Nadex Review – Watchdog’s Most Trusted BO Exchange!

Is Nadex the best alternative to scam binary options brokers in the United States? Read this important review on the CFTC Regulated, trading platform before you invest a dollar with any binary options related website! In 2016 we’re seeing tremendous growth in the demand for short-term trading in the USA and globally and we find it necessary to point our readers to the safest and most trusted brokers. It’s possible that some of you who already have experience in the field, fell into the hands of one of the off-shore, non-regulated scam sites. It really doesn’t matter how much money you make, if your funds are trapped with a shady off-shore entity and unfortunately even though the laws are very clear and it’s illegal for these companies to ‘Solicit Binary Options’ to US residents, they continue to do so without any regard to the law and this is why this review is extremely important, many brokers repeatedly violate the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) ruling concerning this matter.

As a registered Exchange and Clearinghouse, Regulated by the CFTC, is completely unbiased and offers no digital product or service that is deliberately created for you to lose, an  example for such service is the Algo-Trading Bot integrated by many scams, for the simple purpose of draining clients accounts! is obligated to keep the collective members funds in United States, Segregated Bank Accounts, and this is just one of the many requirements including 100% transparency, mandatory for any broker with an intent to be considered as a legal entity, qualified to serve the US public.

SEC and CFTC government warnings concerning binary options scams:

Nadex Review Summery and Quick Facts:

  • CFTC Regulated Exchange in the United States.
  • Minimum Deposit is $250 with
  • Free Education, Market Spikes built-in feature and More.
  • All clients funds are in local United States, Segregated Bank Accounts!
  • US Physical location: North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc. 311 South Wacker Drive Suite 2675 Chicago, IL 60606 (or would you rather trade with an Isle of Man broker instead?)
  • Real phone number: US Toll Free: 1 877 776 2339

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We get commissions when a new Nadex account is funded via our referral link.

Please share your questions, feedback and experiences below this review as we welcome any comments. Good luck with binary options trading and remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry, don’t learn it the hard way! Any Day-traders from the US in your social circles? Share this important Nadex review and help us spread the word!

60 comments on “Nadex Review – Watchdog’s Most Trusted BO Exchange!
  1. Ernie says:

    What about cantor exchange in the USA? Has anyone heard anything good/bad about Binary Trading Group with Sean Jantz?

  2. Hisham says:

    I am from Malaysia. Need WatchDog advice on what broker to use and auto trade system most suitable in Malaysia

  3. aida bautista says:

    what about LUCROSA INCORPORATED is this a good one trader

  4. aida bautista says:

    am from the philippines what trader you recommend for me if NADEX
    is not applicable in my country

  5. Carlos Prunty says:

    Is there a trusted auto trading system or recommended brokers that works under the Nadex platform ?

  6. pramod says:

    i am from india any chance i can trade with Nadex

  7. Lois H Aring says:

    What reliable brokers are available for a US citizen living in Mexico to trade with Option Robot ?

  8. Larry says:

    If Nadex would only implement a trading platform that is more inline with the other providers. Not all off shore BO brokers are scams!! I have had an account with one for 6 months. My withdrawals are processed back to my CC within 3 business days. I do not like the Nadex trading platform and will continue my good relationship with an offshore broker. I understand there are many scammers that have come have come and gone, but to say ALL off shore brokers are scams is simply not true

    • Ken says:

      You are correct. The mentality that if it’s not Nadex it’s a scam is ridiculous. I traded BO with an offshore broker (I am in US) and always had my withdrawals within 3 business days. I do not like the Nadex platform as I tried it under demo.

      • WatchDog says:

        It’s a scam in the sense that it’s illegal for offshore brokers to solicit US traders. Therefore, companies who do are breaking the law.

  9. Martin Wilson says:

    Opteck good or bad
    Thanks Martin

  10. Emmanuel says:

    I’m a native of Ghana and residing in Ghana can I join Nadex?

  11. Charles Harper says:

    Is Nadex available in Canada ?

  12. says:

    The problem with binary options is not that it is a scam in itself. However, when someone who is not knowledgable tries to trade binary options, he will definitely lose money. The problem is that people are very anxious to make money and they don’t take the time to learn the business. Incase you lose your money in trading from those greedy brokers who are not regulated with any of the regulatory agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) OR looking for a great strategy on how to trade email

  13. Patrick says:

    Anybody know Ice9 Technology, can it b a trusted BO site?

  14. umar shaon says:

    How can I earn money online.any 1 can help me

  15. Wade says:

    Thanks for this post. Yes, I have found that Nadex seems to be the best choice for US traders. With the help of this post, patience seems to steer one to better decisions when seeking to trade binary options. Very grateful.

  16. Please Read and Hear me out says:

    There’s no better choice, NADEX is my only broker! USA USA USA!!!

    • WatchDog says:

      We’re not at a Trump rally but yeah, Nadex is definitely the best broker for US traders! No doubt about it, we’re glad to see they improved the interface too look and feel more like what’s being demanded at this point.

  17. WatchDog says:

    Hi Jim, Unfortunately the answer is no. We spoke with Matt from Nadex and he informed us that they are no longer working with automated services, it might be temporary but we are not 100% sure.

    We know that some manual signals services do work with Nadex, Mike’s Facebook Signals Group is free for Nadex traders but you have to follow the trades manually.

  18. George Ruiz says:

    Another advantage I see on Nadex is that t is not technically a broker, it is more like an exchange clearinghouse where you are trading against another trader, translation: you are not trading against the broker. No wonder there are so many scams, most workers want you to lose. Also, the profits can be higher per transaction, but the good thing is that your loses cannot! you predetermine them, and they can even be lower if you pull out early. I will be trading on my practice account that I just open while I learn the system, and also while I find a good signals system to improve my chances.

  19. George Ruiz says:

    One of the cool features in Nadex is that you are not in an all or nothing situation, in other words, you do not have to wait for your option to expire,you can withdraw your profits or minimize your loses before the expiration. I am just started testing it, but it seems promising, I believe if I can combine it with a good signals system, it will be a winner! I feel this Nadex is safest place to invest in binary options, there is some learning curve, but nothing super crazy.

  20. WatchDog says:

    Hi Anne, Only Mike’s Facebook Signals group works with, they don’t have the technology to get synced with auto-traders unfortunately.

  21. bamugha silas says:

    I live in Uganda,Africa can I join Nadex?

  22. Ron Proffit says:

    Can you give me any info on . They are from England and
    claim to be the 1st Auto Trader with zero losses. $250 minimum to start.
    Ron P.

  23. Steve says:

    Have traded with OptioMint for awhile (2Years) and now not able to get into their site. Wonder why? Anyone in US having this problem? Is this company out of business?

  24. Rose says:

    Thank you for this revelation! I’ve been searching for a decent, local broker!

  25. Jack Baire says:

    Thanks Watchdog I’ll check out Mike’s signals. I’m not looking for an automated synced up system those are undoubtedly scams. I’m looking for a solid signals that can be traded manually on the platform.

  26. Benjamin says:

    Nadex it is! Too bad they no longer cater for Canadian residents. Still looking for a broker like Nadex for Canadian residents, am yet to find one. Really weary about trying out those off shore shady brokers!

  27. Suzie Foster says:

    Thank you so much for exposing me to Nadex, I didn’t know how this industry is structured but after doing some of my own research when I first ready your review I realized that you’re absolutely right. Nadex it is!

  28. Cecil Farris says:

    I trade on Nadex. I lose sometimes. (Who doesn’t?) they have awesome tools to spread, straddle, mitigate losses, if you don’t understand those terms, you’ll lose. I’ve lost a ton on so called autotraders. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve yet to find one that does better than 50-50.

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you for sharing your feedback Cecil, it’s true that most automated systems are either fake or under-performing.

      We wish that more traders would wake up and realize that, especially if you’re in the USA, Nadex is really the safest and possibly your only long-term opportunity to make it with binary options.

  29. Cecil Farris says:

    Watchdog…. Nadex is truly legitimate broker. You won’t be a fast gazillionaire but at least they don’t trade against you. However. Warning. You have to understand the markets, and their much more complicated platform. They provide videos how to use. A really good signal service will greatly improve your chances with Nadex. Also, HEADS UP!!!!!! Centument scamm is now emailing me 5-6 times per day their latest make a million overnight stuff. It’s called ‘ Glorytrader’….. Same as Pheonix, Stark, Aussie Method…….check it out

  30. chris says:

    Why does my question keep getting deleted?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Chris, We don’t allow any type of advertisements on this website in the comment section. If you have any positive or negative comments about Nadex, this is the place to share it with the world but please don’t try to submit a comment that might be perceived as an ad of some kind, even if it’s not within your intention to advertise. We do apologize if there was any misunderstanding but this is part of moderation.

  31. Jack Baire says:

    HI Watchdog:
    Are there any signals services you recommend for the Nadex platform for US traders.
    Thanks, Jack

    • WatchDog says:

      We know that Mike’s Signals group is sending Nadex signals, we listed the service on our recommended services list and it’s free to join but due to the different technology that Nadex is using you won’t find Automated Systems synced with them but we’re still searching for one. Nadex will never work with a scam service and most of the auto-traders are highly misleading which might also explain it’s hard to find a solution.

      Many traders who realize that Nadex is CFTC regulated would rather just trade on their own, knowing their money is safe and not sent as a donation to an offshore scam so either way you’ll be in much better hands by joining with or without a signals service.

  32. Jenny says:

    Hi Watchdog, I followed your blog for such a long time and never even knew about Nadex. I am signing up, I had enough with all the scams and offshore brokers. I did my own research and confirmed that you are right, is really the best choice for US residents. Thank you so much!!!! Jenny

  33. B j Gilmer says:

    Got scammed by stark and now my remaining money is with the linked bloombex site. Ia bloombex a scam as well?

    • WatchDog says:

      Stark Trading System is a scam and if Bloombex is working with them, it’s not a good sign. The idea of this Nadex review is to inform traders about the “offshore brokers” and the benefits of staying safe by trading with a reliable, regulated broker instead. It’s very unfortunate that there’s more demand for lousy scam sites.

  34. Curt says:

    The best place to go for NADEX training and tools is APEX trading. By far the most in depth site out there.

  35. Oscar says:

    Nadex is the only regulated broker in the United States, there’s no alternative way to trade safely so don’t hesitate!!

  36. Dwain Munyon says:

    Does Nadex have automated software? If so what is their average payout ?


    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Dwain, We created a list of recommended Auto Trading services excluding any that were created by certain broker, in most cases we found that Algo-Trading or Automated Trades are offered by scam sites; The ITM performance is very misleading and can drain your account very fast. You might be able to find a reliable signals service that works with Nadex, but they will not provide you with any of their Algo-Trading directly as it’s illegal based on the CFTC US government regulations.

  37. Shirley Kay says:

    I really appreciate your review on Nadex Watchdog, I didn’t even know the difference between a real exchange and OTC broker and this really clarified it well. I am a US citizen and just starting out with binary options, in a way you saved me because I was planning to register with a non CFTC broker and received your update on this one. Thank you so much and God Bless You!

  38. Leon Simon says:

    I just signed up for a Nadex demo account,and all I can say is wow it,s the real deal.plenty of training video,s,webinars, USA phone number to talk to an binary options specialist if you have any questions. Their located in Chicago .its a exchange not a broker…And the list goes on..90 cents to open a trade and .90 cents coming out of a trade.

  39. WatchDog says:

    We are not familiar with the Darvas Box Indicator but if anyone has any feedback please share. If anyone is spamming you with emails it might be a scam, especially if you never asked to receive any promotional offers from them.

  40. Danie Lubbe says:

    Hallo Watchdog I’ve received lately a few emails from The Darvas Box MT 4 Indicator including the Profit by Friday —Signals Do you have any info on these people and is it a scam ??? Thanks

  41. Matt says:

    BOW thanks for your continues update. I say Shame, Shame and I say again big Fat Shame to scammers and shady brokers!!!

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