Perpetual Formula is a SCAM!! Detailed Review!

Read this very important review regarding the Perpetual Formula SCAM by David Parker. The is supposed to be up for only one day, and once the spots are filled to be taken down. However as you all may have noticed this is not the case, and is generally the first clue that whichever software we are reviewing is a scam, as generally this is the first lie they tell. Nonetheless don’t take our word for it, we do recommend that you read our review before coming to a final decision on whether to deposit or not, as we will be providing you with indisputable evidence as to why the Perpetual Formula software cannot be trusted.

Some of our blog subscribers reading this review who have seen the Perpetual Formula scam presentation, might already have noticed exactly what we are pointing out when we say that this software is almost a copy of the TrianaSoft system that we exposed not too long ago in a review. For those of you that are not aware, when looking at both scam pitch videos notice the offices used, as well as the script. Yes there are some changes, but the offices look almost identical, and the acting script is practically the same, or at least if follows the same story-line. With this fact alone we already lost a lot of confidence in this system.

As we noted in previous reviews, annoying pop-ups are common with scams!


Now to show you exactly what we are referring to, let’s quickly run through a few facts regarding David Parker, and his fake Perpetual Formula scam auto trader. First of all David clearly does not know whether he is coming or going. Whilst listening to his marketing pitch for our review, you can hear him explain that he used to be a high frequency trader for a well-known company on Wall Street, however literally 2 min later, he informs you that he has no trading experience and have never traded in his live… which on is it? Furthermore, this Perpetual Formula Inc. company that he supposedly established does not exist. We tried google, as well as a few directories, and came up completely empty. The Company does not exist, nor is there a building listed with the establishment residing there anywhere in the US as claimed by Mr. Parker. Domain did not exist before May of 2016!
This information was validated based on Who.IS Lookup
Unfortunately the deceitful lies does not stop there. Lee, one of his head developers that you got to meet during his run through of the Perpetual Formula scam, tells us that the software has been around since 2002. Eh Wrong!! It was successfully registered on the 14th May 2016, making it a full 3 days old. Furthermore, if the auto trader is only 3 days old, how can it then be that all those fake testimonials were able to make those thousands of dollars? Not just that, have a look at David’s screen when he is making his generous donation to the children’s charity, the date is the 1st to 3rd of May, however we have already discovered that the system did not even exist back then.




Well we suppose anyone looking at the Perpetual Formula software as a potential answer to their future have to take into consideration that David almost immediately goes against what is telling you and leaving everyone in a situation where you don’t know what to believe. Moreover we decided to look into this Boudine and the South African Children’s Charity. Not only have they not received the donation so kindly given by Mr Parker, they do not have someone working or representing them the name of Boudine. They have also assured us that they will be launching a full investigation into this allegation.


Just in case you are still wondering how the Perpetual Formula Software works since it was never very clear during the marketing video. The auto trader works by using machine readable news technology, meaning it “accurately” reads the news and predicts the direction the market is going to go in. That is about as much information you are going to get about the scam system as believe me, we have watched both video’s twice, and are none the wiser how this auto trader truly works, and it is not like we do not know a thing or two. If you still feel like this is the system for you, please keep us updated on your progress.


Review Verdict: Perpetual Formula Software is a SCAM!
Blacklisted website:


Other viral Scam sites you should avoid:
At our goal is to warn day-traders against binary options scam sites, but we are always on the look for reliable systems. For other safe alternatives to the Perpetual Formula, which is a confirmed scam beyond any reasonable doubt, you should visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. Please share your feedback below this review if you have an experience, results or questions related to or any other binary options related topic. Completely new to the industry? Start with a Free Demo Account before you put your investment at risk.
Thank you for taking a few moments to read our warning and please share it if you know others who might be targeted by those who promote it.

21 comments on “Perpetual Formula is a SCAM!! Detailed Review!
  1. ursula says:

    perpetual formula is a scam I fall for it. do not invest your good money you will not make any profit your money is gone in less than an hour.

  2. Taiwo Emmanuel Funminiyi says:

    This people really need to be legally checkmated.

  3. BBT says:

    thanks a lot i was on my way to deposit,now i can,t sorry Parker

  4. Ooi says:

    I have lost more than RM 10K. Although I seem to make some money, I can’t withdraw my money after more than 2 weeks..

  5. Z.U. says:

    Nice work Watchdog. I put $250 into this gig, only to set me up with a broker that doesn’t even ALLOW auto-trading! Then in order to withdraw any money, I had to jump through a lot of hoops to validate my account, and they were fussy over that, so I ended up trading the money away and drained my account balance to zero. I will not make that mistake again.

  6. Raj says:

    +44 20 3807 1628 – They have been calling me daily from this and some private number to invest $250 and activate my account. Too many follow ups for short-cut like this. Good I read the reviews. It’s a Scam DON’T FALL FOR IT. They went a little far to ask my card details. Crazy.. people beware…

  7. Trip says:

    It’s crazy to me how scarcity sells. Whether it’s the countdown clock until the class closes or Only Two Seats left, most of these pitchy websites have it. We all must have some built in level on FOMO that pushes us toward making rash decisions. Keep up the investigative work!

  8. peter says:

    This is a scam without a doubt. Thanks for the warning Watchdog.

  9. kathleen says:

    When I was younger I fell for something similar to Perpetual Formula. You have to be wary now days…like they say if it is to good to be true…it probably is. Please watch where you put your money! The best way to earn extra money is to do side gigs, sell stuff look up frugal. If you want to invest go through your bank or some one established like Wells Fargo. There are many legit ways to make money.

  10. joseph says:

    wow thank for the information, help a lot,,,,

  11. Jamie says:

    Did a little checking on this, just out of curiosity…They are claiming that even in the “worst case scenario” you’ll walk away with $2,000 just by spending a few minutes on their website signing up. Yeah right. Their website is pretty bare and poorly organized which shows me right off the bat they aren’t professionals. Their facebook page for the program has 706 likes and only a single post in which a lot of commenters are asking how they can sign up. Hopefully those are bot posts and not people who are about to fall into this trap. Thankfully, a quick google search for Perpetual Formula brings up this post as one of the top results. Way to go WatchDog!

  12. Martina says:

    Thanks for the warning WatchDog! I laughed so hard at that scam though, it’s literally screaming “HI I’M SCAM” because of those pop-ups… And the billion dollar pie, yeah alright. Good thing you did your research and blacklisted this website!

  13. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    now,they’re not talking about million anymore but Billion!!..fantastic!!..LOL..really insane indeed!..this perpetual formula scammer really made me laugh…so guys,please stay away from this..don’t waste your time!

  14. Stuart Ashley says:

    It totally feels like scam! Thanks for the warning, Watchdog.

  15. Alberto Bitran says:

    Lost most of the deposit with the Perpetual liars formula, there’s a place in hell for everyone. Thank you for the review and I hope they take these people down one day.

  16. Elli Writes says:

    Thank you for the warning! I’m glad you guys do your research. It’s so hard sometimes to separate fact from fiction on the internet, but you guys do a thorough job. I’ll stick to the safe alternatives. Cheers!

  17. Jim O'Brien says:

    This is a scam without a doubt. Thanks for the warning Watchdog.

  18. WatchDog says:

    Unfortunately this is more viral than we thought. Already a few complaints just came in, if anyone needs assistance email us. We’ll help guide you through the process if you’ve been cheated.

  19. khaidoumi mustafa says:

    So many fake reviews on this Perpetual Formula Software and it’s so obvious that it’s a fraud! The email marketers keep emailing me stupid invitations and it’s getting really annoying. You just reminded me to unsubscribe from any person who emails me one of those promotions again!!!

  20. Sarah says:

    Thank you Watchdog for this warning, I got the email on Perpetual Formula but I wanted to check here first for the review 🙂 scams are always exposed!

  21. Freeman Ativor says:

    I laughed at this pure scam as i just checked in on the website and went through the tones of mis leading infos on the page and fake pictures and videos
    Guys dont fall for this.Its a pure scam.
    And wait! As soon as i wanted to close the page here was the usual stop sign whc most scammers use that the page will give me over $100,000
    Common this is pure scam =D
    Dont fall for this at all.Run as u see this anywhere……lol

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