27 comments on “Invest.com Forex Broker Scam Review
  1. Showkat says:

    Hi WD Professional,
    I am from Makkah, Saudi Arabia & waana start a trade via invest.com’s UK Branch, how can I get my profits from UK to Makkah? Is it safe as no branch located in the Makkah?
    Please advise.

  2. Mirza Kausar Baig says:

    webtrade.online its safe? scam? Froude?
    Deposit from Saudi British Bank Account and Withdrawal in Pakistani Account its Possible or Not?

    • WatchDog says:

      They are safe and they belong to Invest.com. I’ve sent them an email asking about withdrawing to a different account. Feel free to also get in touch with them directly or send me an email to learn what they replied to me.

      • Joseph C says:

        wish we had more brokers likes invest.com
        operating with 12 regulatory agencies is a big advantage!
        I’m currently with OR and 24Options, both solid together though!
        16 out of 21 trades we winners last week, hoping to beat that this week!

  3. Roland says:

    Hi watchdog,Thank you for the goodwork i’d like to know the best broker for Kenya?

  4. STEVE says:

    do you work with invest.com watch dogg? IT IS A SCAM!! THE AIM IS FOR YOUR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE TO TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY.

    • Roland says:

      Hi Steve,please clarify more….what do you mean?do this guys trade without your consent like CT option US

  5. Adam says:

    Hello watchdog, just wondering if this works in Canada.. Thanks a million and keep up the good work..

    • WatchDog says:

      It doesn’t work in Canada.

      • Adam says:

        Thanks WD.. Really appreciate it..

        • Adam Hart says:

          Just funded my account with Invest, tried their demo out for 5 days last week and made $2,375.90 in demo funds in 5 days just by placing simple long-term buy trades on stocks. Love this broker, the safety and the payouts!

          Best recommendation from WatchDog thus far!

  6. Natalie Harper says:

    got started with the demo account today
    i like it quite a bit and its not rigged like half the other ones out there which is great
    placed a demo trade of $500 that FaceBook would go down and nailed it
    if that had been a real trade i would have made $275.80 off of a $100 trade!

  7. Oriyomi says:

    Pls can u help with forex broker that accept nigerians?

  8. Oriyomi says:

    Do they accept Nigerians,because am interested to invest with invest.com.

  9. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    NO chance for scam at all for this Invest.com software..completely reliable,professional,legit and for most,it’s have sense and logic..thanks for this info watchdog..i hope people out there can look in to this as another better opportunity to earn something..

    • Barry Schmidt says:

      Invest.com is a FX broker not a software, just to clarify.
      They seem to be the most regulated broker in Forex.
      Operating with respect to 12 regulatory agencies is very impressive.

  10. Paul Sr says:

    Absolutely excellent broker!
    Got started with 1k and have made $302.25 this week!
    Place a trade that the GBP/USD would rise for $205.
    Stop-loss of $150 with max profit gain of $450.
    Had the value all the way up to $430 but I noticed the GBP/USD drop off today so I closed the trade early. $210 profit, I’ll take it!!!
    I did the same exact for the AUD/USD on the 12th.
    $215 trade, stop-loss of $100 with profit gain at $430, rode it all yesterday.
    Close the trade at $407.35 when I saw the neutral trend the AUD/USD was, made $192.35.

    Wish I would have known of this broker sooner!!

    • Michaela Johnson says:

      wow amazing results Paul Sr.

      so you can state how much u want to risk each trade out of ur total trade amount?
      if so i might give invest a shot then, something different for once

    • Justin S says:

      very well results!
      are u still liking Invest?
      i am wondering to sign up or not still

      • Paul Sr says:

        hi Justin

        yes i am loving Invest!
        placed a trade yesterday on FB
        bought it early and sold it later after it rose a ton
        $100 profit on a $100 trade 😀

  11. Blessings says:

    Hello WATCHDOG, I just downloaded the IQ OPTION APP and I’m about to deposit with the British £… Before I deposit I need to know…. Are they regulated and are they ok with handling withdrawals?? Thanks

  12. MichelleTradesFX says:

    WOW, operates in accordance with 12 regulatory agencies!?!? Why can’t all brokers be this safe!? When i get paid next i shall deposit, gonna demo it out now to see how it works!

  13. dave p says:

    do they accept traders from netherlands?
    been looking for a good forex broker for weeks now
    seems like the most trustworthy option


    • WatchDog says:

      Yes, they do! And looks like you’ve found it 🙂 Please share your experience with Invest if you decide to sign up with them.

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