Profit Ball is an Auto-Trading Scam!

The ProfitBall sports analysis auto-trader is nothing more than another fraudulent and fabricated binary options software scam.  Created by the same network of con-artists who brought you the LazyTrader App, 10K EveryDay App and Market Filter App scams it is quite evident that this faction of low-life scumbags will stop at nothing to deceive inexperienced and newbie binary option day-traders out of their hard-earned money.

Quite a disheartening truth if we are going to be completely honest but you can rest assured knowing that Watchdog has your back!  Throughout the duration of this scam review we will destroy every element of the ProfitBall scam and eradicate any legitimacy it may claim for all to know.

Although all the evidence that we need to completely debunk the ProfitBall auto-trading scam is provided to you below let’s go ahead and continue with what we are known for, which would be executing our due-diligence.  So what is the ProfitBall auto-trader for binary options?

Well according to Terry Mason, one of the alleged Co-Founders, it is the first ever binary options auto trader that incorporates sports analysis to predict the future direction of stocks with 100% accuracy.  Yes that is right everyone, the ProfitBall is alleged to have a 100% success rate and they even guarantee you a minimum profit of $7,000 per week!

But wait…there’s more!  This spot is only available for the first 7 people who sign up so you better hurry up and sign up with them as soon as possible!  Pshhh… yeah okay.  Even if you aren’t an avid subscriber of ours you should know that there is no such thing as a 100% performing binary options auto-trader and if you are foolish enough to believe that then by all means go ahead and put your faith with that system.

However, we at believe in more practical and proven investment approaches, and of course systems that share no correlation between other scams that we have exposed here previously.

Now don’t get us wrong, the whole part about where you are guaranteed atleast $7,000 per week is quite enticing but let’s be honest, we’ve seen this a hundred times by now and as most of you know there is no one ever backing up these absurd and ludicrous investment claims.

Scam marketers only include this little rhetoric to earn your trust and make you feel that you really don’t have anything to lose with their system when in all actuality you will lose much more than that if you get started with their system.

Not only will you lose your starting deposit with their fraudulent assigned binary options broker but your personal and financial information will also be out in deep space for everyone to know and you can bet you will become a victim of malicious spam attacks and fraudulent phone callings.

So who are the founders behind the “amazing” ProfitBall auto-trader?  Well according to the promotional video two fake entities known as Terry Mason and Joseph Ethan are the founders and developers behind this sports analysis driven software.

As you already know though Terry Mason and Joseph Ethan are nothing more than actors from an online marketplace paid to serve as the face of this scam.  We’ve already seen this rehearsal before with the other investment scams that this network of scammers have released into the binary options industry so it is quite obvious that these two individuals do not exist.

Perhaps the most unique aspect about the ProfitBall scam would be how this system is marketed throughout the duration of their promotional video.  For once we finally have come across a system that claims to incorporate sport analysis into a trading algorithm that can predict the best moments to execute binary option stock related options with 100% accuracy.

In fact, this amazing trading conception that they have been relying on the past four years has allowed them to generate a profit over $6.4 million but what we guess they forgot to mention was that their website was only created on February 6th, 2017.  Now we aren’t mathematicians here but the time span between 1 month to 4 years is quite a bit, so it pretty much goes without saying that we are dealing with yet again another auto trading scam.

Now as you can see provided in the image above the Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID and the Names Servers are exactly the same as the ones we displayed and showcased in our LazyTrader App, 10k EveryDay App and Market Filter App scam reviews leading to the only logical conclusion that these systems were created, in fact, by the same half-witted scammers.  Do not only yourself but countless others a considerable courtesy by sharing and avoiding this moronic and deceptive trading scam.  Every element is just a twisted and rotten to the core as the group of con-artists releasing these innumerable auto-trading scams.

Review Verdict:  ProfitBall is a SCAM!

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