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If you’ve been looking for a legitimate way to supplement your income online from home then you need to consider signing up with the Maximus Crypto Bot. Functioning as a semi-automated trading software, the Maximus Crypto Bot offers an intuitive interface combined with a powerful signal creation process.

To learn how you can effectively use the Maximus Crypto Bot to augment your income we encourage you to continue reading our insightful strategic review.


Software Interface

As you can see in the image above, the Maximus Crypto Bot renders a simplistic interface that makes executing trade recommendations a straightforward process. Supporting a wide variety of trading assets, the Maximus Crypto Bot supports cryptocurrencies, pair, commodities, indices and stocks.

The confidence factor that you see reflected in the image below is a visual representation of the strength, or likelihood that the signal will head in that particular direction. As a general rule of thumb when utilizing this software, try to only execute investments that reflect a confidence factor of 83% or higher.

The higher the confidence factor the higher the softwares certainty that their recommended signal will head in their predicted direction.

Investors are able to select hyper, regular or long-term options along with filter out which category of assets they would like to have filtered and signaled. Hyper options support contracts between 60 seconds to 300 seconds while regular term options tend to reflect 5 minute to 2 hour long expirations. Long term trading deals with trading contracts that amount to a period exceeding 48 hours.

Filtering Market Noise

If you are new to investing online with the aid of trading systems or auto traders, there are a few steps you can employ to optimize the performance of the Maximus Crypto Bot. Among the most simplistic would be to visit the Economic Calendar at, once there you can receive insight regarding the predicted volatility of particular currency pair due to scheduled press releases.

If an asset reflects a predicted volatility of 2 or more bulls then that asset is predicted to behave volatile within the half hour preceding the announcement and after. 3 bulls indicates a higher level of volatility while 1 bull indicates mild volatility being predicted.

Trading Results (~82.50% Success)

July 2nd, 2018 – 8/10 ITM

July 3rd, 2018 – 7/10 ITM

July 4th, 2018 – 8/10 ITM

July 5th, 2018 – 10/10 ITM

What to Expect

If you a novice investor getting started with the Maximus Crypto Bot it is okay to feel a little overwhelmed when first starting out. Unlike other trading systems that support limited user-control, when day traders utilize the Maximus Crypto Bot they are in complete control over their trade volume, trading style and trade execution.

While the system generates pretty dependable trading results without the incorporation of any strategic trading approaches, if you are wanting to maximize your systems performance the employment of trading concepts can increase your accuracy and overall longevity of your investment portfolio.

If you use the economic calendar as a filtering guide to selecting which signaled assets have the best probability you can expect an increase in your overall success while using the system. Furthermore, you can use the strategic approach shared in Maximus Crypto Bot – $2,250 One Week Profit!! to further expand your trading arsenal.

Getting Started with Maximus Crypto Bot

Begin supplementing your income up to a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars per week by applying the trading approaches with the Maximus Crypto Bot. Visit the official site below and if you have any questions we encourage you to connect to use via our contact page.

Official Site:

Join Maximus Crypto Bot

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