MineBTC.io Review – Avoid this Scam!!

Mine BTC, located at MineBTC.io, is a vicious and deceitful cryptocurrency cloud mining scam. As you will learn throughout the duration of our indisputable review, MineBTC.io may come off as a legitimate appearing investment opportunity but the twisted reality of the matter would be how Mine BTC is nothing more than platform full of falsehoods that resorts to the straight up theft of an investors deposited funds.

What is MineBTC.io?

Mine BTC is portrayed as a bitcoin cloud mining service that allegedly rents out hash power to investors looking to accrue a residual stream of income through cryptocurrency investing. According to the platform, Mine BTC supports Altcoin and Bitcoin mining while their data centers are allegedly headquartered within Europe, the United States and China.

No reference is made in regards to which cryptocurrency mining hardware is employed although it is suggested that their platform employs a SHA-256 or scrypt algorithm, which means that if that is truly the case then this allegedly leading cryptocurrency mining company is using some high end equipment.

Who’s Behind MineBTC.io?

When it comes to investigating the legitmacy of online cloud mining corporations, it is imperative to look thoroughly through their disclosed ownership information. In the matter of MineBTC, they are rather evasive when it comes to providing identifying information.

According to their domain, they are a U.K. based corporation although when we searched UK business registrars we could not find any corporation matching MineBTC or their disclosed physical address of 89 Marlborough Road, London, United Kingdom, E18 1AA.

Combine those discrepancies with the fact that MineBTC.io only discloses the anonymous contact method of [email protected] and it becomes evident that the creators behind this fictitious cryptocurrency cloud mining are desperately trying to conceal their identity from the outside world.

How does MineBTC.io Function?

Mine BTC supposedly functions within the same operational parameters as other cloud mining service providers. Which means that they rent out their hashing power to investors who are looking to invest within the cryptocurrency domain to have selective digital currencies mined on their behalf.

Investors who are looking to get started with cryptocurrency cloud mining operations typically are able to invest with a multitude of different investment plans that come with predesignated hashing power, predicted ROIs and contract durations. However, the only information that MineBTC.io discloses in regards to their mining contracts would be how investors contract’s last for a duration of 4 months.

Domain Intel

On the About Us page of MineBTC.io, it is stated that their platform was founded in May 2017 although according to a WHOIS domain report their domain was privately registered on October 16th, 2017. To add, according to market intelligence sites such as SimiliarWeb, Mine BTC has suffered a near 25% traffic loss while approximately 37% of their site traffic originates from users who reside within Brazil.

Pooling Community Feedback

MineBTC.io has suprisingly flown under-the-radar when it comes to investigating their presense across social networks and review sites. The only compilation of verifiable feedback we could find in regards to this shady cryptocurrency mining pool would be at TrustPilot, where much of the feedback appears controversial at best.

The most believable and common reports we found pertaining to Mine BTC would be how their platform has refused to render any withdrawal requests, has stolen bitcoin deposits from investors and has failed to provide a dependable line of communication.

Is MineBTC.io a Scam or Legit?

If you were an inexperienced investor new to the cryptocurrency domain you may lack the experience necessary to determine whether or not MineBTC.io is a scam or legitimate. However, if you amass all of the discrepancies disclosed above such as lack of ownership information, excessive negative complaints along with fabricated elements such as their unplottable physical address and it becomes apparent that MineBTC.io is a scam.

MineBTC.io Review – The Verdict

MineBTC.io is just another link in the chain of a vast series of deceptive investment scams that have plagued the cryptocurrency domain. We must tip our hats off to the creators behind Mine BTC for producing such a well-structured platform but the facts don’t lie, MineBTC.io is simply just another bitcoin investment scheme.

Our Findings: MineBTC.io is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: MineBTC.io

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