Review – How to get your money back from a SCAM?

Can really help scam victims recover money from Forex and Binary Options Scam sites? The short answer is YES! We strongly encourage you to read our complete review if you’ve been unjustly treated and manipulated by any type of online fraud, don’t let them get away with your hard-earned money. Due to the large number of unregulated scams, especially in the online trading world, there’s a growing demand for reputable companies that specialize and dedicate 100% of their time into dealing with credit card disputes, as well as fraudulent wire fraud transactions.

Can you deal with charge-back disputes on your own?

It’s definitely possible but you should be aware of some major challenges before you try. Banks will not allow you to re-file a dispute if you fail on the first attempt, therefore if you make a technical mistake in the filing procedure you won’t get a second change. Another important challenge to consider is that scam-artists keep in mind the possibility of potential disputes by clients, therefore they will do everything they can to manipulate the credit companies and banks into believing a false narrative. Winning charge-back cases can result in the scam operation losing their merchant account and ability to process credit cards, therefore you can be sure that they will fight back to ensure your loss. My Charge Back was created by a team of experts who fully understand the risks involved in this delicate process and have plenty of experience dealing with the challenges on a daily basis. review and company information

Established in 2016, the website is owned by Cactil LLC USA, professional consulting and fund recovery specialists. Cactil LLC is registered in Delaware and headquartered in Cedarhurst, NY.  Clients are accepted internationally, and they offer several toll free numbers depending on your region. US: 1-888-350-8030. On My Charge Back website, they offer communication via live-chat and accept questions via email at Filing a dispute on the website is simple and straight forward, customer service team is highly responsive.

How effective is the service? Is it too late to qualify?

At we partnered up with Cactil LLC months ago. We’ve seen countless of positive reviews and feedback regarding the service. Recovering your money doesn’t happen over night, and instead of having to deal with the stress involved many people are better off leaving it to professionals instead. In most cases, the charge-back can be resolved within 3-4 months but in some cases it can take up to 6 months. In terms of qualifying for My Charge Back fund recovery service, the timeline depends on the type of credit/debit card used as well as your country. In many cases the filing must take place within 60 to 120 days, however in Binary Options and Forex cases a dispute may still be accepted even within 540 days of the date of the questionable transaction. Based on UK law, clients can file a dispute within up to 6 years so it really depends on many factors, is fully transparent and will provide you with the specific timeline depending on your situation. It’s in your best interest to initiate the process as soon as possible and it’s never too late to give it a chance.

As for wire transactions, unfortunately the same regulations do not apply as with credit card transactions which makes it more difficult without a lawsuit. works alongside expert attorneys in the field in order to help their clients. It’s a process that requires a different approach but there’s still hope even for those who deposited money via wire transfer. The service has been positively quoted on authority websites such as Huffington Post and Forbes. You will find many endorsements and positive Reviews all over the Internet. Remember that scam-artists are hoping you will move on without a fight, instead you should stand up for your rights and demand justice. Based on The Business Insider, My Charge Back helped clients recover over $1,000,000 by August 2017.

Visit by Cactil LLC

For comprehensive information on complaints and disputes, visit Watchdog’s ChargeBack Guide for Day-Traders. There are multiple steps we recommend taking for those who’ve been scammed, even in case you do not qualify by My Charge Back. In a recent news update, we covered the FBI arrest of Ex-CEO Lee Elbaz, the notorious scammer behind the multi-million dollars fraud, justice is being served and now is the time to get your own share of justice by claiming what’s rightfully yours.

Be sure to visit Watchdog’s Blacklist for a list of Forex and Binary Options scam sites or contact us via email at and we will gladly assist you.

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