Polygraph Millionaire is a SCAM!! Honest Review!

It is the start of the week and the scam systems do not stop, and over the weekend was the release of the Polygraph Millionaire scam. This time around we did not have to do much investigating work for our review, and we will be telling you about why not as we go over all the details. The Polygraph Millionaire software just once again proves to everyone why they should not trust everything they find, as sadly there are many scammers promoting this system. Therefore before you enter your details on the PolygraphMillionaire.com website, we encourage you to read this eye opening review on the Polygraph Millionaire auto trader, and know the truth before losing all your money.

Daniel Wilkinson is a sales and marketing guy who is offering the Polygraph Millionaire software to you today, however according to him, he is not here to sell you anything today, except of course selling you the so called profitability of this scam. Of course he also bases all of this on a Lie Detector and claims that the test will prove his honesty and sincerity in what he is trying to do by offering 50 inexperienced traders a copy of the Polygraph Millionaire scam. Sadly all of the above and more is exactly what we are going to prove to you during this review, that those are the exact points that you cannot believe.

Déjà vu Scam, read our Lie Detector Millionaire review and you’ll find out why!


Half a million every month? The definition of “If it’s too good to be true, it must be fake”…The Polygraph Millionaire software supposedly works by analysing billions bites of data and then place trades based on the information received by the algorithm. This is the only explanation that Daniel kindly offers us, which in our view is not even close to enough to want to make us believe anything he is saying is true, regardless of the so called lie detector test he took. Also claiming that the system has not lost even one trade in the past few months is absolutely ridiculous. There is no such thing as a binary options auto trader not losing a trade, anyone with the least experience will know this, which is probably why their target market, and requirement to join the software are those with no previous trading experience whatsoever.

This is where everything starts to get interesting, and why we are advising that you do not believe anything you hear or see on the PolygraphMillionaire.com website, and why this review is going to save you more than you think. The Polygraph Millionaire scam is sadly not a new software being released, actually very far from that, it is scam that was released in April this year, meaning it took them only six months to relaunch the same system with a different name. This is where we present the review we did previously that will prove this, and the first time it was launched it was called the Lie Detector Millionaire. Convenient isn’t it…

When you carefully read through our Lie Detector review you will realise that the Polygraph Millionaire software is the exact same scam, and therefore we almost feel like we are doing one review twice. The practically took the same video used in Lie detector and added it to Polygraph Millionaire, meaning they were so lazy, that the only think they actually changed was the name of the software to a new one. The rest is all exactly the same. The same speech, same offer, same people, and the list goes on.

On top of all of that, we have received countless of emails from traders who have fallen for this scam the first time it came around, and can confirm that more people lost their money than we would like to admit, due to the fact of not doing their research and reading our review. We fear that the same thing will happen again with the Polygraph Millionaire scam, as one of their strict requirements for joining is that you have no prior experience in the industry, meaning they are targeting complete new traders in the industry, who are unaware of the amount of scam systems there are available on the market.

We can continue and point out the exact same information we have already pointed out since the Polygraph Millionaire software is a complete relaunch. Meaning Trader X is fake, just like they were the first time around. The traders also claiming to make between $7k to $28k per day, is complete and utter rubbish. With trusted and reliable services you are only able to make a consistent profit of around $800 per day, which is the expected value each trader should be looking for when registering for a software. Plus the so called independent regulatory bodies how supposedly double checked anything and everything of the Polygraph Millionaire scam. Again we ask, who this independent body is, as there is no way for us to verify that anyone actually checked anything, if we are not given the names and details of the people we are supposed to trust to confirm what is being sold to us on the PolygraphMillionaire.com website.

If you know anyone who might be interested in joining the Polygraph Millionaire scam, be sure to share this review with them, and save them the money they will surely be losing when registering. When considering to enter the binary options industry and making an additional income trading online, it is always advised that each trader do their research regarding signal services and brokers, as registering with the wrong one can regrettably cost you dearly, and truth is, as you can see in this review, that such things can be avoided. The best steps to take is to follow trusted day traders and blogs, as you cannot go wrong with reputable information.

Review Verdict: Polygraph Millionaire is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – PolygraphMillionaire.com

Other viral scam sites promoted by email spammers:

Gemini 2, Push Money App, Quantum Code and Instant Cash Club

We’re always here to help and if you feel as if you’ve been scammed by Polygraph Millionaire, their associated brokers or any other fake system we uncovered, we encourage you to post your feedback below this review.

For other credible alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options.

9 comments on “Polygraph Millionaire is a SCAM!! Honest Review!
  1. Kevin Gallen says:

    Is their any Binary Option bots companys that are legitimate…Thanks for your feedback.

  2. WatchDog says:

    Yes Jamsheed, We will make sure to expose both fake review sites. You can check the ranking and details on Alexa.com for both, they are new. We’ve been exposing scams for over 3 years and will not hesitate to expose blogs, brokers and any fraudulent schemes that plague this industry.

  3. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    hmm..of course,this BS scammer will attract people with earn millions moneys in short period..they will not talking about thousands anymore but become millionaire..LOL..it’s completely nonsense and rubbish guys!!..please always be careful esp. new traders in BO..my advice,please stay away from this Polygraph Millionaire software..thanks watchdog for another crucial review!

  4. jamsheed salas says:

    thanks WatchDog,i lost 250$,i am not worried about my money but the problem is that their web site looks real and people can trapped easily,so i say also wright a blog on binaryoptionautotrading,so people come to know about this

  5. jamsheed salas says:

    hi,there is one web site brokersscamsalert.com in which anna gerogia wrights about latest scams and she is also promoting one rebot software,binaryoptionautotrading.com. this is a scam,i lost my money.plz look in to it and inform people about it so,they could save their hard earn money

  6. Dorothy Hartson says:

    Thanks so much for this! I received several email invitations for the polygraph millionaire system and I’m glad I did a search for reviews before I took the bait. Everyone should be aware they are now offering a matching deposit “bonus”, which may entice people to deposit their hard-earned money in the hopes of a return on their investment. Don’t fall for it!

  7. Freeman Ativor says:

    As the saying goes if something sounds and seems too good to be true then it’s definitely a scam.How can you make half a million dollars in a month but u still sell this software out ?????
    Polygraph millionaire is a pure scam.I wonder what sort of data they claim the software analyse before placing trades.Stay away from this scam as all that they claim are just to deceive you and scam you.

  8. Garretsen says:

    A recycled scam now named polygraph claims to make you half a million dollar each month.. Stay away, far away…

    Thanks a lot for exposing yet another scam watchdog!

  9. Jason Lim says:

    Thanks for your warning about the Polygraph Millionaire scam! I can’t believe how creative those scammers are, always coming up with novel ways to defraud people. Thank God we have a website like WatchDog to guide and protect us against all those evil-doers. Keep up the good work!

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