Liberty BTC System is a SCAM; Unbiased Review!

Make no mistake, the Liberty BTC System by Kyle Stanford is a scam! We have been receiving many enquiries into the supposed cryptocurrency auto-trader and our research shows this is not a legitimate trading system. Bitcoin and other digital currencies have become very popular over the last few years, with everyone racing to acquire or invest in them. This in turn has created a new market for the scammers too. Our honest Liberty BTC System review shows exactly why you should avoid this latest crypto bot scam.

Liberty BTC System aka Liberty System, found at, claims to be an automated cryptocurrency trading program which promises traders a guaranteed profit of $5000 per day on complete autopilot. Kyle Stanford states that his proprietary software is designed to help people escape the everyday rat race and start enjoying unlimited time and freedom. In terms of how the crypto bot works, Kyle claims that the new crypto bot has combined proprietary equations & robust algorithms to achieve perfect results. That is the only information provided & already this is a problem because no trading system or software is perfect. Upon hearing the words ‘can never lose’, we know we are dealing with a scam. Even the most successful traders occasionally lose a trade, 100% success rate is simply impossible.

Let us get straight to the facts about Liberty BTC System scam and why you should avoid it. First of all, on their website, Kyle Stanford claims to be the head of operations. We are also going to assume that they want us to believe that he is the voice on their low budget video presentation. It turns out however, that the alleged Kyle Stanford is a fabricated identity. The image you are seeing is actually a stock photo from ShutterStock. Consider this a major warning sign. There can be no good reason for a company or service to conceal their real identity.

There are many other factors about Liberty BTC System that can be considered as red flags. Such as the fake countdown timer in the top right corner of the page. This is used as a pressure tactic in order to convince visitors that if they don’t act fast they will lose out on this amazing offer. The scammers do not want to give you time to think about the offer as they will most likely realize that it is not something worthwhile investing in. At the end of the day, it doesn’t mean a thing because each time you refresh the page the timer starts all over again. Two of our readers who emailed us also stated that their computers were infected with Malware upon downloading Liberty BTC System. We happened to find a warning related to this on Terms & Conditions page. There is a disclaimer stating they will not be responsible for viruses or worms that occur as a result of downloading anything from their site. The website is not SSL protected so we would advise you against having too much interaction with it or downloading Liberty System software. Yet another red flag has to do with the fact that there is absolutely no contact or company information on their website other than a support email. This is typical of a scam. You should never invest in a company or service when you have no idea who legally owns or runs the service as a golden rule, legitimate services do not operate in this manner.

Further proof relating to the Liberty system scam can be found in the form of their address. The address they provide at the bottom of their terms and conditions is listed as 1000 5th St., Suite 200 Miami Beach, FL 33139. While gathering information for our Liberty BTC System review, we realized that this is actually just a virtual office which anyone can rent for as little as $50 a month. Other known scams have utilized this same address in the past. You might think that by now there is nothing more we can say about the scam tactics used by this fake app. Unfortunately, there is still more evidence to be added to the pile. The testimonials you see on their home page are all fake. A simple Google image search proves that these people have nothing to do with Liberty System, as matching images can be found online in connection with other sites that are not associated with this fake cryptocurrency trading bot. See image below for proof of this.

Additionally, we discovered through our Liberty BTC System scam investigation that the person who registered the website Is called Anton Kovalev from Vison Corp. The contact address listed is Koroleva str. 19-2, Kiev Ukraine. Phone +380.380936584638 & email: [email protected] Even though the domain reads on the page, we noticed that during the video it is displayed in the background as which is the same as the information returned on WhoIs. The site was registered in the 22nd July 2017 with Public Domain Registry (PDR LTD).

Review Verdict: Liberty BTC system is a Scam!
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If you consider the mountain of evidence provided in this review there can be no doubt out our conclusion regarding the Liberty BTC System. Do not risk deposing any money with this scam as it will surely lead to guaranteed loss of all your investment. Be sure to do your research before deciding on a software or alternatively comment below and make an enquiry. For safer alternatives in online trading, be sure to view WatchDog’s Recommended Signals services. Share your feedback below if you have any related questions or feedback on this service or similar scam sites.

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