WatchDog’s Newsletter (April 16th – May 2nd)

Hey WatchDog subscribers! We sincerely hope your weekend went well and that you have been able to stay clear of any scams that have been circulating and infecting the binary options industry lately. Throughout this brief newsletter, we will learn about the most recent viral trading scams to avoid, trending industry news that you should know along with provide you with a few trading tips that may help you save some of your hard-earned money later on down the road!

Scams Recently Exposed

Honest Forex Signals

Created by Robbie Newton, this Forex signal service is nothing but a phony scam operation! Affiliated with broker companies that refuse their traders to withdrawal their funds or take control over their trading account are just among some of the chief reasons to avoid this ridiculous scam. Just Google “Honest Forex Signals scam” and look at all the results that come up, most of the reviews and feedback are scary negative! To learn more about this crooked scam, read our Honest Forex Signals review.


Targeting newbie online traders, the Cash365 scam is a ludicrous trading scam. Completely fabricated and offering promises that are too good to be true are the only flaws one needs to hear to know we are dealing with a deceptive trading scam. Created solely upon lies, Cash365’s testimonials are composed of images of fake entities that appear in the form of stock and stolen images. The evidence is indisputable at our Cash365 Scam review.

Maverick FX is a dangerous Forex trading scam managed by Maverick Management, LLC. This company is licensed by a governing body but is operating with questionable marketing approaches, claiming to provide a service that increases your earnings dramatically at only a 20 to 30% of your generated revenue. Don’t let that fool you though, as soon as you sink some money with or with one of their “recommended” brokers you will be out of your money just as soon as you deposit! This is a bogus trading scam for newbie traders. To learn more, read our Maverick FX review.

Binary Option Club

A new viral online trading scam, Binary Option Club is a deceptive trade copier service for binary options. Created by “Paul Schafer,” Binary Option Club is built upon lies and a team of “professional” traders that doesn’t actually exist. There are many fake positive reviews regarding Binary Option Club to be legitimate but we can assure you that is nothing but the truth! If you have fallen victim to Binary Option Club, please make sure to reach out to us for free help in getting your money back! To learn more about why you should avoid this scam, make sure to read our in-depth Binary Option Club review.


Binary5 is one of the latest signal service scams to tarnish the reputation of online trading. Targeted toward a novice online trading demographic, this scam has become malicious and viral. Do your best to avoid this ridiculous online trading scam and don’t fall for any of their empty promises! The signals provided by this service are complete garbage and you have a better chance of making money and going all-in on red at a casino than you do with the Binary5 service. To learn more about this ludicrous trading service, read our unbiased Binary5 exposure article.

Monaco Treasure

The fastest way to lose $250 is to sign up with Monaco Treasure by Alfred Malone. Fulfilling the embodiment of another get-rich-quick scheme this binary options auto trader is complete garbage that makes empty-promises left and right. Claiming that traders can generate up to $20,000 per day with their system at is an unforgivable lie. Without a doubt one of the more dangerous “too good to be true” scams, Monaco Treasure is a bitter disappointment. Feel free to read our Monaco Treasure review to learn more about how this scam was created.

Delta App

Jake Hammel, and Delta App are all characteristics of a ridiculous trading scam. Jake Hammel, the so-called founder of Delta App, doesn’t even exist and all the guarantees promised with this service are too good to be true. Using stock images to pretend to be their “members” providing their experience and feedback was among one of the few big discrepancies we found with this binary options scam. To learn more about this latest scam, feel free to read our unbiased Delta App review.

Trending Binary Option News

Among some of the latest and most pertinent binary option news would be the most recent actions of the CFTC (Commodity Future Trading Commission). Adding 15 companies of newly cited firms that have been suspected guilty of soliciting American investors without a license, including 10Markets, John Anthony, AskOptions, Barkley Capital, BinaryRoom365, Cherry Trade, CT Option, Empire Options, Finpari, Glenridge Capital, GT Options, Inside Option, MarketsWorld, Omega Option, Starling Capital, TradeThunder, UK Options, Vision Binary, WinOptions and Wynn Finance, has been one of the latest actions of the CFTC. Adding a total of 71 companies to its “red list” of companies to avoid and that are not licensed brings the total to over 110 unregistered companies who have no legal rights to target US investors go to show that the CFTC clearly isn’t going anywhere.

This is a reminder to US traders who are with the MarketsWorld broker and other non-US regulated brokers that solicit US traders to execute a withdrawal as soon as possible. We have received over 2 dozen conflicting reports from traders who can no longer access their trading account with MarketsWorld and they all reside within the United States. This is probably due to the enforcement of some regulatory agencies or governing bodies law that has prohibited MarketsWorld from having any involvement with US traders and their trading platform. If you are experiencing this issue with MarketsWorld, make sure you File A Complaint and hopefully we can take back what is rightfully yours!

WatchDog Trading Tip of the Week!

As many of you probably know by now, getting started with a profitable binary options trading route is much easier said than done. Finding a legitimate service that is accurate and consistent over at least a 8 to 12 week duration of time is almost like hitting the lottery. Very few systems and trading software are legitimate which is why if you ever need help finding a legitimate broker, service or trading software then make sure to visit WatchDog’s Tested Signals for binary options or Forex to learn about the best and most proven investment services. Each of these services have been thoroughly tested and proven to help you generate between 3 to 4 extra figures per month.

Quick WatchDog FAQ

Q: Where can I find a regulated trading broker?

Finding a regulated broker for binary options is much easier than you think. To learn about the best regulated brokers for online trading, make sure you visit WatchDog’s Trusted Binary Options Brokers, or our Forex page if you’re into Forex trading. Broken down by demographics, finding a regulated broker that is user-friendly and offers high payouts can be found with ease. Make sure you only invest online with regulated brokers to ensure your safety and best protection for your hard-earned money!

Q: What is Forex day-trading?

Forex (foreign exchange or FX), is currency trading. Providing traders with the ability to buy, sell and exchange currencies at current or determined prices are among some of the chief principles of Forex trading. The most liquidated investment industry, Forex has an average trading volume of over 3 trillion dollars per day! Payouts are promising with regulated brokers and trading Forex with proven signal services help you generate a substantial amount of additional income. To learn more about Forex trading, visit WatchDog’s Forex Guide.

Q:  How do I report a scam?

What we are most commonly known for at Binary Options WatchDog would be putting scammers out of business! If at anytime you feel like you have been cheated or scammed out of your money, make sure you Contact WatchDog. To date we have settled over 1,500 trading disputes and we aren’t stopping anytime soon! Take back what is rightfully yours and we will help you free of cost!

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