Profit Replicator App is a SCAM!! Review Warning!

The Profit replicator app scam is one of the newest binary option automated systems to hit the market. The promotional video pushing the “deal” has been uploaded to YouTube on November 10, 2016, so it is indeed all quite fresh, but not exactly refreshing. In fact, the Profit Replicator App scam is hardly original. It isn’t much more than a second attempt to cash in on an “idea” which has already made its rounds in the form of Auto Profit Replicator – a known and exposed scam. The first incarnation of the scam – as ridiculous and hilarious as it was – at least had a face to it, albeit it was that of a hired actor. The Profit Replicator App people didn’t even hire such an actor though. All they have is a voice narrator, who claims to be someone called Michael Griffin, an expert, who used to work on Wall Street.


It is hardly a surprise that Michael Griffin will not put his face on a scam as obvious as this one. The claims he makes in the video aren’t just outrageous…they’re downright hilarious every step of the way. Furthermore, the script of the promotional video and the whole setup of the operation, fits the time-honored mold of the binary auto trading scam to a T. After claiming that this scheme is nothing like the usual auto-trading scams out there, Griffin goes on and serves up the exact same cocktail of lies, greed-inducing triggers and promises that every such scam has been delivering from the beginning of time.

Throughout the video, it is obvious that Michael Griffin is reading from a script. He urges people to sign up and he makes promises like “We can make you rich” in a hilariously plastic and emotionless voice. By this time though, the video is approaching its anticlimactic end, so it’s no wonder he’s in a bit of a hurry to just be done with it.

Who exactly is Michael Griffin though? He’s just  hired voice-actor, with no real life presence in any shape or form. He’s also no binary options expert, otherwise he most certainly wouldn’t be able to make the claims he does about how the Profit Replicator software works, without muffling a giggle. Griffin and his crew used to have their pictures on the home page of the Profit Replicator App software, but these pictures have been removed, after the community realized they were fake pictures lifted off some random websites. This little fiasco depicts the legitimacy of this Michael Griffin character superbly. They have not removed the other pictures of “users” though, who are apparently chiming in with positive feedback on various social media accounts. Yes, you’ve guessed it: these pictures are just as fake as those of the founders. The software has no real social media presence, which is understandable as everyone there would be quick to expose these people for what they really are: low-class fraudsters.

The following Profit Replicator “Facebook Accounts” are all fake!


The fact that the Profit Replicator App will only be delivered to 97 people is but the first of a litany of lies that make up this promotional video. It is also one of the flattest, least creative and an instant red flag for anyone who has ever seen any kind of shakedown in action. The first smile-inducing claim is that Profit Replicator is how online millionaires make their money. No, most online millionaires don’t scam people, and it’s safe to assume that Profit Replicator will not make anyone a millionaire: not the people perpetrating the scam, and least of all those who fall for it. Real online millionaires either create something of value that’s picked up by the community, or they deliver something utterly useless that becomes popular over time.

The video also promises would-be victims a “life of luxury” within 48 hours of signing up on the fraud site. Even if one takes their claim of delivering $7,250 a day at face value, that is hardly possible. Regarding the claims made about the profits this scam can supposedly deliver: they just don’t seem to be able to agree on a number. Griffin sometimes mentions $30,000 per month. The site itself says $7,250 per day…Oh, and there’s apparently a money back guarantee involved too. If you do not meet your financial goals with this auto trader, the fictitious Mr. Griffin will PayPal you $2,000 from his fictitious wallet right, away. Don’t hold your breath if you’re planning to take him up on this offer.

How exactly is the Profit Replicator supposed to reach its 100% ITM rates though? Because that’s how much is being promised here. Griffin won’t settle for 98% or 99%…no, he’s got the markets read, and he will win every single trade that’s out there…he will even make money on trades that do not exist. In fact, the system is apparently making its money on such trades, exclusively. In a hardly original twist, Profit Replicator is claiming to be some sort of copy trader which – get this – is copying trades that have taken place in the past. It is effectively capable of placing the same trade someone else did, a minute later, with the same strike-price. That is truly an outstanding accomplishment indeed. It’s so great in fact, that we probably shouldn’t rain on its parade stating that even if it were indeed doing that – contrary to all the laws dictated by reality – it still couldn’t guarantee success on the trades.

Such details will not deter Mr. Griffin from making every “Jimmy Nobody from the middle-of-nowhere” a millionaire though, because that’s just how he rolls… The “solid” proof that we are shown in the video comes in the shape of two nameless and blatantly insincere actors, who recite their bit of the script without the slightest trace of conviction.

The bottom line is that Profit Replicator is a scam, of the not-very-convincing variety. All it’s meant to accomplish is to net a few suckers though, and it may actually be decent at that. The community has spoken up about it and its days online are probably numbered…not because its 97 spots are filled up, but because of the crackdown of the authorities.

Review Verdict: Profit Replicator App is a SCAM!

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5 comments on “Profit Replicator App is a SCAM!! Review Warning!
  1. Praveen says:

    Can anyone says which is the legit one please….

  2. Rich Saia says:

    When will they finally Make Junk like this illegal to promote ???

  3. Daniel says:

    I got a call just 30 seconds after going through the first registration page and the person never even introduce himself to start with. Kinda creepy how it starts. I am still a student and came across this link, remember the first video he says we need to pay nothing to start with, well that is a lie. In the third page there is a place where we have to fill in the address and later on deposit 250 Euros first to start.
    I tried the link again and the same 97 people video showed up. Well i tried doing the same with my friend’s laptop, it was still 97 people… i mean, if i already registered once, the number should go down to 96 right?
    I think its a hoax guys, real money requires work. Don’t be fooled !!

  4. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    Liar..Liar..Liar…enough said!!..of course,this BS will promises you such luxury life in short period (“luxury” living within 48 hours..LOL).. it’s completely scam guys without any doubt!..please stay away from this Profit Replicator App your life and valuable money!..thanks once again watchdog for keep warning us about scammers..really appreciate it!

  5. Freeman Ativor says:

    Christmas is just around the corner nd this scammers are just looking for means to dupe people through these apps. Don’t be lured to beleive all these promises the keep on giving. They are pure rubbish and scam and this profit replicator is not an exception. It’s a pure scam. Run away from it ????

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