Is The Calloway Software a Scam? Unbiased Review!!

The Calloway Software, hosted at, is an online trading software capable of day trading the cryptocurrency, foreign exchange and contracts-for-difference markets.

Having been backtested since the start of the 2018 New Year, Brett Calloway has finally released his rendered edition of the Calloway Software which can reportedly earn day traders of all experience levels upwards to $3,000 per week.

To learn whether The Calloway Software is a scam or a legitimate trading software we invite you to continue reading our impartial scam review.

The Calloway Software Review

When it comes to accurately investing the financial markets online every resource you can add to your arsenal will likely assist you in the process of obtaining your investment goals.

Technical indicators, strategic trading approaches and reputable online trading softwares such as the Calloway Software can not only increase your accuracy but perhaps more importantly can enable you to start supplementing your income substantially through day trading.

So what is The Calloway Software?

The Calloway Software is perhaps the most technically-backed trading solution to enter the online investment arena.

Functioning as a proprietary software, the Calloway Software was engineered to employ specific trading approaches and a variety of technical indicators, both of which are controlled and employed by an investor.

While the Calloway Software filters real-time market volatility under an autonomous capacity, the execution of investments are entirely determined by the investor since trade entries are semi-automated to provide day traders with absolute control over their investment accounts.

Who is Brett Calloway?

Brett Calloway is the Founder behind The Calloway Software.

Having first constructed a mock-up version of the Calloway Software in late 2017, since the start of the 2018 New Year Brett Calloway has been optimizing the functionality of his trading solution.

Originally the Calloway Software was unable to accurately reduce market noise which accounted for a variety of conflicting trading signals.

Since then though Brett Calloway has perfected his trading solution, which is fortunate for the hundreds of thousands of consumers looking to supplement their income online from home.

How does The Calloway Software Work?

One of the most common traits we encounter when reviewing the legitimacy of online investment opportunities would be the blatant lack of information regarding the functionality of such opportunities.

This is perhaps most common amongst online signal services, auto traders and even semi-automated trading solutions.

Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to go digging far to learn that the Calloway Software functions as a technical analysis based trading software.

Meaning that the Calloway Software relies upon integrated fundamental factors such as technical indicators and specific day trading approaches such as Price Action, Hedging, Risk Reversal, resistance AND support level along with the Triangle trading approach to generate trading signals.

So what are the steps to how the Calloway Software works?

  1. The software autonomously analyzes market conditions
  2. Next, it employs specific trading approaches and technical indicators
  3. Signals are automatically generated granted that markets are favorable
  4. Investors select which investments they would like to invest then execute trades

Trading Features

The Calloway Software does not shy away from offering a generous supply of trading features, which is a substantial advantage to day traders who decide to use their software.

Apart from offering in-depth tutorials on how to use the Calloway Software, how to reach out to them and how to withdrawal, the Calloway Software also has an invaluable economic calendar integrated into the framework of their site.

Even more impressive would be how Brett Calloway incorporated a chat room so that other investors are able to interact with one another, this platform feature in itself cannot have a value placed upon it.

Being able to bounce strategic investment entries and external trading approaches with other existing Calloway Software day traders is unparalleled within the investment community.

Now as we briefly touched upon, the Calloway Software relies upon technical indicators and strategic trading approaches used in combination to generate high probability investment signals.

With this in mind, we believe firmly in understanding the fundamental functionality of technical analysis indicators which is why below we prepared some functionality insight for you.

Technical Indicators

Stochastics: A momentum based indicator created by Dr. George Lane that is used to accurately gauge support and resistance levels.

Moving Averages: Both exponential and front-weighted moving averages are employed with the Calloway Software which enables the software to generate more accurate trend-oriented investments.

Relative Strength Index: Abbreviated and well-known as the RSI indicator, the Relative Strength Index is a momentum oscillator that helps the Calloway Software determine whether or not an underlying asset is exhibiting signs of being overbought or oversold.

Trading Approaches

Hedging: The Calloway Software employs what is known as correlational analysis, which is used to gauge and measure the relative relationship between correlated trading assets. Due to the integration of correlational analysis the Calloway Software is capable of hedging correlated assets against one another.

Risk Reversal: Also referred to as a synthetic long, the Risk Reversal approach helps safeguard Calloway Software day traders from unfavorable price movements and drastic market spikes.

Price Action (Support): Generates powerful sell signals and best used in conjunction with the Stochastics indicator.

Price Action (Resistance): Best employed with the Stochastics indicator, resistance level price action trading generates powerful buy signals.

Triangle Trading Approach: A powerful breakout technical analysis trading approach that generates exceptionally powerful trading signals.

Is The Calloway Software a Scam?

Let’s swiftly put an end to the debate, the Calloway Software is not a scam. Unlike other trading softwares that have entered the day trading arena, the Calloway Software employs not only technical but also correlational analysis, generates accurate trading signals and offers invaluable trading features within the interface of their software.

Can You Really Earn $3,000 Per Week?

As long as you employ a passive (5% of account balance per trade) or aggressive (7% to 10% account balance per trade) style of account management there is no reason why you cannot work your way up to generating profits between $4,000 to $6,000 per month.

Combine those achievable sums with the fact that the Calloway Software is recruiting new employees with a strong pay stub, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to us if day traders pulled upwards of $15,000 per month.

Calloway Software FAQ

How accurate of The Calloway Software?

According to the domain, the Calloway Software is capable of generating success rates up to 93%. For day traders who are just starting out with the Calloway Software the average weekly success rate tends to fluctuate between 72% to 79%.

How much can I realistically earn with The Calloway Software?

An investors earning potential is determined by the quantity of funds allocated in their investment accounts along with their money management skills. Realistically speaking, it would not be uncommon to generate between $250 to $2,500 per day with the Calloway Software.

What is required to use The Calloway Software?

You can register with the Calloway Software for free as long as it is available where you reside. Once you complete the registration process you simply need to deposit with one of their synced investment brokerages where you can start day trading and interacting with other successful investors from around the globe.

Is The Calloway Software capable of trading cryptocurrencies?

Yes! In addition to cryptocurrencies, the Calloway Software is capable of investing currency pairs, pair options, indices, stocks and commodities.

Is The Calloway Software Legit?

The Calloway Software is not only legit but it has much more to offer than other competing trading solutions that lack their abundance of trading and platform features.

Who is Brett Calloway of The Calloway Software?

Brett Calloway is the Founder behind the Calloway Software.

Is The Calloway Software an Auto-Trader?

The Calloway Software does function under the capacity as an automated trading software, however, when it comes to signal execution the investor has complete control over which signaled underlying assets are invested, their trade sizes along with which features they would like to the software to employ.

Can anyone use The Calloway Software?

Yes! The Calloway Software is available in many demographics across the world and as long as you are of age or older to legally invest where you reside then you are capable of using this trading system.

What is the average payout for winning trades?

Day traders whose investments land in-the-money will receive payouts ranging between 75% to 97%.

$100 Investment, 85% Return
You execute an $100 investment that landed in-the-money with a 85% return. 85% of $100 is $85, therefore you just generated a profit of $85 in a single investment.

How To Profit with The Calloway Software

Generating income with the Calloway Software is not as difficult as most day traders may believe.

While the software has been shown to generate profits without any external filters or trading parameters, one simple way you can boost your accuracy with any software would be to analyze an Economic Calendar to determine whether any potential underlying assets you may invest are more prone to be volatile due to upcoming press releases.

Lucky for us an economic calendar is integrated right into the framework of the Calloway Software!

Getting Started with The Calloway Software

If you are seeking for a legitimate opportunity to supplement your income between a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars per week then it goes without question that the Calloway Software is capable of helping you reach your goals.

Starting augmenting your income today and become part of the vastly growing family of investors who are already profiting with the Calloway Software!

Free Calloway Software Registration:

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