Insured Profits SCAM goes viral!

How come all the worst ‘virtual junk’ gets viral on the internet? Insured Profits is the most recent joke orchestrated by the same folks who are behind Binary Matrix Pro and which they created in order to provide a 3rd party fake verification site to legitimize their franchised scams. In the last weeks, the received endless complaints concerning via our Watchog complaint Center , on a side note, WatchDog helps 100’s traders win back thousands of dollars via credit card disputes against fraud brokers and signals providers and we offer this assistance absolutely free to all WatchDog blog subscribers! We are here to help and provide our subscribers with unbiased binary options reviews and warnings so if you are new to this website, don’t forget to subscribe!

Insured Profits is not getting the best publicity on different forums and based on YouTube testimonials. Just like any scam website, you will find endless promotional reviews and fake testimonials but if you’re careful enough and look deeper when performing a Google search, chances are you will get closer to the truth. In the Binary Options and FX industry you can make a lot of money but you can easily fall victim to fraudulent offers. Don’t fall victim to the get rich schemes, if you are interested in a reliable signals service or a trading room, search for honest reviews and once you narrow it down to a few services, keep your eyes open for any signs of deception in the way the product or service is presented. Ask yourself: Is the service constantly bombarding me with email promotions? Is the service promising unrealistic results?  Is the service promising millions of dollars?


Knowing that the internet is full of amazing opportunities to make money and with the ‘internet gold rush’  phenomenon, many rational people  fall into a “wishful thinking” mindset and ignore all the warning signs in the process. looks and feels professional which is why many people decide to give it a try. However, actions speak louder than words.. and no matter how professional and convincing the actor appears to be in the video, for all you know he  can be a great sales person promoting junk.. which is exactly what you’re witnessing in this case. Ironically there are similar websites that are actually performing well and resemble Insured Profits but in this case, there’s no real value behind this beautifully marketed website. is here to serve the online trading community and our existence and relevance is determined by you, the visitors and subscribers. If you have an experience or an opinion relating to Insured Profits, please share with us by commenting below this post. Any feedback is valuable and since this is one of the most viral binary options offers right now, this feedback is important in order to inform and deter other traders from falling victims to the Insured Profit Scam.

WatchDog Advice – Register with a fully EU regulated & licensed broker! Don’t take the risk when it comes to your money! Instead of signing up with a non-regulated broker for the purpose of receiving a free application, you can  register a trading account independently with a reliable broker and spend some time practicing strategies and improving your trading skills. If you are seeking additional guidance  and signals services with prove results, checkout the WatchDog Recommended Signals Providers and ride the trends with true professionals!

77 comments on “Insured Profits SCAM goes viral!
  1. DON PFEIFFER says:

    HI all so glad i came across this site wish found it sooner & done my homework i must be the dumbest sucker out there i kept believing all the crap they said tryed to get my money out got scammed took all my money even tho i said i couldnt pay my bills they just dont care about anything but themself now im broke cant get any money out of anywhere cos i got the bonus crap iv lost over 20k all i wonted to do was make some extra money to make things a little better iv tryed over 12 different ones and i dont think any r good id like just one to prove that it work

  2. Dave says:

    Has anyone heard of searching profits and if so are they legit or also a scam?

    • WatchDog says:

      It’s another pitch page scam, it’s not a serious binary options offer and was blacklisted on other blogs. We didn’t write a review because it was already exposed in details but you can find Searching Profits on our Blacklist page.

  3. Neil says:

    Insured Profits is a complete scam!! I lost $2000 with this BS.

  4. M says:

    Insured Profits does look completely fake

  5. Andy says:

    Really disappointed with this. I was so excited and believed in the reviews and research – looking at various websites I decided to give this a try this morning. I’m currently unemployed and thought this could possibly help me to turn around my life so, I invested £300 and received £60 bonus. Following the advice from the binary options trading system I placed 20 separate trades of £25 each. Only 3 out of the 20 were successful – which is obviously far less than an 85% success rate? It works out at a pitiful 15% success rate. Maybe some things are too good to be true. I am pleased though that it has worked for some people… There are no guarantees – I guess. Good luck.

  6. denis prior says:

    h1 can you tell me anything about base2trade i lost$6.200 with these scammers.

  7. trevor says:

    total scam with no way to even contact them. stay away. anyone found out how to get their money back from these con artists. i sure wish that i could bump into them on the street. we would have a couple less rip off artists in the world!

  8. Thomas Case says:

    Did no one notice this guy leaving in the middle of his sales video to go on vacation? Who does that? any way the only time i funded a binary account, i stuck 250.00 in the account and theni checked the scam pages like this one and yep they were there! I asked fora refund and nope couldnt get it,long story short 2 mo. later, no money! I happened on to the F.T.C. site and found a small article it said simply if youve been scammed in the binary niche please contact us, We want to talk to you! I copied and pasted it into the email i was sending to my scammers, The same day my money was in my account-thanx to the F.T.C.-fairy tales do happen-Thomas

  9. Mariola Jaworska (United Kingdom) says:

    Hi guys,

    Thank you very much for all of your comments. They were really helpful!

    I was just about to deposit £250 to one of the Insured Profits’ broker’s account when I saw this website and all of your comments. Thank God for that, so I didn’t lose anything!

    Like many of us, I am also struggling a bit financially, trying to juggle few different jobs to make some extra money. Recently I started looking into some online opportunities that could possibly allow me to earn some extra cash, but they were really slow paced, so when I saw the video about Insured Profits, I definitely wanted to try that. I have already opened the account with their broker, but how glad I am that I didn’t deposit any money!!!

    Thank you so much guys for saving my money that I can’t throw away!

    I really hope that many other people will see this page before they spend a penny on this scam.

  10. Badger says:

    If it looks to good to be true it usually is. Also if there is a restriction on the number of subscribers, then it has scam written all over it.

  11. Tony Ellis ( Ireland ) says:


    Im afraid I have to put my hands up to being scammed again :

    Insured Profits didnt even have the decency to give me access to their software ; i deposited £300 in their brokers account

    Ive not heard back from them either : Im now trying to retrieve my money

    I will let you know how I get on and just show how stupid I am I also

    went with Dollar Day systems This is supposed to guarantee a thousand dollars a day the twist with this and the thing that makes you think its legit is they ask for the least days payout per month …ive not had a good experience with them yet 14 positions 10 lossers 4 wins ive €78 left in my account now…maybe you could check them out thanks

  12. Clive says:

    I have a Banc De Binary account which was recommended by Insured profits. It’s so unfortunate I will ask for my money back!!

  13. Kevin Ryan says:

    Thanks for the expose Watchdog. Once again, the old adage of ‘If it looks too good to be true, it probably is’ looms large. I was thinking about it but thankfully finished there. Keep up the good work.

  14. Anthony says:

    InsuredProfits…. very slick marketing; sure grabbed my attention but one or two things did not sound quite right so I Google’d them and found you guys…. thank you for all the info and the warnings… I will stick with Forex trading through IG in England… simples..!!

  15. NPK69 says:

    … Thank you for all the comments you guys! I was just about thinking of giving a shot to the Insured Profits, when I came across the Watch Dog. Well thanks to the DOG, the Insured Profits, will be thrown behind my back …!!!
    Before I finish I wanted to share with you all … please be aware that on the bottom of each page of the Insured Profits presentations there is a set of 5 links for quick access….The only one that does not respond on click is the ( Contact Us ). Be aware this could also be one of the signs for a big, fat, outrages, MF scam!!!
    Cheers to you all and thank you for your comments!!!

  16. Peter says:

    Great Job! Unfortunately nothing has changed in nowadays world … robbers all over, just to use and support our rotten money based system. As we have to deal within our money based world, yes it would be nice take advantage of an automated ‘cash cow’. So what would be a proven approach to take action? Sorting out the good from the bad -broker, bank, politicians … – which research page would come up with reliable results about websites, business, people?

  17. Jeannine says:

    I got interested in this, as I (like everybody else) could use some extra money. But I’m a suspicious old biddy so I did some checking. Hmm, first you have to part with anywhere between 150 and 500 of your money. And according to your website, NOBODY on here has made any money on this. Okay. Insured Profits for THEM, off of you! Thank you, I’ll be keeping MY money in MY bank account where vultures can’t touch it. I won’t be making money hand-over-fist, but won’t be losing it hand-over-fist, either.

  18. MAXIME ZORC says:

    Hi !
    I have put the facts to the test.
    I have invested in 20 positions, and followed up another 4,
    signals from INSURED PROFITS = result = 24 WRONG 6 correct,
    so it is a CLEAR SCAM ! You could predict even better on basis of
    putting your fingers in the air !!!
    which are conducting this SCAM ! I have interpelled GT OPTIONS thru’
    there support service, their answer was a BIG EMPTY ANSWER = NADA.
    They just want to recuperate their BONUS !!
    And on top your initial investment,
    taking your INVESTMENT for their PROFIT when out of the money,
    when in reality you only lose at the max 2 or 3 % !!!!

    Take this in consideration, the profit they pay you, eg 75 %,
    is the margin they take on the underlying assest, – they must buy or possess = the main reason why 95 % of brokers are not getting licensed,
    because of lack of funds –
    the margin is at least 5 per 1000 % = 0,005 makes 75 %
    as you only buy the binary options at price of 0,7 % of asset value.

    This means, that all profits made ABOVE (& UNDER) should be paif out
    to the trader = YOU ! but they put it in their pockets.

    ADVICE = change to a real honest platform, the platform that the brokers at ANY OPTION, GT OPTIONS ETCETERA are using themselves
    = PLUS 500 = the only truthly and authentical binary options internet

    With a little luck I might recuperate my investment minus 10 %
    but it looks that I have lost all of my bonus.


  19. Ann Abbitz says:

    I’m right there in the same boat as many of the others leaving comments here. Unfortunately, these scam artists got some of my hard earned money as well. At first, I was going to deposit 500 pounds to start with a band. I am very glad that I deposited 250 instead. Why? Because they got every bit of that money, and I have been unable to get in contact with any of the “helpful” staff now that I’m wise to their scam.
    Stay away from these guys!

  20. H.J.DERKSEN says:

    WOW! Take notice everyone out there. . .whenever you find a binary option website that SOUNDS GREAT and Insured Profits surely did for me – I immediately ‘minimize’ the website and go directly to Google: Is Insured Profits a Scam or Legit?
    Immediately I will have several sources to read about if it is a scam or legit. And THANKS SO MUCH to the BINARY OPTIONS WATCHDOG!!!! You have saved my butt . . .numerous of hundreds of dollars by investigating these scammers. Hats off to you and your staff!!!!!

  21. Maxime Zorc says:

    Actually INSURED PROFITS answered me on my questions (with an other email however)and xeplained me their functioning.
    They told me the numbers from the promotions were rounded so to convey
    their proposal.
    It is clear that you take all the same risks as with any other binary investment.
    However, I followed up some of their signals, and indeed most of the time they were correct; indeed in the market there are systems, eg. gold up,
    = USD down, but they are not guaranteed at all.
    All this said, I just have noticed I cannot enter my account anylonger !! I will ask them why ? (maybe because I have never invested)
    So they do not offer any insurance at all, just a double bet, based
    on the market effects.
    I can imagine they stop access from their site, as when you start it up again, with another broker, they get one more fee for 100 USD or more.
    I read that people lost theire money with Insured Profits ?
    As stated above their signals can be trusted, or do they not forward
    the monies to the brokers ?? But you do not have to invest thru’ Insured profits website = no advantage at all, besides rapidlyness (short cut).
    I have myself discovered market movements (60 minutes), that I have put in a system, and over and over it is correct, unless I make the mistake myself, or get to much risk or greed. it is possible,
    but I won’t sell my systems for less than 10 million of course.

  22. Julie says:

    Hello, thank you for this website and information! I almost fell for this scam. thank you, thank you!! As a matter a fact, anyone know how to create another watch dog website for another scam which I have recently encountered? or who to contact for such? I would like to share and inform the public before they are suckered into. Thank you in advance!

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you for the ‘heads up’ Julie, we are familiar with this website, and we will post a warning soon. This website was created as a counterfeit fraud version of our WatchDog website. The guy promotes all the worst money making scams that are coming out. We are glad you didn’t fall victim to Insured Profits or any of the similar scams.

  23. Robert burns says:

    Is there any way for the average guy to honestly make money on the Internet . Thanks Robert

  24. Don says:

    Thanks to Everyone. I was checking into Insured Profits when I found this site. After reviewing the posts I decided not to pursue them. Certainly anytime someone is giving away a SECRET to make money there is a catch and I could smell the catch right away the majority of the money showing in there accounts was probally from the referral fees they get from the borkers. I will continue to lookin into binary option trading because I need a way to make some extra cash.

  25. Sohel Piash says:

    “Sohel Piash” tried to post a comment promoting Insured Profit…another failed attempt. As you can see, we erased your fake testimonial and changed it so there is really no use to try to post fake comments on our site. Insured profit is a scam and it’s a known fact. They are black-listed on many website..

    Good luck to all Traders!

    Binaryoptions WatchDog

  26. Alan says:

    Yes I got sucked in downloaded the software funded an account$250 made some trades. Waited for my personal account manager to contact me. I get a call from one two Trade brokers. Simon, I get conned again to deal direct with him not the robot. I give him another Grand on my credit card. He say he’s got the signals gets me to make the trades with him by phone. They all went bad. He calls me for some more money. Not happening Simon. I can’t believe myself I’m still hoping its legit.

  27. Alan says:

    I’m glad I came across this site before I invested any money in Insured Profits. I got caught with Binary Matrix Pro so one day I will learn that money is not this easy to come by. Steer clear!!!

  28. george says:

    Thank you !!!

  29. the real money bags says:

    I can’t get this out of my mind… how fake this service looks!! They are probably targetting the old and naive folks who don’t have a clue what the internet is all about and all the fake stuff that’s out there. Again WatchDog, I just wanted to say what a great website you have!!

  30. NIEL says:


  31. Harvene says:

    I have just gotten an account set up with $250. I have done no trading. Is there anyway to get my money back??

    • WatchDog says:

      you have to deal with the broker directly, if for any reason they refuse the refund. Contact us at and we’ll get you back the money.

  32. JOHN DIXON says:

    john says
    sure am glad I read this page
    I saved myself a $1000.00

    thank you WATCHDOG

  33. Joanne says:

    So flipping happy to read you on Insured Profits. I am a grandmother with a previous profitable history of day trades with stocks under $10.00 and at this time in my life need to help the adult disabled children we adopted. Thought binary options. Found Insured Profits and sooooooo happy my cc company would not let my funding go through. Talked with the brokerage after they called me a gizillion times and he figured out I knew something about trades and encouraged more $$$. Today I thought about enrolling after receiving a response to an email but then realized it was not the answer to my question-just sending me to reregister.

    Then I found you. Happiness that I do research. Does anyone know of a good binary option site?

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Joanne, you should consider some free mentoring before you sign up with a service even though we endorse a few reliable services on

      On YouTube you can find many lectures on binary options strategies, tips and tutorials.. Look up Michael Freeman on YouTube, they guy posted over 150 videos on binary options.

      If you are looking for a reliable auto trader we highly recommend but note that they are not available in the US.

  34. money bags says:

    Thank you for the warning WatchDog!! Insured Profits smells like a scam to me..I am glad I found your review before signing up with this crap.

  35. Jeff says:

    What a rip. Did the $250 dollar thing, lost the lot. Tried to contact by email but on the odd occasion I got a reply it was completely pointless. Obviously a scam. Wish I found ‘watchdog’ first, keep up the good work.

  36. Violeta says:

    You can withdraw your funds directly thru your brokerage option. Which I did with my broker GPOptions Binary. They are very good. They response to you immediately. They can be trusted. If you decided not to pursue they will return your money upon your request.
    I agree do not join Insured Profit. They never response to your inquiry. Their email
    was being filter in my spam folder by Gmail.

  37. Samuel says:

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you guys know. Anytime you are looking into some type of program and at the end it says they are only offering it to 100 people, its a clear scam. That same cliche is used over and over its a wonder they haven’t tried something different. But when they said the software was free, I knew at that moment it was a referral scheme to try and get money from people who signed up with different brokers. I suggest you guys take the time out and study how to trade forex. It may take a while to master it and come up with your own system, but in the end it will be worth it.

  38. Violeta says:

    I was almost caught by this scam Insured Profit lucky me I was taken to the Broker Website ( GPOptions Broker) in which I was required to deposit $250 which I did.
    After I registered with Insured Profit thru their very professional website they said
    that they will give me the link to download the software. I didnt not get their
    email because their email was classified as spam. Instead I got the email from GPOption Broker. I provided them with all the details of my credit card and identification as required.

    I emailed Insured Profit but I did’nt got any response I am suspecting this might be a scam. To confirm my gut feeling I search the internet and lucky I found your site.

    I immediately request for a refund from GPOption and get refund of my money in a couple of weeks.

  39. chrisitan says:

    …i cant believe all these people thought it was real…
    i saw an ad on craigslist and chuckled.
    and for once, for humor, i decided to click and see where it took me.
    and out of curiosity i watched the entire video.
    then i googled “insured profits scam”, because i am bored, and found this site.

    what the hell you guys….
    seriously. that video was obviously a scam video.
    jesus christ.

    kinda makes me think i am in the wrong line of business though.
    i saw a comment above that said he lost $500 to them. dude wtf.
    imagine that x50 per day.

    • WatchDog says:

      They also advertise on Craigslist?! Crazy..but it’s an obvious scam. More people should make it a habit to Google a website carefully before investing money with any offer.

  40. smiley says:

    today i got a call from insured profits saying that they wanted to know my credit card number because of some awesome trade or something and i tricked them that you can email me the details then i will see ….. but now im really scared i dont know what to do now and also ive also not funded my account yet ….. how to get rid of the bigoption account help-

  41. MikeT says:


    This binary insured story is a scam… you don’t get your loosing trades refunded… it becomes part of your “bonus”… and that’s where they catch you…

    For you to withdraw any funds from your options account you need to fulfill your “bonus” obligations… and that is… if you lucky…

    Your initial deposit + “bonus” x 30

    So… if you make an initial deposit of $250 and during the week you get refunded $250’s…. then you can only withdraw money from your account after you have traded more than…. let’s see…

    (250 + 250) x 30 = $15 000’s!!!!

    Your money is trapped…. and you are going to get so pissed off that you will just recklessly blow it….!!!!

    Seriously…. don’t do it




  42. edgar says:

    thanks watchdog for all the posted/ comment for this insured profit i am planning to give a try but i am lucky cause i will search first, and this is i found out. SCAM…beware of this website. i am agree to other comment it is better to freeze their account.

  43. Toyin says:

    My goodness, just when i was about to Deposit! thanks watch dog! i almost made a payment via Insured fact i would have fall a victim,had i not got curious and fortunately stumbled on your webpage..I’m eternally grateful for for timely enlightenment..well, at least to me..not losing any money

    • WatchDog says:

      Another one saved!!! 🙂 We’re glad you found WatchDog before it’s too late!!! Many traders find this review after they are already completely burnt out.

  44. Brett says:

    First I would like to say that I am so proud of you WatchDog, I wish I had my own private WatchDog to protect me from all the scammers I encountered in my life. Three months ago I started an account with the Option Bot and it’s going very well, but I didn’t do it due to your recommendation, I found it from a different website, lateron I signed up with Insured Profits and they really screwed me over so I am staying with the Option Bot! Great site Watchdog!!!! I love you! Honestly, if I ever get married will you be my best “dog”? hahaha


    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you Brett for expressing a lot of kindness! The is here to protect traders! If we review a website and call it a’s after a lot of research and feedback from traders..continue with your success and we will continue protecting traders! Thank you very much Brett, you are a good man.

  45. MikeT says:

    Hi Michelle

    It’s not always easy to withdraw funds from these Options brokers… firstly they will ask you for copies of your Passport/ID, Proof of address and banking details….
    However, they drag their feet for a week “processing” your details and then… when you have jumped thru all the hoops… and you are able to make a “withdrawal” it normally takes a week or two…

    My advice: relax… accept the frustration… do what you have to do…. and DON’T do it again…lol

  46. Stacey says:

    i joined the millionaire society and made a few bucks, then saw the red flags, got out with my deposit, they said they wired the rest, never happened, now trading has gone crazy.

  47. Zsolt Hungary says:


    one week ago I was so stupid to register on Insured Profits, the tool itself looks really simple, and they give it for free, so I decided to give it a try.. I was directed to GTOptions and after 4 trades (2 wins 2 losses) I am slightly in minus. Lost 17 EUR, not much, but what they promised .. winning 20 USD but loosing 2 USD is nicely said is not true.. As many of you I thought that there is easy money.. NO, THERE IS NOT! 🙂 Now I try to get my money back from GTOptions, will see.. They have live chat support, yesterday no reply on my chat. I left a message, no reply yet.. will try today again.
    The other bullsh*t is this ‘Greg’ guy with limited licenses to his robot called Legalinsiderbot.. Leave it, after 4 trades (1 win 3 losses) I am down with 70 EUR..

    I hope you read this before jumping into such easy money things.



  48. nafis says:

    Anyone using i want to know is legit or scam?

  49. Mike says:

    thanks – Guys. You saved me. I had my credit card ready in hand and before moving forward, I decided to make a quick check on them and found this page..Unbelievable..Lesson: There is no easy money..

  50. Tanu says:

    I have very bad previous experience with some other auto traders. As I have some good experience too with one or two automated apps, I went through this review thoroughly and it looks to be another scam to me. But still I am a bit confused to go for this bot because of my previous bad experience. Can you help me providing with more information like how I can use it for the maximum, why this is different from others etc only if it is legit? I want to try this once I get satisfied with the info.

  51. Michele says:

    I was also pulled in by insured profits, but have registered with the brokerage option of could you tell me if they are legit. And if my registration has not gone through completely yet how do I withdraw my funds

  52. Steve says:

    I signed up 250 pounds with these guys. Placed 4 trades with them. Then tried to contact them because there was a problem with the software. I wouldn’t allow me into the dashboard. All it did every time I logged in was take me to the ” tutorial”, which I didn’t want. Ive now sent ten emails but NO REPLY, thus the visit to this page. As it turned out, I made 16.80 pounds on my 4 trades. I won 3/4 Lucky I guess.

  53. paul says:

    don’t join insured profits. it is a scam.

  54. Ryan says:

    STAY AWAY from Insured PRofits! I decided to give it a try because I’m seeing some success with the Option Bot 2.0 but I realize now in retrospect that it was a dumb decision to try this lame excuse for an “auto trader”…

  55. Graeme says:

    Unfortunately I got sucked into trading with Insured PRofits.. I have tried to unsubscribe from the scammers who peddle this junk but I STILL get it clogging my email.

  56. Tom s says:

    Insured Profits is a scam and I already tried it. They have errors in the software,it misquote the expired times so it’s not even synced with the broker expiry… and did I mention, no support at all!

    I asked the broker why they’re wllling to partner with such a scam…Nada response! I will keep you posted if I hear anything but for now I am writing this off as total loss!

  57. Cindy Rouwhorst says:

    It’s à SCAM!
    I opend an account, 250 dollar.
    I did some trades with their signals…and what happened?
    I couldn’t login anymore!!!!
    So, i couldn’t see what woud have happenend to my money, it’s just gone, i can’t follow or tracé it anymore as they refuse my login.
    Money gone!!

  58. deen says:

    Beware!! Don’t leave a phone number!!!

    I looked at this, thinking that “if it looks to good to be true, then it usually is” but I must have entered a contact number somewhere.

    So, in addition to the countless “helpful” emails, helping me learn how to part with my cash which I haven’t done, I’m also being hounded by phone till all hours, by call center assistants urging me to deposit my first $500.

    The agent asked the following questions – (my comments are in brackets).

    Will you be using a credit or a debit card?
    What is the name on the card?
    Does it have Miss or Mrs before your name? (by now I’m suspicious!)
    What is the number on your card. (you have to be joking!)

    She said that if I deposited x funds from a debit or credit card, I would esily make 170% profit, and more as I gained experience with the Insured Profits Software.

    As much as the well acted pitch seemed appealing, that wisdom “if it looks to good to be true, then it usually is” prevented me from taking it further.

    I suspect it won’t be long before banc de binary and insured profits are flagged by the relevant financial services agencies.

    It’s a SCAM!

  59. JOSE RESTREPO says:

    Be carefull with this people IS A BIG SCAM,,ANOTHER FRAUD, I lost 500 in one week..
    is just another 50/50 software, BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Jason says:

    Wow, I’m super lucky I happened to bump into your article! I wanted to give Insured Profits a try and started doing my research and found out that this is just a scheme from the guys that developed Binary Matrix Pro and After going even deeper it was more than obvious that it was a scam and the ones making a real profit were these guys, not the traders.

    Steve’s experience really putts me off; how is it even possible for them to continue scamming the hell out of us, isn’t someone that can turn their websites offline and freeze their bank accounts? I know this may sound extreme but not all people look for reviews before trying binary options?

  61. Dexter Perry says:

    I totally agree WatchDog! I had a terrible experience with Insured support less than %40- ITM can you believe this? are they playing a joke on people. I would recommend to all WatchDog readers, avoid INSURED PROFITS!!! they are the biggest scam ever!!

  62. Help says:

    Warning! Yes, InsuredProfits /Insured Profits is just another big scam. they are only hedging 2 trades against each other. And instead of promised only 10% loss by loosing trades you can of course also loose both trades! No answer from support or member department or whatever. I only have used 250 usd to try out and lost some of it before stopping this fraud. Nothing true of “coin toss like in the videos, just another fraud! Unfortunately the brokers like Banc de Binary in my case cover this fraud and work with them as their business…

  63. Murray Harris says:

    Hi Watchdog,

    l invested $500 to trade with insuredprofits but after trying to use the videos l had to invest in two trades before l could do so. I lost all my money with this program.

    l tried and tried to contact them without any luck.

    Cheers Murray

  64. Chad says:

    Hi Gabriel, I am trading with the AQI software and it’s getting me a very high ITM. I tried many auto traders but so far this one is the best! Insured Profits looks legit but unfortunately it’s not…Thanks for the post WatchDog.

  65. Chad says:

    You have to be so careful these days, i’m so glade that we have this website because I could see my self making this mistake and losing a’lot of money. thank you binaryoptionswatchdog

  66. Gabriel says:

    Is there anybody that uses automated software that works?? please share.

  67. Steve says:

    Hi everyone.

    Well, I too have got caught by this fraudster… luckily in my case I only deposited £250 and placed trades. Over-all after several days, my money has gradually gone down. I am pulling out now while I have ‘made up’ to a £180 in my account, so have lost £70 in total. Warning bells did go off and I should have known better. All I want to do is to try and make some money to help my family and a couple of charities that are important to me. It was that aspect of the video that appealed most, where ‘Dave’ talked about having the financial freedom to give large amounts to charities. I am, in some ways, a little lucky in that I have a reasonably good job and a little inheritance money — but my priority now is to secure funds for my family. I am so disappointed with this and how people scam others who are hard-working, decent and honest people. Such is the world, I know, but I can’t help thinking about people who can ill afford to lose money on these ‘snake-oil’ schemes. IS a scam. You cannot get hold of the people. I had one brief message back saying they were ‘looking into’ their software after I complained about the fact that you have to trade £15 per trade minimum and also you cannot access the ‘training’ videos or your ‘history account’ (which actually doesn’t work at all), until you have placed the initial two trades based on their signals. All of this has combined to make me pull out. The broker they placed me with is ‘Banc de Binary’ which used to have difficulties, but now, hopefully as they are regulated, I can at least withdraw my money. How is that scammers… who clearly show their faces — can get away with this? Surely whatever country they operate from can stop them from operating and arrest them?

  68. Kerry says:

    Has there been (any) positive feedback from (anyone) who has actually made money with Insured Profits????

  69. Ulrich B. Hoffmann says:

    Hi, I was approached by Insured Profits yesterday. They offered a software application that will trade binary options like a robot, using a hedging technique. They also gave a link to just one brokerage, and they consider it a requirement that you open an account with this brokerage. The broker they specify is, which actually received a good passing grade from you and some clients of yours, and is licensed as well. So now we have a combination between a trading robot which you label a scam, with a licensed brokerage that you give a score of 9.2 out of a possible 10. Something’s got to give here, it seems. What will your final recommendation be?

    • WatchDog says:

      Insured Profits offers several brokers in a rotation and it’s determined automatically based on your country’s range of ip. In your case you were lucky as they referred you to Interactiveoption. The mistake you’re making here is that if you’re planning to register with an EU regulated, why not do it with a reliable service or independently? If you decide to register with Interactiveoption using the Insured Profits link, they will receive a commission for your referral. Instead you should consider giving that referral fee to a reliable service. Before you signup with a different service you can clear your browser cookies first so the registration will not point back to Insured Profits. Check back in a few days and I am sure you will notice some bad feedback on the software. Don’t rush into it.. I have a strong reason to believe it’s a scam. On YouTube we already found some videos with comments from disappointed traders. On the Warrior forum and other binary options sites we found warnings against Insured Profits. If you decide to give it a try, keep us posted on your experience and good luck!

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