Maximus Edge Autobot; Live Trades and Winning Tips!

Let’s get right to it and do an update on the awesome Maximus Edge AutoBot. We were not kidding when we said that this is a great trading service for binary options. Yeah, trading in the world of BO can be really tricky and complicated. However, a good service like the Max Edge EA can go a long way in making life a whole lot easier. We want to give you a little recap and an update in regards to what this cool new binary options trading service is all about.

On side note, we are featuring some helpful trading videos from Andrew, the owner and operator of Binary Options Army, a reputable BO blog site. Andrew has been working with us and has been helping us take down scams on a daily basis for a very long time. We would recommend watching his videos for the AutoBot as they are very informative.

What Is The Maximus Edge AutoBot?

In case you missed it, the Maximus Edge AutoBot is a manual trading platform for binary options. It is not one of those fully automated programs which we usually talk about. In reality, there is no good option for fully automatic trading when it comes to binary options. That is ok though, because at least we know that it is not just some kind of scam. To repeat, the Maximus Edge EA is definitely not a scam of any kind. On the other hand, it is one of the most effective BO trading platforms we have seen to date. If you like to engage in manual binary options trading, this service is a great one to consider no doubt. Take a look at the video below courtesy of Andrew, which will give you a good first look at this system.


Maximus Edge AutoBot – Good ITM Rate

Of course, the key aspect of any BO trading program is how accurate it is in terms of executing trades. We have found the Maximus Edge app to be very reliable, which is honestly quite surprising, but in a good way. Now, you need to be aware that the ITM rate, which is the percentage of trades won, does highly depend on market volatility as well as fundamental news and the time you trade too. That being said, the ITM rate for this particular system has been outstanding for the most part. We have seen people achieve rates as high as between 82% and 87%, with 90% being achieved on rare occasions. Check out the trading video below for the full scoop on Maximus Edge ITM rates.

Somehow, Andrew was able to engage in one trading session where all of his trades were winners. Now, this is usually not possible in any way, but we suppose that luck had a big part to play in it. However, as you can see from the video below, achieving a 100% win rate is technically possible with the Maximus Edge AutoBot especially if you use the right settings. In other words, you can definitely make a good ROI off of any investment when using this new trading service.


Best Settings & Trading Time

Like we said, how much money you can generate and how good your trades are do depend on a variety of things. We have found that using certain settings and trading during a certain time period helps to provide the best results. This is also true for the way in which we trade and which indicators we use. We have been following some outside advice on this one, and the recommended settings we have been using are now our gold standard.

When it comes down to it, you should leave on all indicators as shown on the platform. RSI and MACD are big factors here and you need to pay attention to them. They can be monitored using Maximus Edge charts. Now, we have found that the best results are achieved when we do 25-45 minute trades, nothing else. We would not recommend doing shorter or longer trades.

Moreover, you should probably not invest more than the minimum amount for each trade. We find that 30 minute trades with minimal investment tend to yield the best results. In terms of the trading time, you should aim to trade between 9am and 7pm GMT because that is when the most action is going on.

As you can see from the trading video below, using the Bollinger Bands indicator seems to work very well in order to produce highly accurate trades. It’s an easy indicator to get the hang of and it is usually fairly accurate. On that same note, using support and resistance levels tends to be quite reliable as well, as is shown in the video below from our friend Andrew.

If you would like some more info on what the best settings are to be as profitable as possible with this trading app, just take a look at the video featured below which Binary Options Army was kind enough to supply us with. – The Brokers

Something else which needs to be mentioned has to do with the awesome choice of brokers. Usually, these programs only allow you to use one broker, which is obviously no good. If they do allow for more than one broker, you can usually only sign up for one of them. Moreover, if you want to change brokers, you usually have to sign up with a different email address. This is not the case with the Maximus Edge AutoBot.

You can actually connect your account to more than one broker at a time, up to 4 or 5 at once in fact. This is great. We love choice and any good trader knows why that is. In terms of withdrawal times, each broker is a little different. Andrew shows you how he has made a successful withdrawal, which proves that this service is definitely not a scam. It can take anywhere from 2 to 4 days for a withdrawal to happen, as can be seen in the below video.


What Else We Like About The Maximus Edge AutoBot

  • Our friend Andrew from Binary Options Army has done several trading videos for this service to date, and every time he makes a new video, his balance has gone up. In other words, Andrew has not lost any money using this system, just generated it. Being profitable is obviously a big bonus.

  • With Maximus Edge EA, you get a full charting solution. The reason why this app is so easy to use is because it provides you with a charting solution like no other program ever seen. You get access to literally hundreds of fundamental and technical analysis tools. If you like indicators, this is the program for you.
  • Having access to lots of relevant market news is always a big deal when it comes to binary options trading. Well, access to that important news is exactly what you get with the Maximus Edge AutoBot app.
  • Using Maximus Edge EA is about as easy as it gets. If you need good tools for binary options trading, you can rest assured that they are available on this platform.

Maximus Edge AutoBot Review – Follow-up Conclusion

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There is no doubt about the fact that the Max Edge (EA-Expert Advisor) is one of the most reliable and effective trading solutions on the market today. That being said, there have been some minor glitches and problems, both with trading and registration. If you are having any problems, maybe the below videos from Binary Options Army can help solve them for you and you can always leave a comment below this follow-up Maximus Edge Review and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please share your feedback related to the software, brokers or anything else related. Thank you for taking the time to read and watch Andrew’s live action, tutorials and tips and we sincerely hope it will help you make this experience as profitable as possible.

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13 comments on “Maximus Edge Autobot; Live Trades and Winning Tips!
  1. Sivuyile says:

    Is maximus egde available in south africa?

  2. Liza Clamohoy says:

    3 days results are very good, 83% but I am also using my own indicators however I can tell the software is really good because even if I would’ve taken all the auto signals I’d still make at least 80%. Also very good number of signals and for thankfully no tech issues with syncing, I just hold my fingers that it will continue. Thank you Watchdog and also Andis for the great explanations! Liza

  3. Paul says:

    Thank you for the review. For me Maximus is the first binary options system i have ever made money with so i love it

  4. Ron says:

    Hey nice review WD, I was begging for a review from you as I did joined a few days back and I am making small profits daily. Your review helps a lot

  5. Ann Sullivan says:

    Glad to see that the broker I was assigned to is regulated! I have some confidence in Maximus to deliver, first 2 trades were far inside the money so it can’t just be random.

  6. Tom Yevsikov says:

    Great update Watchdog, I started using Maximus a few days ago. Very happy with my results so far. Ive been trading slowly, only a few trades a day and now have 11 total trades and only 3 losses. very impressed.

  7. Lanny Brum says:

    All reviews, including this one, should be prefaced with any disclaimer about use by US clients. If a program or system is not available to US clients that should be noted at the very beginning. That would save many people a lot of time.

  8. Abiodun says:

    I can’t register in Nigeria, Africa. Please is there no broker for my country

  9. Max says:

    Great Review. I have been using Maximus Edge for a few days now. Like its simplicity and user friendly platform. The results are great.

  10. Ricardo says:

    I have just signed up with Maximus Edge Autobot. Got my broker as Greenfields Capital. Hope to get some decent profits consistently.

  11. Lisa says:

    I have heard Maximus is most profitable one and this review clearly approves it. Am signing up today.

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