NASA Trader Project Shot Down! Scam Exposed!!

Be sure to read our unbiased review exposing the NASA Trader Project SCAM. Before you fall victim to a deceptive auto trading scam, please consider reading to learn all the facts we unraveled and why all traders should avoid this scam. Hosted at, many newbie online day-traders have fallen victim to the deceptive promotional video used to lure you in, gain your trust and deceive you out of your hard-earned money. Continue reading to learn just how vile of a scam NASA Trader Project is and learn about reliable and consistent trading software.

Based upon the 5 minute long pitch video, one may start to question the legitimacy of what they are watching. We are given a spokesperson whose identity is never revealed to us leaving us with what we would assume to be a paid actor. To be blunt, the presentation is elementary at best but unfortunately that still hasn’t deterred newbie traders away from falling victim to this binary options auto trading scam. Claiming to generate “thousands of dollars per day for traders around the globe,” it is evident we are dealing with another too good to be true type of scam here.

So how does this “amazing” NASA Trader Project auto trader work? Well, according to the “guru” delivering this scripted speech, the NASA Trader Project is affiliated with NASA and developed a way to predict the future movements of the stock market. Sound a little too good to be true? Yeah, we thought so as well, which is why we decided to keep peeling back the layers of deception and malice. What we found was nothing more than we expected, just a long list of traders who have fallen victim to this reoccurring online trading scam and more lies.

The NASA Trader Project is a SCAM!

Let us set the record straight here by saying that nothing claimed at is legitimate. Claiming that traders are profiting over 4 figures per day on a consistent basis is the exact opposite of what the NASA Trader Project auto trader actually delivers. According to a few of our subscribers, the best success rate achieved was just over 44% and most lost their entire deposit within a 48 hour period! Why put yourself through all that extra added stress? Don’t you have enough already?

Perhaps the most shady characteristic associated with the NASA Trader Project auto-trader would be how only unregulated brokers are “recommended” to you to sign up with. You see, just like with just about every other trading system, in order to gain “free” access to their system you need to sign up and deposit with one of their assigned brokers. In the instance of the NASA Trader Project software, we are talking about some of the most corrupt and notorious scam brokers for binary options. Brokers that have been known to overcharge their traders payments methods then restrict their ability to withdrawal.

Nasa Trader Project

So as you can see, unless you want to lose a minimum of $250 then make sure you avoid the NASA Trader Project. Not only will you lose most if not all of your money, but you will you be putting your personal and financial information at risk as well. Use your wits, trust your gut and if you are ever questioning the legitimacy of an online auto trader or trading software, always feel free to reach out to WatchDog and we’ll investigate! For those of you who have been scammed by the NASA Trader Project, we encourage you to share your experiences below to maximum exposure and we’ll do all we can to help you out!

Review Verdict: Nasa Trader Project is a SCAM!

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