat Bruce,” claims that users can generate between $3,000 to $5,000 per day using their system although our reports have put the highest winning percentage at only 52%. We can tell you right away that the Public Millionaire App is a definite scam so be sure to read this review carefully and we may be able to save you at least $250.

Pat Bruce is the paid actor who presents us with this life changing opportunity that allows even the most novice online traders to become millionaires. 100% guaranteed and 100% free. What he forgot to mention would be how this software scam does not legally back up the 100% guarantee which is included in the Disclaimer where they possess zero liability for complete or full loss of your investment funds. It seems to us that nothing is guaranteed at all and as most of you know getting started with this system isn’t free either.

Public Millionaire is a SCAM!

What makes the Public Millionaire App “free” would be the requirement of having to open and fund an account with one of their so-called “recommended” brokers. Right away from the broker selection could we tell that we were dealing with a phony scam. All of the brokers synced with the Public Millionaire App are COMPLETE scams! Investing with unregulated brokers that are operating without licenses and soliciting traders is not only illegal but not safe for you to get trade with! Furthermore, we couldn’t find anyone with the name of Pat Bruce associated with trading on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google except for in scam reviews like this one. In other words, he is just a figment of some scam marketers imagination.

So how does the Public Millionaire App generate winning trades? Well, first off it doesn’t, not on a cumulative basis that is. From the reports that we have received most users who get started with this despicable scam lost their funds under 72 hours! According to Barry, who is the alleged computer programmer behind this scam, the software executes investments from public trends. In fact, “Barry” did such a great job developing the framework of the software that it only trades the “best and most lucrative trades 24/7.”

Well, for starters, the financial markets are only open Monday-Friday unless you are trading with a regulated broker like IQ Option that offers OTC trades during the weekend. However, IQOption is the only broker to offer these sort of options and none of the brokers synced with the system are regulated nor do they offer OTC offers to invest during the weekends. This is just another indication that we are dealing with a binary options scam.

Public Millionaire

Felix Smith, one of the most “successful” users of this software, claims that he has made over $1,000,000 with the Public Millionaire App. The promo video even goes as far as to show you his broker account with over $1 million. Now, who in their right minds would keep more than $1 million in their binary options broker account? We’ll tell you. Only fake entities who have been paid to lie to you on front of camera. In the picture shown above, we have “Felix Smith” while in the image below we can see this actors profile on fiverr.com. What is even more disturbing would be how these scam marketers can hire low-life actors for as little as $10 to lie in front of the camera.

PublicMillionaire.com and Fiverr

Another discovery that we unraveled although we weren’t surprised would be how on the website the Public Millionaire claims to be featured on Fox Business, CNN, Bloomberg Television, USA Today and Forbes when in reality this is just another lie in the attempt to earn your trust. Not to mention the application of the notorious “Spots Remaining” widget is used to rush the viewer on the page into signing up. Everything about PublicMillionaire.com is fabricated and phony! Why put your money at risk with a system that hires paid actors to lie in front of cameras? We can assure you that if you trust this system, you will lose your money.

Review Verdict: Public Millionaire App is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: PublicMillionaire.com

Fiverr.com Felix Smith Profile Here

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9 comments on “AVOID the Public Millionaire App SCAM!
  1. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    when i read above comment,i really sad and sympathize for those people got trapped by these BS scammer!..always be careful guys!..please always look and seek advice from watchdog..u will be safe..BTW,please say NO to another crap by avoiding this Public Millionaire App..simply scam guys!!

  2. Blessings says:

    Hello WATCHDOG… Is. capmb good?? The guy I spoke too was TOO persistent and TOO PRAISEFUL of his company… Are they good??

  3. Blessings says:

    Hello WATCHDOG, see… I recently joined ANY OPTION and I asked them​ if they had any automatic trading platform and they referred me to copyop.com… I’ve been reading the reviews on this app and people at GOOGLE PLAY I are saying they lost some money there…. is this autotrade app regulated?? Or is it just another scam??

  4. David Siggers says:

    Hello, firstly let me thankyou for your continual update.Keep up the good work.I have been dealing with a company called ,currently 53capital trade. Quite by accident,as I had just set up a account with hedgestone,the idea was to do binary trade.Anyway after a month or so I had a good profit, bu not the way I had intended .When I wanted to draw off the profit,and was promised that this would happen ,the account was emptied to fund another trade that won’t expire for another 2months!! 53capiital trade now won’t return any of my online chats ,emails ,telephone calls. Now this is worrying.
    Do you know any thing about these people.

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