Orion Code is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

Don’t fall for The Orion Code scam by Edward Robinson! Read this full review that exposes exactly why you should stay away from this bogus system that is purely out to empty your pockets. Here at the Watchdog we know that you rely on our honest reviews to keep you safe, and we won’t let you down! We have been receiving an increasing number of emails asking if the TheOrionCode.com software is legit. We’re going to set the record straight and save you a couple hundred bucks before this review is done.

The very long and boring Orion Code presentation video claims that Edward Robinson is some super rich guy that has developed this amazing piece of software. It will make you between $10,000 and $100,000 in a single day he says. What a load of nonsense! In fact, the more we listened to what Edward Robinson had to say, the more it all sounded all too familiar. After doing a bit more digging, we found that the whole story of the Orion Code scam matches up perfectly to the Quantum Code system we debunked a while back.

Are these guys from the Orion Code software so dumb that they think people will not notice that? Or are they simply too cheap to come up with their own ideas, and rather steal someone else’s video script and simply regurgitate it with a new set of cheap actors. Clearly this system cannot be taken seriously! It is such a shame when good people that just want to make a bit of extra money fall for a scam like this, but that is why we are writing this Orion Code review. We want to make sure that you stay safe and get only the best binary options systems!

The Orion Code scam video starts off with Edward Robinson posing at a private jet, and his assistant to the one side. How pathetic! It’s practically an exact copy word for word of the Quantum Code. This guy this cannot stop talking about how Forbes has written about him and how much of a philanthropist he is. He says that people call him the “Wall Street Wizard” and the Millionaire Trader”. It’s sickening, because it’s all lies!


When it comes down to it, Orion Code system “has it all”… It ticks all of the scam system check-boxes, the fake counter to show how many “VIP spots” are supposedly left, a bogus “people on this page” counter and a system they claim has made numerous members instant millionaires. It is completely over the top and makes no sense at all.

Edward Robinson claims that they have “Orion Speed” technology, what a load of baloney! During the whole video we are bombarded with stupendous claims of people making hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are told that TheOrionCode.com system has absolutely no losses and 100% wins all the the time. It really makes you cringe just listening to the video, it is that ludicrous! It did not take a long time to find out that no-one at Forbes has ever heard of Edward Robinson. There are no write-ups about him, no social media information that verifies any of his claims. The Orion Code scam supposedly has been making money trading binary options since 2006. They claim it has made over a Billion dollars, but it is all lies!

How can I be so adamant and certain that this Orion Code scam will clear out your account? Well, firstly because binary options only became available in 2008. So tell me, how could it be possible that they have been trading since 2006? It’s simply not possible, and that makes it very clear that the Orion System is all bogus! On top of that, if you take a look at the ‘Who Is’ domain information that tells us when TheOrionCode.com was created, you will see that it was bought on 2016-09-12.


The conclusion is very clear. The Orion Code is a scam, that much has been proven unequivocally. This Orion Code review has exposed it for what it is, a fabricated piece of software developed by scum-of-the-earth scammers that purely want to steal money from you. This system is not worth wasting your time or money on. There are much better alternatives available, such as the very successful and proven Snap Cash software, for more information visit our Snap Cash Review, we encourage you to explore it as an alternative if you’re seeing a legitimate Auto-Trading system proven results and credible reviews.

Edward Robinson does not exist, he’s fake. There is no mention of him on Forbes as he claims. There is no “Orion speed” technology. The Orion Code company that he says he is the CEO of cannot be found anywhere, and I can guarantee you that a company that has supposedly made over a Billion dollars creates a lot of proof that it exists.

We have found no mention online from any charities that credited the Orion Code scam with even a single donation. This is the one particular element of this fake software that has probably made me more angry than any of their other claims! Join me in exposing this system for the scam that it is, by posting comments below and sharing this article on social media to spread the word far and wide. Who knows, you might even save a friend or relative from losing their well-earned money. It’s your duty to warn others once you know the truth! The Watchdog team does not take this type of scam lightly, and we will not tolerate a fraud such as the subject of today’s warning!

Review Verdict: The Orion Code is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – TheOrionCode.com

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45 comments on “Orion Code is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!
  1. Hans Hochheimer says:

    thanks for the info watchdog,they sure try hard to get at everyday peoples money but had to check them out so ended up here good work

  2. Dirk Benade says:

    Thank you ever so much for your information and advice on the Orion Code as a scam.
    I am from South Africa and was about to sign up on it. You have convinced me not to do so and not to lose hard earned money,

    Please advice me of any reliable auto trader systems in the forex trading

  3. Llama says:

    Can I delete my orion code account but I do not know how tho ?

  4. Peter says:

    Wao thanx 4 the info but i gave them my atm card number and names but i did not deposit anything .
    Is my account still safe?
    I had believed in it coz they called immediately from uk.i did not give my pin.

  5. Justice says:

    Holy Shit. I almost fall into the lions cage. Since last week I have signed up for the Orion code and I refused to invest, so I received a notification email from Edward that every client are getting there daily interest as much as they invested, so I decided to to check on Google scam info, guess what???? I arrived here.
    Thanks watchdog I almost got ripped. Am off from the page

  6. Esther says:

    how do I start the process to get my money back? I unfortunately fell for Orion code about 1 month ago and lost my deposit quite quick, more losses than wins.Can I ask the credit card company for a charge back? The broker recommended by Orion code still tries to get me to invest in the account. They offered me at first to refund the £250 but wanted me to add more funds. Any help appreciated.

  7. Justin Wou Jun Seng says:

    I registered an account with Orion Code, but I thought something felt off when the instant I did I received a phone call and they were asking for my credit card information. Well, and thanks to this site, I knew better than to deposit any money in there! I logged out and never looked back, and I ignore all calls from those guys, thanks a bunch!

  8. Meena. says:

    WOW, ,,,,,thanks for your information guys,YOU’RE THE BEST????????????????????????????????

  9. John says:

    Full of scrap I’m not stupid it fake they think I was born last night

  10. Leon Hansen says:

    Thank you so much for helping me fight Orion Code, my credit card company ruled in my favor and i got my money back. It was worth the few anxious days ans justice has been served. Thank you and God Bless you WatchDog for making this process easy for me and my family! LEON

  11. Don Chibest says:

    Sh*** these Mens had dried me mehn.. please guys how am i gonna recover my money back??? Is it possible?? i just paid last 2 days ago

  12. Desmarie says:

    I was about to deposited $250 until I have done a little bit of research and found out that it was a scam so they can call all they want but I’m not answering, thanks heaps watchdog 😉

  13. Bill says:

    So what happens with the Orion code? We deposit money into our account & never see it again?

  14. Michael says:

    It is amazing that people fall for this. When he says Forbes talked about him, I decided to go online in search of Edward Robinson and behold you can only find biographies of dead men with that name. In favt wikipedia wrote about a dead man instead of him. The lifestyle he portrayed in the video is way too big for him not to be noticed by wikipedia.

  15. Pamela Faulds says:

    hey all, Not sure how the hell this guy gets away with this but he has another ad online advertising the Automata Formula. I recognised his face right away! So watch out for this A******, he definitely won’t stop trying to take money from innocent people who GENUINELY want to get into the trading industry!

  16. cradlebed says:

    Whao Thanks for the information, am about paying just decided to search orion code to know more about them.

  17. daniel says:

    They completely screwed me over. After investing $2000 with Orion Code thinking it was serious, took less than a week to lose most of it. I will report them to my bank and credit card company. I hope they help return my money from these evil crooks.

  18. Olumayowa Odusanya says:

    Thanks a mill. I almost fell for it. The claims obviously looks and sounds impossible. Thanks again BINARY OPTIONS WATCHDOG.

  19. Ali says:

    Hi. Thanks for letting us to know which is so much worthy. I have invested in another website as “Speartrader” and lost a lot. Could you please investigate about this scammer and inform the people. How you or we can open a case agianst them in the international courts? Why the companies who host these scams groups, continue their services? I think the web site which host these scammers, should be punished. Please advise me on this issue. If you need more information and history of what Spertrader did, I could submit them. Thanks; Ali

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Ali, Thank you for your valuable information. Can you please email us all the details including the domain and the amount you lost with the scam? We can help you free of charge with any complaints or disputes against online trading fraud sites of all kinds.

  20. ray says:

    Is there any like this that truly works.

  21. MWANGI THIONG'O says:

    am always Broke…so i never paid anything but the deal sounded nice… i could be the biggest fool falling for that

  22. Johnny says:

    Orion Code is a total scam. I tried it and lost $500!! Crooks, Stay away from it!!

  23. Jacob Totoe says:

    Can you post this review on face book please. Most people on Facebook follow this Orion Code thing

  24. Mr Desmond says:

    Thanks for your help

  25. Fresh Prince says:

    Yepp gr8 job guys

  26. Colin says:

    Wow!!! So glad my credit card company declined this transaction!! And I’m glad I searched the Orion group!! Thanks watchdogs. Great job!

  27. Kevin says:

    Thank you watchdog all most lost my money. You guy are great keep up the good work. Kevin

  28. jack says:

    ORION CODE are pure cons.If the deal is too good,think twice.
    Nothing for free in this world from a man.

  29. Michael Kipruto says:

    Keep it off those people they are scams Michael Kipruto from Kenya i almost paid them it is not real please keep off.

  30. Ed amituanai says:

    Well, same here I’m so glad that I check into this first. Thanks!!!!

  31. Paul says:

    Deffo a scam. They keep sending me emails saying 78g is waiting for me. Ive never opted in to their offers in the 1st place although i did opt into quantum code but never signed up. Probably the ssme firm running both scams.

  32. kevin says:

    I swear i almost paid buy my credit card declined.
    I thank God.
    Thank you our watchdog for saving us money

  33. Richard brin says:

    I paid 250 $ into Quantum code, and then I got several phone calls and they told me because I was an American citizen living in Germany they could not do business with me it was against the law, and I would get a refund, ( never did ) and all my e mails went unanswered , and last night I got called again from Orion code, telling me they know nothing about quantom code, I told them they are full of shit it was the same video and all , then they try to say they have no idea about the video they are only a broker and have no idea about these codes !!!!

  34. N NL says:


  35. Patricia Ackerly says:

    Yes I got scammed by Orion Code and they didn’t want to give me back my money I put up a fight and they had to give me back my money then they tried to be another agency and keep my money but my bank put up a fight and got my money back they’re real assholes excuse my French

  36. Garretsen says:

    After reading this review it indeed became really clear to me that they copied a lot of stuff from the Quantum Code system. I instantly remembered all the lies from them.

    Thanks for exposing these crooks, many people are very thankful!

  37. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    They guaranteed no loss for this software!!..LOL..easily to say this Orion Code just another crap scammer indeed!..please don’t bother to use this service..thanks watchdog for another important scam revealing..please keep it up!

  38. Jeffrey Stephan says:

    For S&G I filled out the requested info ans signed up. Not to my surprise, within a few minutes i got a call from “Michael” a Broker.
    Funnt thing is that “Michael” from the SAME phone number had called me only a few days before trying to get my money for a different Company– Quantum Code. I let him go on and on for a couple of minutes before dropping the bomb on him. When I asked him why he was no longer with Quantum and was still calling from the same telephone number in the UK as he had called me from before??
    The line went dead….

  39. Freeman Ativor says:

    And as usual they come up again with bogus and outrageous fake promises of making tons of making in a day. ????????????
    This is just a crap system with just fake results that can never be met. Guys don’t fall for this scam. Thanks again Watchdog for always been on the look out for these potential scams to dupe people….hats off to you for your great help. ????????????????????

  40. Nate D. Burleigh says:

    Another amazing and spot on review.

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