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Hey WatchDog subscribers! For those of you who don’t possess the time to read our daily scam alerts or the latest industry updates, you can benefit by reading our second edition of our binary options and Forex newsletter. Throughout this brief newsletter you will learn about the most recent scams to avoid, trending news about online investing along with a few tips that may save you some of your hard-earned money later down the road.

Scams Exposed This Week

HBSwiss Forex Robot

A ridiculous investment scam created by the alleged “Hans Berger” meant to target novice online traders out of their hard-earned money. Directed toward the demographics of people searching for ways to make money online from home, everything about this system is fabricated and deceptive. “Hans Berger” and “Bastian Hermann,” the so-called masterminds behind this system, do not exist. Hans Berger tries to convince you by touching close to home by telling viewers how his family life and marriage was deteriorating drastically due the time he had to invest into creating this scam system. Claiming that his system generated over 15,000 euros profit in one night with a 87% success rate, this is one of the most idiotic scams we have exposed. For some good reading material, feel free to read our complete HBSwiss Scam Review.

Mambo Investments Service is a dangerous binary options trading scam linked with corrupt and unregulated binary option brokers that will do nothing more than steal your money. Created by some fake entity who goes by the name of Paulo, this is one deceptive and malicious investment scam. Claiming to have a success rate of 77% with no 3rd party verified investment results is just plain lunacy. Instead they include a section on what their “clients are saying.” In our Mambo Investments Scam Review, we expose all of the images used as stolen Internet images or stock images. Do yourself a favor and avoid this dangerous online trading scam. If you have been scammed by this service or by any other binary options/Forex service or broker, make sure you contact us immediately and we’ll everything in our power to get your money back!

Trending Binary Option News

Due to the affects of the NFP (non-farm payroll) announcement last Friday and with Easter taking place on Sunday, April 16th, the accuracy of many binary option software, signal services and other service providers have greatly been affected. Accuracy loss between 3 to 15% have been noted which is proof enough that all traders should postpone investments during holiday weekdays until more suitable market conditions. Other investors from other investment fields such as Forex has also claimed exceptionally volatile market conditions which have resulted in less than optimal investment results.

Canadian citizens are fighting to lift the ban which would make the investment of binary options legal within Canada. Due to binary option scams targeting a large portion of the Canadian demographics, Canada has been less than friendly towards the binary options industry. This can be well-understood due to how many citizens have become victimized and due to the suicide of at least one man. Nevertheless, the persistence of anti-binary options movements from entities like the IIAC (Investment Industry Association of Canada) request that binary options should be offered legally through only regulated brokers. We will continue to update you as soon as we learn more about this binary options development.

Earlier this week we reviewed an alternative investment broker for Forex and CFDs (contracts-for-difference). In our Review, we revealed that not only is this broker CySEC regulated but operates in full compliance with a dozen regulatory entities. Offering a user-friendly trading platform with high payouts and stop-loss capability, you know the risk and profit potential prior to executing any investments. Quickly becoming known as one of the best online investment brokers, Invest also offers a Free Demo Account which will allow you to become acquainted with their platform prior to fulfilling any obligations. Unlike binary options where you are investing against the broker and other investors, you don’t have to worry about that with this broker since you invest directly with the financial markets. Hands down, this is the safest and most reliable online Forex broker for 2017. However, trading with Invest is limited to EU and UK clients, so if you’re not in Europe or the UK, please visit our new Forex section to learn more about this trading industry.

WatchDog Trading Tip of the Week!

Do your best to avoid Hedging (Fencing Strategies) for binary options. Due to the nature and composition of how binary option contracts function when traders execute investments against one another, it decreases the statistical probability of generating more profits instead of increasing your probability of generating profits. You believe you are applying a risk-reduction trading approach when in reality you are just decreasing your probability of success. If you are looking for risk-reduction measures to pursue in order to become a better investor then make sure not to over-trade and apply proper money management techniques. If you need assistance with this, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll help you out always free of charge.

Quick WatchDog FAQ

Q: Where can I find an accurate and consistent trading software or signal service?

Tired of trying to find an accurate and consistent signal service or auto trader? Visit Watchdog’s Tested Service Providers for binary options or our Forex page to learn about the best performing auto traders, signal service and service providers in the binary options and Forex industry. Each of these services and trading software have been vigorously tested and proven to help you supplement your income between 3 to 4 figures per month.

Q: How can I report auto traders, trading software or signal services that I think are scams?

If you believe you have been cheated, know of a potential online trading scam or have been scammed then we urge you to file a complaint and reach out to us for free help in settling your binary option disputes, complaints and other investment matters. To date we have settled over 1,500 online trading disputes and we aren’t taking any free time off so if you feel like you need some assistance don’t hesitate to Contact WatchDog.

Q: What are regulated binary option and Forex brokers?

Regulated investment brokers are licensed brokers that are registered with a regulatory entity pertaining to a certain country or market. Due to the wide report of binary option and Forex scams embodying the shape of unregulated investment brokers, many regulatory agencies and federal authorities have pooled together their resources to put an end to the corruption taking place in binary options, Forex and other investment industries. When you engage in online investing, make sure you only trade with regulated brokers that are legal where you reside. To learn more about the best brokers then make sure to visit Watchdog’s Trusted Brokers and Forex Guide.

Q: Can I really make money with binary options or Forex trading?

Absolutely! We have helped thousands of online traders get started on profitable and effective online trading paths. Make sure you only trade with regulated brokers and invest with trading software and signal services that have been proven to help you generate a substantial and consistent amount of profits. Using proper money management techniques and profitable investment strategies will also contribute to your success when investing with binary options, Forex and CFDs.

Q: What are Binary Options?

Binary options (also known as Digital Options)  is an investment contract for an asset with a fixed price return. Trading online with binary options allows investors to generate profits by correctly predicting the future price movement of your targeted asset. In most cases, this is predicting whether the price of the asset will increase or decrease in value. Sometimes referred as an all-or-nothing proposition, binary option contracts allow traders to know the risk and rewards prior to executing an investment. Binary options are highly liquidated, offer great payouts and when used with regulated brokers can significantly improve your financial situation.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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