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Me Profits, hosted at, claims to be a London based international cryptocurrency trading consulting agency. Allegedly specializing in stock trading, bitcoin mining, debt and anti-crisis management, investment brokerage and real estate services, markets their platform as an all-in-one earning opportunity.

While the public image created by may sound alluring, maybe even enticing, more investigative research into the foundation and portrayal regarding Me Profits reflects a different story. To learn the truth behind Me Profits we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased review.

What is Me Profits?

Me Profits presents their platform as an investment opportunity for your future, all you have to do is join and you will be delighted. According to their domain, they have been active for only 45 days and have compiled a total investor count of 1,941 with over $2 million in deposits. Approximately $1 million has been withdrawn to date while their investment plans allegedly offer ROIs between 160% to 5,000%.

While it appears that Me Profits is a dynamic investment platform, no transparent evidence regarding the actual accruement of profits is disclosed. Furthermore, no information regarding the cryptocurrency mining hardware or data centers are shared anywhere upon the site. The only information we have regarding the alleged success of this platform would be through the unverified statistics that they report on their site. Investment Plans

Me Profits provides investors with up to 6 investment plans. Depending upon the plan selected will determine the investment deposit required, duration of plan and return-on-investment. Below are the six Me Profit investment plans:

Fast Profits

ROI: Up to 20% hourly

Plan Duration: 8 hours

Minimum Deposit: $5

Maximum Deposit: $25,000

Medium Profits

ROI: Up to 10% hourly

Plan Duration: 24 hours

Minimum Deposit: $200

Maximum Deposit: $50,000

Big Profits

ROI: Up to 350%

Plan Duration: After 5 Days

Minimum Deposit: $350

Maximum Deposit:$75,000

Big Profits II

ROI: Up to 950%

Plan Duration: After 10 Days

Minimum Deposit: $750

Maximum Deposit: $100,000

Premium I

ROI: Up to 2,200%

Plan Duration: After 27 Days

Minimum Deposit: $550

Maximum Deposit: $150,000

Premium II

ROI: Up to 5,000%

Plan Duration: After 60 Days

Minimum Deposit: $850

Maximum Deposit: $150,000

Domain Insight

According to a WHOIS report, was a privately registered domain that was created on April 16th, 2018. Since their inception, their site has relied heavily upon traffic exchange sites such as to inorganically boost their web rankings to make their platform appear more popular than it truly is. Just another example of how shady of an investment opportunity Me Profits truly is.

Community Consensus is a relatively new investment scam to enter the make money online from home niche. With this being said, they haven’t had much time to cultivate their deceptive investment scheme into a converting scam funnel, essentially meaning many investors have not fallen victim to this scam yet. If you took the time to conduct some external research though, you would notice how most of the community feedback labels Me Profits as a scam, Ponzi scheme and not paying.

Is a Ponzi Scheme?

Yes, is among the latest string of investment schemes meant to target inexperienced day traders. Incorporating the classic “deposit and forget about it,” investment appeal, Me Profits cleverly markets their site as an investment endeavor that will enable you to amass unrealistically high returns within a minimum duration of time. Promoting unsustainable returns while failing to provide any transparent evidence of historical success, Me Profits is nothing more than another Ponzi scheme. Review Conclusion

There is nothing special pertaining to the Me Profits investment scheme that is worthy of recognizing. Reflecting many of the same characteristics as other Ponzi schemes we are increasingly becoming more accustomed too, we predict many more straight-forward and misleading Ponzi schemes to circulate throughout the day trading industry before it starts to clear up again. With this in mind, make sure to stay vigilant and subscribe to WatchDog to learn about trending scams to avoid!

Verdict: Me Profits is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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