Opus Formula is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

It has come to our attention that there is a new scam currently being heavily advertised called the Opus Formula Software. However we encourage everyone to read this full and unbiased review regarding the Opus Formula Scam, as regrettably we are dealing yet again with a service that cannot be trusted. If you have already registered and deposited money into your account, we advise that you withdraw your money now, or risk losing your whole deposit within a matter of hours. For evidence on why exactly you cannot trust this scam, and why it is a danger to you and your bank account ensure you read our review till the end, and warn anyone you know who is considering to register for an account on the OpusFormula.co website, and do them a favour by showing them why their money would be safer spent elsewhere.

Lex Simmons Jr is probably the worst actor we have seen to date, the whole dry humour whilst still trying to be funny is definitely not working. As most of you know as a general rule we are not against using actors completely, however that is if we can track the real identity of the true person behind the software. We are sad to say, after tapping into every source we have in the binary options industry we came up empty handed regarding anyone behind the Opus Formula scam auto trader. There is no trusting profile or proof of identity on Lex or anyone who might have been involved in the programming or creation of this software.

Scam-Artists always try to make you feel exclusive and special. You got to wonder why?


The extremely manipulative actor, Lex Simmons Jr make no secret of the fact that the Opus Formula software does not work on a glitch, loophole, some heavily guarded secret, anomaly or anything like that. Regrettably though, he does not give any explanation or evidence as to how the Opus Formula auto trader works, the only information he provides is that it works with small increments. In all honesty that could mean anything. He is taking the approach by showing you faked bank accounts and trading accounts in the hope that the money will go to your head, and hide the fact that we are not being told how the software supposedly generates these profits.

Even the story behind the how the Opus Formula scam was created does not make any sense whatsoever. The alleged Lex Simmons claims to be an expert at reading markets and making advised decisions when it comes to taking a position in the market. Apparently he used to work for a bank called Wells Fargo, however due to the fact that he was just a desk clerk, he left and started his own advisory firm taking with him some of the clients he had at the bank. First of all if he was so clued in and advising clients on positions to take in the market he would have been on a commission based contract, meaning the more his clients earned the more he eared, proving that his story of being broker is either a lie, or he does not know how to deal with his own money. Secondly there is no way on earth that the Wells Fargo bank would have allowed him to take his clients with him when he left without a fight, there would have been lawsuits involved, meaning he went bankrupt even before he started.

Dangerous Pop-up designed to get you to deposit more in exchange for a bonus. Unfortunately the bonuses are often associated with a strict requirement that will prevent you from withdrawing your funds until you reach a very high number of trades. This is something they fail to let me know, making it seem like you’re getting free money without strings attached. 


Now that we have gone over all the holes in the sales pitch being given on the OpusFormula.co webpage, here are a couple of pieces proving to you without a doubt that the Opus Formula software is nothing but a cheap production put together purely for scamming people. During the video you are able to see some supposedly honest and trusted reviews on how the systems works. Sadly though these are all Fiverr.com actors, and as most of you know by now, they will pretty much say anything you want them to say for peanuts basically. Secondly is the five to ten thousand each trader would be able to generate per day trading with the Opus Formula auto trader. Speaking from experience, we can assure you that reaching that without having at least thousands of dollars in your account to start off with is impossible, even with a trusted auto trader. You might get there, but it is going to take you weeks if not months of trading high amounts. Lastly but not least of all, Lex Simmons claims that his company and the software has made no less than $14m over the course of the last year, in the hopes of proving profitability of the software. Sadly though, we had a quick look at the domain age only to realise that it was registered on the 20th June 1016, making it almost 2 months old. By now after reading this Opus Formula review you should be getting the picture.

The sad truth is that this is not even the first time we are hearing the script that you just heard, we have heard it plenty of times, and they all claim that it is unlike anything you have seen before, and that they have nothing to sell. All the scams are blending into one as none of them can come up with original content anymore. This for us is good as it is easier for us to point them out in our reviews, however they usually aim for people who know very little to nothing about binary options in the hopes of hooking them before they know any better. We encourage everyone to do their own research about each and every auto trader like the Opus Formula scam being released before registering, and most importantly stick to what is proven to work.

Review Verdict: Opus Formula is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – OpusFormula.co

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If you are interested to trade binary options with legitimate companies you must always verify that the signal providers are synced with Regulated and Licensed brokers, another form of a verification would be to actively search for user feedback related to the offer you are considering to join. Not every trading system is fraudulent such as Opus Formula and the many offers we exposed on our Watchdog’s Blacklist page. For alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. We test many services and actively endorse manual and automated systems with a proven track record and stable winning ITM rate.

If you are a current member of OpusFormula.co or any of the offers we exposed, please share your feedback below or contact us for additional help. This review is very important and we encourage visitors to share it via your social circles, especially if you are in touch with other day-traders. Be sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s Blog for all the latest scam alerts and industry news.

8 comments on “Opus Formula is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!
  1. arthur holmes says:

    Hi I just want to warn people about safeoptions.com in January this year I deposited 1000 usd into safe options to open a trading account it never even reached my account the bank told me the wire transfer had been successful and the money gone out of my bank I sent emails and calls to everyone but no one replied to me I tried to follow up buy contacting the fraud dept but they told me to keep all the police data they sent me, but sorry to say i lost all my money without even making a trade s my advice is keep away from safe options , they wont answer you BIG SCAM

  2. John says:

    Thank you for you work

  3. Lupe says:

    I thank you for the information helping us the hard working people thats looking for some financial help with minimum experience on this topic like myself! the information is very valuable to me
    thank you

  4. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    Yes,it’s so exclusive..that’s why only 1 left spot available!!..lol..for sure,no doubt,it’s pure scam!!..please be smart by don’t easily getting trapped into this Opus Formula software!..

  5. david segun says:

    It was a sad information about the so called scammers
    who have derailed from the truth and deceiving the public

  6. david segun says:

    Thank you watch dog

  7. james kiwacz says:

    I want to thank you guys for providing alerts and on going research on these companies who are out there to scam us little guys who are trying to find a way to make a little extra. with your reviews have helped me stay away from those kind of scams that I almost fell for. thanks again for all that you guys do

    Jimmy k

  8. Garretsen says:

    A wild “register for free NOW and receive a bonus that will lock in your funds” has appeared!

    But seriously, these “offers” are very dangerous because as stated in the article, your money will be locked-in. This means you won’t get paid (if you would have gotten paid in the first place) if you don’t fulfill the (often inpossible) requirements.

    Another day, another scam exposed by the binaryoptionswatchdog, thanks!

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