Maximus Profits is a SCAM!! Review based on Facts!

Ensure you read our full warning review on the Maximus Profits Scam. We have already received some emails that saddens us regarding this software, which also prompted us to get our review out as soon as possible before more traders fall victim to this merciless auto trader. If you have been looking at the website thinking that this is the way to make good profits trading binary options, regrettably you cannot be further from the truth, we encourage you read this important review and see for yourself why this system should be avoided at all costs. The facts  in the review below will surely deter you, even if may assume we’re biased!

George Maximus the face, presenter, fake owner, behind the Maximus Profits scam, and he’s also the one urging everyone to register and deposit money. We really wish that we could have believed him, however the moment the video started playing and we saw who he was, we instantly knew we were dealing with a scam. The actor used in this auto trader is the exact same on that was used in Navstar Trader. As a general rule we are not against using actors, as we understand that some developers wish to stay anonymous. We are however against software’s using the same actor for more than one scam, as this generally proves without a doubt that the system is a fraudulent one, due to scammers not worrying about an actor being outed for two separate scam services.

George Maximus aka the actor for the Navstar Trader SCAM! You’re not BS’ing anyone!


The story behind the Maximus Profits software does not even make sense, let alone has any truth to it. We listened carefully to the presentation for our review, only to realise that the longer we listen the more confused we become. George claims that he used work as a trader for a hedge Fund company called Bridge Water Associates in Wall Street. He was fired from his job in the crash of 2008 for being the best highest paid trader they have. Surely if he was the top best trader, they would have kept him knowing of his success and gotten rid of the lower paid less profitable traders. If he really was as good as he claims, and if he truly made the biggest profits, then he would have been their biggest asset, making him the biggest loss if he left, therefore it does not make sense.

If you thought the above mentioned story does not make sense, then wait until you hear what we have to say about how exactly the Maximus Profits scam works. We have extensive experience trading and in the industry, and it took us some thinking to get our head around this. With our understanding what happens is, the software places a trade, it then swaps the trade out with another client of theirs trade, allowing for both your trades to win. If that does not make any sense whatsoever, do not worry, because clearly the idiot behind writing the script does not know what they are talking about, and neither does George Maximus. For those who have a little knowledge on how binary options works will know that in order for you successfully place a trade, means that someone else has to place a trade in the opposite direction. Therefore swapping your trade out with another client is ridiculous, how do you know that your winning trade is not being swopped out for a losing one, and there is most certainly no way that both trades can win.

Here are a couple of facts that proves the site is a thrown together scam, along with the fabricated fantasy behind the Maximus Profits software. First of all, it is impossible to generate even close to $8k per day with any software. If you do a little research you will see that traders who are using some of the considered the best auto traders in the industry are not even able to achieve that. Secondly when you here the lines being used in a presentation that states, “this is unlike you have seen before, there is nothing to sell you here”, chances are you are on a scam website, as they are classic scam lines being used over and over again. Thirdly but not least of all, is the fact that they used not only an actor that was already exposed in a previous scam, they went as far as to pay for cheat testimonials and reviews from a site called fiverr, the biggest place you will find people that will say anything for small amounts of cash.

We are half not surprised by the appearance of the Maximus Profits scam that popped up. We expect the same traders are behind this one that also created the Navstar Trader, as it is normal for scammers to make the same mistakes over and over again. Another thing that should prove to you that the system is bogus and will only steal your money, is the fact that George Maximus claims the software has made no less than 14 traders millionaires over the past few months, but when you search on you soon realise that the domain was only registered on the 4th july 2016, making it only 1 month old. The moment you see similarities is systems you should already be taking causing and seeking further advice, rather than risk it and losing your full deposit. We hope this review has been informative and able to help other to not make the same mistakes as some traders already have. Do your research and most of all be sure of something before taking that step.

Review Verdict: Maximus Profits is a SCAM!

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We can also help you with complaints and disputes at no cost, it would be our pleasure to assist those who’ve been trapped by websites such as! You might be disappointed after looking into all the facts above, however binary options can be profitable and there are good guys out there. Visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for better alternatives and Automated Systems in the field.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read our warning on Maximus Profits, we can only hope you choose against this offer which is bound to leave your account balance closer to zero by the minute. Be sure to subscribe to our Blog for all the latest industry updates and news. Don’t forget to share this warning if you are aware of other day-traders who may be getting invitations to join this scam offer.

5 comments on “Maximus Profits is a SCAM!! Review based on Facts!
  1. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    this BS claiming 100% profits record since 2013 – no losses! please don’t get victim by this Maximus Profits software guys,they’re completely liar and 100% scam!!..

  2. Cecily Eather says:

    Hello I was wondering re ? scam leads to fast cash money,
    goldtim@com, Bloombex options, myhiddenformula,
    mobedirect, Tim from Trader HQ-intercomavatar
    sorry a few I have come across in the last month
    Thank you cecily Eather

  3. José María San Martín says:

    Hi, Do you know anything about Any reviews?. Do you think it is a scam?. Thank you!!

  4. Sunder says:

    Thank you for updating. Could you please also Alert people about.. its a SCAM.

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