Midnight Money Machine is a SCAM!! Honest Review!

Jeff Farrell, is the alleged CEO of the Midnight Money Machine SCAM. In this review we gathered all the evidence needed to debunk this fake Auto Trading System and deter potential victims. We will also explain in details, why the concept behind the MidnightmoneyMachine.com website and entire narrative is beyond questionable. Financial freedom is certainly not obtainable with this fraudulent money-making scheme and here is why.

First of all, both Jeff and JF Media does not exist. We tried to find any and all information on both the person the company and anything we could find on the legitimacy of the Midnight Money Machine scam, and came up empty handed. So that is one thing scratched off the list. The second thing is the fact that the Auto Trader is apparently trading overnight whilst you are asleep and making you anything between $1,500 and $6,000, we are yet to come across a system able to produce that type of profits daily, as even some of our most trusted systems are not able to generate the types of profits you’re being promised by the scam.

Just to quickly sum up the fairy-tale story of the Midnight Money Machine software, so we Jeff Farrell claims to be the CEO of JF Media, and they specialize in the creation of software and we already know that this company does not exist. He goes on and lies about how for the past four years they have been monitoring and helping clients with their various systems. Recently they noticed that the system they have been working on, that is operating with binary options brokers, was profiting the most whilst trading overnight. This is supposedly so because there is less activity so the markets can be easier scanned and predict the outcome of the trades.


Now for the most damaging evidence and reason as to why it would be to your benefit to stay away from the Midnight Money Machine software scam. During our review he had a little look into this whole thing that trades overnight exclusively, and was able to crush this claim even before it got properly started. See, here is the thing, yes an Auto Trader such as the Midnight Money Machine scam is able to trade overnight, but it certainly will not trade overnight making you loads of profits because it is a quiet time in the market. The fact of the matter is that there is no such time as “midnight” speaking in trading terms. This is due to the fact that when the markets close where you are, on the opposite side of the world will be the open for other markets. There is maybe one way they would have been able to counter this, and make it work if they only programmed it to trade on certain currencies exclusively, but they didn’t.

Additionally the currencies relating to your country goes to sleep during the night. Therefore there is no slower markets and easier signals to read by the Midnight Money Machine software and place the trades accordingly. Unless of course you are speaking about Friday evening to Sunday Evening, as this is the only time the markets stop and goes to sleep. The way you can see volatility in the market overnight that contradicts Jeff greatly, is the economic calendar. Have a look at some of the news releases, notice how the previous day still has high impact news releases up until twelve pm the day before, and how the following day has indications of news releases as well as high impact news from early in the morning hours across the day. This proves that there is no such thing as quieter market conditions whilst you are asleep and the scam narrative presented by the creators of MidnightmoneyMachine.com is absolutely disconnected from reality. It’s clearly aimed to steal money from inexperienced newbies who are not familiar with day-trading.

Furthermore we were a bit bored with the Midnight Money Machine software and the lack of professionalism, and attention to details. Notice how when Jeff reads out Lindsey’s testimonial for the camera, she supposedly switched the Auto Trader on every night, and forgot to switch it on Saturday evening. Yes you read that right, almost like magic the midnight money machine scam was able to trade over weekends when the markets truly are asleep and flat. Should you wish to give the software a try, please do send us your testimonials, as we can say with 100% certainty that it will not be what you expected. The MidnightmoneyMachine.com domain was not created 4 years ago based on Who.is Domain Lookup, or even a couple of years to offer this to you today, it was registered on 19th May 2016. As we found prior to the release of this review, Jeff Farrell and his JF Media company does not exist. Again, there is all round 24 hours trading from Sunday evening until Friday evening, the markets only slow down regarding the currency in your geographical location, and as mentioned, no auto trading software can guarantee not to trade on a certain currency during open market trading.

Review Verdict: Midnight Money Machine is a SCAM! 

Blacklisted website – MidnightmoneyMachine.com

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 Your feedback is very important, if you look around you might find some fake reviews endorsing this worthless software, but you can’t ignore all the evidence we gathered and some of the real feedback and reviews on trusted forums and other blogs if you dig deep enough. In case you made a mistake and decided to trade with Midnight Money or any of the above scam offers, please share your feedback below this review. For information on other trusted signals services, we encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Trusted Signals for binary options

We appreciate your time and we encourage you to comment below and share anything that’s on your mind. Our goal at BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com is to provide a safe haven serious binary options traders. If you are new to the game, consider trading with a free demo account before you jump in the water. Whichever path you choose moving forward, be sure to stay away from the Midnight Money machine scam! Please help the community by sharing this warning!

6 comments on “Midnight Money Machine is a SCAM!! Honest Review!
  1. Tom says:

    Has anyone else been “taken” by Capital Bank Markets?

  2. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    This for sure another crap scammer guys!! Please don’t ever getting trapped into this midnight money machine software…please save your money and doing research 1st before make any decision!

  3. peter schamp says:

    thanks for the warning! i walkt in to a scam trap before and lurnd a hars lesson.

  4. Mark says:

    Crap name to start with i have 1 piece of advise …………. Learn to trade your self as i have done and be in control of your own trades…….
    There are i believe a small percentage of reputable soft wears out there but not many do your home work first gets me so angry that these parasites take advantage of people who are struggling in the first place ………

  5. blandino knight says:

    This is a complete scam don’t get near it! I lost $450 within 2 nights with this this BS Midnight Money crap! I was curious didn’t really think I’ll make thousands but didn’t expect it to be so awful!!!!

  6. Frank Cho says:

    Thank you for exposing the scammers! This one really doesn’t look like anything real, I wonder who would fall for the Midnight Money Machine. Too bad if they do, I’ve been there a few times but have learnt my lesson.

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